Musings: The Future Of Healthcare Is Where MRNA Technology Meets Energy Medicine

Molecule Body Concept Of The Human Dna“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” — Arthur C. Clarke

To vax or not to vax. That is the question of our time.

Despite plenty of evidence cited both in support of and to the contrary, there is no question in my mind that the COVID vaccine has quelled the pandemic to the point we can live somewhat normally again, and will continue to do so as more people are vaccinated. While I found myself resistant at first to getting this new Frankenstein technology injected into my body when I haven’t had a vaccination of any kind since childhood, I soon realized that the mRNA vaccine was the safest, quickest and most effective way to quell a viral global pandemic. Even if I believed that COVID presented no threat to my own health, getting the vaccine greatly reduces my chances of becoming a host and unknowingly passing it onto another person, much less a loved one. The only way to overcome a pandemic is to reduce or eliminate host sites — preferably while still keeping everyone alive.

According to genetics and biotech author Caroline Seydel in “The New Corona Vaccine is Changing the Future of Medicine” (, “The two new vaccines are the first ever to use mRNA, which stands for ‘messenger RNA.’ The vaccine slips a new strand of mRNA into the cell, like an extra page in the blueprint. This mRNA contains the instructions for making the coronavirus spike protein, and the cell reads it the same way it reads its own mRNAs, using it to build the viral protein. The immune system recognizes that protein as foreign, and starts making antibodies against it. Then, if you’re exposed to the actual virus, those antibodies will be available to stop the infection. Astonishingly, in animal tests, mRNA vaccines appear to induce immunity that lasts much longer than live virus vaccines.”

Decades in the making, this research is already being rapidly deployed not just for COVID vaccines, but in place of gene-editing therapy, which is responsible for such miraculous cures as releasing sickle cell disease patients from their hellish pain. But gene-editing therapy is a costly and invasive procedure for patients, requiring bone marrow removal and replacement. Reportedly, mRNA treatment for sickle cell could be accomplished with one single injection.

And why shouldn’t such miracles of medicine exist in this advanced technology age? The beauty of mRNA science is that it is infinitely customizable. Faced with the extremely contagious and quickly mutating nature of COVID-19, mRNA vaccine technology was already primed to quickly succeed in directly targeting a dangerous foe. While there will always be risk for some percentage of those in any activity, overall deaths and harm sustained from receiving the vaccine are a fraction of the numbers of unvaccinated COVID cases and deaths we now see. The correlation is clear.

Ironically, I am perhaps the most unlikely candidate to sing the praises of western medicine — and vaccines in particular — because of my robust success using only alternative healthcare for 35 years. In addition, over the past several years of aging into my sixties with health projects popping up faster than they used to, I have discovered that extraordinary, potent healing is available for these conditions through energy medicine modalities, particularly remote healing.

All humans are connected to an etheric energy web, and through this web to each other. We access remote healing by tapping into this network through any number of vibrational healing modalities or other activities, and in doing so, affirm our intention to heal a specific dis-ease, or symptom energetically. Once vibrational balance has been re-established, the physical, mental or emotional illness in the body heals as well. We can learn to access this web ourselves, or allow others who are more practiced to facilitate that connection for us. Anyone can learn.

And I believe everyone will, given time. In addition to the mRNA miracles of modern medical research, the future of mainstream healthcare is poised to embrace what is innately coded into our DNA and already used for healing by millions. You can be the driver of your own wellness. Various treatments and protocols in addition to vaccines are able to treat, mitigate or prevent COVID, such as homeopathy, customized supplement/drug compounds, and vibrational medicine, but just like vaccines, none of these protocols are a silver bullet nor 100% effective.

These therapies also require a re-education of both professional and general populations before they can be effective on a large scale, which is all the more reason why government and mainstream media censorship of alternative health information is a direct threat to our health and well-being. Instead of being labeled as dangerous health misinformation, we need deeper and broader discussions about healing options if our healthcare is to evolve to its highest potential. If only the vaccine narrative of COVID treatment is allowed to circulate, what happens to all the other emerging life-changing medicines and protocols that may be even more valuable to humanity than vaccines — less expensive, more accessible, with mild to no side effects?

Media gatekeepers and government censorship have intentionally prevented important health information from reaching the public’s awareness for generations, such as the dangers of tobacco, lead, asbestos and trans fats in our daily lives, resulting in the needless deaths and disabilities of countless people. We are currently facing a similar situation with the ubiquitous and seemingly benign intrusion of 5G wireless technology into every nook and cranny of our lives.

For decades the rumors of cell phones causing cancer have persisted, yet only now the details are emerging of how true those rumors are. In a historic decision on August, 13, 2021, United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ordered the FCC to explain why it ignored scientific evidence showing harm from wireless radiation in a lawsuit, discussed in this issue’s interview with EMF expert Cece Doucette. How much scientific data exists showing biological harm from wireless radiation, and why has it been suppressed? Explore the inconvenient truths of 5G wireless technology and what you can do about it now that our world can’t imagine life without wireless.

It’s been a really tough year with COVID lockdowns, loss of routines, lack of social contact, mind-bending misinformation overload, and now this about wireless. Take a break; it’s not all bad. In The Book of Forgiving, Desmond Tutu reminds us, “Our nature is goodness…We live lives surrounded by so much love, kindness and trust that we forget it is remarkable.”

Make time for your mental health. If we’ve learned anything over these past eighteen months, it’s that everything is subject to change, schedules can be more flexible than you ever imagined, and it’s possible to set 30 minutes into each day to take care of your own health. Whether it’s yoga, meditation, exercise, journaling, praying, energy healing, walking — those things that have the potential to put you in touch with your body’s own healing intelligence are the activities you want to invest in to build your body’s immunity. The next virus will come, so the time to prepare is now.

Carol Bedrosian is the publisher of Spirit of Change Magazine.