May 2016 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for May 2016

May 1: The merriest of months begins quietly, under a void of course Aquarius Moon. Early morning is relaxed, and nearly ideal for dreaming as the Taurus Sun aligns with mysterious Neptune. Greet the new day with a smile on your face and gratitude in your heart. Listen for subtle signs and messages from Mother Nature and the Great Beyond. Social inclinations increase as the noon hour approaches. Meet up with friends for a satisfying midday meal and celebrate life’s perks and pleasures. Parks and gardens as well as art museums and galleries are there to enjoy. Steer conversations away from controversial subjects tonight. Leave religion and politics for mellower times.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-10:33AM Moon enters Pisces, Sun sextile Neptune.

May 2: The early morning dreamscape is particularly enchanting. Today’s Pisces Moon is conjunct mystical Neptune and the beguiling duo is favorably aligned with the solidly sensual Taurus Sun. Turn your feelings and inspirations into tangible things. A compliment or word of thanks brightens late morning moods. Lunchtime meetings tend to bog down under a lunar square with Saturn, but if resolve is cultivated rather than resentment, persistence pays off handsomely later in the afternoon. Keep the channels of communication open and flowing tonight. Learning and planning are facilitated. Caring feelings, confidence and optimism are on the rise. Wisdom enters into ordinary conversations and a revelation is possible.
Moon in Pisces.

May 3: Night owls and early birds may arrive at some interesting conclusions. An early morning trine between the Taurus Sun and Jupiter fosters optimism in thoughtful minds. An intellectual, physical or spiritual journey could be in the planning stages. Privacy urges and emotional sensitivity come to the fore as the waning Pisces Moon sails void of course until the early afternoon. Although it’s a bit lackadaisical, the first half of the day’s atmosphere does support sheer flights of fancy. Put your imagination to use but wait on tackling tough decisions and making financial commitments until mid-afternoon. By then the Moon has reached Aries, where she provides the day with renewed vitality as well as better decisions.
Moon in Pisces v/c 1:08AM-1:04PM Moon enters Aries, Sun trine Jupiter.

May 4: The lunar cycle is winding down. I recommend completing works already in progress rather than starting new things during this, the Moon’s Balsamic stage. With the Aries Moon forming a midday trine to dutiful Saturn, keeping one’s nose to the grindstone and staying on track comes naturally. This aspect also supports worthwhile contacts with bosses and other higher ups. Maintain decorum and use proper channels. Experience is an advantage. The late afternoon sees a possible rise in tensions. Stresses can last long into the night. Taking a shortcut or looking for an easy way out of an uncomfortable situation could be tempting, but be aware of any potential risks and unintended consequences.
Moon in Aries.

May 5: Here’s a low energy day that only ever-so-slowly gathers momentum. The Moon is void of course throughout the morning. During the early afternoon the Moon changes signs, entering Taurus where she will be new, tomorrow. On this, the last day of the lunar cycle, it is best to finish what is under way or barring that, simply continue with routine tasks and maintenance. Pay attention to details. Today’s work sets the stage for the time of new beginnings. Tonight sees a pleasant mood take hold. Savor creature comforts and the glories of love.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:17AM-1:10PM Moon enters Taurus.

May 6: The Taurus New Moon is part of a fantastically fertile Grand Trine in earth signs also featuring the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto. With so much grounding earth energy accentuated, it’s hard to imagine a more fruitful launching pad for new undertakings. If you have a project that you want to last a long time, a business for example, begin it now. For some folks, a long-awaited undertaking is at last under way. For others, a dream is being realized. Green-thumbed gardeners have the go ahead for planting, of course as is appropriate for your climate zone. The evening social scene is lively but energy begins to fade before midnight as the Moon goes void of course.
New Moon in Taurus 3:39PM, Moon in Taurus v/c 10:10PM-12:00AM.

May 7: The day begins under a laid back void of course Taurus Moon, good for planting seeds and tending to other tasks requiring a loving touch. A potent morning trine between the Taurus Sun and transforming Pluto may bring a reconciliation between former competitors or a new sense of purpose to world-weary spirits. During the noon hour the Moon enters Gemini and a distinctly different mood takes hold. Minds perk up. Phones ring. Being out and about becomes vastly more appealing. An investment opportunity could also appear today but with the Moon testing Mars late in the day it’s wise to take a wait and see approach. Be attentive and on good behavior tonight as frying pans and tempers can quickly overheat.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-12:34PM Moon enters Gemini, Sun trine Pluto.

May 8: Happy Mother’s Day! And a tip of the hat to the one who brought you into this world. The Moon is in Gemini. Ordinarily, moods are light and lively under this influence but the Moon is part of a larger and challenging configuration, a mutable Grand Cross. A series of testing aspects dominates the first half of the day. Words can easily be misconstrued so choose them wisely. Double-check to be sure that you understand others correctly. You may want to curtail political posts until after lunch. Moods improve dramatically during the day’s second half. Intuitive faculties and frolicking friends contribute to a festive evening ambience. Heed a bedtime premonition.
Moon in Gemini.

May 9: We get off to a slow start as the Gemini Moon lingers void of course until early afternoon. The planets are making some noise this morning. First, Jupiter turns Direct in Virgo. The giant planet’s shift to forward motion is a plus for anyone working in healthcare and social services as well as those endeavors requiring manual skill and attention to detail. Venus is also sextile to Neptune, a wonderful harbinger of loving kindness. Lastly, the Taurus Sun passes by retrograde Mercury shortly before noon. This transit may spotlight a change in position, plans, or thinking. Give others time and space to make up their own minds. After lunch the Moon reaches her own sign of Cancer. Plan to stick close to the nest tonight.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:15AM-1:24PM Moon enters Cancer, Jupiter Direct, Venus sextile Neptune, Sun conjunct Mercury.

May 10: Oh, what a beautiful morning! The embracing Cancer Moon blissfully aligns with Neptune, Venus and Jupiter. Feelings run deep and true. Empathy is strong. Love and gratitude are heartfelt. Everyone and everything appears to have its proper place in the world. Business meetings and social gatherings are chummy. A mid-afternoon trine between Venus and Jupiter brings optimism and happiness to a rolling crescendo. The early evening hours require a more subtle approach. See things from a another’s point of view and search for commonalities rather than differences. Even if there are disagreements, thoughtfulness, caring and concern are well received.
Moon in Cancer, Venus trine Jupiter.

May 11: Some mountains are harder to climb than others and with the Cancer Moon traveling void of course from the wee hours of the morning until late afternoon, reaching summits and other lofty goals will require a slow, steady pace. There is little energy available until later in the day. Use what you have wisely. Endurance will be tested. Attend to unfinished business and work already under way. Hold off on new efforts until after the Moon reaches playful Leo this evening. A pending lunar trine to Mars stimulates late night discussions of philosophical, political, legal and spiritual matters. A closer look at papers and opinions can be useful.
Moon in Cancer v/c 3:34AM-5:32PM Moon enters Leo.

May 12: Clever detectives, astute scholars, unrelenting researchers and devoted students of self-knowledge are all more likely to have breakthrough discoveries as mental Mercury trines Pluto. The tiny, most distant planet has long been associated with secrets revealed, so pay attention. Revelations may come with startling detail. Look for potential financial opportunities. In fact, this may only be the start of a stream of game-changing disclosures. A lunar trine with Saturn suggests that any uncovered information will have substantive as well as long-lasting benefits. Night owls could find themselves celebrating a special moment.
Moon in Leo, Mercury trine Pluto.

May 13: The First Quarter Leo Moon, smack dab in the middle of the day, serves notice that for every obstacle there is a pathway to overcoming it. Right now the key to succeeding lies in trying new approaches, employing the latest technology and welcoming support from knowledgeable friends. By early afternoon the Leo Moon is void of course so make the most of the morning hours. During the second half of the day practical matters may bog down but social life thrives as mental Mercury retrogrades into a conjunction with Venus. An old friend or sweetheart may reappear, a feud could end or a debt be repaid. It’s an excellent time to make a peace offering. Venus and Mercury are also in trine to Pluto and Jupiter. Let loving, healing and reveling begin!
First Quarter Moon in Leo 1:02PM, Moon in Leo v/c 1:02PM-12:00AM, Mercury conjunct Venus, Venus trine Pluto.

May 14: The Virgo Moon is at odds with fiery Mars this morning, a celestial square aspect that can be highly motivating. However, perfectionists may butt heads with libertarian spirits. Because Mars is retrograde, an old bone of contention could resurface. Some folks just won’t do what’s good for them. Something bigger may be brewing behind the scenes. Later in the day the Moon also activates the persisting and troublesome mutable T-square configuration. An omission or miscalculation could be costly tonight so listen carefully to loved ones and pay attention to prized possessions.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-1:52AM Moon enters Virgo.

May 15: There’s little time for rest this Sunday. The Virgo Moon sustains a busy pace, keeping things hopping here on Earth. Early risers could face a responsibility or some kind of restrictive circumstance. By mid-morning life flows more smoothly. Lunar trines to Pluto, Mercury and Venus then put the day into high gear. Set your priorities. Practical concerns may come first. Tend to your garden. Tackle home-based chores, catch up on paperwork and run errands. Once the work is out of the way afternoon gadding about or social happenings provide plenty of pleasures. Be sure to make time for appreciating seasonal delights. Trees, plants and flowers hold their own special, rejuvenating magic. Stop and smell the flowers and watch the majestic moonrise.
Moon in Virgo.

May 16: The early morning hours pass with delicious harmony. The waxing Virgo Moon is in a most agreeable trine with the Taurus Sun and all seems well. By dawn the Moon is void of course. Drive and passion may seem to depart even as the Sun rises. The laid back atmosphere is fine for routine activities, attending to work already in progress and brainstorming sessions, but is less desirable for starting new projects. During the early afternoon a new, revitalized chapter begins when the Moon enters Libra. Discussions and negotiations may focus on a variety of business, political or philosophical issues. Some folks will be rethinking their positions. Give them space to do so.
Moon in Virgo v/c 5:20AM-1:33PM Moon enters Libra.

May 17: Led by the Sun, five planets in earth signs help keep the day on an even keel. The celestial harmony fosters inner strength and gives certainty to many endeavors. The waxing Moon, now in Libra, is also in an agreeable alignment with Saturn, the planet ruling authority figures. Chances are, your boss’ door is open. This afternoon is the best part of the day to broach a sensitive subject, make a pitch for more responsibility or ask for a raise. Just be sure you have earned a raise and can handle the additional workload. Lay low tonight. As the Moon tests Pluto, tensions rise. A frank discussion may be trying at times, but it could clear the air between friends and partners.
Moon in Libra.

May 18: The chances of a surprise or other unexpected plot twist are high this morning. The Libra Moon tests both Pluto and Uranus so literally anything goes. Stay alert and be ready to change your plans at a moment’s notice. Just before noon the waxing Moon goes void of course and remains that way until midnight. For all its uncertainties this morning’s activities have the greatest chance of having a lasting impact. Plan to take it easy during the second half of the day. Stick with normal routines rather than improvising or starting anything new. Give a special relationship some TLC, or touch base with a friend who has been missing from the social scene.
Moon in Libra v/c 11:23AM-12:00AM.

May 19: During the wee hours of the morning the Moon slips into Scorpio, where she may trigger some complex but highly symbolic dreams. Because the Moon is nearly full feelings remain sensitive throughout the day, despite the fact that there are no exact planetary aspects. The Sun occupies the final degree of Taurus and a sense of anticipation may also be noted. It’s as though we have all collectively taken a deep breath and are waiting to exhale, en masse. Breathe out. Complete what you can. Give thought to hopes and dreams. Make inquiries that can help put a project on more solid footing. Subtle signs, hints and omens may again appear during an unguarded moment late tonight.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-2:30AM Moon enters Scorpio.

May 20: This morning, Full Moon fever is notable. Hearts race and events move at lightning speeds. A lunar opposition to mental Mercury can bring bushels of second thoughts or a surprising turn of events. Confusion may also be triggered when the Sun enters Gemini during the late-morning. With emotions overheated and many folks feeling anxious, it isn’t until noontime that moods are more settled. The Scorpio Moon aligns with Pluto in a sextile, directing the considerable energies available into wise and constructive channels. Because Mercury has stationed to make ready for a return to forward motion in two days time, gut feelings are a more reliable guide than reason as the weekend nears.
Moon in Scorpio, Sun enters Gemini 10:37AM.

May 21: With its lustrous light and buoyant energy, a potent Full “Flower” Moon excitement permeates the day. With the Gemini Sun conjunct Venus and the Moon conjunct Mars, there is enough star power to make the morning’s void of course Moon period barely noticeable. However, things really take off during the mid-afternoon, when the Moon enters Sagittarius. Because the signs of communication are so strongly emphasized, it is best to think carefully before speaking, texting or sending an email. Be a cheerleader, tell your truth but remember, words carry intentions and may lift up or tear down. Make sure your message is a positive one. There could be a great opportunity to repair a rift with a friend during the next few days.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 7:40AM-2:48PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

May 22: While some folks wake up feeling inspired, the early going may be trickier than expected as the Sun tests Mars and mental Mercury resumes forward motion. The former aspect signals a need to slow down to more carefully consider goals and the most efficient ways of reaching them. Mercury’s turnabout can be sure to scuttle some plans, reverse a few decisions and perhaps reveal a secret or two. After noon, the Moon becomes an activating agent to the ongoing mutable T-square configuration. Be wary of con artists, slick sales people and dare I say it, the corporate “news,” with its covert political and economic agendas. Double-check schedules, data and messages. A mix-up is likely and the only preventative is in being attentive. No detail is too small.
Moon in Sagittarius, Sun opposite Mars, Mercury Direct 9:20AM.

May 23: As every farmer knows, it’s best to make hay while the Sun shines. Today, the morning hours are when haymaking is best as by midday the Sagittarius Moon is traveling void of course. The day’s final exact aspect is shortly before lunch, a lunar trine to inventive Uranus. The alignment brings out an expectant air of happy-go-lucky serendipity, just right for an adventure or discovery. Friendly and outgoing vibes add pleasure to morning activities. Intuitive faculties shine during this part of the day. A contemplative quiet descends after noon. Thoughts may turn to lost loves or perhaps a long abandoned creative project. Learn from the past and plant mental seeds for the future.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 11:37AM-12:00AM.

May 24: The Moon takes up position in the down to earth sign Capricorn during the early morning hours. Feelings can seem awkward when the Moon visits the Sign of the Goat. In your travels today, don’t mistake a guarded nature for insensitivity. As dawn breaks loving Venus enters Gemini, where she assumes a lighthearted and flirtatious air. There are challenges. Sweet Venus is also in a taut opposition with feisty Mars. Passions can flare in an instant, upsetting a delicate balance in some relationships. Romantic advances may not be welcomed. Check to be sure affections are mutual before you leap. When love and lust vie for supremacy, self-restraint and appropriate decorum are the first order of business.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-1:34AM Moon enters Capricorn, Venus enters Gemini, Venus opposite Mars.

May 25: We enjoy a fabulous climate for tending to business and other important matters this morning. The Capricorn Moon, close by Pluto, is part of an earth sign Grand Trine. Don’t delay. Dive right in to issues of consequence. For some people, long term security is at stake and possibly within reach. After noon a lunar square with unpredictable Uranus ushers in a very different vibe. Proceed with caution during the less stable second half of the day, especially during the evening commute. An unexpected complication could necessitate making a detour or devising completely new plans.
Moon in Capricorn vc/ 9:11PM-12:00AM.

May 26: Jupiter is at odds with Saturn as the day begins. These are two of astrology’s planetary “heavyweights.” When they tangle, push comes to shove and reality must be faced. Whatever your situation, do the best you can. By late morning the Moon is in visionary Aquarius and a freshening wind invigorates hearts and minds. Sights are uplifted, the future comes into focus. Meetings are fruitful as friendly associates share in and are quick to celebrate successes. Spread word of your accomplishments and keep the party atmosphere going this evening. A void of course Moon well before midnight is Mother Nature’s gentle reminder to make it an early night.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-10:27AM Moon enters Aquarius, Jupiter square Saturn.

May 27: Continuing his retrograde, fiery Mars backs into steamy Scorpio this morning. A nagging financial matter could come under renewed scrutiny, making it less likely to simply “go away.” The future-oriented Aquarius Moon directs attention to other interests, community planning, legal issues and travel itineraries, among others. Despite the challenges, the morning is the best time to tackle demanding work and decision-making. After noon, staying focused is a difficult task. A lunar square to mental Mercury can overload mental circuits. A co-worker or friend could go MIA. If you’re one of the many folks packing for a weekend getaway, make sure you have the necessary gear, information, addresses, and directions firmly in hand.
Moon in Aquarius, Mars enters Scorpio.

May 28: As we settle into the unofficial start of summer, the Aquarius Moon is in harmony with Uranus. The alignment bestows uncanny foresight on early risers and facilitates travel. Listen to a hunch. Explore the road less traveled. After noon, the going is made more difficult by a lunar square with Mars. Watch your speed, and your temper. A harsh word most likely stems from a grudge that has been festering. Evening sees another mood swing when the Moon arrives in Pisces, the notably lyrical, often private and sometimes escapist sign associated with dreams and the longings of the heart. Take cues from your imagination and Muses tonight.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 4:19PM-5:06PM Moon enters Pisces.

May 29: This morning’s Last Quarter Pisces Moon activates a daunting six planet mutable Grand Cross. Some people wake up feeling hemmed in, as though they are the victims of circumstance. Others strive mightily to overcome obstacles. Serving others, especially those less fortunate, is the fast track to empowerment. With a series of challenging aspects lasting until evening, there will be opportunities to face and overcome numerous delays and stumbling blocks. Evening sees more hopeful trends. Lunar harmony with Mercury and Pluto eases worries and enables minds to see things in a more creative, ambitious light.
Moon in Pisces, Last Quarter Moon in Pisces 8:12AM.

May 30: While we observe this year’s Memorial Day holiday, mental Mercury forms a trine to Pluto. The aspect is appropriate as, according to myth, Pluto greets the spirits of the departed and guides them to their resting place in the Underworld. On this day of tribute and remembrance, minds are privy to many powerful and profoundly intriguing thoughts. The potential for greater self-awareness or a penetrating insight into a friend’s motives is notably high, especially while the Moon floats through sensitive Pisces. A lunar trine to Mars keeps energy levels strong well into the evening. As darkness falls there’s a restful two hour period before the Moon changes signs, entering Aries a few hours before midnight and setting the stage for the coming work week.
Moon in Pisces v/c 7:10PM-9:09PM Moon enters Aries, Mercury trine Pluto.

May 31: May bids adieu under an impulse-driven Aries Moon. The lunar tide is going out as we now see the Moon waning. However, there are several alignments that breathe life into the day. Harmonious angles with Venus, the Sun and Saturn help make this a vibrant, mentally stimulating, pleasantly productive period. Relationships run smoothly this morning. Meetings are congenial. Agreements and commitments are quickly made and with this evening’s lunar sextile to Saturn closing out the day, the chances are good that any deals struck will have staying power. A pending square between the Gemini Sun and Neptune warrants some precautions be taken. Nip a misunderstanding in the bud. Make sure everyone has the same facts and figures, shares mutual objectives and is on the same page.
Moon in Aries.