March 2020 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for March 2020

March 1: Folks looking forward to a lazy Sunday morning are in for a surprise. The Taurus Moon is in a trine to dutiful Saturn. This aspect is a gift for those who have chores that need attention. It provides focus and determination, as well as a natural inclination to connect with parents and other respected elders. The midday hours bring more relaxed atmospherics as the Moon travels void of course. Take your time, enjoy brunching and maybe even a siesta. By mid afternoon the Moon is in talkative Gemini. An evening lunar square to retrograde Mercury poses challenges. An old issue could resurface. Some people speak out both sides of their mouth at once. Minds may be confounded by misunderstandings or indecision. Don’t rush to judgement. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
Moon in Taurus v/c 10:52AM-2:21PM Moon enters Gemini.

March 2: The First Quarter Moon in Gemini serves as a motivator. With both “lights” at odds, this Sun/Moon standoff also reveals closely felt, inner contradictions and conflicts. The tender heart wants one thing, the curious mind something else. Soul searching may help clarify current agendas. Be aware, mental Mercury remains retrograde for another week. It resumes forward motion next Monday, just as the lunar cycle culminates with the Full Moon. Respect unknowns, dreams as well as other higher aspirations. Faced with unavoidable uncertainties, more than one leap of faith will be taken. If not knowing has you spooked, proceed with all due caution.
Moon in Gemini First Quarter Moon in Gemini 2:57PM.

March 3: The waxing Gemini Moon generates endless talk and an urge to stay on the move. Venus’ late morning square to Saturn could bring a partnership matter to a head. Needs as well as expectations are more obvious. Demands may be heavy-handed. The Ringed Planet is associated with endings as well as restrictive circumstances. Some relationships require maintenance, others a deeper level of commitment. If a parting of the ways occurs, the pairing has most likely outlived its usefulness. Couples that manage to weather the day’s stormy challenges discover tonight’s stars are conducive to enjoying each other’s company, talking things over and nourishing loving ties. 
Moon in Gemini v/c 9:20PM-11:25PM Moon enters Cancer, Venus square turn.

March 4: Retrograding Mercury returns to Aquarius this morning, prompting another look at the state of friendships and other alliances. An old pal could make an unexpected appearance. That likelihood is reinforced by Venus’  entry into Taurus later tonight, where the master of surprises, Uranus, awaits. In between, it’s a busy day. The Cancer Moon passes by her own North Node, opening doors and pointing the way to Zen-like inner calm. Some likeminded friends offer their support. Others may be jealous or fearful of any meaningful changes. Mercury’s late afternoon sextile with Venus keeps conversations spirited and civil. Live it up, and have a few good laughs today. Self-control is recommended this evening.
Moon in Cancer, Mercury sextile Venus, Mercury Rx enters Aquarius, Venus enters Taurus.

March 5: The waxing Cancer Moon aligns with Neptune, stimulating imaginations with countless early morning fantasies and good intentions. Have the creative tools of your choice close at hand. Note inventive ideas and be ready to make something beautiful happen. Some folks are moved to lend a helping hand. Generous inclinations continue throughout the morning. Moods are friendly, outgoing and protective. Swap stories and make inquiries during the first half of the day. After noon the Moon’s orbit carries it into an opposition with Pluto and Saturn. Suspicions can take root and motives may be questioned. Self-assured types put the engaging energies to use in non-confrontational, ‘we can work this out’ fashion. Stay open to compromise. Cooperate and build enduring, rock solid agreements.
Moon in Cancer.

March 6: Before dawn the waxing Moon slips from Cancer into fiery Leo where she soon is at odds with Venus and Uranus. The taut square alignment makes for some tense morning moments. Discontent is likely. Impulsive, attention-grabbing behavior fails to impress. Narcissism, no matter how demanding, is not easily tolerated. Neither is fence-riding procrastination. Ease frustrations by taking things lightly. Identify genuine needs. Figure out novel ways to express affection. Some relationships may be on the brink of a break up. In any event, be kind and treat others as you would have them treat you. The afternoon hours bring smoother going.
Moon in Cancer v/c 2:11AM-4:27AM Moon enters Leo.

March 7: There are no exact aspects to report but there is plenty of pep. The Leo Moon is nearly full, so exuberant emotions can quickly overheat. Pending conjunctions of the Sun and Neptune as well as Venus and Uranus hold enormous growth potential for friends and lovers. Act accordingly. Welcome magic into your daily routines. Talk to birds, listen to the wind. Look for messages in clouds, dreams and daydreams. Make time for a creative project or expressive hobby. Hearts are extra empathic and more open than usual. A chance encounter can brighten the weekend at any moment. Follow your intuition and maybe the suggestion of a well-meaning friend. Have fun!
Moon in Leo.

March 8: Mercury, now stationed in preparation for Monday night’s return to forward motion, is opposite the nearly full Moon. The Pisces Sun is aligned with mysterious Neptune in an exact conjunction this morning. Follow your heart! Dreams, their roots in long ago events, past lifetimes or otherworldly experiences, have enormous potential impact. Friends and relatives may make surprise appearances. The social possibilities are limitless as Venus conjuncts Uranus. Everything from a love at first sight meeting to a parting of ways is possible. Fortunately, harmonious midday Virgo Moon aspects to the lovestruck Venus/Uranus duo make happy encounters far more likely. Enjoy your favorite people and pastimes. 
Moon in Leo v/c 4:12AM-6:47AM Moon enters Virgo, Sun conjunct Neptune, Venus conjunct Uranus. Daylight Savings Time begins.

March 9: Two big events headline today’s celestial news. First, the Virgo “Worm” Moon is exactly full during the early afternoon, opposing the Pisces Sun and Neptune. The pace may at times border on frantic. Routine activities can feel inspired and totally engrossing. Those whose work is unfulfilling may at last decide to look for greener pastures. For folks ready to make a move the late afternoon and evening hours bring auspicious influences. As the rattle and hum of the Full Moon eases, be open to timely tips and suggestions. A hunch could lead to success. The day’s second notable happening involves Mercury. Minutes before midnight the Winged Messenger resumes forward motion, ending a three week long retrograde. Opinions may change and new information could become available. Don’t be stubborn. Open minds work best. 
Moon in Virgo, Full “Worm” Moon in Virgo 1:48PM, Mercury Direct.

March 10: With Mercury again moving Direct in late Aquarius, be aware of errant communications and unfinished business, especially things that have been up in the air since the middle of February. The next few days are a good time to clear up persistent mysteries and locate missing items. Word could come from long lost friends and associates. Before sunrise the now waning Moon reaches Libra. Fallout from yesterday’s intense Full Moon could require mending fences. Idealists may clash with more conservative pragmatists. Take the high road and be a messenger of peace and understanding.
Moon in Virgo v/c 4:32AM-6:03AM Moon enters Libra.

March 11: An early morning sextile between the Pisces Sun and Jupiter elevates moods and adds a buoyant joy factor at the start of the day. However great expectations are, know that the Libra Moon is testing Mars. Enthusiasm and impatience can offend diplomatically minded souls or lead to an accident. Before making new commitments check in with partners to be sure schedules are clear and everyone is on the same page. The afternoon sees stressful lunar angles to Jupiter and Pluto. Pleasing everyone may not be possible. There are just too many conflicting ideas, needs and agendas. Do what you can to tactfully handle each challenge. 
Moon in Libra, Sun sextile Jupiter.

March 12: Little is likely to go as planned today. A waning Scorpio Moon usually confers resolute moods but testing angles to Saturn, Uranus and Venus make this day an uncharted, detour-filled adventure. Early birds feel the somber Saturnian vibes during the pre-dawn hours. Even getting out of bed can feel like a chore. By mid-morning the coming lunar opposition with Uranus has a disruptive impact. Fate intervenes. It may seem as though no one is in the driver’s seat. Delays, missed appointments, and other snafus are likely. The only thing that can be controlled is one’s response to the unforeseen circumstances. If things go awry, stay calm. Breathe. By evening the Moon is opposite Venus, a calmer, more hopeful alignment, especially if you love the one you’re with. 
Moon in Libra 4:12AM-5:28AM Moon enters Scorpio.

March 13: Feelings are often all-consuming when the Moon travels through potent Scorpio. However today’s lunar aspects take the focus off self and direct attention to a wide range of partnership pursuits. Career ambitions are well-served. Inspired morning brainstorming sessions as well as afternoon meetings and communications are fruitful. Research and scholarship are favored. Travel is also facilitated. The evening sees the Moon form harmonious angles with the Pisces Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. Inner composure affords clarity. Perceptive insights into others are helpful. Relationships ships are on fertile ground. Intimacy and trust grow. It’s an opportune time to get closer to loved ones. 
Moon in Scorpio.

March 14: A brief early morning void of course Moon period ends with the Moon’s arrival in Sagittarius. Mars is also in a sextile with Neptune. The favorable alignment rejuvenates imagination and creativity. Moods become more positive and outgoing as the day progresses. We feel empowered to turn dreams into reality. During the noon hour the Pisces Sun forms an exact sextile to Pluto. This aspect reinforces vision as well as determination. Because Pluto is part of a stellium of planets in Capricorn, the energy available is formidable. Channel it wisely. Use your knowledge, talents and resources to assist, empower and serve others. 
Moon in Scorpio v/c 6:06AM-7:09AM Moon enters Sagittarius, Mars sextile Neptune, Sun sextile Pluto.

March 15: Lazy idleness can be delicious this morning. With the waning Moon in philosophical Sagittarius, moods are easy-going. Spirits are encouraged to feel free, to think and learn. Let imagination roam. Relax with a book or go for a lazy stroll or drive. A late afternoon lunar square with Neptune increases interest in movies, the arts and other escapes. Creative types may dive into a major opus. Spiritually oriented souls search for answers. If you happen to be out in Mother Nature, keep an eye on the weather. Things can change quickly. The likelihood of a mistake or oversight also increases so pay attention to valuable personal belongings and the like. An old friend could come to mind or call late tonight. 
Moon in Sagittarius.

March 16: The first half of the day hosts tentative and at times confusing energies. During the wee hours of the morning Mercury returns to Pisces. Minds become more impressionable, factoring into dreams and leading to more imaginative thinking. The pre-dawn Last Quarter Moon also contributes to early morning restlessness but then goes void of course until the noon hour. Expect folks to be wishy-washy this morning and you won’t be disappointed. Focus on works already under way until after lunch when the Capricorn Moon ushers in a more defined and ambitious mood. Lunar aspects support clear communications, nimble networking and inventive approaches to both ongoing and new projects. 
Moon in Sagittarius, Last Quarter Moon in  Sagittarius 5:34AM, Moon in Sagittarius v/c 5:34AM-12:25PM Moon enters Capricorn, Mercury enters Pisces.

March 17: Irish or not, luck is in the air today. The Capricorn Moon is joyfully arrayed with Venus and Neptune. Approaching lunar conjunctions with Mars and Jupiter add zest to personal as well as professional pursuits. The morning hours are perfect for bonding with friends, co-workers and other associates. Playful Cupid makes an appearance as the Moon trines Venus during the early afternoon. We have the power to attract whatever is truly needed. Sensitive souls find their muses as well as devas, elves, leprechauns and other magical beings are present tonight. Enjoy reveries and dreams. Follow up on inspired ideas. Slow down and be careful if you happen to be out past midnight.
Moon in Capricorn.

March 18: The waning Moon visits with the historic stellium of Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, all grouped together in Capricorn. We will not see another day with such focused intensity for many years so make the most of it. The potential is vast. Early birds feel energized, ready to soar to the highest peaks. Set your sights on important goals and resolutely go after them. The morning is well suited for handling demanding work and working on complex problems. Don’t hesitate to get input from knowledgable advisors. Take a time out at some point this afternoon and allow a lunar sextile to the Pisces Sun to inject inspired thinking into discussions and plans. Press on past sundown if you must but call it a day by late evening when the Moon conjuncts Saturn. 
Moon in Capricorn v/c 8:48PM-9:16PM Moon enters Aquarius.

March 19: The final sunrise of winter sees the Aquarius Moon at odds with Uranus. Be careful during the morning commute as the risk of a fall or fender bender is increased. The Sun stands poised at the last degree of Pisces while Saturn is also at the tail end of Capricorn. The evening’s solar sextile to Saturn helps us make realistic evaluations and wise decisions. It also keeps the workday steadily on track. As midnight nears the Sun enters Aries. The hours of daylight and darkness are equal. A new Zodiacal Year begins! Welcome Spring! Happy Equinox! As with any fresh start this is an appropriate time to set goals and get organized. Hitch your wagon to a star! Upward and onward we go!
Moon in Aquarius, Sun sextile Saturn, Sun enters Aries, Spring Equinox.

March 20: Early morning excitement is palpable. Mars is conjunct Jupiter and glorious things seem within reach. However, before much headway can be made the waning Aquarius Moon goes void of course until the end of the day. Energy levels flatten, sails luff. Concentration and intensity waver. After two years in Capricorn Saturn is about to leave the Sign of the Goat. The smart thing to do today is concentrate on work in the pipeline or if possible, finish projects. Go out of your way to please your boss. Find out what’s on his or her mind and do your best to help. Stay relaxed and go with the flow.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 5:00AM-12:00AM, Mars conjunct Jupiter.

March 21: The Aquarius Moon remains void of course until early morning. The low key dynamics are good for catching up on rest or chores. By mid-morning the Moon is in Pisces where she conjuncts an impressionable Mercury. Throughout the day sensitized emotions and unrealistic fantasies easily get the best of reason. If emotional calm is maintained, the balance of heart and mind can be empowering. Empathy and kindness are symbols of inner strength, not a weakness. Both the Moon and Mercury are also harmonizing with Uranus. Intuitive faculties can startle or delight. Don’t shy away from making or receiving spur of the moment social invitations. Minutes before midnight Saturn exits Capricorn and slips into visionary Aquarius. Be on the alert for hints of things to come.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-8:33AM Moon enters Pisces, Saturn enters Aquarius.

March 22: Mental Mercury’s early morning sextile to Uranus is a heavenly gift to dreamers and inventors, as well as those who genuinely enjoy other people’s unique gifts and eccentricities. In fact today is one of the month’s finest for socializing. The Pisces Moon is conjunct Neptune, a sometimes lazy aspect that also happens to support heart-opening experiences. Creative and artistic work is ably encouraged. Venus is happily aligned with the Moon/Neptune team, an excellent omen for love in all its wonderful guises. Immerse yourself in things you enjoy. Share time with favorite pals but be wary of overbearing or manipulative types late tonight.
Moon in Pisces, Mercury sextile Uranus, Venus sextile Neptune.

March 23: Get off to a fast start. The waning Pisces Moon remains active for most of the morning, making this the far better part of the day for taking care of important matters. Lunar aspects to Jupiter, Pluto and Mars enhance communications and fact gathering and support decisive action. Keep in mind that this is the last day of the monthly lunar cycle. Stay focused on work in progress. Hold off on new projects for now. By late morning the Moon is void of course. For many folks the second half of the day feels lethargic. If you run out of gas, feel bored or easily distracted, the uninvolved Moon is effecting you. Stick to routines. Creative and introspective work can be productive. After nightfall the Moon arrives in fiery Aries and we press forward towards a fresh activity cycle.
Moon in Pisces v/c 10:51AM-8:58PM Moon enters Aries, Mars conjunct Pluto.

March 24: Early this morning the Moon is conjunct the Aries Sun, the first New Moon of the nascent astrological year. In any sign the monthly union of the Sun and Moon underscores the promise and potential of a new activity cycle. Now is the time to plant seeds and move forward with ambitious projects. All the same, independent action carries certain risks. Be sure your ambitions lead to a goal that increases longterm stability and security. Look for ways to increase ease and efficiency. It may be wise to powwow with respected associates and seasoned advisors. As you plan, pay attention to potential issues with rules and regulations as well as the authorities that enforce them. 
Moon in Aries, New Moon in Aries 5:28AM.

March 25: An energetic, challenge-oriented Aries Moon helps lift us over the midweek hump. The going can be fast at times but remain under control. Rushing into things willy nilly can lead to unnecessary and ultimately regrettable complications. Pressure from partners may also impact the day’s activities. Lunar squares to Jupiter and Pluto suggest it will be easy to become distracted. Attempt to do too much and you’ll likely miss or squander an opportunity. Stay consistently on track by keeping things simple. Those who stay focused and like working under pressure do well.
Moon in Aries.

March 26: The early going feels labored. At dawn the Moon is void of course and at odds with Mars and Saturn. Shift to low gear and doggedly deal with necessities. By mid-morning the Moon is rejuvenated in Taurus but her exact square with Saturn is a cautionary reminder to abide by rules and fulfill obligations. However, there’s another, far less predictable dynamic in play. The Taurus Moon is also conjunct Uranus. The tightening square between sober Saturn, a recent arrival in Aquarius, and eccentric Uranus is a classic “question authority” alignment. Breaking rules is ever so tempting. Shortcuts entice. The sense that there must be a better way is compelling. Rebels, devil’s advocates and satirists have a field day. If caught between rival parties, it may be best to keep your thoughts to yourself.
Moon in Aries v/c 3:16AM-9:37AM Moon enters Taurus.

March 27: This relatively quiet day features a waxing crescent Taurus Moon. The Moon acts as a force for emotional calm, physical comfort and overall stability. Harmonious lunar angles with Mercury and Neptune provide fertile ground for talks and brainstorming sessions. Venus, the evening star close by the Moon is also nearing an exact trine to Jupiter, putting many people in the mood to thoroughly enjoy life. Be grateful for the love you have known and shared, cheer the success of a friend and celebrate each and every pleasure, regardless of how big or small. Tonight’s stars are super for love and fun.
Moon in Taurus.

March 28: Lovely Venus offers pleasures to both begin and end the day. Her post-midnight trine to Jupiter keeps wide-eyed night owls and talkative partygoers engaged and entertained. The Moon, first in Taurus and much later, after nightfall in Gemini, forms half a dozen favorable angles. Pitch perfect astrological notes for complete enjoyment and satisfaction are sounded. The celestial energy is also fruitful for business matters. Others successfully indulge in favorite personal interests, hobbies and romance included. The depth and intensity of feelings can be surprising. Ambitious types find it easy to blend varied interests as Venus trines Pluto tonight.  
Moon in Taurus v/c 7:05PM-9:38PM Moon enters Gemini, Venus trine Jupiter, Venus trine Pluto.

March 29: The waxing Moon continues on through lively, restless and chatty Gemini. Moods are upbeat as a lunar sextile to the Aries Sun brightens the afternoon. Minds are curious but also quick to agree. Daytime get togethers are punctuated by wide-ranging discussions. Some conversations are healing. Longtime rivals could be on the verge of making peace and forging a new direction for their relationship. Don’t rush to conclusions or make assumptions as a late night lunar square to Mercury indicates that ironing out all the details is likely to take a few more days. 
Moon in Gemini.

March 30: The astrological omens are tricky, especially for getting back into the swing at work or school. A late morning lunar square to Neptune is the sole aspect of the day. With the Moon in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces, there is plenty of room for misunderstandings and unrealistic thinking. None the less, even during a morning of justifiable doubts, this is the most productive part of the day. Where possible, stick to creative and artistic lines of work. By noon the Moon is void of course and a slower, go with with flow period begins. Spark plug Mars enters Aquarius during the mid-afternoon. Progressive groups are re-energized during the coming weeks. Look for ways to serve your friends and community.
Moon in Gemini v/c 11:10AM-12:00AM, Mars enters Aquarius.

March 31: Early this morning the Moon enters her own nest, the sign of Cancer. Feelings become more protective and tied to the past. Family history, memories and heartfelt loyalties influence moods. Mars also conjuncts Saturn today. The two planets are at the first degree of Aquarius, the sign connected with friendship, the sense of community and the future. The duo is in a chaotic square aspect with Uranus, making many paths appear to be an obstacle course. Limited, old school thinking proves to be inadequate. Values and circumstances are changing. Trust your gut as the Moon is sextile Uranus late this afternoon. Let the energy in your body guide you. Instincts and intuition lead the way out of an impasse and towards progress. 
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-7:43AM Moon enters Cancer, Mars conjunct Saturn.