May 2018 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for May 2018

May 1: May begins under quiet skies. There are no exact aspects this May Day. The Scorpio Moon is void of course until almost noon. Morning moods may be muted, thoughts, introspective. The calm atmosphere lends itself to personal growth work or relaxing and enjoying the spring morning. Brainstorming with partners can be productive. An hour or so before midday the Moon enters Sagittarius. Spirits become more lively and outgoing. The day’s second half is better suited for launching new projects. If you have something important to say, the later you can make your point, the easier it is to get your message across.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-11:19AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

May 2: The waning Moon, in the socially engaging sign of Sagittarius, encourages numerous warm encounters and instructive learning moments. Listen attentively. A big announcement or decision is imminent. Positive thinking is an asset throughout the day but the early evening requires special care be taken. Both gullibility and carelessness can lead to unfortunate consequences. Details matter. Closely scrutinize messages and documents. If possible, clear up any confusion promptly. An important announcement or decision could be imminent. Pay attention during the commute. Err on the side of caution.
Moon in Sagittarius.

May 3: Serendipitous, unexpected meetings, coincidences and celebrations are facilitated by the wonders of modern technology. Put connectivity to good use. As an extension of humankind’s innate intuition, computers and phones afford nearly instantaneous global outreach. Be alert to news flashes as well as brilliant ideas. Hunches are also accurate, most notably this evening when the Sagittarius Moon forms an exact trine with inventive Uranus. The enlivening alignment favors mental dexterity, impromptu gatherings and visionary endeavors. Following a brief void of course run, the Moon’s nighttime arrival in Capricorn heralds slower going. Get caught up with both planning and sleep tonight.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 8:50PM-10:06PM Moon enters Capricorn.

May 4: With the Capricorn Moon and Saturn favorably aligned with the Taurus Sun, this promises to be a productive day. Materialistic matters are front and center, and taking care of business is particularly favored. A matter that has lingered since March may at last be resolved. If you have a mind to make your life more efficient or functional, proceed. The waning Moon has a purposeful rendezvous with Saturn this afternoon. The earthy pairing keeps many folks focused, nose to the proverbial grindstone and hard at work throughout the day. However, after a strenuous day it’s prudent to know when enough is enough. Make time for pleasure tonight. Enjoy seasonal treats, as well as classic creature comforts, savory foods, warm-hearted friends, good music and other sensory pleasures.
Moon in Capricorn.

May 5: The morning offers a delicious taste of spring. Aligned with Neptune and Jupiter, the Capricorn Moon encourages immersion in Mother Nature. In dreams and early morning reveries some souls receive instruction from their creative Muses or readily commune with Spirit. A day trip to the sea shore, shopping jaunt or sight seeing can be great fun. Even weekend chores are easily faced and dispensed with. Decision-making can be troublesome around noontime. Partners may find it hard to compromise. Watch your temper, be polite and patiently seek ingenious solutions. Here’s a hint: put each person’s strengths and talents to good use.
Moon in Capricorn.

May 6: Second thoughts and unexpected complications can lead to a change in plans this morning. A malfunctioning phone or computer could be the culprit.  Psychic sensitivity and hunches vie with pressure from partners and friends. Curb impulses and instead tune in to more relaxing thoughts and feelings. A change of plans could be a blessing in disguise for everyone. Stresses ease during the second half of the day but with mental Mercury about to square obsessive Pluto, the ability to see goodness in all people and situations is truly a gift. Remember, thoughts are only thoughts. Reality is often an entirely different matter. Don’t judge, or make promises you can’t keep.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 9:48AM-10:48AM Moon enters Aquarius, Sun sextile Neptune.

May 7: Today brings a variety of stresses and concerns as square aspects dominate. Mercury’s early morning tiff with Pluto requires mental discipline. Avoid a tendency to rush to judgment. Be tactful. Ultimatums may be the source of future regrets. Venus is at odds with Neptune this evening. Hearts are open, vulnerable and susceptible to disappointment, but the will to love ever more deeply sets others on an idealistic emotional quest. Thanks to Venus and Neptune creative output can also be inspired. Evening brings a lunar trine to Venus. Under the Aquarius Moon, friendships blossom. Enjoy congenial dinnertime interludes as the Last Quarter Moon energy later tonight can highlight differences over political and financial issues.
Moon in Aquarius, Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius 10:09PM, Mercury square Pluto, Venus square Neptune.

May 8: The promise of tomorrow shines brightly. The Aquarius Moon aligns with mental Mercury this morning, enticing minds with visions of things to come. Friendships get a healthy boost. Expand your social circles. Be open to suggestions and especially, new ideas. The Taurus Sun is also in opposition with Jupiter, the planet of high hopes, travel and learning. It’s a fine day for mapping out a summer vacation or furthering your education, but keep an eye on costs. Tonight’s lunar sextile to Uranus is another glimpse into the future. The upbeat alignment also favors chummy get togethers as well as joyful teamwork. By midnight the Moon is in mystery sign Pisces where she prompts vivid imagining in some souls and deep sleep and sweet dreams for others.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 10:29PM-11:11PM Moon enters Pisces, Sun opposite Jupiter.

May 9: Moods are changeable, quietly introspective and curiously inventive. The waning Moon is making her way through Pisces. Inertia can be an issue this morning but those who persist are amply rewarded. As the day progresses the Moon moves into a sextile with Saturn, the demanding planet of necessity. A call to duty, whether to fulfill a commitment or pay off a debt, is impossible to ignore. Relations with bosses and elders are also favored. Revisiting long ago events, current ambitions and future expectations can be helpful. Heed voices of wisdom. Apply your imagination but abide by standard rules and regulations.
Moon in Pisces.

May 10: What a wonderful start to the day! The Pisces Moon is conjunct Neptune and in trine to Jupiter. From sweet dream to unshakeable faith and trust, the stars portend a great leap of faith. Emotional fulfillment is in reach. Creative powers are exceptional. Humanitarian impulses are also extraordinary. A midday lunar square with Jupiter inclines some folks to promise more than they can deliver. Others are ready to celebrate good fortune. Afternoon sees steady forward movement. It’s a great time for meetings and planning sessions. Visionary thinkers are able to translate ideas into concrete actions that get the desired results. Take a well-deserved break from workday chores this evening. Relax. Meander along with the ebb and flow of ever-changing emotions.
Moon in Pisces.

May 11: After a sluggish start the day slips into high gear with the Moon’s mid-morning arrival in Aries. Renewed, spirits then gamely take on the day’s challenges. Some aspirations are great as is the will to reach the heights. The stubborn Taurus Sun is in a potent trine with Pluto. Sheer will and persistence carry the day but be sure your cause is just, your obsessions are magnificent and the goal merits the energy expended. Unsurprisingly, after a mighty effort fatigue becomes an issue this evening. The impulsive Moon ventures into a sobering square with Saturn. Self-control is necessary. Listen to your body. Give it the nurturance it needs. Healthy food, relaxation and sleep are all helpful.
Moon in Pisces v/c 5:02AM-8:40AM Moon enters Aries, Sun trine Pluto.

May 12: Mercury’s mid-morning square with Mars can stir up a hornets’ nest of trouble. The communications planet is nearly conjunct Uranus, increasing the risk of an accident. Minds are as likely to race as cars. Slow down! Watch your tongue as well as your speed. The impatient Aries Moon offers little help as it tests both Saturn and Pluto. Due to Mercury’s recent retrograde, these stressful dynamics are familiar. They’ve been with us since late March. Take a deep breath and count to ten before speaking or taking action. Even in the heat of a tense moment, a bright creative idea could save the day.
Moon in Aries, Mercury square Mars.

May 13: Happy Mother’s Day!!! To the amazing women who give the gift of life and love, and to all those who nurture and care for Mother Earth and her creatures large and small, thank you! This Mother’s Day features notable performances by mental Mercury and fittingly, a feminine archetype, the Moon. For starters, Mercury conjuncts Uranus this morning at the last degree of Aries. The edgy pairing could ignite numerous brainstorms, political uprisings or technological breakthroughs. Schedules may also change. Be quick to adjust to new information or plans. Tensions can be high. At noontime the Aries Moon tests Mars then joins Uranus. Be extra careful while traveling or using machinery. Think before speaking. By late afternoon the waning Moon is in Taurus, calming moods and minds. Plan on making it a mellow evening.
Moon in Aries v/c 2:05pm-2:15PM Moon enters Taurus, Mercury conjunct Uranus, Mercury enters Taurus.

May 14: The Taurus Moon follows a dreamy and at times lazy course. Given the likelihood of aftershocks from yesterday’s dynamic alignments, peace and quiet are to be prized. However, sensitive souls can’t help but notice a sense of apprehension. Change is in the air. Both Mars and Uranus are poised to transition, Mars from Capricorn into Aries and Uranus out of Aries into Taurus. Differences between friends and allies may come to a head this week. With the Moon in a soothing sextile to Neptune during the afternoon, kindness and compassion help bridge divides. Thoughtful gestures are appreciated. Genuine concern breaks through defense mechanisms. The lines of communication are open tonight. Share good thoughts and encouraging words before going off to sleep.
Moon in Taurus.

May 15: This morning’s New Moon in Taurus green lights a new planting and achievement cycle. Expectations are high. It’s okay to think big. Needed assets are available to make reaching lofty goals possible. Shortly before noon Uranus ventures into Taurus for the first time since the Great Depression era. Financial markets are likely to shudder in the coming months. Materialism is at the root of many inequities in the world. The misuse of resources will have to be corrected. Where possible, have contingency plans prepared. A fruitful late afternoon lunar trine to Mars facilitates brisk progress. By evening the Moon is in Gemini. Surprising news provides much to think and talk about.
New Moon in Taurus 7:48AM, Moon in Taurus v/c 4:40PM-4:43PM Moon enters Gemini, Uranus enters Taurus.

May 16: Mars’ post-midnight entry into Aquarius ushers in a new, team-oriented dynamic. Working with and for others can be energizing. However, Mars is also at odds with Uranus. Their explosive early morning square increases the risk of accidents and violence. It may also make it tough to get a good night’s sleep. Dawn sees the chatty Gemini Moon gradually nearing a square with Neptune. Confusion and uncertainty are sure to be factors today. Emotional sensitivities are extreme. Allergic reactions can also be intense. Make an extra effort at keeping communications simple and to the point. Some flights of fancy are more than mere distractions. A moment of self- realization or an inspired idea could come winging into consciousness.
Moon in Gemini, Mars enters Aquarius, Mars square Uranus.

May 17: The chatty crescent Gemini Moon is conjunct Venus, elevating moods and keeping things lively. Some folks ooze charm. Others flirt incessantly. Meetings and midday gatherings are spirited. A late afternoon lull coincides with a short void of course Moon period. The pause is brief as the Moon enters Cancer and simultaneously aligns with Uranus. A spontaneous after work get together is fabulous. Irreverent streaks and personal idiosyncrasies are entertaining. Stop to admire the sight of Luna and the evening star Venus, romantically joined in the post-sunset western sky. After darkness falls, home life gently beckons. Retreat to your nest and enjoy favorite amusements.
Moon in Gemini v/c 2:18PM-5:47PM Moon enters Cancer.

May 18: The work week finale is a busy one. Necessity motivates early risers. Dutiful Saturn in Capricorn sounds an insistent call to work. Mercury is also aligned with the Ringed Planet. Mental toughness combines with a keen sense of fairness. The middle of the day is a most favorable time to make headway with big challenges. Decisions tend to be wise and final. As the weekend commences this evening, more light-hearted trends take hold. The Cancer Moon forms trines with Neptune and Jupiter, sending imaginations into orbit. Everyone is ready to unwind. Movies and concerts are wonderful entertainment choices but a romantic rendezvous or dinner by candle light can also be magical. Have your fun but guard against overindulging. In addition to appetites, Jupiter can also increase waistlines.
Moon in Cancer, Mercury trine Saturn.

May 19: Venus slips into Cancer this morning and promptly makes a sextile with Uranus. The paired planets encourage fun. Basic household chores can turn into spontaneous team efforts. Weekend errands may include happy encounters with friends and neighbors. Super good bargains may also be had. Moods remain easy-going and celebratory into the early evening. After a brief void of course period the Moon enters fiery Leo. Fireworks ensue as tough lunar aspects with Uranus and Mars increase emotional volatility tonight. Be on the lookout for troublemakers. If you cannot cool overheated tempers, keep your distance. Guard against impatience and be cautious while driving.
Moon in Cancer v/c 5:14PM-7:11PM Moon enters Leo, Venus enters Cancer, Venus sextile Uranus.

May 20: As the Leo Moon passes by her own North Node late this morning, she points the way towards new adventures and emerging challenges. Before much progress can be made, a lunar square with Mercury presents complications. There may be second thoughts, scheduling conflicts or financial considerations. Talk with partners. Take time to sort through various factors and eventually the way will be made clear. Tonight sees the Sun enter Gemini, a harbinger of the upcoming summer travel season, which is just around the corner. Shortly before midnight a lunar square with Jupiter excites imaginations and boosts the appeal of a mind expanding or spiritually uplifting getaway.
Moon in Leo v/c 11:30PM-12:00AM, Sun enters Gemini.

May 21: The Leo Moon is void of course until late tonight. As a result the day lacks verve, not the best way to begin a working week. Expect attention spans to be short even as the desire for attention may seem exaggerated. Some needs remain unfulfilled. Abide by the usual void of course Moon rules. Focus on unfinished projects. Avoid making major purchases and decisions. The hours are well spent in reflection or contemplating creative projects. Exploring one’s memories and heeding subconscious leanings can lead to breakthroughs. As the Moon arrives in Virgo a few hours prior to midnight, plans coalesce but the unsettling First Quarter lunar phase can bring new considerations.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-10:03PM Moon enters Virgo, First Quarter Moon in Virgo 11:49PM.

May 22: Optimism, attention to detail and a willingness to hunker down to the nitty gritty of hard work are a winning combination. During the fruitful first half of the day the waxing Virgo Moon favorably aligns with both Venus and Saturn. This is prime time for setting goals and getting partners on board. Priorities are clear. Binding agreements are reached. Mental Mercury inspires throughout the day. The communications planet is in close aspect with both Neptune and Jupiter. Intellectual and artistic possibilities are intriguing and at times may seem endless but Saturn serves as a handy guide and sobering reality check. However, later tonight thinking can be quite fantastical. Amusing diversions are irresistible. Relax and enjoy a film or let your imagination fly.
Moon in Virgo, Mercury sextile Neptune.

May 23: A dynamic trine between the Gemini Sun and Mars in Aquarius provides tremendous motivation. Welcome input from friends and long time acquaintances. History is a good teacher. The virtues of teamwork, and making full use of partners’ abilities is also promoted by a trine between the Virgo Moon and Pluto. Two heads are better than one during the morning hours. By noontime the Moon is void of course. Enthusiasm remains high but thoughts tend to be more scattered during the second half of the day. Occasionally check to be sure everything and everyone is still on track.
Moon in Virgo v/c 10:55AM-12:00AM, Mercury opposite Jupiter, Sun trine Mars.

May 24: The waxing Libra Moon makes its enlivening presence felt. An early morning Grand Trine between the Moon, Mars and the Sun launches the day at a fast clip. The galloping pace eases as the morning progresses. After noon the Moon is in testing angles with Venus and Saturn. Lunchtime social overtures are well-received but later, an awkward social situation requires careful handling. Be aware of the boundary line between sensitivity to the needs of others and co-dependency. Both demanding and giving too much can be problematic. With Jupiter nearing a trine with Neptune, empathy and compassion are readily expressed. Long term solutions require that everyone plays a part. Responsibilities must be shared.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-2:52AM Moon enters Libra.

May 25: Take notes as thoughts and feelings are unusually profound. An early morning trine between Jupiter and Neptune offers a rich communion between minds and hearts. Mental Mercury’s ensuing trine with Pluto deepens curiosity and gives insights into life’s mysteries. Casual talk, a stroll in a park, holiday travel or everyday occurrences may suddenly include deep awareness that something special is transpiring. A secret could be revealed or a brilliant plan may be hatched. Realizations about partners might also lead to stronger ties or conversely, the recognition that relationships have outlived their useful purpose. Because Venus is about to oppose Saturn, whatever partnership ends now is meant to end. Don’t dwell on what is lost. In one sense, we are making room for new, more rewarding commitments.
Moon in Libra v/c 5:03PM-12:00AM, Jupiter trine Neptune, Mercury trine Pluto.

May 26: The early hours of the morning are deceptively quiet. The Moon is void of course in Libra but changes are afoot. The waxing Moon enters Scorpio by late morning and finds herself at odds with Uranus and Mars. The three planets form a powerful T-square configuration, prompting impulsive action and increasing the risk of an accident. Think twice before making a move as desired results are anything but guaranteed under the unstable configuration. Consult with partners and friends. A naysayer or doubting Thomas can be a blessing in disguise. The stars conspire to direct attention towards achieving personal fulfillment, the maximum use of talent and celebration of life. If your next step isn’t towards greater happiness, take a seat and wait. Travelers are advised to use caution. The evening ushers in a more sedate, love-filled and satisfied mood.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-9:39AM Moon enters Scorpio, Venus opposite Saturn.

May 27: The Scorpio Moon aligns with Venus, Jupiter and Neptune to form a heavenly triangle in the sky, a water sign Grand Trine. Spurred on by the waxing and nearly full Moon, emotions swell. Happily, the celestial harmony promotes deeply loving ties, blessed with generosity of spirit, forgiveness and gratitude. Friendships feel special. Hearts go out to underdogs and those in need. Lakes, streams, rivers, oceans and clouds hold special appeal. It’s a wonderful afternoon for lazy Sunday sightseeing tours, a walk in the park or visit to an art museum. Conversations turn to creative and mystical pursuits. Keep your camera handy. Mother Nature, the setting Sun or Moonrise may mesmerize viewers. Look beneath surface appearances tonight.
Moon in Scorpio.

May 28: The waxing Scorpio Moon makes an intriguing midday opposition with Mercury. Thoughts and feelings could seem stuck in a rut or quite the opposite, a timely realization might occur. Stubborn attitudes and emotion patterns evolve even under the tautest of planetary alignments. As noted in the old saying, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Progress can be incremental. It just takes self-awareness and an extra push to make change happen. Keep the channels of communication open. Work at expressing yourself and hearing what partners are saying. A mid-afternoon void of course Moon period relieves pressures. By evening the Moon is in Sagittarius. Life speeds up and we’re off to the Full Moon races. Hold on to your hat!
Moon in Scorpio v/c 1:25PM-6:29PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

May 29: The Full “Flower” Moon in free-spirited Sagittarius dominates the morning. Communications are spotlighted. Facts are facts, truth is truth and most every opinion or belief is bluntly stated. Untethered souls want to be on the move, if not physically then intellectually. Passions are running high. Inspirational messages hit home and ring true. Folks readily respond to encouragement. Mental Mercury’s placement at the last degree of Taurus has some folks thinking about the past. Pay attention to the here and now. At sundown Mercury enters Gemini, setting off a new round of deliberations and planning sessions. Don’t be surprised if a partner does an abrupt about face. Dreams may be unsettling tonight as the Moon tests Neptune.
Moon in Sagittarius, Full Moon in Sagittarius 10:20AM, Mercury enters Gemini.

May 30: Last night’s dreams may continue to flavor the daytime hours. After being full yesterday morning, the Sagittarius Moon spends most of today floating void of course. The Moon’s unengaged state amplifies the impact of Full Moon fallout, with emerging aftershocks and ill-defined thoughts and feelings searching for clarity. The best bet is to relax and go with the flow. Inner calm allows us to better integrate recent experiences. On the practical side, concentrate on work started before today. Hold off on beginning anything new or making a major purchase. If you have the option of taking a personal day off, do it now.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 2:26AM-12:00AM.

May 31: Making one’s mark in the world is a compelling need today. The Capricorn Moon stimulates career ambitions. An early morning lunar trine to Uranus suggests allies, technological advances and new ideas can all facilitate progress. As the hours pass some folks feel compulsively driven to succeed and could in fact be on the brink of a breakout performance. Optimize the day’s potential with carefully controlled pacing, diligence and concrete goals. A solid effort is its own reward this evening. Recognition by higher ups increases satisfaction. A family member or elder may need assistance. Check in with parents, mentors and elders. Be quick to respond. With the Moon conjunct Saturn, fatigue may necessitate an early bedtime.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-5:26AM Moon enters Capricorn.