May 2019 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for May 2019

May 1: Mental Mercury is caught betwixt and between this first day of the new month. The Winged Messenger’s go-getter sextile to Mars contrasts with a more cautious, even dreary square with Saturn. Given the circumstances, indecision is likely. Both aspects are exact before sunrise, freeing the Moon to dominate moods much of the day. The early hours are slow-moving while the Moon lingers void of course in impressionable Pisces. Shortly after dawn the Moon touches down in eager Aries. Recharged, spirits lifted, we enthusiastically set off to work, May Day celebrations and other activities. Mercury’s travails continue into tomorrow, so take time to carefully sort out complicated and confusing issues. Negotiations may drag on but eventually lead to pleasing outcomes.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-6:24AM Moon enters Aries, Mercury sextile Mars, Mercury square Saturn.

May 2: A lunar conjunction with Venus happily ushers in the morning. In Aries, the cheerful pairing enlivens and charms, at times in breezy fashion. Affections may be fierce and fleeting. Mental Mercury, also in Aries, tests Pluto. Don’t read more into a gesture, gift or offer than is warranted. Luckily, Mercury is also in a fine trine to Jupiter, fostering broad-minded, philosophical thinking, a timely remedy for Pluto’s obsessive inclinations. Stimulated and empowered by today’s alignments, minds can create discord or harmony equally well. Accentuate positives. Your day will be far more fruitful and enjoyable. Tonight’s lunar squares to her own Nodes and Saturn emphasize the need for kindness as well as calm, level-headed thinking. 
Moon in Aries, Mercury square Pluto, Mercury trine Jupiter.

May 3: This final day of the lunar cycle features a void of course Aries Moon. The celestial double whammy equates with an extremely low tide. This is an inauspicious time to launch a new enterprise. On the contrary, concentrate on tying up loose ends and completing projects. Energy is scarce. Minutes may seem like hours as life slows to a crawl. Minds can wander in restless, circular reveries. Come late afternoon the Moon enters Taurus where, joining forces with Uranus, she breathes new life into the stagnant atmosphere. Listen to hunches. An impromptu after work gathering can be fun but if you’re on the move tonight, pay attention. Please slow down as the risk of an accident or oversight is heightened. 
Moon in Aries v/c 4:47AM-4:18PM Moon enters Taurus.

May 4: Change is in the air as today begins with the Taurus Moon in close proximity to revolutionary Uranus. It’s time to shake things up a bit! Calmer, steadier and more fertile energies build as daylight breaks. Making her way through the sensual, earthbound Sign of the Bull, the Moon is new this evening. The resurgent activity cycle quite naturally supports projects where longterm stability is desired. Fortunate lunar angles to Saturn, Pluto and her own Lunar Nodes assure that planning is realistic as well as thorough. The more you put into today’s efforts, the greater the future rewards. This is a fine day for planting as well as other beginnings. It may seem as though dreams are coming true tonight. Whatever gives you pleasure or stirs your soul, treasure the precious moments.
Moon in Taurus, New Moon in Taurus 6:46PM.

May 5: The morning hours are wonderful for gardening, puttering around the house and setting things in proper working order. Efficiency experts thrive. The Moon continues her journey through steadfast Taurus but shortly before noon goes void of course. The less energized afternoon hours lend themselves to relaxing and enjoying simple pleasures. Adding spice to an otherwise mellow period, feisty Mars makes a potent late afternoon opposition to Jupiter. Those engaged in friendly debate or competitive sports find the added energy to their liking but talk politics or religion at your own risk. Opinions are proudly held and loudly voiced. Passions and chatter on social media may easily drown out reason. Try to be a good listener. Calmer trends prevail after sundown. 
Moon in Taurus v/c 11:10AM-11:40PM Moon enters Gemini, Mars opposite Jupiter.

May 6: There’s nothing like the sparkling crescent of a Gemini Moon for sharpening minds and senses and setting the world to talking. However quickly information may be received and processed or facts collected and shared, there are also likely to be glitches today. Assessments may be erroneous, spoken or written words misunderstood. Some folks may wonder if Mercury is retrograde but that is not the case. Today’s communications breakdowns are a result of mental Mercury’s mid-afternoon sign change. The shift from impulsive Aries to slower moving Taurus requires a corresponding change of mindset. Be patient as well as unhurried. Allow for second thoughts. A thorough and methodical approach works better throughout the second half of the day. 
Moon in Gemini, Mercury enters Taurus.

May 7: Venus’ testing square with sober Saturn puts a crimp in finances and matters of the heart. Even long time partners and allies may find themselves at odds this morning. The chatty Gemini Moon is also in a square to Neptune. There’s a good chance a misunderstanding is behind a social impasse rather than a betrayal of trust. As midday nears a lunar sextile to Venus offers an opportunity to make peace. Lunchtime get togethers are amiable. An air of expectancy follows. Hopes could be overinflated by late afternoon. Don’t take anything for granted. Be sure to stay on the same page with partners. Impulsive words and actions carry the risk of setting off a new round of confusion, worries and disagreements. The evening turns mellower as the Moon embarks on a lengthy void of course period.
Moon in Gemini v/c 7:50PM-12:00AM, Venus square Saturn.

May 8: Well before sunrise the Moon eases into her own sign of Cancer. Mental and emotional sensibilities are super alert. Psychic abilities are in unusually sharp operating order as mental Mercury conjuncts intuitive Uranus. The future may seem like an open book. Welcome serendipity, the magic of chance encounters, voices in your head and suggestions from friends and strangers. The Moon’s favorable angles with Mercury and Uranus help make physical awareness acute. Heed the promptings of your body. Eat the foods, wear the colors, do the things that excite and energize you. The Taurus Sun’s sextile to Neptune crowns the day. Enjoy the comforts of your nest, a good film, music and other artistic expressions tonight. 
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-5:06AM Moon enters Cancer, Mercury conjunct Uranus, Sun sextile Neptune.

May 9: Today has delightful highs as well as momentous challenges. The morning is most agreeable. At midday the Cancer Moon is in a wondrous trine to mystical Neptune. Venus is also happily aligned in a trine with Jupiter. Both aspects have the power to stir hearts, uplift spirits and encourage kindness. The Venus/Jupiter angle is also prospering. The Cosmic stage is set for enjoying life. After lunch Venus reaches a testing square to Pluto. Responsibilities weigh heavily. Who’s paying for lunch? Who is in control? Answers to these and other questions may cause dismay. Fortunately, the Moon is in harmony with the Taurus Sun, offering a short-lived early afternoon window for making peace. By mid-afternoon the Moon triggers a taut T-square alignment, opposing Saturn and Pluto while squaring Venus. Feelings are easily bruised so maintain your composure and be caring and kind. 
Moon in Cancer v/c 10:06PM-12:00AM, Venus trine Jupiter, Venus square Pluto.

May 10: The early morning hours labor under a void of course Cancer Moon. Energy levels increase with the mid-morning entry of the Moon into lustrous Leo. Here the waxing Moon supports growing confidence as well as self-acceptance but be careful, don’t let egotism run amok. An afternoon lunar square with Uranus can easily upset plans, humbling even the most poised and self-assured individuals. The risk of an accident of unexpected snafu is high. Ordinarily straightforward matters may become complicated “what if?” scenarios. Sorting out complex issues and multiple possibilities  isn’t made any simpler by tonight’s lunar square with mental Mercury. Fortunately, stabilizing trends are also close at hand. Persevere. Diligence, loyalty and common sense overcome all difficulties.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-9:14AM Moon enters Leo.

May 11: During the early morning, shortly before dawn, the Taurus Sun forms a stabilizing trine to Saturn. The day begins on rock solid footing. Priorities are clear. A sense of destiny, duty or karmic responsibility may be noted. Early birds are content to be on their way, work in the garden or tend to mundane chores. The waxing Leo Moon is approaching the First Quarter phase so both energy and stress levels rise throughout the daylight hours. After sunset the Moon makes the exact square to the Taurus Sun. Frustrations can lead some folks to act as the proverbial bull in a china shop. Luckily, the Moon is also in a fine and forgiving trine to Jupiter. Take to the high road tonight. Smile and laugh away tensions, jealousies and potential rivalries. 
Moon in Leo, Sun trine Saturn.

May 12: Happy Mother’s Day! Early risers are energized and in the mood for fun. The Leo Moon is aglow with help from sweet Venus and salty Mars. No special treat or gift is too much for deserving Moms! By mid-morning the day settles into a more relaxed mood. The Moon is void of course until just after noon. Use these low key hours to slow down and savor simple joys. Once the Moon enters Virgo the day’s second chapter begins in earnest. Normally fastidious and even timid souls suddenly find themselves open to daring new adventures. The evening’s lunar trine to liberating Uranus is behind the shift. Visits to previously unexplored places, mingling in multi-cultural environments and trying the untried can be exhilarating. Go ahead, take a walk on the wild side!
Moon in Leo v/c 8:25AM-12:22PM Moon enters Virgo. 

May 13: A get back to work mentality is reinforced by the waxing and ever diligent Virgo Moon. The morning’s lunar alignments foster fact gathering, excellent decisions, clear communications and efficient travel. This is a fabulous time to roll up your shirtsleeves and dive into challenges with total commitment. The Taurus Sun’s trine to tiny but powerful Pluto underscores necessity and lends resourcefulness and tenacity throughout the long and fruitful day. You won’t know just how much you’re capable of until you give your best. Evening brings an emotionally charged few hours. Talk may naturally turn to hopes and dreams, as well as the steps needed to make them reality. With support from the stars, the path forward is made clear.
Moon in Virgo, Sun trine Pluto.

May 14: During the wee hours of the morning, harmony between the Taurus Sun and Virgo Moon bodes well for inner peace as well as a restful sleep. Loving Venus and macho Mars perform a captivating dance later this morning. Their engaging sextile aspect occurs with both stars at the last degree of their respective signs, Aries and Gemini. Affections are passionately felt and may lead to impulsive acts. Be sure you truly want what you’re pursuing today. A sense of deja vu could feel haunting. To be safe don’t go too far too fast. The early afternoon hours could see an overture rejected, a plan delayed or hopes dashed. Calmer trends dominate the remainder of the day. The waxing Moon enters Libra during the mid-afternoon, highlighting the current state of relationships. All the same, thoughts of long ago sweethearts and lost loves are likely to continue into tomorrow.
Moon in Virgo v/c 1:19PM-2:51PM Moon enters Libra, Venus sextile Mars.

May 15: The waxing Libra Moon emphasizes the need for good taste and manners when dealing with others. Venus, the relationship planet, enters her own sign of Taurus shortly before dawn. Ordinarily we would expect lovers to become more affectionate and possessive. However, “don’t fence me in” Uranus sits waiting for Venus in the Sign of the Bull. The dynamics are curious. The more one tries to hold on, the more difficult a situation becomes. Love freely, but without attachment. Try something quirky and new. Because mental Mercury is well aligned with imaginative Neptune, the chances of hitting upon a successful plan of action are excellent. Mars arrives in protective Cancer late tonight. Moms and rulers of the roost become more militant. Remember, good decorum continues to be desirable. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
Moon in Libra, Venus enters Taurus, Mercury sextile Neptune, Mars enters Cancer.

May 16: Before sunrise the waxing Libra Moon begins a lengthy void of course period. Because the Full Moon is close, exact on Saturday, today’s mental and emotional meanderings have plenty of uplift. If possible, follow your whims as interests may change from moment to moment. If career matters are on the table, stick to tried and true routines. This is not an advisable time for scheduling important meetings and interviews. Nor is it a good day for making big expenditures or key decisions. All the same, brainstorming sessions effective. By early evening the Moon arrives in Scorpio. A more enthusiastic mood takes hold. Evening conversations tend to be thoughtful and to the point. In contrast to the daylight period, this is an appropriate time to draw conclusions and make commitments. Pay attention if you’re out late.
Moon in Libra v/c 5:37AM-5:26PM Moon enters Scorpio, Mercury trine Saturn.

May 17: A few minutes after midnight the waxing Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus. Sleep may be impossible. If insomnia gets the better of you, weather permitting, take a lovely moon bath. Although there are no further exact aspects for the duration of the day, life moves rapidly along. It’s impossible to ignore the irrepressible vibrance of Full Moon fever! Emotions are at a fevered pitch. Energy and enthusiasm are palpable. The day favors bold decisions, spontaneous celebrations and outpourings of affection. Nightfall ushers in a particularly magical interlude as the Moon nears a trine to mystical Neptune. Get caught up in movies, art and entertainment. Mother Nature and attunement to higher power are also rewarding focal points.
Moon in Scorpio.

May 18: Along with Full Moon drama, today features two key planetary alignments, a potent trine from Mercury to Pluto and Venus’ conjunction with fickle Uranus. The early morning hours foster deep understanding and empathy. It’s easy to see what makes another person tick. Cooperation is also facilitated. Midday meetings feature the “love at first sight” union of Venus and Uranus. There may be unexpected pairings or especially vibrant camaraderie with an eclectic crew. Shocking separations are also possible. Late afternoon sees the Moon crest full. In Asia the Full Moon in Scorpio is said to draw the spirit of Buddha closer to the earth plane. Regardless of one’s religious affiliation, compassion is never out of fashion. Tune in, stay aware and be open to sharing. By nightfall more easy-going energies are in play. 
Full “Flower” Moon in Scorpio 5:11PM EDT, Moon in Scorpio v/c 5:11PM-9:21PM Moon enters Sagittarius, Mercury trine Pluto, Venus conjunct Uranus.

May 19: Venus remains close enough to eccentric Uranus to initiate extraordinary social encounters. A meeting could be life-changing! The now waning Sagittarius Moon adds friendly, outspoken elements to this relatively mellow day’s mood. The freedom-loving Moon may also set curious souls on their way to mind-expanding adventures. Some feel the allure of travel, others are content to open a book or browse on a laptop. Whatever your preference, be ready to move beyond the comforts of familiar thoughts and places. It’s also a good time to re-revaluate commitments and recent events. Consider new ideas and options with an unprejudiced mind.
Moon in Sagittarius.

May 20: Rubbing the sleep out of one’s eyes can be an early morning challenge. The Sagittarius Moon is at odds with Neptune, making it easy to doze through alarms and if awake, fall prey to fuzzy thinking. Be sure you have what you need when you leave for work or school. The Moon is also conjunct optimistic Jupiter, a fine and dominating omen during the first half of the day. The pairing breeds confidence and enthusiasm. Be careful not to brag or make promises you can’t keep but be sure to take advantage of positive outlooks and zest for life. Schedule important meetings during the morning. By early afternoon the Moon is void of course. Moods remain pleasant but the quieter hours lack drive. Relax. The Sun is about to change signs and a new cycle begin.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 1:05PM-12:00AM.

May 21: The Sun enters Gemini during the dark predawn hours. After daybreak mental Mercury also arrives in the Sign of the Twins where the two stars make a mid-morning conjunction. Minds quicken and excitement builds but the Capricorn Moon’s opposition with Mars cautions against getting ahead of yourself. For sensitive souls a midday lunar trine to Uranus provides awareness of the future. The aspect also supports team meetings and planning sessions. However, under mixed trends it’s best to take one thing at a time as thoughts and intuitive knowing can outpace physical capabilities. Tonight’s social ambience is notably warm. The Moon and Venus are making nice, always a good omen for successful parties, romantic interludes and fun times. As Otis Redding recommended, “Try a little tenderness.” Add funky spunk, and enjoy.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-3:56AM Moon enters Capricorn, Sun enters Gemini, Mercury enters Gemini.

May 22: Mars’ late morning sextile to Uranus sets the day off with grand ambitions and a willingness to take risks. Technology and visionary thinking prove to be complimentary disciplines. It’s a great time to improve your computer skills or invest in a new device. Networking can be productive. The enterprising Capricorn Moon increases the drive to succeed. Her afternoon sextile to Neptune keeps imaginations flowing. Today’s creative potential is awesome! For some folks, energy levels sag by late afternoon as the Moon nears Saturn and Pluto. Others venture on, determined to meet all challenges. In either case, be sure to wrap things up by midnight. A less fruitful void of course Moon period begins minutes before the day ends. 
Moon in Capricorn v/c 11:57PM-12:00AM, Mars sextile Uranus.

May 23: The first half of the day unfolds under a subdued void of course Capricorn Moon. Energy and initiative are limited. Any follow through on commitments made this morning is an open question. Rather than begin anything new focus instead on everyday responsibilities. Get caught up with paperwork or touch base with associates and mentors. By mid-afternoon the Moon arrives in Aquarius, providing the day a second wind. Moods and energy levels improve. A lunar trine to the Gemini Sun facilitates agreeable meetings, efficient travel and clear communications. Plans may go awry tonight as the Moon tests disruptive Uranus. If you happen to be on the road, slow down and drive defensively. 
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-1:49PM Moon enters Aquarius.

May 24: Here in the States the unofficial start of the summer travel season is upon us. The Aquarius Moon favors dreams of glorious holidays, fabulous reunions and travel experiences. Those early birds who hit the roads before dawn may feel the wind at their back thanks to a nighttime trine between the Moon and fleet-footed Mercury. By late morning wants can seem insatiable. A lunar square to Venus begs the question, how much is enough? A limited expense account may dampen enthusiasm. The same aspect also urges a heartfelt engagement with loved ones. Gratitude for whatever place we may be assures both inner peace and enjoyable partnering. Shared seasonal pleasures like a meal of farm fresh veggies, watching cumulus clouds floating overhead or wishing on the evening’s first star are available at a relatively low cost. 
Moon in Aquarius.

May 25: Optimism and friendly vibes grace the early morning hours. Gathering places are filled with lively conversations and great expectations. The waning Aquarius Moon is happily aligned with cheerful Jupiter. By mid-morning the Moon is void of course and she stays that way past midnight. Holiday shoppers take note, this is not the time to make major purchases. Put off life-changing decisions. On the other hand the relaxed atmosphere is wonderful for puttering, pursuing hobbies and generally enjoying life. Wander as the spirit moves you. Or be still and read a book. 
Moon in Aquarius v/c 8:51AM-12:00AM.

May 26: During the wee hours of the morning the Moon arrives in Pisces. Moods grow fickle and sensitivities increase. Imaginations are also fertile as a lunar sextile to Uranus implores and inspires curious souls to explore new horizons. The uneasy Last Quarter Moon phase soon follows. What seemed enticing and possible this morning may appear to be out of the question by noon. It is the mind that questions. Don’t abandon your dream. The heart says go for it and with a late afternoon lunar trine to Mars many folks are ready to do just that. If encouragement is needed, steadfast supporters are on hand. If needed, ask for assistance or encouragement from trusted friends and family.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-2:08AM Moon enters Pisces, Last Quarter Moon in Pisces 12:34PM.

May 27: Sentimental favorites are a big attraction this Memorial Day. The Moon is in the emotionally charged sign of Pisces. Moods are apt to change from moment to moment. Psychic sensitivities are also activated. A lunar nod to Venus graces the early hours. Affections are easily expressed. Mother Nature’s beauty is particularly inspiring. By midday the Moon is cozying up to mysterious Neptune. Many folks feel drawn to visit old haunts, spots that hold special memories and destinations of pilgrims. The evening hours bring conflicting impulses. Choose to party on or gamely prepare for the work week ahead. Either choice can be satisfactory but with the Moon favoring Saturn and Pluto in earthy Capricorn, prudence is likely to win out.
Moon in Pisces.

May 28: After the long weekend re-entry into the worlds of business or academics has challenges. The waning Moon is void of course in Pisces. Procrastinators and escapists are inclined to sleep through alarm bells and look for excuses for taking the day off. Focus is lacking. A lackadaisical mood persists through mid-afternoon. When the Moon sets up shop in challenge-oriented Aries the day’s more ardent second chapter begins. Contradictory messages from today’s stars favor exploratory missions but timing may be off. If you set your sights on a specific goal be sure your words and actions are helpful in reaching the destination or achieving the desired result. Hurrying can be counter-productive under current influences.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:21AM-2:32PM Moon enters Aries.

May 29: Early birds wake up bursting with enthusiasm. The action-oriented Aries Moon is in harmony with the Gemini Sun, a near perfect scenario for eager beavers. However, soon the Moon is at odds with Mars. Their cantankerous square gives some folks a case of early morning trepidation. Fear of a false start or criticism from close associates dampens enthusiasm but resistance and insecurities are both quickly forgotten. There’s ample energy available for getting over the mid-week hump. Be alert to mental Mercury’s square with Neptune. Forgetfulness and wishful thinking can lead to problems. Double-check important data, schedules and messages. Be quick to clear up any questions or confusion. Watch out for those who make unsubstantiated or unrealistic claims. Despite the risks, creative thinking can be entertaining and enlightening.
Moon in Aries, Mercury square Neptune.

May 30: The morning hours are busy and with consistent effort, productive. Early on, the Aries Moon and Jupiter join forces to promote positive thinking and ambitious planning. Competitive souls are thrilled by new challenges and eager to be on the march. Complications set in by mid-morning as the Moon tests Jupiter. Power struggles and financial issues need to be faced and overcome. Try to remain composed and open to compromise. As luck would have it, loving Venus is harmonizing with Neptune. Although the Moon is void of course by midday, lunchtime meetings are promising. Kindness and empathy do much to ease doubts and worries. Tonight’s opposition between Mercury and Jupiter keeps hope alive. Be patient. Delays are only temporary.
Moon in Aries v/c 11:08AM-12:00AM, Venus sextile Neptune, Mercury opposite Jupiter. 

May 31: Less than an hour after midnight the waning Moon enters earthy Taurus. Because Uranus awaits the Moon in the early degrees of the sign, a strangely disquieting mood is felt. Sleep can be fitful. As dawn breaks anticipation of something wonderful happening may be entirely justified. On the other hand, for those seeking rock solid security uncertainties can be nerve-wracking. Fortunately Venus is in a stabilizing trine to Saturn. Bonds of affection are strengthened. Enduring love is a source of comfort, pride and pleasure. Loyalty is prized, as are solid social skills. Energy levels stay upbeat into the evening. The Moon engages fiery Mars in a handy sextile aspect, strengthening ties between people with common interests and sympathies. 
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-12:43AM Moon enters Taurus, Venus trine Saturn.