May 2017 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for May 2017

May 1: May Day brings an assortment of memories to mind, an array of verdant spring celebrations, blue skies, ribboned Maypoles and fragrant lilacs. The nostalgic Cancer Moon creates a Cardinal cross, testing Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury and Uranus over the course of what for many folks may turn out to be an arduous day. Look out for communication breakdowns and remedy misunderstandings promptly. Unexpected complications may impact afternoon travel. Be extra careful while driving. Soothing trends come into play late tonight. Love and a little TLC bring ease to weary bodies and hearts.
Moon in Cancer v/c 4:23PM-12:00AM.

May 2: Today’s Leo Moon forms a “can do” midday sextile with Mars. The exciting duo offers drive and confidence but there are also reasons to think twice before launching a major new project or initiative. During the second half of the day the Moon is in a testing angle with the Taurus Sun, reaching the First Quarter phase tonight. Mental Mercury has stationed next to fickle Uranus and will turn direct tomorrow. Stress can impair or overwhelm better judgment. Minds are apt to change and change again over the coming week. What’s the best plan? Direct your morning enthusiasm into creative outlets. Work and play hard all day but don’t get locked into a commitment by investing so much time, energy or money that you are unable to change course.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-12:12AM Moon enters Leo, First Quarter Moon in Leo 10:47PM.

May 3: After a three week long retrograde, mental Mercury resumes forward motion during the noon hour while in close contact with Uranus, the great awakener. There could be a flurry of revelations, realizations, rude shocks and stunning scientific breakthroughs. Providentially, the Leo Moon is forming a fiery grand trine to Mercury, Uranus and Saturn. With the Sun and mystical Neptune also “making nice,” amazing things are quite possible! Expect miracles. Cultivate a relationship with the divine. Examine and explore stimulating, visionary ideas. Get creative. Daydream. New realities are emerging. A paradigm shift is under way. Stay tuned for further far out developments.
Moon in Leo, Mercury Direct, Sun sextile Neptune.

May 4: Deep night gives way to a dawn rich with bright ambitions. Just after sunrise the Moon enters industrious Virgo, passing by her own north node along the way. The pairing illuminates pathways towards healthy new goals and necessities. Take careful note of practical ideas and needs. As the day progresses some aspirations become lost in a haze of second thoughts, personal insecurities and conflicting opinions and priorities. Timing can feel off. Misunderstandings may fuel tempers as the Moon is at odds with fiery Mars tonight. Slow your pace and strive for understanding with your fans and critics alike. Use any delays or pauses to refine and improve plans.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:35AM-5:47 AM Moon enters Virgo.

May 5: A variety of challenges are faced early this morning while the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune. Inertia is one, laziness another. Clarity can be lacking. Escapism may be a battle for some folks but there also is an invitation to dream and stretch the imagination. Fortune soon shines a beacon that better illuminates objectives, as more agreeable and compelling energies arrive well before noon. These fertile trends, sparked by an earthy grand trine, dominate the work day hours. Apply yourself to responsibilities and excellent progress can be made on almost all material matters. Work with partners to improve both strategy and execution, and maximize headway. The evening hours are good for recharging minds, bodies and spirits with quality foods and uplifting thoughts.
Moon in Virgo.

May 6: Today gets off to a slow start as the Virgo Moon is at odds with Saturn. Chores may beckon but the ringed planet puts a damper on enthusiasm. Some tasks are only begun reluctantly. Adding to worries, a void of course Moon period lasts from mid-morning until the waxing Moon reaches Libra during the early afternoon. Avoid making major purchases or decisions during this less focused part of the day. Stick to routine activities or be content to meander through your day. Moods brighten and the celestial atmospherics improve in time for an enjoyable night of socializing. Tonight’s lunar opposition with Venus brings glamor, glitter, laughs and love to the proceedings.
Moon in Virgo v/c 8:42AM-2:20PM Moon enters Libra.

May 7: The Libra Moon’s increasing light corresponds to a notable uptick in energy during the first half of the day. Minutes before noon there is a lunar trine to Mars in Gemini. Because the Moon is also nearing a conjunction with enthusiastic Jupiter, active types instinctively try to pack as much as possible into each minute. Athletes and fast talkers excel. Minds eagerly embrace new information and concepts. As the hour grows late tensions may emerge. An inept remark can easily and quickly be taken the wrong way. Tread softly around controversial topics. Be alert to sensitive issues and feelings.
Moon in Libra.

May 8: Stay vigilant today. The waxing Libra Moon challenges Pluto, Mercury and Uranus. These testing angles cause some folks to feel as though they are living on a jagged edge. The slightest provocation, an unexpected delay or absent-minded comment, may lead to big troubles. In the interest of maintaining peace and harmony, be flexible. Show consideration and use tact. No blurting! With skillful handling the formidable energies may lead to new understandings. The best time to cement an agreement is the early evening, when a lunar sextile with Saturn helps calm frazzled nerves and promotes a mature, reasoned outlook.
Moon in Libra v/c 6:59PM-12:00AM.

May 9: In the buildup to tomorrow’s full Moon in Scorpio, the Sun and Pluto offer a timely reminder; we are far more powerful and productive working alongside partners than we are going solo. Self-awareness and personal healing, as well as stronger ties are facilitated by the Sun’s afternoon trine to transformative Pluto. If heavy lifting is required, give it a try today. Mental Mercury is nearing a conjunction with Uranus, causing minds to race. Nerves can be taut. Prophetic awareness is also enhanced. Pay close attention to eccentric ideas. An unconventional approach, possibly via a cue from your subconscious, may yield surprisingly good results.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-1:01AM Moon enters Scorpio, Sun trine Pluto.

May 10: Emotions run high. Minds tend to jump to conclusions and then change again as Mercury remains close to unpredictable Uranus. If you get stressed out, take a few deep breaths and let your shoulders down. This afternoon’s full Moon in Scorpio is thought to evoke the spirit of the compassionate Buddha. As luna waxes to capacity she is in harmony with Neptune and Pluto. The aspects provide a handy opening for spiritual awakening and connection. When minds are calmed today’s meditations go very deep. Artistic aspirations are also well-served. Additionally, since Scorpio is one of the “money” signs there is something to be said for sharing one’’s resources, time, knowledge, experience and love, among others. Unwind this evening as the Moon goes void of course.
Moon in Scorpio, Full “Flower” Moon in Scorpio 5:42PM, Moon in Scorpio v/c 5:42PM-12:00AM, Mercury conjunct Uranus.

May 11: Until early afternoon the stars present notable challenges. The Scorpio Moon is void of course. Mars and Neptune are in a difficult square. The combination of lethargy, confusion and misguided ambitions can be downright dangerous. In this case inertia may actually be advantageous as a poorly timed or ill-conceived plan may lead to unwanted consequences. Rather than act in haste or push forward while facing resistance, bide time until mid-afternoon. By then the Moon, no longer void of course, is in Sagittarius and a “good omen” trine between Mercury and Saturn encourages thoughtful, realistic planning. This latter part of the day is thus far better for taking action. Tonight’s lively social indicators are also good for gatherings and fun.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-12:59PM Moon enters Sagittarius, Mars square Neptune, Mercury trine Saturn.

May 12: Early morning aspects between the freedom-loving Sagittarius Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter launch the day with gusto. Spirits are buoyant. Passions and opinions are fervently expressed. The animated atmosphere mellows as the morning progresses. By early afternoon thoughts drift. Daydreaming about evening and weekend plans may distract from the present moment. Try to maintain your focus. Unintentional oversights can lead to regrettable errors. The urge for being on the move grows stronger as evening approaches. Dinner with cheeky, outspoken buddies can be a hoot. Listen, learn, argue good-naturedly and expand your horizons.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mars trine Jupiter.

May 13: Much of the day is agreeably quiet. Comfort zones may be expanded by a need for stimulating talk and adventures. As evening nears the Sagittarius Moon acts as a catalyst, making invigorating trine aspects between Saturn, Uranus and Mercury. The planetary pyrotechnics set off a cavalcade of truthful confessions, “I told you so moments” and at times pompous moralizing, as well as the telling and retelling of hilarious stories. Get together with good pals and trade tales and laughs over the dinner table. Discussing serious issues, even religious and political matters, can open eyes to new facts and alternative points of view. Energy falters well before midnight as the Moon embarks on a short-lived void of course period. Make it an early night and catch up on beauty rest.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 10:14PM-12:00AM.

May 14: To all you mothers out there, we are indebted to each one of you for the gift of life and love. Happy Mother’s Day! You’ve earned it. Today’s Moon is in the earthy, tradition-bound sign of Capricorn, well-suited for this day set aside to honor moms everywhere. Festivities, brunches, lunches and dinners are likely to include mom’s favorite flowers, treats and other customary preferences. Those who can’t be with mom feel the pangs of distance as a late night lunar square with Venus is today’s only exact aspect. I happen to believe in the eternal staying power of the spirit but if you can’t communicate with your mother, find another dear one and say, “I love you.”
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-1:37AM Moon enters Capricorn.

May 15: It’s a busy, at times demanding work day as the Moon sails through industrious Capricorn. Pace yourself. Early morning can bring a seemingly endless number of ideas, some of them quite appealing. Partners may also call needing assistance. Distractions subside and the hours grow increasingly productive. A lunar conjunction with Pluto dominates the day’s second half. Concentration intensifies, for some folks to the point of obsession. Choose projects wisely. The most satisfying work requires combining forces with or serving others. Because mental Mercury occupies the delicate last degree of Aries it is best to choose words with care. A matter that has lingered since late March could come up for review and at last be resolved.
Moon in Capricorn.

May 16: Concrete intentions vie with restless rebelliousness early this morning. Plans may be suddenly abandoned or improved. Technology breakdowns could impact reasoning or commuter travel times. As the Capricorn Moon goes void of course well before most business or class hours begin, morning moods grow introspective and outwardly sluggish. The celestial atmosphere soon changes again. By mid-afternoon the Moon is in Aquarius and facing a testing square with Mercury. Decision-making remains challenging. Communications may be awkward. A disagreement could lead to a temporary standstill. Evening brings calmer skies, easier going, more accepting thoughts and friendly liaisons.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 6:22AM-1:50PM Moon enters Aquarius, Mercury enters Taurus.

May 17: Ordinarily the Moon in Aquarius brings out the friendlier, more accepting elements in human nature. The sign of the water-bearer lends itself to community oriented thinking and action. Consider who the water is for. Today is special. Humanitarian urges are elevated to rarified heights, especially after noon. First, a lunar sextile to Venus encourages amicable personal and professional ties. The late afternoon and evening hours come under the influence of a marvelous grand trine. The configuration sees the Moon happily aligned with Jupiter and Mars. Take bold steps. Go out of your way to be a good friend and teammate. Encourage the unsure. Cheer those who share a vision of a better future or step into the breach yourself and take on a leadership position.
Moon in Aquarius.

May 18: Life seems to be on a delightful roll. Moods are upbeat. People are approachable. The Aquarius Moon fosters warm feelings, closing gaps between friends, strangers and even the generations. Afternoon meetings and brainstorming sessions are productive as the Moon becomes a nexus between Saturn and Uranus, the symbolic planets of the past and the future. Science and applied technology offer solutions to complex problems. The strength of people united is also apparent. Despite the good going, visionary idealism encounters obstacles with the evening’s last quarter Moon phase. The testing angle is likely to bring wrangling over priorities and costs. However, with Saturn and Uranus on the brink of an exact trine, moving towards long term sustainability is a prime concern and quite achievable.
Moon in Aquarius, Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius 8:33PM, Moon in Aquarius v/c 8:33PM-11:52PM Moon enters Pisces.

May 19: A decision or realization during the wee hours of the morning could be the stuff of genius. As day breaks the Pisces Moon finds a comfortable niche with mental Mercury. Reveries may be reflections on the past but there’s also a call to be up and out and on the way. Loving Venus is in an opposition to Jupiter. The inclination to play hard, love greatly and enjoy life is affirmed by the dynamic and joyful pairing. Be alert. There is also a tendency to overdo and overspend. Giving too much today could be a set up for feeling under-appreciated down the road. Still, kindness and generosity have their place. Tonight’s mellower mood is perfectly suited for watching movies and gracefully drifting off to fantasy lands.
Moon in Pisces, Saturn trine Uranus, Venus opposite Jupiter.

May 20: The first half of the day feels comfortable. Household and garden chores are dispensed with efficiently. Shopping is fruitful. Yard sales and flea markets deliver good value. Research gives excellent insights. Conversations with partners help deepen ties. The Pisces Moon, a study in unfathomable mood swings, ushers in a sea change during the noon hour with a square to Mars. Mind your tongue. A flip remark can be hurtful. With the Sun standing at the last degree of Taurus, an emotionally charged response may be tied to a forgotten, long ago event. By late afternoon the Sun is in fickle Gemini, adding to the sense of instability. A late night lunar square to sober Saturn adds to fears and worries. Be sure to look after your own physical and psychological needs.
Moon in Pisces v/c 11:39PM-12:00AM, Sun enters Gemini.

May 21: Bright and early with the breaking dawn, the Moon arrives in Aries. This placement calls for action and may catch those who plan to sleep in by surprise. For the impetuous Aries Moon there is nothing better than a fresh challenge and with a harmonizing angle to the Gemini Sun, early birds are quickly aloft and winging towards new adventures. The rest of the day is astrologically quiet. There is time and space to relax and do your own thing, or perhaps follow an impulse to explore with a pal who shares an interest in the new and untried. The Moon is waning so it is best to hold off on rash moves, major purchases, decisions and projects until the New Moon of the 25th.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-6:11AM Moon enters Aries.

May 22: Moods are cheerful this morning as the waning Aries Moon moves closer to Venus. But there may also be warning signs that some relationships are in troubled waters. The Moon/Venus pairing is part of a tricky T-square configuration. Both stars are at odds with Jupiter and Pluto. Be careful. Stay aware. Love could have strings attached. Don’t make promises you can’t keep or lead anyone on. Less enlightened types may look to settle an old score. More charitable souls are eager to forgive, forget and move on. Keep the channels of communication open. During the lively late afternoon hours, or possibly over dinner, a heart to heart talk clears the air.
Moon in Aries.

May 23: A waning, void of course Moon in Aries causes early morning sluggishness and indecision. Pep and clarity return by mid-morning when the Moon enters Taurus. Progress is then slow and steady, if unspectacular. Relax. Find your comfort zone. Enjoy the many pleasures of the spring season. Stop to smell flowers, admire blue skies or listen to the birds singing. Again and again thoughts may outpace today’s action. There is no advantage in hurrying decisions. Take your time. Gather facts. Let thoughts coalesce and then make up your mind. Intellects and awareness sharpen as the hour grows late.
Moon in Aries v/c 2:59AM-8:33AM Moon enters Taurus.

May 24: As the end of the lunar cycle nears, the Taurus Moon artfully engages Neptune. The early morning alignment gives everyday life an infusion of magic. A dream may carry over into waking consciousness or an intuitive feeling could be right on the mark. Hearts embrace empathy and compassion. By mid-morning attitudes become more pragmatic. Professional challenges are met squarely and dispensed with handily. The period of intensified focus ends when the Moon begins a lengthy void of course period during the late afternoon. Some folks will immediately feel it’s time for a nap. Fatigue continues to be a factor for the remainder of the day. Rest up. Tomorrow brings a new Moon and another round of beginnings.
Moon in Taurus v/c 3:08PM-12:00AM.

May 25: New Moon days tend to be subtle, low key affairs and this one is likely to continue the tradition. During the early morning the Moon arrives in Gemini. She won’t reach the new phase until late afternoon. Gemini is one of the primary thought and travel signs so it’s a good bet many folks will have journeying on their minds. Don’t forget to plant thought “seeds,” mental images of projected accomplishments for the coming weeks. Intentions do matter. A midday square between Venus and Pluto underscores a range of important cost factors. Carefully account for outlays of money, time and energy. Partners may squabble over contributions and responsibilities but bringing differences out into the open is a first step towards a resolution.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-8:15AM Moon enters Gemini, New Moon in Gemini 3:44PM, Venus square Pluto.

May 26: We end the working week on an upbeat note. The once again waxing but barely visible sliver of a Moon joins forces with firebrand Mars in restless Gemini. Fortunately the rousing celestial duo are also in an a favorable angle with loving Venus. The goddess of love tempers aggressive tendencies, channeling them into expressions of warm affection. Impatience is also softened. The timing couldn’t be better because Saturn, also in the picture, suggests that cranky moods or belligerent behavior are non-starters. Make love, not war. Slow down and drive safely if you’re off on a weekend getaway and enjoy animated, friendly ties.
Moon in Gemini.

May 27: Shortly after sunrise the Moon arrives in Cancer. Tender emotions and touching memories may come to the surface. On a primal level, many souls may feel drawn to the sea or some other body of water. Force of habit can also keep folks close to home, contentedly cooking, tending to chores, gardens and family members. The day has a lyrical bent, due to a pending sextile aspect between mental Mercury and visionary Neptune. Mundane household tasks could evolve into more demanding creative makeovers and structural redesign projects. Our artistic muses and nature spirits are calling, if we have ears to listen. The amusing evening hours are great for relaxing and sharing fun times with family and friends.
Moon in Gemini v/c 2:18AM-7:24AM Moon enters Cancer.

May 28: Yes, life is complicated and today’s stars mirror the intricacies. A sextile between Mercury and Neptune untethers minds, unveiling a scintillating landscape of dreamy feelings and beautiful, if somewhat nebulous possibilities. In stark contrast, fiery, go-go Mars is nearing the roadblock opposition point to dour Saturn. To make matters more interesting the Cancer Moon is part of a power-packed cardinal sign grand cross, always a delicate proposition. One might ask, “Which way is safe to turn, and with whom should I travel?” First, simplify. Identify your priorities. Then attune to your gut feelings. Listen to the natural intelligence of your body. Take a path that energizes, excites, empowers, or just plain feels good. This is the express way through doubts and difficulties to inner peace and a satisfying day.
Moon in Cancer, Mercury sextile Neptune.

May 29: Expect slow going early today as the Cancer Moon sails void of course. There is an energetic uptick by mid-morning, with the Moon’s entry into Leo. The operational keyword for Leo is fun but there is also an underlying quest for self-respect and winning respect from others. To fully own one’s personal glory take pride in and celebrate your unique eccentricities, gifts and talents. Express your joy! Let your inner light shine! Showing respect is the fastest, surest pathway to gaining the respect of others. We all enjoy an adoring audience. Tonight’s lunar sextile to the Gemini Sun is a fortunate omen for frolicking spirits as well as homebound travelers.
Moon in Cancer v/c 2:59AM-8:12AM Moon enters Leo, Mars opposite Saturn.

May 30: A quiet inner certainty enhances hopes during the early morning hours. Well wishes for friends and partners are capital in karmic bank accounts. Send out all the positive thoughts and good vibes you can muster. As midday approaches the Leo Moon tests mental Mercury. Avoid behavior that fails to include your physical and emotional needs. For a few hours it may seem that too much is going on at once for comfort. Associates can help. Look to friends and co-workers for unexpectedly valuable as well as timely advice and assistance. Be open to different points of view. A new device, app or software could be a lifesaver. An intellectually evolutionary breakthrough is possible. Remember to share your good news and thank friends tonight.
Moon in Leo, Mars sextile Uranus.

May 31: Early risers are treated to savvy original, innovative ideas. In the mind’s eye there could be a veritable flood of brilliant images. Choosing from the treasure trove of useful thoughts may be challenging, so consider your projected needs and various options carefully. The Leo Moon then has a power outage, going void of course for most of the working morning. Use the quiet morning lull to savor this final day of the “merry” month. Spring doesn’t last forever. A walk in mother nature or pause to smell the flowers can be rejuvenating and provide a helpful opportunity to meditate on the earlier morning musings. During the noon hour the Moon enters detail-oriented Virgo. Minds snap to attention. Tackle demanding tasks during the day’s more focused second half.
Moon in Leo v/c 7:14AM-12:16PM Moon enters Virgo, Mercury trine Pluto.