March 2017 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for March 2017

March 1: March begins under emphatic stars. Both the potentials and challenges are sky high. A massive six planet T-square dominates the heavens. The Moon joins Venus, Uranus and Mars in impatient Aries, inflaming passions. Across the sky in Libra sits Jupiter and Capricorn Pluto completes the T. The pressure to do something decisive is great and with the Sun conjunct Neptune, risky. Some acts may be enlightened, others misguided. Proceed with caution.
Moon in Aries v/c 9:18PM-12:00AM.

March 2: The Taurus Moon slows life to a leisurely, comfortable pace. With harmonious lunar aspects to Mercury, Neptune and the Pisces Sun, interests turn to a mix of the practical and spiritual. The focus on inner calm is not the only story. Retrograding Jupiter backs into another opposition with Uranus this evening. Breaking news stories lead many folks to question authority and break rules. Thoughtful analysis is advisable.
Mon v/c in Aries 12:00AM-2:43AM Moon enters Taurus, Jupiter opposite Uranus.

March 3: Focus and intensity are sharpest this morning as the Taurus Moon is in a trine with Pluto. Physical strength and endurance can be surprisingly strong. Because Venus is about to retrograde, this may also be a time of peace making between estranged parties. Welcome the chance to offer or receive an olive branch. By late morning the Moon is void of course and, while an opening may occur, many details still need to be resolved. Relax, go with the flow and enjoy the mellow second half of the day.
Moon in Tarus v/c 10:20AM-12:00AM.

March 4: Before dawn Venus turns retrograde and the Moon tiptoes into into Gemini. Hearts may pine for lost loves. Mental Mercury is conjunct impressionable Neptune so some losses may feel overwhelming. The same alignments can be uplifting and awaken heartfelt appreciation for the love we have shared and still share with others. Spiritually illuminated awareness is another possibility. Expect many emotionally charged reunions in the coming weeks.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-5:05AM Moon enters Gemini, Venus retrograde, Mercury conjunct Neptune.

March 5: Restlessness can be notable as the First Quarter Gemini Moon tussles with the Pisces Sun. Hearts and minds seem disjointed but efforts to clarify thoughts and feelings can provide a bonanza of insights. Composure returns and confidence rises after noon. Mars’ mid-afternoon trine to Saturn is a steadying influence. The evening hours see many spontaneous gatherings as lunar alignments foster joy and excellent camaraderie. Enjoy the time.
Moon in Gemini, Mars trine Saturn.

March 6: Early birds may struggle to get going as the Moon lingers void of course in Gemini. By the time school bells ring Luna moves into her home, Cancer. Loyalties and protective urges become more pronounced. Memories can surface at any time. The emotional tenor of the day stays elevated as mental Mercury overtakes the Pisces Sun this evening. Embrace your feelings. Be guided by their energizing flow. If you feel excited, more alive or inspired, go for it!
Moon in Gemini v/c 3:22AM-7:54AM Moon enters Cancer, Sun conjunct Mercury.

March 7: Instincts are an excellent guidance system. Get out of your usual thought patterns and let emotional gravity pull you towards the experiences you are meant to have. A woman I know gets tingling sensations in her hands when "called" to make new acquaintances. Magnetic attractions peak during the mid-afternoon. After dark plans may change due to unforeseen circumstances or technology breakdowns. Some attractions continue to be compelling. Follow a hunch.
Moon in Cancer.

March 8: Pay attention, take notes if necessary. Mercury's post-midnight sextile to Pluto could turn up excellent ideas, solutions, social connections or money-making opportunities. A nighttime epiphany may seem little more than another dead end by late morning when a lunar square to Mars generates considerable friction. Faced with delays, doubts or criticism, some folks become irritable. Don't give up. Slow down. The lull is partly due to a short void of course Moon period. After noon is another story. The waxing Moon enters Leo and passion returns. With imagination, open hearts, and a little elbow grease, all things are possible.
Moon in Cancer v/c 9:59AM-11:45AM, Mercury sextile Pluto.

March 9: The Sun's early morning sextile to Pluto encourages and supports ambitious undertakings. Creative ingenuity or a renewed "last ditch" effort can be the difference between a notable success or failure. A lunar trine to Venus later in the morning keeps spirits high and warms social ties. Friends, lovers, co-workers and other associates happily work and play together. Red hot Mars exits Aries and arrives in Taurus this evening. A six week stay in the practical earth sign cools impatience and emphasizes consistency of effort. Slow and steady now wins the race.
Moon in Leo, Sun sextile Pluto, Mars enters Taurus.

March 10: The waxing Leo Moon is one corner of a heart-warming fire sign Grand Trine, along with Uranus and Saturn. The triangular alignment sustains faith in life and our fellow human beings. Physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual achievements may be impressive. Focus and intention remain sharp until noon, when the Moon goes void of course. Try to complete important work before the midday break. The afternoon hours are quiet. By early evening the Moon makes a new home in Virgo and life again feels vibrant. Gather with good pals over good food and welcome in the Full Moon dominated weekend.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:05PM-5:07PM Moon enters Virgo.

March 11: Today's Virgo Moon is nearly full. Emotional undercurrents flow swiftly, driven by an underlying need to improve one's self or be of service to others. Attention may gravitate to minute details. If you tend to obsess remind yourself to consider a broader perspective. A mid-afternoon lunar opposition to Neptune can be helpful in this regard, inspiring selfless giving or personal sacrifice. It can also lead some folks to misread circumstances and project their fantasies instead. If intentions are set on helping and the highest good, no harm is done.
Moon in Virgo.

March 12: Today's Full "Worm" Moon in Virgo and communications wizard Mercury are at odds with law abiding Saturn in the truth telling sign of Sagittarius. We are all in for a sobering reality check of one sort or another. Recent "fake news" reports, exaggerations and lies have serious consequences. Even the slightest bending of the truth is I'll-advised. Be honest when telling your stories or sharing opinions and ask others to do likewise. Before going to sleep tonight don't forget to set clocks an hour ahead.
Full "Worm" Moon in Virgo 10:36AM, Mercury square Saturn.

March 13: Mental Mercury begins the day at the final degree of the Zodiac, a fine vantage point for surveying the road that has been traveled as well as the one ahead. Consider what you have learned and achieved, who you have met and perhaps most importantly, how you feel about your experiences. When Mercury enters Aries this evening it's time for a new game plan. Acknowledge your admirers and supporters and make arrangements for upcoming adventures.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-1:28AM Moon enters Libra, Mercury enters Aries.

March 14: There's plenty of energy and engaging activities today. The Libra Moon helps arrange pivotal social encounters. Some meetings will be intense. Don't step on any toes during the midday hours, unless you have an excellent reason. A lunar square to Pluto sets some folks back on their heels. Late afternoon dancing partners are light on their feet as the Moon is conjunct jovial Jupiter. This is an excellent omen for all partnerships. Mental and physical agility is needed again tonight. Think twice before making a move.
Moon in Libra.

March 15: Those who are up before dawn benefit from increased concentration. It's an opportune time to plan your day. The Libra Moon then goes void of course until late morning, making for slower going. Nervous partners may meddle. By noon the Moon is in Scorpio giving the second half of the day a more emotionally raw feel. An evening lunar opposition to Mars can arouse envy, jealousy or possessive tendencies. If divides can be bridged and two hearts come together as one, mutual sympathy and support swiftly overcome divisive emotions.
Moon in Libra v/c 6:05AM-11:11AM Moon enters Scorpio.

March 16: The Sun’s approaching square to Saturn, exact tomorrow evening, is a reminder to slow down, pause and review commitments. Everything from basic assumptions about life to relationships and personal values may be examined and questioned. For many folks the ideas and commitments that no longer empower or reward in a meaningful way will be dropped. Saturn has a deserved reputation as a planet of endings. Things that end this week have probably outlived their usefulness. Because today’s Scorpio Moon is in harmony with Neptune, transformative processes may be liberating. Let go and move on to more enlightened and enlivening experiences!
Moon in Scorpio.

March 17: The Scorpio Moon spends much of the day inching into an emotionally satisfying trine with the Pisces Sun. Psychological strength and resilience can be noted. Contented feelings as well as shrewd instincts are safe havens in a world filled with intellectual inconsistencies, dishonesty and hypocrisy. Such flaws are magnified, given that the Sun is also in a testing square with perfectionist Saturn. If you are faced with a disappointing betrayal of trust, remember, there is nothing more healing and rewarding than kindness! The evening hours may be surprisingly mellow. Quietly sit with your inner most thoughts and feelings and explore the breadth and depth of your psyche as the Moon travels void of course until late tonight.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 5:56Pm-11:00PM Moon enters Sagittarius, Sun square Saturn.

March 18: There’s always something good to say or hear when Mercury and Venus combine forces. The communications planet passes by retrograde Venus this morning, setting off a burst of positive thoughts and encouraging messages. Contact may be made with those who have been MIA for some time, even years. There may also be good reasons to whistle a merry tune. The positive energy lasts until evening when the Sagittarius Moon forms a trine with Mercury. Optimism is rampant. As the hour grows late and midnight nears, some precautions are advised. Stay safe on the highways. Watch out for nasty weather as well as drivers under the influence.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury conjunct Venus.

March 19: The astrological year is ending. The Sun sits at the last degree of Pisces, one Fish gazing longingly at the past, the other expectantly to the future. Hopes are raised by the Sagittarius Moon’s late afternoon sextile to Jupiter. The angle buoys partnerships, encourages travel and supports learning. Lazy Sunday drivers bent on exploring new horizons, hard driving long haulers, shoppers, museum goers, wanderers of all descriptions, readers, deep thinkers and curious souls make fast tracks, eagerly sharing their experiences with like-minded souls. The future calls tonight. Spontaneous gatherings and visionary thinking are refreshing as a lunar trine to inventive Uranus makes the world appear fresh and new.
Moon in Sagittarius.

March 20: Happy New Year! The Sun enters Aries shortly after sunrise and a new jaunt around the 12 Signs of the Zodiac begins. Minutes later the Sagittarius Moon conjuncts Saturn, a classic “Blue Monday” signature. The leaden planet of commitments, karmic debts, fears and perfectionism is a sober call to action but when the Moon promptly goes void of course enthusiasm is lost until midday. As noon approaches the Moon enters industrious Capricorn. The midday Last Quarter Moon then increases tensions as well as motivation. However, partners may disagree about priorities, timing, goals and methods. Go separate ways if for a time the divides seem too great to bridge.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 6:37AM-10:11AM Moon enters Capricorn, Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn 11:58AM, Sun enters Aries, Vernal Equinox, Spring Begins.

March 21: For dwellers in the Northern Hemisphere the forces of Light are growing more powerful each day. Darkness will not keep some night owls from energetically pursuing their goals. During the wee hours of the morning passions burn brightly. As day breaks a calming presence takes over. The Capricorn Moon is agreeably disposed towards mystical Neptune. A noon hour lunar sextile to the planet of dreams and unconditional love nurtures creativity and compassion. By evening moods shift again. Thoughts deepen. Attempts to put complex emotions into words may either be fulfilling or alternatively, frustrating. Good listeners are prized tonight. Put your head together with a pal’s and make sense of the world.
Moon in Capricorn.

March 22: Great expectations and early morning jitters can be a tough combination. Events may take unexpected turns or spiral completely out of control due to unforeseen circumstances. Breathe…take another. Allow extra time for the commute to work or school. By mid-morning the Capricorn Moon is void of course. Settle in, settle down and welcome the mellower mood. The time can be most productive if a few rules are observed. Don’t begin a new project now, if possible. Focus on work already under way. Stick to routines. Brainstorming sessions may turn up some cool concepts but hold off on acting until the waning Moon enters Aquarius late tonight. As you drift off to sleep let your mind envision a bright and peaceful future.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 9:20AM-10:28PM Moon enters Aquarius.

March 23: Mercury in Aries is simultaneously approaching a square with Pluto, a conjunction with Uranus and an opposition to Jupiter. The heavenly master of minds and the six senses helps energize the enduring T-square, setting off a new round of political and social volatility. Extremists and alarmist personalities can quickly be overwhelmed by their own impulsive natures. Stay calm. Easy does it. A late morning lunar sextile to Venus helps keep the peace, for a while. This is a good time to go on a charm offensive. Later in the day the Aquarius Moon tests Mars and resentment could quickly morph into open hostility. Use self-control. Don’t say anything inflammatory tonight. Doggedly look for the positives and emphasize common ground.
Moon in Aquarius, Mercury square Pluto.

March 24: Yesterday’s difficulties are in the past. This morning the road ahead seems as wide open as a freshly paved, traffic free super highway. Early in the day mental Mercury and Jupiter have minds thinking about endless horizons. It’s a fine time to plan a vacation. With life moving smoothly, don’t make the mistake of taking on more than you can manage. After noon the freedom-loving Aquarius Moon embarks on a series of enlivening, potentially exhilarating aspects. Lunchtime banter is interesting and informative. Listen up. A new perspective can inspire. We close out the work week with optimistic thoughts, deeply felt appreciation for our friends and associates, and a strong sense that life is moving on a positive track.
Moon in Aquarius, Mercury opposite Jupiter.

March 25: After a restful night, two of today’s key developments occur during the hour before dawn. First, the waning Balsamic Moon enters Pisces. Emotional and psychic sensitivities become more pronounced. Mother Nature’s beautiful handiwork may seem enhanced by rare, undefinable forces. Minutes later the Aries Sun overtakes and conjuncts retrograding Venus. The conjunction can signal a reunion with someone dearly loved but missing from the social circle for weeks, months, years or decades. As we are late in the lunar cycle some folks may instinctively drift towards spending time alone, pursuing favorite hobbies, or self care. If you’ve got a new project in mind, wait until Monday’s New Moon to launch it.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 1:56AM-6:06AM Moon enters Pisces, Sun conjunct Venus.

March 26: While it’s a rather lazy, low energy last day of the lunar cycle, there are some sparkling planetary alignments to enjoy. Mental Mercury conjuncts Uranus an hour or so before noon. Breaking free of restrictive circumstances can be one response, agitating for social and political reforms is another. Impromptu get togethers may be the result of a gut feeling or hunch. Scientific and intellectual breakthroughs are also possible. The Pisces Moon supports restorative practices after noon. Diet and exercise may be involved, and an intimate meeting of hearts and minds can be quite soulful and compelling.
Moon in Pisces, Mercury conjunct Uranus.

March 27: After an early morning lunar square to Saturn the working week gets under way with the Pisces Moon traveling void of course. Enthusiasm wanes. Some folks plaintively sing the blues. Others see past current obstacles. Late morning brings a new dynamic. The Moon arrives in Aries and, with Mars forming a sextile to Neptune, the day feels more engaging. Inspiration and faith, as well as love find new avenues of expression. A call to action is heard and felt. A darkened but refreshed Moon reaches its New stage tonight, the Cosmos’ way of green lighting fresh undertakings.
Moon in Pisces v/c 6:19AM-10:11AM Moon enters Aries, New Moon in Aries 10:57PM, Mars sextile Neptune.

March 28: There’s an Aries party going on. The Moon joins retrograde Venus, the Sun, Uranus and Mercury in the Zodiac’s first sign. It may feel natural to vigorously go after desired objectives, but watch your speed. The Moon is an ephemeral catalyst, triggering the longer lasting T-square configuration composed of Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto. Much of the world’s instability is attributable to the alignment. Impetuous acts may fail to factor in the resistance of entrenched powers. Diplomacy is needed, especially during the late afternoon and early evening. Consult with friends. A late night brainstorming session could yield a brilliant idea or inventive new strategy.
Moon in Aries.

March 29: Over active minds can lead to a restless night. Rather than count sheep, focus attention on breathing gently and evenly. Exhale stress. Ahh. As day breaks the Aries Moon forms a fine angle for staying disciplined but then goes void of course. As a result the morning could seem like a series of false starts. Things take a more productive turn just before noon, with the Moon’s entry into Taurus. Efficiency is enhanced by mental Mercury’s mid-afternoon trine to Saturn. The aspect aids timing and helps keep minds focused. It’s a great omen for making decisions and commitments, especially if longterm interests are served.
Moon in Aries v/c 8:07AM-11:48AM Moon enters Taurus, Mercury trine Saturn.

March 30: Retrograde Jupiter backs into an exact square with Pluto this afternoon. Philosophical differences are magnified. Debate is encouraged but be tactful. As many of us have seen in recent months, supporters of a particular candidate or policy can be overly sensitive and defensive. The Taurus Moon is conjunct Mars so don’t be surprised if some folks are inclined to dig in their heels rather than be open to dissenting opinions. The best opportunity for a meeting of minds comes during the evening, when the Moon aligns with Pluto to form a trine. Slowly build on a consensus around practical matters. Relax tonight as the Moon travels void of course. Enjoy creature comforts and guilty pleasures.
Moon in Taurus v/c 7:12PM-12:00AM, Jupiter square Pluto.

March 31: The first half of the day is a study in slow motion. The Taurus Moon is void of course and a patient, methodical approach is recommended. Don’t expect instant success. Stick to routines and simplify where possible. Change is afoot after midday. During the noon hour the Moon enters Gemini, sparking a more chatty, engaging and flirtatious social mood. A lunchtime meeting or conversation can be delightful. Mental Mercury is also active, arriving in Taurus during the early afternoon but beginning to slow in preparation for an upcoming retrograde. It can be tough to make a decision. Take your time if you are feeling unsure or confused. Further research can be helpful.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-12:40PM Moon enters Gemini, Mercury enters Taurus.