Mastering Alchemy: Creating Heaven on Earth

Learn how to use your aura as an antenna of your personal energy field to transform thoughts into new creative opportunities Alchemy is not magic, however, it does produce very wonderful and magical results.

 When you are spiritually and energetically aligned, alchemy is the universal wisdom that nurtures creations into tangible reality. It is the science of spirituality. It is the dance that weaves the universal elements into conscious form. By first accepting and then understanding that all things are possible, you are then able to intentionally transform one vibrational thought, feeling or belief into another. You will begin to understand how to create and sustain well-being, abundance and joy effortlessly. And it’s much easier than you might think.

Alchemy can most simply be defined as altering the frequency of thought, changing the harmonics of matter, and using the element of love to create a desired result. Let’s start simply. For example, if you wish to have water available to drink, it is useful to have a container to hold the water. Similarly, to hold the wisdom of alchemy for your creations, you must also have a container.

The aura is an unstructured electromagnetic field surrounding you. It is the water without a container. Your thoughts can restructure the harmonics of the aura to align or vibrate with one of the sacred platonic geometric fields (such as the octahedron, cube or star tetrahedron), so a container is created. Depending upon your level of awareness, each of these ancient mathematical geometric shapes align with a unique higher dimensional body of wisdom. The geometry becomes an antenna and your ability to transmit and receive is enhanced.

The aura without structure and focus is like a radio that cannot lock onto a station. By creating a specifically tuned transmitter and receiver, you start to tune this personal energy field to your own frequency. This allows you to tune out the incoherent frequencies and noise that constantly flow through you. These disruptive frequencies don’t belong to you and have nothing to do with your purpose. Many of these misaligned frequencies hold a strong magnetic charge and can actually distort your understanding and awareness of your purpose.

Exploring Your Geometric Field

You can build this antenna by starting with an intention to create balance in your life. From the heart draw an imaginary line to a point about four feet straight out in front of you. Then create a second line to a point four feet behind you. See one line connecting two points. Then see a point four feet to your left and another four feet to your right and connect these points with a line. Next, from the heart, connect a line to a point four feet above the heart and another four feet below the heart. These three lines connecting the points create a stabilizing affect much the same a gyroscope is used to stabilize the space shuttle.

Next, from the point above you, connect a line to each of the four points surrounding you. Then connect each of the four surrounding points. This will create the shape of a four-sided pyramid. See it and feel it! Then from the point below you connect a line to each of the four surrounding points — an upside down pyramid. The shape you have created is known as an octahedron, one of five very unique geometric shapes. Feel this shape around you as a containment in which you are held. You may feel a density, pressure or sense of containment. The more you make this real for yourself, the more you will begin a new sense of balance.

Once this geometric container is in place, fascinating new opportunities become available. For example, by learning to increase the speed at which the geometric field spins, you begin to rise above life’s dramas, noise and distraction, creating new opportunity to realign your antenna to your purpose, passionate and enthusiasm.

To take this to the next step, it is possible to increase the spin of the field to approaching the “speed of light.” At this faster vibration, the range of reception and awareness expands, accessing many levels of higher dimensional consciousness. This is much like increasing the quality of your radio so you are able to tune into many more stations. It simply requires asking certain questions and having the intention and desire to know yourself.

This personal power field holds the wisdom of alchemy. It holds all that is required to turn the lead of ignorance into the gold of personal awareness. By fine-tuning this geometric field, or antenna, you will eliminate the noisy, incoherent frequencies of events and people around you and begin to know yourself. This finely tuned alignment provides a new quiet focus. You begin to remember and rewire yourself in ways that have not been available for many life times, allowing you to receive, remember and re-experience the wisdom that you already know in the higher dimensions.

From this higher, faster, stabilized form of consciousness, you become aware that many of the concepts, beliefs and truths once held in this current lower consciousness are no longer accurate or useful in the higher perspective. You now have the opportunity to make new choices. You can choose to continue to play the game you have always played, or you can step up to a greater platform where you will find that you have many more colors on your pallet to choose. The pictures you paint from this pallet will be much more grand and alive. And by simply reconstructing a sentence or speaking with a different tone, you will create experiences with very different results. By changing the frequency of thought, altering the harmonics of matter and applying the elements of love, you will create the results of your dreams. Alchemy is your natural state of wisdom.

Jim Self is a gifted speaker, teacher and founder of Northern California’s Avalon Institute and director of the Mastering Alchemy Program. Jim is presenting free evening classes and teleclasses and the seminar “Creating the Personal Power Field” in the Northeast in March. For information and to register visit or