March 2023 Daily Astrology

March 1: Emotions are calm as the Moon in Cancer harmonizes with the Pisces Sun most of the day. Inner knowing and certainty are strengthened. Trust your intuition. Things may get dicey tonight when the waxing Moon tests both Venus and Jupiter in Aries. There is a tendency to over do, consume and say too much. Slow down. Too much of a good thing can be just that, too much. Expectations can be unrealistic. But, with Venus and Jupiter in a celebratory conjunction in daring, impulsive Aries, many folks throw caution aside. Enjoy yourself, but bear in mind there will be consequences as soon as tomorrow morning.
Moon in Cancer.

March 2: The early March skies are busy and filled with portent. The Moon is waxing full and major sign shifts are imminent. It feels as though something big is about to happen. Just after midnight this day starts with an uproarious conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. Some people need little excuse to start a party. Creative individuals happily burn the midnight oil. Come morning mental Mercury is in a conjunction with Saturn. Duty calls, and with both planets at the last degree of Aquarius, there could be a karmic reckoning under way. Acknowledge that which has run its course. Let go and make ready to move on, unencumbered. Dusk brings soothing vibes and the promise of dreams coming true.
Moon in Cancer, Venus conjunct Jupiter, Mercury conjunct Saturn, Mercury enters Pisces.

March 3: Early this morning the swelling Cancer Moon promotes full engagement in whatever is happening. Partners can be skillful, willing helpers or quite the opposite, stubborn obstacles to progress. Be alert to their subtle and not so subtle clues. Try to maintain a spirit of cooperation. A short late-morning void of course period ends with the Moon’s arrival in Leo. Moods brighten as midday nears. Joy is an irresistible attraction. Follow the energy of inspiration. Do what makes you happy. Share your enthusiasm and encourage those who may be in need of a guiding light.
Moon in Cancer v/c 9:22AM-10:16AM Moon enters Leo.

March 4: The waxing Leo Moon quickens hearts and elevates spirits. A late morning lunar trine to Jupiter builds confidence. It also expedites travel and sparks intellectual curiosity. If you have errands to run or something you want to learn about, dive in. Sports enthusiasts and other competitive folks relish the passing hours. Happiness is sustained throughout the afternoon as the Moon is also in a trine with Venus. Shoppers as well as romantics enjoy the fabulous trends. However, early evening sees the Moon in a testing angle with Uranus. The unsettled energies could bring a sudden change of plans. Slow down, be cautious, and stay aware of your surroundings. Nimble minds quickly adapt to new circumstances. Carry on with nighttime merrymaking.
Moon in Leo.

March 5: Minds are agile early this morning, as are tongues. The pursuit of pleasure could involve children or the young at heart. Creative projects are captivating. As the day progresses, worries mount. The Moon is nearing an opposition with Saturn. Be wise in the use of time, energy and money. A responsibility could cut into recreational activities. Don’t ignore your physical needs. A nap or early bedtime could be in order. With the Pisces Sun moving into a helpful angle to visionary Uranus, planning for the future is appealing. All the same, it’s best to dispense with today’s obligations first.
Moon in Leo v/c 10:18PM-10:38PM Moon enters Virgo.

March 6: Electricity is in the air this morning. The Virgo Moon is nearly full and the Pisces Sun is neatly aligned with Uranus. Anticipation is aroused. Psychic powers and intuitive impressions are accurate. Discuss your hopes and plans with trusted pals and fellow dreamers. This is Saturn’s final full day in Aquarius until the year 2050. A time of ending is at hand for some alliances. It could be that a sense of karmic completion has been reached, or a debt has been paid in full. In any case, happy or sad, emotions are likely to be overblown because the Moon is full early tomorrow morning. No matter how high excitement levels get, use discretion.
Moon in Virgo, Sun sextile Uranus.

March 7: If you have a restless or sleepless night, look skyward. Less than two hours before the Sun rises, the Moon is full in Virgo. The Worm Moon raises questions as well as tensions. Both astrological lights are in aspect with Mars and Neptune. Caution is advised. Messages may be lost or misunderstood. Confusion adds to uncertainties. Breaking with convention has its risks but an uncharted path may be the only route available. Saturn breaks free of Aquarius and begins a two and half year stay in Pisces this morning. Remaining poised, even when facing emotional turmoil, is evidence of self-mastery. Humor and kindness offer relief today, even at the most trying moments.
Full Worm Moon in Virgo 7:40AM, Saturn enters Pisces.

March 8: During the early going the Virgo Moon is powerfully aligned with Pluto. Practical concerns require gritty resourcefulness. Engage partners and co-workers. Delegate responsibilities. Contact well qualified, experienced advisors. After a brief void of course period the Moon is in Libra by late-morning. People pleasing can be tricky. Venus is nearing a testing square to Pluto. Some folks keep score. Others are likely to be unreasonably demanding, jealous or possessive. If partners seem controlling, turn your attention to a beautification project. Follow your creative inspiration. Enhance some corner of your world.
Moon in Virgo v/c 9:07AM-9:44AM Moon enters Libra.

March 9: Minds are expansive. Thoughts of sweeping gestures, far away destinations and great achievements are fortified by the Libra Moon’s midday opposition to Jupiter. Don’t be seduced by unattainable goals or exaggerated claims. Stories as well as promises may be no more than sugar coated fluff. On the other hand, every great achievement or adventure begins with an idea. Optimism, boldness and intention can turn most any tide. Share your thoughts, enlist support from partners as well as benevolent spirits and get on with the show. Be forewarned, it could take considerable energy to organize a unified team effort this afternoon.
Moon in Libra.

March 10: As dawn breaks a lunar trine to Mars fully energizes the early hours. Progress can be rapid. Certain partnerships are notably productive. Steadfastness is maintained much of the day but colleagues may run into stylistic differences during the afternoon. The Libra Moon is at odds with Pluto this evening. Workable compromises may be elusive. If friction reaches uncomfortable levels, take a break. After a brief void of course period the Moon enters Scorpio where her alignment with Saturn promotes wisdom and understanding. Rivalries ease. Memories provide inspiration. Someone from the past could make a timely reappearance.
Moon in Libra v/c 6:37PM-7:06PM Moon enters Scorpio.

March 11: A reunion is a strong possibility this morning. Lively social trends are first rate much of the day. The late morning sees Venus happily aligned with Mars. Mercury is also in a sextile to Uranus. Many souls are passionate about their interests, whether social or purely fun. Curious minds eagerly explore new possibilities. This is a good day to invest in high tech gear like computers and phones. Tonight could bring unexpected complications as the Scorpio Moon nears a volatile opposition with Uranus. It’s best to play it safe, especially if you are out and about or in unfamiliar territory. Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour tonight.
Moon in Scorpio, Venus sextile Mars, Mercury sextile Uranus.

March 12: Time changes always leave me groggy for a day or two but today the Scorpio Moon is in an empowering trine to the Pisces Sun. The harmonizing angle promotes resilience as well as balanced physical and emotional states. However, some people need more time to adjust their clocks than others, especially habitual night owls. Fortunately, restorative lunar aspects continue. The afternoon is dominated by a lunar trine to Neptune, a heart-softening and empathy building angle. Art aficionados enjoy a wide range of experiences, from making their own to appreciating the talents of others. A visit to a museum or gallery can be fun. Films, concerts and fine dining are magical. Dinner by candlelight can be delightful. The warm and healing vibes persist deep into the night.
Moon in Scorpio. Daylight Savings Time begins at 2:00AM

March 13: The predawn hours feel blue. The waning Sagittarius Moon is in a testing square with Saturn. Worries are magnified. Energy and enthusiasm can be scarce. By daybreak ominous fears scatter with the spreading light. The day remains low key. Quiet inner confidence competes with a rising tide of uncertainties. Because Mars is at odds with Neptune, some projects may best be put on a temporary hold. The next few incredibly busy days feature a series of major testing angles. In personal as well as professional lives, restraint and caution are advisable.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 2:58AM-3:21AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

March 14: Hope and faith are strongest during the early morning hours. The remainder of the day features a series of challenging alignments. The Sagittarius Moon fancies honesty and the sensation of freedom that only truth can provide. Even so, lunar squares to Mercury, the Sun and Neptune require proceeding cautiously. Some opinions are best kept private. Get facts. Keep close tabs on important items. If an important decision must be made, make sure you have the relevant information. Consult with an expert if necessary. Deal with trusted individuals. Stay safe on the roadways. Check weather forecasts before heading out. Don’t mix drinking and drugs with operating a motor vehicle.
Moon in Sagittarius, Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius 10:08PM, Mars square Neptune.

March 15: The early hours feel blasé under the void of course Sagittarius Moon. By the beginning of the working day the Moon is in industrious Capricorn. Stalwart souls are ready to meet any challenges under the late morning lunar sextile to Saturn. The alignment supports common sense practicality and determination. With Saturn recently arrived in visionary Pisces, surprisingly creative solutions may be devised. The Pisces Sun is conjunct mystical Neptune this evening. Hearts grow tender. Empathy increases. Goddess energy becomes more accessible. Artistic endeavors benefit. Tap into ordinarily subconscious streams of imagination. Look to reveries, dreams and Mother Nature for inspiration.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 4:50AM-8:06AM Moon enters Capricorn, Sun conjunct Neptune.

March 16: Mixed trends make this an intriguing day. Some folks receive a surprise cash infusion. Others are ready to turn the relationship page and start a new chapter. The Capricorn Moon keeps us busy this morning. A lunar square to Jupiter creates a juggling act sensation while the Moon’s trine with Uranus increases the thrill of successfully balancing multiple balls in the air. A serendipitous meeting adds to the excitement. Technology can be a savior. The second half of the day is more challenging. Mental Mercury is conjunct Neptune and square Mars. Be clear about goals and plans. Stay alert. Skepticism may be useful. The Sun is also square Mars. Impatience can be problematic. Venus is testing Pluto. Love can have strings attached. Those who harness these intense energies and successfully navigate stormy seas deserve a hearty round of applause.
Moon in Capricorn, Mercury conjunct Neptune, Sun square Mars, Venus square Pluto, Venus enters Taurus.

March 17: Insomniacs may find it difficult to count sheep. With mental Mercury and Mars in a tense angle, the flock is on the run. Deep breathing and soothing visualizations help calm restless minds and frazzled nerves. Stabilizing trends are in play as day breaks and folks set off to work and school. Imagination are fertile. Cooperative ventures get off to an excellent start. After a brief void of course period the Moon is in Aquarius by late morning. Distractions increase as the noontime break nears. Love the ones you’re with rather than obsess over those who are currently unavailable. Certain relationships become more significant as Venus moves into an sextile with Saturn this evening. Appreciate ties that have withstood the tests of time.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 10:14AM-10:25AM Moon enters Aquarius, Mercury square Mars, Sun conjunct Mercury, Venus sextile Saturn.

March 18: Oh happy day! This morning the waning Aquarius Moon is in a comfortably uplifting sextile to Jupiter. Life has a pleasant, easy flow. Intuitive folks may sense that something is about to change and a midday surprise could alter plans. Redirecting attention and adjusting to new schedules is made easier by mental Mercury’s late night sextile to Pluto. The alignment is a good one for making the most of seemingly lost causes and hopeless situations. It supports problem solvers as well as helpers and healers. Make your own magic during the second half of the day. With both the Winged Messenger and the Planet of Transformation at the last degrees of their respective signs, we have a rare opportunity to finally resolve old issues and balance accounts.
Moon in Aquarius, Mercury sextile Pluto.

March 19: Shortly after midnight Mercury enters Aries. Minds grow sharper and tougher. Some souls will be looking for new challenges in the coming days. The Aquarius Moon, late in her monthly cycle, is void of course as the Sun rises. The morning hours are a classically laid back Sunday affair. Relax and enjoy the friendly but mellow mood. By midday the Moon is in Pisces where she joins forces with Saturn. Clan gatherings and meetups with friends include remembrances of times past. The wisdom of elders is appreciated. Moods grow lighter over the course of the afternoon. A lunar sextile to Venus puts many people into celebration mode. Tonight is eerily quiet. Tune inward as the Sun traverses the final degree of the Zodiac. Spring and the new astrological year begin tomorrow.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 6:33AM-11:12AM Moon enters Pisces, Mercury enters Aries.

March 20: Today is curiously conflicted. The old astrological year is ending and the new one begins late this afternoon. The Pisces Moon is at the end of her cycle and will be new tomorrow. Given that the Moon holds sway over moods and activities, many people feel drained. However, the day is not without possibility. Complete what you can as opposed to starting something prematurely. Networking and exploring possibilities are supported. Just before exiting Pisces the Sun is sextile to Pluto. Give a nod to teamwork, persistence and clever ingenuity. As the Sun sinks low in the west it enters Aries and Spring begins. The Equinox is a fleeting moment of balance between darkness and light. Tonight is a fertile one for dreaming.
Moon in Pisces, Sun sextile Pluto, Sun enters Aries 5:24PM, Spring Equinox.

March 21: The first full day of Spring begins tentatively. The waning Moon is at odds with Mars. Easy does it. Take your time getting up to speed this morning. By early afternoon the Moon is new in Aries. A time of beginnings is at hand. The new astrological year is also off and running. With Mercury close by the conjunct Sun and Moon, hearts and minds are on the same page but objectivity may be lacking. Don’t charge blindly out of the gate. Have a plan. Know where you want to go and how best to get there. Pacing matters. Are you running a sprint or a marathon? Other practical concerns such as the availability of partners, actual financial costs and likely consequences also need to be factored in.
Moon in Pisces v/c 11:58AM-12:01PM Moon enters Aries, New Moon in Aries 1:23PM.

March 22: Following a run of busy days we enter a more focused time. Four planets, the Sun, Mercury, Moon and Jupiter are in action-oriented Aries. Many folks are eager for adventure. The waxing crescent Moon is conjunct Jupiter this afternoon. The jolly planet of high hopes is infectious, spreading faith and optimism. On top of a willingness to broaden horizons and take risks, the paring promotes inner confidence. This is a topnotch day for communications and travel, especially for visiting new places. Cast a wide net and draw from all the world’s respected teachings and traditions. A realization can be profound.
Moon in Aries.

March 23: Pluto’s transition into Aquarius begins this morning. We are the first people to consciously experience this transit. Pluto’s most recent entry into the Sign of the Waterbearer was in 1777, a century and a half before it was discovered. Back then the Industrial and American Revolutions were well under way. The beliefs and lives of millions of people were transformed. The Aquarian themes of equality, individual rights, liberty and community will again be revisited. Today’s waxing crescent Moon tests Pluto this afternoon. The power of the purse and need for security are spotlighted. Because the Moon is well-aspected with Mars and Saturn, this is an auspicious day for fact gathering, informed decisions and bold action. Talk alone will not solve any problems.
Moon in Aries v/c 1:13PM-2:42PM Moon enters Taurus, Pluto enters Aquarius.

March 24: Take love’s path at the break of day. The Taurus Moon is aligned with her North Node, Venus and Uranus. A heart-opening stellium encourages reaching out. Giving, sharing and caring come naturally. Wondrous beauty is everywhere. Flirtations and impulse buying are great fun throughout the day. With the Moon conjunct Uranus this evening, after work gatherings are chummy. Use your intuitive powers. Be spontaneous and ready for a happy surprise. If you feel the urge, extend an invitation. Be open to receiving one. Because Mars, after a seven month stay in talkative Gemini, is poised to change signs, it could also be time for an overdue conversation.
Moon in Taurus.

March 25: Mars arrives in domestic Cancer shortly after sunrise. Tidy up the nest this morning. Make the dust fly. Do laundry. Listen to what your mother tells you. Bear in mind protective souls have good intentions and are showing their concern. The Taurus Moon encourages beautification projects as well as charitable acts. Her noontime sextile to Neptune directs some folks to commune with nature or engage in hobbies and creative pursuits. A void of course Moon phase dominates the afternoon. It’s time to relax and go with the flow. After sunset the Moon enters Gemini where she forms a trine with Pluto. Some souls feel rejuvenated and driven to communicate but an approaching lunar square to Saturn puts a damper on tonight’s social scene.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:19PM-8:42PM Moon enters Gemini, Mars enters Cancer.

March 26: Early birds find the going agreeable. The waxing Gemini Moon and Aries Sun combine to energize minds and bodies. If you have an adventure planned, or a challenging task, get started as soon as possible. The remainder of the day lacks exact planetary aspects. Curiosity can lead to numerous diversions. There are continual opportunities for learning. Conversations tend to be far-ranging. Keep your mind open and be a good listener. Changes of scenery are also stimulating. Pending alignments give a sense that things are about to change for the better.
Moon in Gemini.

March 27: Today gets off to a fast start. An early morning lunar sextile to Jupiter raises hopes and expectations. Live fully. Ask much of yourself and life. Travel and communications flow smoothly. Feelings can be expressed fluently. Mental Mercury is nearing a conjunction with Jupiter, sustaining optimism, confidence and momentum throughout the day. The pace can be breathtaking but pay attention tonight when the Moon is at odds with Neptune. Gullibility or an oversight can lead to a loss or disappointment. Bad weather could factor into travel plans. Yet for the most part this is day of distinct growth, enjoyment and opportunity.
Moon in Gemini v/c 9:39PM-12:00AM.

March 28: During the wee hours of the morning Mercury passes by Jupiter, bestowing a wealth of knowledge. Much will be thought, written and communicated. However, with the Gemini Moon void of course it may be best to sit with ideas a while rather than share or act on them. Come daylight the Moon is in Cancer and conjunct Mars. The time for action is at hand. A well-timed late morning lunar trine to Saturn promotes the wise use of the potent energy. Hard work and planning for the long term are supported. Nightfall brings increasing tensions. The waxing Moon is nearing her First Quarter stage. Pause to reconsider your current path. If something seems off, a course correction is in order.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-6:22AM Moon enters Cancer, First Quarter Moon in Cancer 10:22PM, Mercury conjunct Jupiter.

March 29: Here’s a day of delectable, delightful moments. The waxing Cancer Moon aligns with the Venus/Uranus conjunction in Taurus to lighten hearts and encourage unrestrained spontaneity. Social ties are satisfying as well as amusing. Some folks are due for a welcome financial surprise. Business meetings, conferences and other get togethers unfold without a hitch. Psychically gifted souls feel tuned in. A hunch may be uncannily accurate. A festive atmosphere takes hold as evening nears. Enjoy the occasion fully but watch out for a tendency to say, do or promise too much.
Moon in Cancer.

March 30: Dedicated dreamers have the wherewithal to make their hopes come true this morning. The waxing Cancer Moon is in an inspiring trine to Neptune and possibilities seem endless. However, the Moon then begins a lengthy void of course period. Momentum slows but all is not lost. Mars’ trine to Saturn and Venus’ conjunction with Uranus keep projects afloat. The Mars/Saturn alignment says stay on track and keep plugging away. Venus and Uranus emphasize the value in networking. Tech skills also prove useful. Evening sees the Moon enter Leo where she promptly opposes Pluto. Be sure to show appreciation and give credit where it is due.
Moon in Cancer v/c 9:45AM-6:31PM Moon enters Leo, Mars trine Saturn, Venus conjunct Uranus.

March 31: March may not go out like a lamb but the astrological skies are relatively calm. The Leo Moon’s trine to the Aries Sun is today’s sole aspect. The balance between Sun and Moon is reassuring. The conscious and subconscious selves more easily harmonize. Inner peace makes relating to the outside world easier. Life flows more readily. Progress remains steady much of the day. After dark tensions gradually increase. The Moon is moving into a square with Uranus. Different values and opinions can be divisive. Be respectful of those you disagree with. As H.H. the Dalai Lama has noted, “People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.”
Moon in Leo.