May 2015 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for May 2015

May 1: Relationships may seem to occupy timeless, mind and heart expanding space this morning. In a moment of celestial perfection the waxing Libra Moon passes by her own north node while forming a fabulous trine with Jupiter. Open your senses, listen and learn. Feeling connected and in harmony with partners is deeply reassuring. Savor the moments of closeness and truth telling. Partnering is more challenging later in the day as the Moon tests both Pluto and Uranus. Afternoon squabbles may center on who is in control. Money, power and prestige are at stake. Sarcasm is one way of releasing tensions but with the Full Moon now just two days away it is best to mind one's manners and treat others with respect. Reserve can be a good thing tonight.
Moon in Libra.

May 2: The waxing Libra Moon and loving Venus deftly combine forces to bestow early morning happiness, peaceful relations and a general sense of well-being. What a fabulous time to enjoy life and loved ones. The blissful mood draws to a close as the Moon goes void of course during the late morning. A pending opposition between mental Mercury and Saturn causes some folks to dwell on and magnify their fears and insecurities. Be resolute. Carry the morning's loving vibrations with you throughout the day. Control your thoughts and emotions. Accentuate positives, regardless of appearances. Tonight the nearly full Moon takes the plunge into Scorpio. Springtime rebirth is a possibility open to all.
Moon in Libra v/c 10:03AM-9:47PM Moon enters Scorpio

May 3: Tradition holds that the spirit of Buddha returns to earth each year during the Full Moon in Scorpio. Tonight at 11:42PM EDT is the time to tune in and meditate and see if you might feel the presence of this great teacher. Mental Mercury is also in an exact opposition to Saturn today. The powers of concentration are strong but constructive thinking is a must. The polarized Sun and Moon are parts of a powerful T-square configuration including Jupiter, so breakthroughs in consciousness are possible. Real change means going beyond one's comfort zone and leaving the confines of the past, so be prepared to venture forward with a forgiving heart and open mind.
Moon in Scorpio, Full "Flower" Moon in Scorpio 11:42PM EDT.

May 4: The pre-dawn, early morning square between the Taurus Sun and Jupiter in Leo can lead to over-inflated expectations, exaggerations, numerous distractions and bouts of extreme generosity. Think twice about priorities. Plant your feet on solid ground and focus on a few essential tasks. Be realistic about demands on your time and budget. It will be tempting to say yes to a request or proposal and only later will the true costs be tabulated. Tonight, the Scorpio Moon's opposition to Mars may spark angry outbursts. Disagreements are likely to be sparked by financial concerns and differing opinions. With the Moon void of course well before midnight, be quick to forgive, forget and move on.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 9:49PM-12:00AM, Sun square Jupiter.

May 5: As the rising Sun climbs in the eastern morning sky the Moon enters Sagittarius. Ordinarily, the Moon in Sagittarius fosters light-hearted optimism. These days however, dour Saturn is poised retrograde, in the early degrees of the sign. The lunar conjunction with the ringed planet is serious business. Principled discussions and ancient wisdom command attention but nagging doubts may also persist as the Moon tests mental Mercury and nebulous Neptune later in the day. Keep your facts straight and be pragmatic when it comes to solving problems. Don't resist an obvious, easy, win-win resolution. How will you know success is at hand? It will feel right in your gut, even if your mind has second and third thoughts.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-7:13AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

May 6: Last night's dreams may have revealed insights into your own personal priorities or the motives of a partner. If you don't remember your dreams, don't worry. The Sun's post midnight trine to Pluto was deeply restorative. Hopefully you woke up feeling refreshed and raring to go. Upbeat moods hold strong and true throughout the day. The Sagittarius Moon forms a fab fire sign grand trine with Jupiter and Uranus. Some folks feel lucky and ready to roll the dice. Others see goodness and affirming omens wherever they go. The configuration supports embarking on adventures, developing one's intuitive capabilities and trying out new things. It's a great day to pick up a new piece of high tech gear, or welcome new friends into your social circle.
Moon in Sagittarius, Sun trine Pluto.

May 7: Expect a lively social calendar the first half of the day. Cheerful folks may turn up who haven't been seen or heard from in quite a while, perhaps lifetimes. The outgoing Sagittarius Moon completes her visit to the sign of the archer with a heartwarming early afternoon opposition to Venus. Meetings and other encounters feel engaging and warm. By mid-afternoon the Moon sets up shop in gritty, ambitious Capricorn. Working hours could need to be extended. Venus, the enchanting goddess of love, in turn leaves flirtatious Gemini and moves into Cancer this evening. Home and family life take on added importance tonight. Protective instincts grow stronger. Be in touch with relatives, your closest friends and deepest longings.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 1:51PM-2:16PM Moon enters Capricorn, Venus enters Cancer.

May 8: The Moon in Capricorn has a whimsical, thoughtful and compassionate side. This will be apparent early today. A lunar sextile to Neptune evokes inventive ideas and kindly impulses. The billy goat isn't so gruff, after all. Focus is strong throughout the day. By late afternoon the Moon is moving into an exact conjunction with Pluto. Don't let your work or other activity become an all-consuming obsession. Take a break. Stretch. Stop and smell the flowers. Tonight's mixed trends can see plans change suddenly and unexpectedly but harmony between the Taurus Sun and Moon helps soothe frazzled nerves. Adapt to changes and then savor life's small pleasures, a smile, caress, gentle breeze or the sight of a twinkling star. Good company, food and music are sure to please, too.
Moon in Capricorn.

May 9: Mercury, now moving through the mentally quick sign Gemini, tests Neptune today. Their midday square aspect can trigger bouts of sentimentality and fanciful thinking, as well as awkward misunderstandings and confusion. Keep close tabs on phones, tablets, laptops and paperwork. Slow down, think plans through thoroughly and then move one step at a time. This may be more easily said than done. The Capricorn Moon is also in trine to Mars. Reaching goals quickly and efficiently is highly desirable under this alignment. Combine imagination with hands on effort to make the best use of these seemingly divergent trends. Take a late afternoon siesta as the Moon goes void of course. Nightlife gets a boost with the Moon's evening arrival in sociable Aquarius. Join the party.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 4:35PM-7:22PM Moon enters Aquarius, Mercury square Neptune.

May 10: With heavily accented English, the great Indian guru, Swami Yogananda began a recorded Hindu chant honoring the divine mother with the observation, "The mother is closer than the father!" A philosophical discussion of this point is beyond the scope of this forecast but, this being Mother's Day, it is time to give Moms much love and appreciation. A friendly, expansive mood prevails throughout, thanks to the easy-going Aquarius Moon. Lunar alignments with Mercury and Jupiter foster clear, from the heart communicating as well as celebratory gatherings. The party-like atmosphere is strongest during the afternoon and evening hours. Three cheers for Mom! Late night premonitions are on the mark so pay attention.
Moon in Aquarius.

May 11: Chalk up early morning resistance to the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius. The Moon's twice monthly testing square with the Sun can reveal the split between our ego-centered workplace roles and responsibilities and more heart-oriented, subconscious preferences. In this case, trudging off to work to make a dollar competes with a longing to fly free as a bird. The Moon then travels void of course, from early morning until late tonight. Bide time until more auspicious trends arrive tomorrow. Stick to run of the mill tasks and familiar routines. Make no big ticket purchases or important decisions. The day's less than compelling atmosphere isn't helped by fiery Mars' nighttime change of signs, from Taurus to Gemini. The shift comes too late to energize today's activities or give them staying power.
Moon in Aquarius, First Quarter Moon in Aquarius 6:36AM, Moon in Aquarius v/c 6:36AM-10:53PM Moon enters Pisces, Mars enters Gemini.

May 12: The Cosmos is serving up very mixed up signals. The super sensitive Pisces Moon is triggering a potent T-square configuration composed of Neptune in Pisces, Mars and Mercury in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius. It may seem as though stop and go messages are being received simultaneously and that life moves in fits and spurts. Happily, a most fortunate early morning lunar trine to Venus suggests that a loved one or trusted confidante is in position to help or offer wise counsel. This is the best part of the day to devise a game plan. After noon, when the Moon is conjunct Neptune, laziness and misunderstandings compound delays and make obstacles loom larger. Try to remain focused and persist at reaching goals. It is easier to appraise progress and make sense of recent events tonight, which is also an excellent time to regroup and prepare for another day.
Moon in Pisces.

May 13: Take care of business and other important matters before early afternoon, while the Pisces Moon remains in a very productive sextile with the Taurus Sun. Harmony between the Sun and Moon is almost always a feel good story, but there is reason to move methodically and somewhat cautiously ahead. Feisty Mars, recently arrived in Gemini, is nearing an opposition to retrograde Saturn. Minds tend to race with the Red Planet in this sign. Haste makes waste under this opposing alignment so take your time and avoid putting unnecessary pressure on yourself for the next few days. By mid-afternoon the Moon is traveling void of course. Attention spans waver and energy levels sag. Relax if possible. Commune with mother nature and enjoy spring's verdant glories.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:55PM-12:00AM.

May 14: Today the Moon is in the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries. This is the astrological sign of beginnings and the day's best energy for launching new projects occurs during the very early morning, while most of us are still fast asleep. Daylight has its promise, too. This is a good day to tackle unfinished and in some cases, long forgotten tasks. Tonight's optimism is fueled by helpful lunar aspects to Mercury and Jupiter. These same alignments favor writers, teachers and students interested in learning. The pending opposition between impulsive Mars and obstructive Saturn warrants care. Be sensible about taking on challenging work and respectful if questioning powerful people. Timing may also be off. Use time wisely. Delays can be opportunities for fine tuning plans and clarifying goals.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-1:13AM Moon enters Aries.

May 15: Friday begins with a series of tumultuous, pre-dawn alignments. Many folks will have a restless night. Not long after daybreak the Aries Moon makes an electrifying conjunction with Uranus and then goes void of course for the remainder of the day. Some awaken with a jolt. The future may appear crystal clear in the mind's eye but the void of course Moon can put many things on uncertain footing. Tying up loose ends at the close of this working week requires a special type of commitment. Keep your attention firmly glued on essentials. Don't begin anything new and know that some matters cannot be resolved until after next Monday's New Moon. Plan to relax your mind and take it easy tonight.
Moon in Aries v/c 8:03AM-12:00AM, Mars opposite Saturn.

May 16: With the monthly lunar cycle winding down we all get to enjoy a mellow day. The waning but calming Taurus Moon favors enjoying creature comforts. Venus' early afternoon trine with Neptune is an aspect of sublime beauty, promoting loving kindness as well as deep appreciation for all things artful, man made but also including the wonders of nature and more spiritual connections. Because both planets are in water signs, social encounters can be especially touching. Fantastic social omens continue into the evening as the Moon engages both Neptune and Venus. This is a great night to throw a party, although the festivities may wind down early due to the lowered energy levels of the "Balsamic Moon."
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-3:02AM Moon enters Taurus, Venus trine Neptune.

May 17: This is a quiet and for the most part, peaceful day. The stabilizing Taurus Moon is at the very end of her cycle, making this a time of completion. Rest and relax and if you have the energy, get caught up with springtime chores. Garden work and other earth related activities are favored. Plant root crops. New Moon energy begins to build at dusk, as the Moon approaches her monthly conjunction with the Sun. Their union will be consummated after midnight so content yourself today with attending to works in progress rather than beginning anything new. Mental Mercury is also at a standstill and about to retrograde, another good reason to let plans percolate a while longer.
Moon in Taurus.

May 18: Minutes after midnight the Moon conjuncts the Sun in late Taurus. This marks the start of a fresh lunar cycle. According to astrological tradition, it's best to start projects between the new and full Moons. However, there are complicating circumstances. After being new a lackadaisical void of course Moon period offers a solid night's rest. By dawn the Moon is in Gemini where she tangles with the Mars, Saturn, Neptune T-square. This stimulating but tricky alignment may throw a monkey wrench in plans, confuse issues and raise the odds of costly missteps. Adding to the risks and uncertainties, mental Mercury turns retrograde tonight. Opinions are apt to change. Given today's numerous challenges, it is best to proceed with caution, flexibility and imagination.
New Moon in Taurus 12:13AM, Moon in Taurus v/c 12:13AM-5:27AM Moon enters Gemini, Mercury retrograde.

May 19: Early risers are subject to intense mind chatter as the Gemini Moon passes by retrograde Mercury. Calmer and more confident feelings grow stronger with the morning light. The Moon engages both Jupiter and Uranus before mid-afternoon, two planets now in a fantastic trine alignment. Mind-blowing coincidences, spontaneous flights of imagination and discoveries, as well as exhilarating spiritual awareness are among the many refreshing possible experiences. The combined efforts of like-minded groups of people can be amazingly productive. The dazzling pace slows considerably during the afternoon as a void of course Moon period begins. Take a few minutes to catch your breath as we enter a quiet part of the week.
Moon in Gemini v/c 1:57PM-12:00AM.

May 20: As the Sun prepares to exit Taurus the great star slides into an opposition with the lord of karma and time, Saturn, making this a fine day to evaluate your standing in the world. Have you attained your goals? Is everything going according to plan? What attitudes and ideas serve you, and which seem unrealistic? Eliminating outworn concepts and commitments is a constructive use of this week's planetary energies. When the Moon enters Cancer during the mid-morning the apparent loss of familiar comfort zones can trigger pangs of regret. There is no turning back. Change is the one constant, and like the continually shifting heavens above us, moving on is the only option. Set your sights on and devote your energy to facing new challenges and becoming the person you want to be.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-9:56AM Moon enters Cancer.

May 21: Before dawn's light the Sun enters lively, restless Gemini, ushering in vacation travel season and summer fun. The Moon, on the other hand, is firmly ensconced in her own sign of Cancer where she instills a deep love of family roots, home and country. Many folks will feel caught between the conflicting urge to explore new vistas and yet stay safe within familiar bounds. An early afternoon lunar conjunction with Venus sees the two stars oppose Pluto and square Uranus. Loving will not be dull. Affections are strong, too strong for some to handle graciously. Concern may be mistaken for meddling, protective instincts perceived as smothering. Stay alert to how others are responding and together with partners, work to increase trust.
Moon in Cancer v/c 8:36PM-12:00AM, Sun enters Gemini, Venus opposite Pluto.

May 22: Today's void of course Cancer Moon fosters mellow moods and well-intentioned urges. Remember, during void of course Moon periods, things said and done lack staying power. This one lasts through the late afternoon so until then content yourself with customary, familiar methods and routines. This is not an auspicious day for branching out in new directions or trying unproven techniques. The Gemini Sun's opposition to Saturn underscores the need to respect heartfelt beliefs and time-honored traditions, and obey sensible rules . This includes speed limits if you happen to be on your way to a holiday destination. With Saturn in play, today may be the appropriate time to say farewell to outmoded ideas and unsatisfying commitments. By evening the Moon reaches playful Leo where she facilitates a sociable atmosphere.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-5:42PM Moon enters Leo, Sun opposite Saturn.

May 23: The operative keyword for today is fun. The Moon in Leo awakens the innocent, spontaneous, playful spirit of the child within, no matter how many birthdays one has celebrated. Thanks to energizing lunar angles with Mars and Mercury, the climate is just right for learning, chatting, gadding about, shopping and enjoying every minute of the day. Tonight is festive as the Moon moves into conjunction with jolly Jupiter. Sparkling get togethers find attendees in joyful spirits. Appetites are large. Conversations are filled with informative observations and outspoken opinions and, at the same time, are highly entertaining. The only worry is having too much of a good thing. Know when you've said, eaten and imbibed enough.
Moon in Leo.

May 24: Early risers awaken with the Moon forming a trine to Uranus, the quirky planet of ESP and other mind expanding experiences. Pay attention. Clairvoyance can be clearly on the mark around dawn and during the first hours of daylight. The Leo Moon then goes void of course for the rest of the day. Male lions sleep as much as twenty hours per day, relying on the females of the species to hunt and catch game, which the male, once awake, claims as his own. Many humans will likely take a similarly laid back yet opportunistic approach today, aspiring to live like kings, and be served by others. Favorite hobbies, recreational sports and whatever else is your pleasure are recommended. Keep in mind the void of course Moon is unfavorable for buying expensive items or making lasting commitments.
Moon in Leo v/c 6:49AM-12:00AM.

May 25: Challenging aspects dominate this Memorial Day. The Virgo Moon is at odds with Saturn and the Sun, while Venus tests Uranus and Mars faces a square with Neptune. Feelings can be raw at times. An attitude adjustment may be all that is required to steer clear of trouble but each of the above mentioned alignments requires savvy self-awareness. In many instances, the less said the better. The emotional tendency is to want to make things better but helpful impulses may be ignored by those determined to find their own way. Analyzing and categorizing every detail works for some folks but not everyone. The stressful early afternoon First Quarter Moon stage underscores the need to allow for different opinions and styles. Give partners space or risk a more serious, lasting separation.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-4:52AM Moon enters Virgo, Venus square Uranus, Mars square Neptune.

May 26: The restlessness of the post midnight hours is long since over and done with by daybreak. Throughout the morning the Virgo Moon moves steadily forward into a productive trine with Pluto. This alignment is a good omen for healers, surgeons, therapists, coaches and other problem solvers. Additional resources become available or can be discovered. Recycled items may handily serve a needed purpose. Diligent and detail oriented, the Virgo Moon promotes good judgment and with Pluto's help, a superior, sustained work effort. Later, an evening dinner or social event is heartily enjoyed. Still later tonight a lunar sextile to loving Venus caps off the day with warm, tender feelings and words of sincere affection. Family ties are excellent.
Moon in Virgo v/c 10:21PM-12:00AM.

May 27: Timing could be awkward as Mercury retrogrades into an early morning conjunction with Mars. The combination of the back-pedaling winged messenger and god of war can spark sudden, impulse-driven activity as well as verbal outbursts. In themselves these are not necessarily bad. Heroic acts are a possibility but under today's void of course Virgo Moon, and with Mercury retrograde, some precautions are advised. Be careful during the morning commute. Guard against impatience, or moving so precipitously that the goodwill of others is squandered. Avoid making angry statements or demands. Much of the workday feels subdued. Go quietly about your business. Fulfill requirements and keep up with ongoing responsibilities. Evening sees the Moon reach Libra where she facilitates strong and stable ties with loved ones. Let partners know how much you appreciate their love and support.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-5:42PM Moon enters Libra, Mercury conjunct Mars.

May 28: The going is smooth today. Early this morning the Gemini Sun and Libra Moon are agreeably disposed, enabling most folks to enjoy a sense of inner comfort and peace. It's simply easier to accept what goes on around us when we feel mentally fresh and inwardly composed. The midday period is a good time to meet with a friend for lunch. Talking over a complex issue can be fruitful. Sparked by a lunar trine, Mercury's retrograde can now open up new perspectives, casting people and their situations in a different light. The agreeable social atmosphere lasts into early evening when the Moon is also in harmony with Mars. Verbal sparring is sure to be lively and fun. More prickly dynamics surface late tonight. The Moon is nearing a testing square with Pluto and some individuals become withdrawn and moody. Tread softly around vulnerable souls.
Moon in Libra.

May 29: An early morning accident or travel delay could necessitate rethinking today's plans. Some folks are quicker to adapt than others. Be sure to clue in those individuals affected as quickly as possible if you do have to rework your schedule. Don't forget or assume others are in the know. By afternoon the Libra Moon is testing Venus. Reactions vary. Outgoing personalities are moved to reach out and draw closer to friends and associates. Others may feel fulfillment is frustratingly unattainable. Tie up loose ends by late afternoon and plan to relax this evening. Even though she's waxing, the Moon is void of course. Moods mellow and gradually wind down tonight, a natural, appropriate response to the lunar lethargy.
Moon in Libra v/c 4:20PM-12:00AM, Mercury square Neptune.

May 30: The Gemini Sun overtakes retrograding Mercury during the noon hour. Their conjunction in the vivacious sign of the twins triggers a great many witty conversations as well as scads of bright ideas. With Mars not far away, cheeky comments are sure to be heard. If you're the one doing the talking pay attention to who is within earshot. A Scorpio Moon may spur nosy types to eavesdrop. Any juicy gossip or ill-considered chit chat will be carefully filed away for future reference. Tonight, a film, concert or outing in nature can be pleasurable. With the Sun moving into a testing square with Neptune, not everything is what it seems, so pay attention. Don't mix driving with drinking or mind altering drugs. The risk factors are currently very high.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-5:34AM Moon enters Scorpio, Sun conjunct Mercury.

May 31: The Sun's morning square with Neptune has numerous possibilities, rolling lazily over onto the other side and extending one's dreamtime, igniting a creative fire or enjoying a transcendent spiritual experience are among them. Whether you're gripped by inertia, wielding a paintbrush, holding a camera, making breakfast, in down dog pose or serving a humanitarian cause, the potential rewards are enormously satisfying. The waxing Scorpio Moon is in a sextile with Pluto, making it easy to follow any chosen path with intensity and focus. After noon, get outside and be active, or partake in the lively social scene. Privacy urges may compete with party urges, but with the onset of Full Moon fever, it's a good day to be intellectually and emotionally stimulated.
Moon in Scorpio, Sun square Neptune.