March 2018 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for March 2018

March 1: An exuberant early morning trine between Venus and Jupiter increases expectations as well as joy at the prospect of a new day. The waxing Virgo Moon is in another trine, this one with Saturn. The stabilizing midday alignment has a grounding effect, helping to channel the intense energies of Full Moon fever into productive activities. The full Moon impact peaks this evening and, weather permitting, the moonrise is sure to be a marvelous sight. The Pisces Sun is conjunct Neptune, piquing interest in mysterious and mystical happenings. Healing and creative episodes are likely to be transcendental. With numerous revelations at hand, don’t be surprised if you lose track of time or possessions. Pay attention tonight.
Moon v/c in Leo 12:00AM-12:57AM Moon enters Virgo, Full “Worm” Moon in Virgo 7:51PM, Venus trine Jupiter.

March 2: Following yesterday’s full Moon, the good roll continues. A morning trine between mental Mercury and Jupiter lifts spirits and facilitates travel. Things are looking up! The Virgo Moon’s ensuing trine with Pluto helps consolidate gains and solidify partnerships. However, a noon hour lunar square to naturally competitive Mars could set off spirited debates and, if tempers are not controlled, there could be an ideological split. Think before you speak. Agree to disagree. Look for areas of consensus and continue the conversations. By mid-afternoon more harmonious trends foster friendlier, easier-going relations. The evening hours grow quiet as the Moon embarks on a void of course period. Plan to take it easy tonight.
Moon in Virgo v/c 6:50PM-12:00AM, Mercury trine Jupiter.

March 3: During the wee hours of the morning the Moon slips into Libra, the sign of marriage and partnering. Ideally, Libra is also the sign of peace and harmony. A late afternoon lunar square to Saturn is today’s only exact aspect. It’s time to slow down and catch our collective breaths. Fallout from this past Thursday’s full Moon has settled enough for some things to be clear. A course correction may now be in order. If so, be sure the goal is well-defined. Partners may hesitate or be less than supportive, requiring an awkward but necessary leap of faith. Don’t lose heart. Saturn may delay but it doesn’t deny our efforts. Persistence carries the day.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-3:20AM Moon enters Libra.

March 4: This morning’s conjunction of the Pisces Sun and Neptune makes many souls super impressionable. The pairing is a gift from beyond, a tree-hugger’s delight, an artist’s idyll, a tap dancer’s new shoes or a filmmaker’s perfectly filmed scene. Mercury’s early afternoon pairing with Venus also inspires creative hearts. Brunches and other gatherings are for the most part expressive, happy and affectionate affairs. Be on good behavior later in the afternoon. The Moon is at odds with Pluto and some folks are easily upset. There are multiple ways of looking at everything. Remain open-minded and potential friction is minimized. Evening brings renewed interest in communicating, talking about current events and other issues. Drive defensively if you’re traveling late tonight.
Moon in Libra, Sun conjunct Neptune, Mercury conjunct Venus.

March 5: Due to a void of course Moon the early hours of the morning lack vibrancy. Mercury’s position at the last degree of Pisces inclines some folks to make excuses and procrastinate. Others find their minds drifting, thinking of the past and romanticizing certain people, places and events. By mid-morning the Moon is in Scorpio, energizing the day but keeping internal dialogues percolating. Some pals seem lost in their own worlds. The latter part of the day sees increasing tenacity plus a desire to make things right. It may be a case of too little too late as the Moon’s sextile with dutiful Saturn occurs as most folks are making ready for sleep. Night owls take note, the same alignment is great for planning and preparing tomorrow’s game plan.
Moon in Libra v/c 1:19AM-8:23AM Moon enters Scorpio.

March 6: Offering a taste of spring, Mercury and then Venus jump into Aries today. The enlivened duo are sure to quicken hearts. Even ordinarily shy people can break out of their shells. On a different track the impassioned Scorpio Moon makes folks more aware, both of themselves and others. Lunar alliances with Neptune, the Sun and Pluto fuel unusually perceptive senses. Hidden motives may become quite obvious. Imagination and intuitive sensitivity are both sharp. A heightened sense of emotional poise dominates the afternoon and evening hours. Respect your hunches and instinctive responses. It’s more than likely that gut feelings are spot on. Nurture and enrich key partnerships tonight.
Moon in Scorpio, Mercury enters Aries, Venus enters Aries.

March 7: This is one of those Wednesdays when getting over the midweek hump can feel like a prolonged slog. The Scorpio Moon begins a lengthy void of course period during the predawn hours of the morning. Moods are lackluster as the work day begins. Be content with making progress on projects already under way. This is not a good time to start something new. Hopes may dim as Jupiter, the planet of faith and knowledge prepares to turn retrograde. Evening brings heaven sent renewal. The day takes on a new persona as the Moon arrives in outgoing Sagittarius. After sunset, lunar harmony with Venus and Mercury is fantastic for flirting, courting and socializing. It’s time for a “new party!” At the very least, pick up the phone and get in touch with loved ones.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 3:55AM-5:03PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

March 8: For the past two months all of the major planets have been traveling forward. That progressive state of affairs changes tonight when Jupiter turns retrograde in Scorpio. The giant planet governs our beliefs, politics, laws, religion and higher education. A shakeup in any of these areas is likely so keep your mind open. Be on the lookout for new facts and information. Listen to different points of view. The Sagittarius Moon supports speaking plainly and honestly but a lunar square to Neptune cautions against blind faith. Employ critical reasoning before voicing an opinion or making a commitment. Read between the lines. The risk of a mistake, oversight or deliberate deception is elevated so ask plenty of questions and err on the side of caution.
Moon in Sagittarius, Jupiter Retrograde.

March 9: The early morning last quarter Sagittarius Moon can waken some folks with the instantaneous stress of feeling under pressure. Relax. Don’t rush. Everything will come together in due time. Because the Moon is also nearing a conjunction with Mars, finding the comfort zone between pushing the pace and letting things flow is an ongoing task today. Some folks enjoy a headlong pedal to the metal approach, while others are inclined to coast on the downhill stretches. Regardless of actual speed, an atmosphere of adventure permeates most activities. It’s a fine time to visit some place new and different. Evening social events are chummy and boisterous. It isn’t until later tonight, when the Moon goes void of course, that the brisk pace eases up.
Moon in Sagittarius, Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius 6:20AM, Moon in Sagittarius v/c 9:27PM-12:00AM.

March 10: There’s much dynamic tension in the air today. The Capricorn Moon is closely aligned with Saturn, promoting diligence, caution and perfectionism. In turn the two stars are at odds with Venus and Mercury, conjunct in early Aries. For some folks, the impulse to act quickly and take risks is irresistible. The bigger the challenge, the better. Others are privately worried, loath to being caught unprepared, or even worse, embarrassed. Walk the fine line where steely nerve, courage and persistence together make lasting achievements possible. With Saturn anchoring the show, things are unlikely to get out of hand. Listen to the wise words of more experienced souls tonight.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-4:52AM Moon enters Capricorn.

March 11: Don’t forget to adjust your clocks tonight. Move them one hour ahead. Night owls and insomniacs may wrestle with old fears. Daybreak brings a truly fresh start. Some people feel born anew. The transformational possibilities can be startling. An early morning trine from Mars to Uranus is a liberating springboard to new adventures. Be spontaneous. Follow gut feelings and psychic promptings. A potent sextile between the Pisces Sun and Pluto in Capricorn reinforces visionary capabilities and also provides astute psychological insights. Messages are sent and received with caring and compassion. It’s also a good day for spring cleaning and personal renewal. Rethink priorities. Reorganize your living space or begin a new workout regimen. Today’s changes have staying power.
Moon in Capricorn, Mercury square Saturn, Mars trine Uranus, Sun sextile Pluto.

March 12: Early risers may find themselves revisiting a great idea or upcoming travel plan. However, by late morning the Capricorn Moon is in a testing angle with Uranus and even the most thoughtful plans may fall apart. Be ready to deal with unforeseen complications. A technological breakdown or miscommunication can be nerve-wracking. Check your spam folder. Please slow down if you’re motoring on the highway. By noon the Moon is void of course. Nervous agitation subsides. The afternoon hours are more laid back, and possibly even lethargic. Finish out the work day with a steady, if unspectacular effort. Evening sees the waning Moon enter Aquarius but with a lack of celestial activity moods remain quiet.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 11:36AM-6:44PM Moon enters Aquarius.

March 13: Venus’ morning square to somber Saturn can be disheartening. The pain of a loss, loneliness or money worries could feel oppressive. On the other hand, necessity is the mother of invention and where there is a lack we are charged with both doing and in this instance, giving more. A late morning lunar sextile to Venus helps brighten gloomy spirits. Giving and receiving are once again easy and enjoyable. Adding to the positive turnabout in mood is the Pisces Sun’s late afternoon trine with Jupiter. The aspect fuels great optimism and can be a harbinger of excellent news. Communication skills are also enhanced, a great lead-in to an evening of sparkling conversations and informal, lively get togethers.
Moon in Aquarius, Venus square Saturn, Sun tire Jupiter.

March 14: The waning Aquarius Moon has many folks thinking about the future. Late day lunar aspects to Jupiter and Uranus help create a curiously discordant vibe. The Moon’s square to Jupiter causes some to over do. Estimating one’s own limits can be difficult. Even good intentions may lead to regrets so carefully analyze the demands and costs of any commitments that are under consideration. If you feel unsure, wait. A better idea is likely to come tonight as the Moon aligns favorably with inventive Uranus. Input from friends or information gleaned on the internet can be helpful. Spur of the moment gatherings may also be fertile ground for new ideas, as well as great fun.
Moon in Aquarius.

March 15: As night gives way to the breaking dawn the waning Moon moves into emotional, sensitive and even mystical Pisces. We are late in the lunar cycle so energy is best conserved. Hold off on new ventures until Saturday’s New Moon marks the start of a fresh activity cycle. Good timing is a strength today. Discipline and persistence come easily as the Moon caps off the day with a sextile to Saturn. The stabilizing alignment is a reminder to acknowledge parents, teachers, heroes and inspirational authority figures. Those who have walked before us speak through example. Try living up to your own highest expectations.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 3:32AM-6:12AM Moon enters Pisces.

March 16: There are ancient dreams and archetypes percolating down through the ethers this morning. The impressionable Pisces Moon is conjunct Neptune. The super sensitive pairing enhances psychic abilities and boosts empathic, compassionate feelings. Responses to art and Nature are also more keenly felt. Getting outdoors can be a soul-stirring experience. As the day progresses the waning Moon moves into a nighttime sextile with Pluto. Intimate chats can clear up a misunderstanding and repair strained or broken ties. With Mars at the karmic final degree of Sagittarius, even difficult political and religious issues can be safely discussed. Given the celestial influences, there is a good chance of divides being bridged and compromises made.
Moon in Pisces.

March 17: The Moon is new in Pisces this morning. Her conjunction with the Sun marks the beginning of a fresh activity cycle. Set intentions and prepare to start projects. It’s okay to plan but there are complicating factors. From mid-morning until mid-afternoon the Moon travels void of course. This part of the day is good for introspection but inauspicious for beginnings. Fiery Mars changes signs, entering Capricorn during the noon hour. Extra time relaxing or carefully preparing to get under way is time well spent. The stars simply aren’t aligned in such a way as to assure a smooth kick-off or eventual success. As the Moon enters Aries during the mid-afternoon she tests Mars. Their square is likely to generate wasted energy and frustration. Be patient. Act aggressively only if you absolutely have to.
Moon in Pisces, New Moon in Pisces 9:12AM, Moon in Pisces v/c 9:12AM-2:57PM Moon enters Aries, Mars enters Capricorn.

March 18: New just yesterday, the now waxing crescent Moon in Aries faces a stern test from Saturn early today. If you decide to sleep in and catch a few extra z’s, there’s no harm done. The afternoon brings a far more energetic and engaging atmosphere. Lunar conjunctions with Venus and Mercury foster fun times. Shopping, gadding about town, wooing a loved one, chatting up the neighbors, going for a hike or other strenuous exercise, the possibilities are nearly endless. Those inclined to throw a party or other gathering will find participants passionately involved. Getting everyone to agree is another matter. Give some thought to whom you invite and have rules in place for civil discourse.
Moon in Aries.

March 19: On this last full day of the astrological year, things are unlikely to go as planned. The Aries Moon is conjunct Uranus, the planet of surprises. Their mid-afternoon union dominates the workday. Because intuitive faculties are also associated with the maverick planet, the mind’s eye more easily envisions a future with advanced technology and marvelous potential. A radical breakthrough in consciousness is also possible. Before you go off on a tangent, make sure you’re ready to deal with unexpected challenges. A quiet late afternoon is due to the Moon beginning a void of course period. Tonight sees the Moon enter Taurus and form a fast track trine with Mars. This fertile alignment, plus Mercury’s midnight conjunction with Venus, at last signals a green light for starting new projects.
Moon in Aries v/c 3:29PM-9:07PM Moon enters Taurus.

March 20: Happy spring! The Sun enters Aries shortly after noon and the new season begins. The sign change also marks the start of a new astrological year and the vernal equinox. For a brief time, the forces of darkness and light are balanced. The Moon is happily encamped in earthy Taurus. Material needs are keenly felt, pleasures deeply savored. A midday lunar trine to Saturn underscores the deep satisfaction in achieving success or acquiring prized possessions. Lunchtime can also be a fertile time for making smart career decisions. Emotional and spiritual factors become more prominent this evening. A soothing lunar sextile to Neptune evokes nostalgic memories but also encourages meditative states. Relax. Put your feet up. Follow a whim. Enjoy a movie.
Moon in Taurus, Mercury conjunct Venus, Sun enters Aries 12:16PM, Spring Equinox.

March 21: The waxing Moon continues her journey through earthy Taurus. A mid-morning lunar trine with Pluto is an excellent omen for tackling tough chores and addressing complicated financial or psychological issues. Insights are on the mark and partners are inclined to pull together. Excitement builds after noon. Midday conferences are fruitful and topics of discussion, far-reaching. The Moon is opposite Jupiter. Hopes are high. Ceilings seem limitless but then the Moon goes void of course. It’s best to take care of important matters before mid-afternoon. The latter part of the day feels less focused. Go with the lazily meandering flow as you tend to routine chores and responsibilities.
Moon in Taurus v/c 1:21PM-12:00AM.

March 22: During the wee hours hours of the morning the Moon arrives in restless Gemini. Senses perk up. Many folks naturally want to be on the move today, especially during the pre-dawn hours when the Moon harmonizes with the Aries Sun. Later, when most folks are at work, responsibilities can feel like an uncomfortable encumbrance. It may be hard to pinpoint the source of frustration. Mental Mercury is in flux. This evening the winged messenger begins a retrograde period that lasts until mid-April. Indecision and vague worries can hinder logical thinking. Opinions are apt to change. Minds can quite suddenly veer in entirely new and unexpected directions. For now it’s best to take a “wait and see” approach. Decisions may change yet again.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-1:30AM Moon enters Gemini, Mercury Retrograde 8:19PM.

March 23: Much of the day is pleasant. The Gemini Moon is in harmony with Mercury and Venus. Catch up with old friends this morning. Review the latest news. Go over figures. The Moon’s cheerful sextile to Venus brightens the midday hours. Lunchtime powwows are friendly and vivacious. A quick side trip to shop can be enjoyably productive. However, Venus is at odds with Pluto. Expenses can easily be a bone of contention. A partner may become jealous, controlling or manipulative. Be constant in your friendship. Encourage others to see the bright side of difficulties. Console troubled hearts. Before midnight goodwill triumphs over less generous unenlightened emotions.
Moon in Gemini v/c 11:52PM-12:00AM, Venus square Pluto.

March 24: The first quarter Moon in Cancer sets the tone today. These bi-monthly jousts between the Moon and Sun are highly motivating but also stressful. Juggling worldly responsibilities, personal preferences and family needs can feel daunting. Challenges are made greater by the added friction of the Sun and Moon testing Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. Hunker down, slow your pace and harness the abundant energy. Put it to good use and exceptional accomplishments are within reach. Bad timing, inappropriate action or selfishness will lead to great frustrations, endless delays and unhappiness. The key to a successful day is self-control. Define goals and boundaries and stick to them. Remain aware of time constraints and other limitations, your partner’s as well as your own.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-4:53AM Moon enters Cancer, First Quarter Moon in Cancer 11:35AM, Sun square Mars.

March 25: The Cancer Moon takes us on a journey of emotional peaks and valleys. An early morning lunar trine with Neptune inspires sweet dreams and heartfelt gratitude. Later, a communications glitch can cause problems. Double check messages. If you’re traveling look over schedules, directions and maps. The late afternoon brings a lunar opposition with Pluto. Confrontations escalate so be ready to compromise. A skilled negotiator can use these energies to advantage. Accommodate the needs of loved ones and the evening will almost certainly be pleasurable. A lunar trine to Jupiter puts folks in an indulgent and celebratory mood.
Moon in Cancer.

March 26: The early hours move slowly due to the void of course Cancer Moon. Some folks will be reluctant to leave the comforts of home. By the start of the working day the waxing Moon is in fiery Leo, inspiring us to live and love fully. We are less than a week away from the full Moon and sensitive souls may already feel the rising celestial tide. An invigorating lunar trine with the Aries Sun is today’s guiding aspect. There is no shortage of passion or self-esteem. Do what feels right. Express opinions with poise and conviction but watch out for excessive pride. Too much self-importance will almost certainly lead to an untimely and humbling fall from grace. Remain respectful of those who disagree with you or travel a path different from your own.
Moon in Cancer v/c 2:58AM-7:45AM Moon enters Leo.

March 27: A creative brainstorm could infuse the morning with excitement. The Leo Moon is passing by her own north node, a symbolic road sign in space pointing towards future learning and soul growth. With the Moon also in trine to retrograde Mercury, a postponed project or forgotten idea may again resurface to become a viable option. Keep a lid on some details and an eagle eye on costs. Be aware of your surroundings and companions, especially tonight. A lunar square to Jupiter can bring numerous distractions. Expectations may also be unrealistic. Attentively listen to suggestions but don’t reveal all your cards.
Moon in Leo.

March 28: While a void of course Leo Moon sees the morning off to an uncertain start, there is magic afoot. Venus makes her yearly rendezvous with Uranus today. The pairing is a classic omen of a chance “love at first sight” encounter. It also occasions excellent camaraderie, oodles of hugs and laughs, new friendships and for a few lucky individuals, great good fortune. You may not win the lottery but under these stars you just may feel like a lottery winner. By late morning the waxing Moon is situated in Virgo, where details and quality workmanship matter. A lunar trine with Mars stokes the fires of ambition and provides plenty of drive to hone skills to perfection. An unrelenting will to succeed leads some folks to burn the midnight oil.
Moon in Leo v/c 5:54AM-10:30AM Moon enters Virgo, Venus conjunct Uranus.

March 29: The Aries Sun makes a sobering late-morning square to Saturn. Many folks are at a crossroads. It’s time for a look in the mirror. An assessment of what goals have been reached but also what roads still remain to be traveled makes it easier to face tough choices. Since Saturn is the planet of endings it could well be time to give up certain ideas, possessions, causes or commitments. Pare down to bare essentials. A midday lunar opposition to Neptune may trigger doubts. Knowing just who and what is indispensable is clarified during the second half of the day when the waxing Virgo Moon is ably supported by perceptive Pluto. A course of action that includes as well as benefits others is a good one to follow.
Moon in Virgo, Sun square Saturn.

March 30: The nearly full Moon is void of course in Virgo this morning. With Mercury retrograde, fussing over endless details can be fruitless. Don’t overthink the small stuff. Keep things in perspective. What are the larger issues and most important factors? How can efficiency and effectiveness best be served? Help from partners can have a dramatic impact, especially after the Moon enters Libra during the early afternoon. Look to pals for alternate points of view, technical know-how and encouraging words. The approaching Full Moon bestows plenty of energy. Use it wisely.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:59AM-1:52PM Moon enters Libra.

March 31: This morning’s powerful full Moon in Libra is the second of the month, popularly known as a “blue” Moon. This Moon is part of a larger T-square configuration, opposing the Sun and retrograde Mercury in Aries while also forming testing angles with Mars, Saturn and Pluto. If big changes are afoot it is time for action. The amount of energy and willpower available is formidable. A wide range of activities are supported. If something has been stewing inside, this can be a good day for a heart to heart talk. Awareness of others and tact help smooth the way for significant peacemaking and worldly accomplishments. With Mercury backpedaling it may be a few weeks before gains are fully understood or appreciated.
Moon in Libra, Full “Blue” Moon in Libra 8:37AM, Venus enters Taurus.