March 2019 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for March 2019

March 1: Just hours before exiting Capricorn, Venus forms a testing early morning square with Uranus. An unforeseen expense could arise, or a partnership may suddenly be on the outs. More fortuitously, the gritty Capricorn Moon is in harmony with Neptune, the mysterious planet of redemption and forgiveness. It may be easier to accept people as they are than attempt to remake them. Shortly before noon Venus enters the friendly air space of Aquarius. The sign shift helps promote a more easy-going tolerance of others’ eccentricities. It is the hours after noon that bring the most serious discussions and negotiations. The Moon passes by Saturn and Pluto. These conjunctions produce a “make it or break it” mindset. Either double down and fully commit or look for the exit signs.
Moon in Capricorn, Venus square Uranus, Venus enters Aquarius.

March 2: Weekend errands are facilitated by the Capricorn Moon’s late morning sextile to Mercury. Shopping as well as other chores can be quickly dispensed with. This morning is also the best part of the day for catching up with friends and relatives, making decisions and signing contracts. Midday is likely to bring a sudden change of plans as the Moon tangles with unpredictable Uranus. An old nemesis could reappear or traffic may be snarled due to an accident. A short void of course Moon period is the gateway to calmer, more enjoyable times. By late afternoon the Moon is in Aquarius where she conjuncts sweet Venus. All seems well. Romantic trysts, clan gatherings and parties are pleasurable, love-filled affairs. The late night hours are quiet.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 1:47PM-2:06PM Moon enters Aquarius.

March 3: The waning Aquarius Moon is at odds with Mars today. Lunar squares to Mars often produce feelings of frustration and irritation. Things just don’t seem to happen fast enough. Friends may struggle to see eye to eye. Petty jealousies, disagreements over money, tastes in music, food, clothes or companions can trigger harsh words. Stay focused on personal wants and preferences. Knowing your own likes and priorities is a first step in truthful communications. With several omens pointing towards a lack of clarity, it’s best to remember that anger is the ego’s way of hiding fear. Don’t take it personally. If your own temper or that of a partner grows short, look beneath the surface to see what insecurity might be the trigger. Be kind.
Moon in Aquarius.

March 4: Now late in her cycle, the Moon sails calmly through Aquarius. Moods are generally easy-going, welcoming and accepting. A midday lunar sextile with Jupiter brings out the best in people. Positive thinking, encouraging words and emotional maturity brighten the morning. Some are wise beyond their years. This is a fine time for important meetings and far-ranging conversations. Optimism is justified but don’t count your chickens just yet. Be aware of two pending planetary shifts that can both be significant. Mental Mercury has stationed and will turn retrograde tomorrow and late tomorrow night Uranus enters Taurus. An unforeseen change of mind or circumstance could accompany either of these celestial events. Plan accordingly. Be flexible.
Moon in Aquarius.

March 5: Night owls are privy to sudden premonitions and life-changing realizations. An untried technology could be put to ingenious use. As day breaks the Pisces Moon is at the end of her monthly cycle. Fatigue may be a factor today. Emotional as well as physical bodies can feel unusually vulnerable to life’s vagaries. Minds face challenges of a different nature. Shortly after midday mental Mercury, poised at 29 Pisces, the final degree of the Zodiac, turns retrograde. Oftentimes, this degree provides an interesting perspective. One eye is on the past, and one is to the future. Wherever you focus your attention, don’t give away your personal power. By that I mean the ability to stay composed and act without guilt or fear. It may not yet be time to make a move but be sure to nurture inner strength and certainty.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 3:05AM-3:11AM Moon enters Pisces, Mercury retrograde.

March 6: During the wee hours of the morning eccentric Uranus enters earthy Taurus for a seven year stay. The planet of genius, evolution and revolution is sure to shake up the material world. Tyrants are likely to make pious moves. Financial markets may soon become roiled. Physical earth changes are also likely. Today’s Pisces New Moon is joined with the Sun and Neptune. Apply elbow grease, vision and idealism to projects on the drawing table. Ambitions can be breathtaking in their scope. Watch out for a tendency to overreach. Because hopes are sky high, expectations will probably exceed future realizations. Remember, there is nothing of great value that does not require an investment of time, energy and love.
Moon in Pisces, New Moon in Pisces 11:04AM, Uranus enters Taurus, Sun conjunct Neptune.

March 7: Four planets in lyrical Pisces, the Sun, Moon, Neptune and Mercury, stir emotional undercurrents. Because the four are all at odds with Jupiter, the day has the feel of an amusement park ride. There will be giddy highs this morning. The Moon is conjunct retrograde Mercury. Reunions could include an opportunity to revisit and celebrate past events. A healing could also occur. Others may find that regrets still linger. In any case, imaginations are fluid. After a round of animated midday discussions the early afternoon brings a sea change. Following a brief void of course period the Moon enters Aries. A new call to action is felt by some but with little support from other planets it is probably best to wait until tomorrow before making a major move.
Moon in Pisces v/c 2:08PM-3:27PM Moon enters Aries.

March 8: Now a waxing crescent, the fiery Aries Moon awakens and inspires naturally competitive personalities, independent adventurers and impassioned leaders. A handy early morning lunar sextile to Venus helps rally co-workers and playmates to whatever cause is at hand. Activities that support the common good are favored. Friendships feel empowered. The Pisces Sun is easing into a sextile with sober Saturn. The always pragmatic Ringed Planet provides much-needed resolve, common sense and discipline, keeping the day on track and running smoothly. The harmonious Sun/Saturn alignment also bodes well for dealings with bosses and other higher ups. After finishing the working week with a solid sense of accomplishment, tonight’s social scene is satisfying yet comfortably low key.
Moon in Aries.

March 9: The early morning hours are a time of mixed emotions and sensibilities. If you find yourself wide awake, take steps to nurture and protect yourself. Evolving physical and emotional needs warrant the extra TLC. By daybreak the Aries Moon is approaching a testing square with Pluto. An unresolved issue could manifest in an upset or confrontation. Regardless of what prompts unrest, look within to find the root cause. A heart to heart confession does much to clear the air. Just after noon the Moon begins a lengthy void of course period. The low-key second half of the day is best used for personally satisfying pursuits. As John Lennon aptly put it, “Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.” Hold off on major investments, decisions and commitments until tomorrow.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:14PM-12:00AM, Sun sextile Saturn.

March 10: If you haven’t already done so, be sure to turn clocks forward one hour as Daylight Savings Time officially begins at 2A.M. Eastern Time. The Taurus Moon makes an early morning conjunction with Uranus, the planet of earthquakes and bright ideas. Some folks may be jolted awake by an actual tremor or more likely, a brilliant realization. By sunrise the going is calmer. Stability, physical ease and a pleasurable lifestyle are prized. Mars’ noon hour sextile to mystical Neptune sends pleasure seekers eagerly on their way. Suitable destinations may include shopping malls, movie theaters, museums, art galleries, and parklands as well as beaches. Afternoon social get togethers are just as likely to be enjoyable. Control your appetite tonight.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-3:10AM Moon enters Taurus, Mars sextile Neptune.

March 11: For those interested in earning a living, today’s stars are super. The Moon is in the sign of money, Taurus. Lunar alignments are numerous, giving the day a busy as well as prosperous feel. Work hard and invest with confidence. Close by ambitious Mars, the Moon is also in supportive aspects with Neptune, Saturn and Pluto. Ambitions are stimulated and sustained. Imagination and gut feelings are useful guides. Where there is a will, there is a way to succeed. The evening hours are pleasant as the Moon and Sun make nice. Treasure the day’s triumphs. Enjoy close companionship. It’s a fine night for talking about matters of consequence. A partner’s insights can be enlightening.
Moon in Taurus.

March 12: Minds are chipper during the pre-dawn hours. However, shortly after sunrise the waxing Taurus Moon goes void of course. For much of the morning the powers of concentration are diminished. Resolve weakens and motivation may also be noticeably lacking. Minutes before noon there’s a significant mood change. The Moon enters Gemini and the day’s second act begins. Minds snap to attention but although more engaged, tend to wander from subject to subject. Those who possess a natural talent for multitasking enjoy their newfound mental agility. As minds float from one interest to another, messages also fly. Gossip mills churn. Pay attention to the chatter because mixed in will be worthwhile insider information. If you need to keep a secret, be discreet.
Moon in Taurus v/c 5:31AM-11:48AM Moon enters Gemini.

March 13: Like waves cresting on an endless sea, the Cosmos serves up a variety of celestial signals today. The mysterious Pisces Sun plays a prime role, forming a late-morning sextile to Pluto and an evening square with Jupiter. The first aspect empowers dreamers and idealists. Resources are available to make those dreams a reality. The fertile first half of the day is supported by the Gemini Moon’s early afternoon trine to loving Venus. Chats are chummy, charming, big-hearted and flirtatious. The evening’s more challenging Sun/Jupiter configuration raises the prospect of pushing idealism too far and too fast. Egos may swell. Self-confidence can potentially border on arrogance. If you want to make a point, sell an idea or win an argument, be respectful. Listen to what others are saying. Let them know their concerns and opinions have merit. Ignore your audience at your own peril.
Moon in Gemini, Sun sextile Pluto, Sun square Jupiter.

March 14: Exact planetary aspects are clustered in the early morning and evening hours. The morning’s alignments are dominated by the energizing First Quarter Moon phase and a nifty “get it done” trine between Mars and Saturn. Most folks wake up intending to take on big challenges. Motivation peaks before mid-morning and then the day unfolds in somewhat lazy, if haphazard fashion as the Gemini Moon floats void of course. Flights of fancy can be entertaining as hearts and minds wander through assorted reveries. However, follow-up is unlikely until evening when the Moon enters Cancer. The day’s second wind includes renewed vigor as well as curious intellectual realizations and unexpected social contacts.
First Quarter Moon in Gemini 6:27AM, Moon in Gemini v/c 8:31AM-5:49PM Moon enters Cancer, Mars trine Saturn, Sun conjunct Mercury.

March 15: Retrograde Mercury backs into a square with Jupiter today. The testing angle tends to raise expectations. Good intentions can also be exemplary. Problems typically arise from overreaching or promising more than can be delivered. Because the Winged Messenger is retrograde, caregivers may feel stretched to the breaking point. Know your limits, and be wary of boasts and empty words. Fortunately, the waxing Cancer Moon is in a favorable angle with mystical Neptune. Get quiet and listen to gut hunches, the calm knowing voice within and messages from the worlds of spirit and Mother Nature. Tonight’s lunar trine to the dreamy mystery planet bodes well for all artistic events and other creative outlets.
Moon in Cancer, Mercury square Jupiter.

March 16: A pre-dawn lunar sextile to Mars has early risers on the move. By mid-morning the Cancer Moon is at odds with Pluto. Handle partners with care. If emotions can be kept in check, conversations may be deeply transformative. There is a natural tendency to be defensive under the alignment but luckily, mental Mercury is in position to help out. Constructive comments and encouragement are more easily said and heard. Air grievances with every intention of making peace, forgiving and forgetting. If there’s one thing retrograde Mercury is good for, it’s taking another look at and learning from the past. The afternoon is mellower as the Moon travels void of course. After nightfall the Moon enters Leo where she tests unpredictable Uranus. Evening plans may change. Travel and drive with extra care and caution.
Moon in Cancer v/c 2:03pm-8:57PM Moon enters Leo, Mercury sextile Pluto.

March 17: Today’s waxing Leo Moon is a blessing for pageantry, parades, grand gestures, generosity and all sorts of fun. Follow the stirrings of your heart. Be spontaneous. Seek joy and shine on brightly! Share your smile, passion and enthusiasm. Subtle emotional undercurrents are also strong. Nostalgic feelings may surface at any time. Retrograding Mercury forms a potent sextile to Mars tonight. The alignment may jump start stalled negotiations or present an opportunity to overcome a longstanding obstacle. A grudge could be resolved or a dispute move closer to a settlement. Imaginative solutions are likely to appear. Be ready to follow through on a good idea.
Moon in Leo, Mercury sextile Mars.

March 18: The run up to a Full Moon usually coincides with increased activity levels and a heightened emotional pitch. Today is a little different. We are nearing the end of the Zodiacal year. The impact is felt today. After a morning of conflicted feelings, some frustrations as well as promising impressions, the Leo Moon goes void of course shortly before noon. By lunch time firm commitments are hard to come by. Enthusiasm and passion may seem lost. As with all void of course Moons, it’s best to put off major decisions, meetings and purchases. Creative brainstorming sessions can be productive. Delay putting plans in motion until after the Moon enters Virgo later tonight. This green light from the Cosmos is the signal for renewed activity.
Moon in Leo v/c 11:19AM-9:41PM Moon enters Virgo.

March 19: This final day of the astrological year features no exact planetary aspects. The Sun is at the last degree of Pisces, the Sign of the Two Fishes. One looks to the past while the other contemplates the future. It’s a good time to pause and consider your accomplishments over the past year. Give some thought to what you hope to achieve this spring, a season of new beginnings. The Virgo Moon, now nearly full, favors a detailed analysis of current situations as well as future needs. If you haven’t already begun, it’s a fine time to put plans in motion. Tonight’s heart-touching lunar opposition to dreamy Neptune brings a heady mix of altruism and compassion. Do what you can to make the world a kinder, more beautiful place.
Moon in Virgo.

March 20: Happy Spring! This is a hyperactive day, astrologically one of the year’s busiest. The Virgo Moon is on a dizzying path all morning while feisty Mars forms an empowering trine to Pluto. Fortunately, Mercury’s timely late morning sextile to Saturn helps steady overstimulated hearts and minds. Do your best to minimize distractions and stick to the task at hand. A lengthy void of course Moon period dominates the afternoon work hours. The energizing Sun enters Aries this evening as the Vernal Equinox ushers in the new Spring season. After a dramatic rise the Moon arrives in Libra later tonight where she is promptly full at the first degree of the sign. Personal poise and healthy relationships are major themes. Self-acceptance is a good place to begin the journey towards balance and harmony with others.
Moon in Virgo v/c 11:22AM-9:28PM Moon enters Libra, Full Moon in Libra 9:43PM, Mars trine Pluto, Mercury sextile Saturn, Sun enters Aries.

March 21: Good relationships are a lifeblood while Lady Luna visits Libra. However, the Cosmos has tricks up its sleeve. Venus, the Goddess of Love is in a testing square with Mars and also a soothing sextile with Jupiter. The prior aspect, exact before sunrise, can create divisions between loved ones, especially of the opposite sex. Be sure you really want what you are asking for! The late morning Venus/Jupiter sextile is far more agreeable. Pleasures quickly multiply, smiles abound. The cheerful atmosphere lends itself to displays of affection as well as rewarding teamwork. This is a favorable omen for meetings and communications. The news is likely to be good. The rest of the day is quietly productive. Don’t overdo work tonight. Be sure to get your beauty rest.
Moon in Libra, Venus square Mars, Venus sextile Jupiter.

March 22: Workplace pressures can be oppressive this morning. The Libra Moon is at odds with both Saturn and Pluto, potentially a perfect storm of frustration. Bosses and pragmatists or responsibilities may seem too much to bear but If you can’t play hooky take heart. Hunker down, do what must be done and remain cooperative. The midday hours bring a remarkable turn for the better. Spirits brighten thanks to uplifting lunar alignments with Jupiter and Venus. All is forgiven. The friendly vibe facilitates business meetings, sales calls and personal discussions. A quieter void of course Moon brings more subdued moods during the late afternoon. Tonight’s plans are subject to change. Be ready to adapt accordingly.
Moon in Libra v/c 2:10PM-10:16PM Moon enters Scorpio.

March 23: The waning Scorpio Moon is today’s highlight. There are no exact aspects to report. The resulting mood is quiet and introspective. Many folks seek time alone. Others find their curiosity piqued to the point of being nosey. Mental Mercury has begun to slow in preparation for its return to forward motion on the 28th. The transition period can be valuable for reflection and self-realization. Things are not necessarily what they seem on the surface. Don’t accept superficial or incomplete answers in the quest for understanding. The Sun in Aries is notoriously impatient but there are good reasons to move slowly. Just as seeds sprout unseen beneath rich soil, grounding one’s self on a more secure psychological footing takes time. Slow down, enjoy the process and your companions in life.
Moon in Scorpio.

March 24: Retrograde Mercury makes the second in a series of three conjunctions with mystical Neptune today. The pairing sparks imaginations as well as idealistic ambitions. Old and new dreams vie for equal attention. The Scorpio Moon lends its support for translating visionary schemes into reality. From morning until early afternoon, likeminded people and needed resources are available. If your project requires a helping hand, this is the time to ask. Shopping and other errands proceed smoothly. Follow your intuition and you’ll likely increase your productivity. Slow down during the late afternoon hours. Feelings of discontent may lead to unsafe speeding on the highways tonight. Pay attention.  
Moon in Scorpio v/c 10:24PM-12:00AM, Mercury conjunct Neptune.

March 25: We’re off to the races this morning. The freedom-loving, optimistic Sagittarius Moon harmonizes with the impulsive Aries Sun. Challenges are fully embraced and a spirit of learning and adventure informs many activities. We’re never too old to learn something new. With Venus nearing the last degree of Aquarius, a long lost friend may make an appearance. Some folks will remember just why there was a parting of ways. For others it may seem as though no time at all has passed as conversations seem to strike up right where they left off.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-2:06AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

March 26: Mercury’s retrograde once again has the Winged Messenger close to dreamy Neptune. Kindness and compassion are supported but the Sagittarius Moon is at odds with the idealistic duo. Mistakes, oversights, forgetfulness and inclement weather may make the morning commute far more complicated than expected. Plan carefully. Make sure you have essential possessions and tools before heading out the door. The going is easier by midday. Venus settles into Pisces during the mid-afternoon. Here the Goddess of Love opens hearts, stirs caring feelings, tenderness and affection. Generous impulses increase tonight as the Moon moves into a conjunction with Jupiter. Most everyone is inclined to take the high road, wax philosophical and see silver linings in every cloud. Swap stories with pals. Expand your thinking and get inspired.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 10:37PM-12:00AM, Venus enters Pisces.

March 27: The day begins under a void of course Sagittarius Moon. As a result the early hours move slowly. Promises made are unlikely to be kept. More serious inclinations arise by late-morning when the Moon sets up shop in hard-working Capricorn. Midday meetings may be today’s highlight. The Moon is in favorable contact with Venus and Uranus. Spontaneity excites the senses. Folks feel playful. Humor is irreverent. Venus and Uranus are also in sextile, a fine omen for friendship, fun and romance. Be receptive to new ideas and welcome fresh faces into your circle of friends. The late afternoon is quietly productive, especially for those souls willing to work hard. Late tonight brings rising tensions. Be considerate of others as midnight nears.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-10:07AM Moon enters Capricorn, Venus sextile Uranus.

March 28: Attribute any nighttime restlessness to the Last Quarter Capricorn Moon. The tense Sun/Moon standoff can easily trigger restlessness and insomnia. Usually, unmet subconscious needs are a root cause. Mercury’s return to forward motion can make sorting through complex feelings more challenging. Errors of judgment and unexpected changes in thinking are also probable today. Decisive action is more easily taken this afternoon and evening when the Moon assumes a favorable aspect to both Mercury and Neptune. Minds clear and communications flow effortlessly. It’s a fine night to let a special someone know how much they mean to you. Movies and other entertainments can be totally engrossing. Your companions and the quality of what you watch make a lasting impression. Choose both carefully.
Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn, Mercury Direct.

March 29: Friday begins with a sense of gritty determination. The Moon is conjunct Pluto, fostering a will to succeed that can border on obsessive. Don’t fall prey to controlling the world or achieving absolute perfection. Be wary of tunnel vision. Take a breath, relax and pace yourself. This is a long, productive day and there’s time to make things happen. Save energy for your afternoon efforts. That’s when the Moon moves into an enlivening trine to Mars. It isn’t until well into the evening hours that life slows down. After a short void of course period the Moon enters Aquarius where she tests accident-prone Uranus. Late night revelers, please take care. Stay aware of your surroundings and watch your speed.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 8:05PM-9:46PM Moon enters Aquarius.

March 30: Another potentially restless night gives way to relaxed morning vibes. A crowd pleasing sextile between the sociable, egalitarian Aquarius Moon and pro-active Aries Sun is the day’s dominating highlight. Inner peace and contentment is reflected in good relationships with friends and the world at large. Cooperation comes readily. Hearts and minds are open to a wide range of possibilities. Curiously, fiery Mars is positioned at the final degree of Taurus so there could be some grousing about money or having one’s way. If you owe a favor, this could be the perfect time to repay it.
Moon in Aquarius.

March 31: During the early morning hours Mars enters Gemini. Here the passionate Red Planet fuels minds and activates tongues. Even ordinarily reserved folks are more likely to spout off today. Stories and opinion pieces are doubly inspired. In addition to spunky Mars the Aquarius Moon’s sextile to loquacious Jupiter adds to the need to be heard. Those who have a knack for making inappropriate comments had best use self-control. On the other hand, passions are aroused and conversations can be enthralling as well as enlightening. Tonight’s repartee is especially entertaining. Be sure to listen. Only then can learning occur. Turn in well before midnight, when the Moon begins a void of course period and even the most animated talkers grow weary.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 11:02PM-12:00AM, Mars enters Gemini.