November 2014 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for November 2014

November 1: The laid back morning hours provide a great opportunity to catch up on sleep or if you're so inclined, chores and errands. Under the auspices of mental Mercury's sextile to Jupiter, getting in touch with friends and neighbors, or doing some creative writing are also timely activities. Shortly after noon the Moon settles into Pisces and the day gains a second wind. Energizing planetary alignments foster social intrigue and pleasing evening diversions. Myth and fantasy are alive and well. Let gut hunches guide you. Tonight could well see a fairy tale ending. Moon in Aquarius v/c 2:22AM-12:37PM Moon enters Pisces, Mercury sextile Jupiter, Venus sextile PLuto, Mars sextile Neptune.

November 2: Pisces Moon time often awakens the lyrical poet or artist in each of us. Emotional sensitivities also increase. Empathic and artistic tendencies are especially notable early this morning as the Moon harmonizes with loving Venus. Throughout the day Mother Nature is a healing balm and source of inspiration to souls in need of replenishment. Get outside, breathe the energizing fresh air. Go for a leisurely walk, jog, run, or bike ride. A paucity of planetary aspects during most of the day opens up a world of creative possibilities. Improvise. Follow the whimsical guidance of your adorable inner child on a journey of self-discovery. Moon in Pisces.

November 3: The waxing Pisces Moon slips into void of course mode during the darkness of the early, pre-dawn hours. As a result, it takes extra effort to wake up and get ready for the busy day ahead. The morning then sees unsteady, if any, progress. The early afternoon arrival of the Moon into Aries is a major mood changer. Lethargy quickly gives way to renewed passion and bright ambitions. The Scorpio Sun also forms a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn late this afternoon. The nifty alignment gives partnerships resilience and steely resolve. It also facilitates the wise and timely use of talents as well as financial resources. Do your best to take advantage of these fruitful hours. Don't press your advantage as evening turns to night. It's best to take a break from strenuous activities and get some rest. Moon in Pisces v/c 4:05AM-1:53PM Moon enters Aries, Sun sextile Pluto.

November 4: The Aries Moon tests Mars and then Pluto first thing this morning and then, shortly after noon, joins forces with unpredictable Uranus. There are surely going to be Election Day surprises! Many people are feeling desperate, fed up with the status quo and itching to see meaningful change. This applies across the political spectrum. Conservatives want to preserve their advantage at all costs. A more egalitarian sharing of resources and power seems desirable to progressives. Democracy only works if citizens educate themselves about the issues and vote their conscience. With passions running high due to the Moon's nearly full status, it's wise to stay calm but participate fully in life. Adventurous souls feel more than ready to explore new frontiers. Moon in Aries.

November 5: Early morning travel and communications may become snarled. The Aries Moon forms an opposition with Winged Mercury and then begins a void of course period that lasts until late afternoon. As a result the day can feel quite scattered at times. Words may not always come easily. Fuzzy logic typically experienced during a void of course period can give way to moments of creative, fantastical thinking. The past, and wisdom of the ancients may serve as a guiding polestar. As dusk falls the Moon sets up shop in earthy Taurus. Creature comforts and sensorial pleasures are vastly appealing tonight. Have yourself a wonderful moon bath. Moon in Aries v/c 8:25AM-4:33PM Moon enters Taurus.

November 6: Today unfolds at breathtaking speeds. The Moon waves the starter's flag via a sunrise trine with Mars. The energizing angle is one of several, culminating with the late afternoon Full "Beaver" Moon in Taurus. Both the Moon and Sun occupy money signs. The Sun in Scorpio is joined by Venus and Saturn. Sharing power, resources, love and responsibilities are practical, moral and spiritual concerns. Dignity and self-respect are at stake. Compromises in the workplace and later tonight, at home, may revitalize partnerships. Full "Beaver" Moon in Taurus 5:23PM.

November 7: Grudging acceptance is the lot of some souls this morning. Others may feel weary or depressed. The Taurus Moon is opposing Saturn, the dour planet of responsibility and commitment. Do what is required and make sure your effort is rock solid. The alignment can increase resolve and oversee a productive period of substantial gains, provided one puts in the work and time. By noon the Moon is void of course. Pressures ease and attention begins to wander. Under the more relaxed afternoon vibes thoughts may turn to planned weekend pleasures and other escapades. Pay close attention if you're out late. Moon in Taurus v/c 11:17AM-8:45PM Moon enters Gemini.

November 8: Many folks awaken with heads and eyes that are slow to clear. The Gemini Moon is testing Neptune during the pre-dawn hours and the confusing effects may linger for several hours. Mental Mercury also changes signs early this evening, adding to the lack of clarity. The stars do provide an uptick as darkness deepens. A lunar sextile to Uranus favors spontaneous happenings, friendly gatherings and mind-expanding experiences. If trying something new tickles your fancy, tonight is the time to go with your impulses. Moon in Gemini, Mercury enters Scorpio.

November 9: Cheerful Jupiter is busy lifting spirits, increasing comfort zones and boosting confidence. The Gemini Moon makes a merry late morning sextile to the giant planet. Be in touch with friends and relatives, far and near. Put communication devices to good use or spend time with favorite buddies. Many folks will enjoy a day trip. Hope and optimism are contagious. By noon the pace of the day mellows. However, Venus is forming a late afternoon square to Jupiter and the urge to have a good fun remains strong. If you go shopping it's best not to spend lavishly while the Moon is in void of course mode this afternoon and evening. Today's bargain could require a return trip to the store for an exchange or refund in the near future. Moon in Gemini v/c 11:22AM-12:00AM, Venus square Jupiter.

November 10: For many folks today's conjunction of Mars and Pluto prompts a leap forward. The potent pair, in the ambitious sign of Capricorn, will not compromise on quality, take "no" for an answer or give anything less than a maximum effort. The urge to do well may come from within or be egged on by partners. Watch your temper and remember to remain constructive. Even late tonight, when things ordinarily quiet down, compulsive night owls and other driven perfectionists will be putting in extra hours. Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-3:38AM Moon enters Cancer, Mars conjunct Pluto.

November 11: I dream of a day when at last the world is at peace and there are no more wounded or lost veterans for us to honor. Today's trine between mental Mercury and mystical Neptune may awaken other dreams, some equally idealistic and others with more immediate practical benefits. What's your dream? Harmonious trine alignments between the Scorpio Sun and Cancer Moon, as well as Mercury and Neptune, call on us to explore our secret visions and heartfelt longings. Feelings are tenderly felt. Expressing them in actions, words and art can be healing and empowering. Moon in Cancer, Mercury trine Neptune.

November 12: Things move slowly this morning as the Cancer Moon languishes void of course. Big decisions are afoot so pay close attention to the wanderings of your mind. Venus and the Sun are close to overtaking Saturn in Scorpio so pressing needs may intrude on daydreams. By early afternoon the Moon reaches Leo and energy levels pick up. Proceed cautiously though. Mars is at odds with Uranus and their tempestuous square can be tricky. Count to ten before acting on impulse. Extra care is advised around cars, computers, other electrical gear and hot-headed people. Moon in Cancer v/c 4:16AM-1:44PM Moon enters Leo, Venus conjunct Saturn, Mars square Uranus.

November 13: Today has lots of energy and enthusiasm. The playful Leo Moon is in a joyful trine with liberating Uranus. Feel free to express and celebrate personal quirks. Like individual snowflakes, we are all unique. Clairvoyant tendencies are activated. Follow up on gut hunches and pursue eclectic interests. Technology proves very useful. A career breakthrough could be spectacular. The Scorpio Sun also makes an important aspect this evening, a highly dramatic square to Jupiter. A simple gesture may seem exaggerated. Privacy needs compete with longings for attention and approval. Keepers of secrets could find their secrets exposed. Moon in Leo, Sun square Jupiter.

November 14: The early hours of the morning are the most cheerful, sun-filled part of the day. The Leo Moon is in a conjunction with jolly Jupiter. Smiles and kind, encouraging words come easily. By late morning the last quarter phase of the Moon raises tensions. Because the Moon is testing the Scorpio Sun, Saturn and Venus, resentments are likely to surface today. Rather than simply complain, look for intelligent ways to equitably share burdens and responsibilities, as well as the rewards and financial compensation that are the products of teamwork. Be disciplined about leaving work at the workplace, the better to enjoy time with loved ones tonight. Last Quarter Moon in Leo 10:15AM, Moon in Leo v/c 9:53PM-12:00AM.

November 15: Weekend clean-ups as well as other assorted chores and errands receive a timely assist from the very particular Virgo Moon. If you've been putting off leaf raking, getting out cold weather clothes and other seasonal tasks, now is the time. However, this is not just another ho hum weekend day. An intriguing midday lunar opposition with Neptune adds notes of mystery and perhaps divine intervention to ordinary activities. You may want to make time for a side excursion into Mother Nature, a visit to a museum, art gallery or New Age gathering, or look in on an incapacitated friend. Interesting folks are about tonight. Check out the social scene. Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-2:08AM Moon enters Virgo.

November 16: Dreamtime messages ring loud and clear as Neptune resumes forward motion during the wee hours of the morning. The mysterious planet, now in Pisces, is a symbolic gateway to the astral and spiritual planes, so sensitive souls may feel more open and impressionable today. A fortunate and well-timed sextile between mental Mercury and perceptive Pluto enhances the ability to read people and situations. The Virgo Moon also chimes in, making this a fine day for healing on many levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. Venus enters free-spirited Sagittarius this afternoon and with the Moon moving into a harmonious alignment with the Scorpio Sun, good vibes prevail this evening and tonight. Moon in Virgo, Neptune Direct, Mercury sextile Pluto, Venus enters Sagittarius.

November 17: Early risers dutifully go about the business of preparing for the new working week. However, just before sunrise the Virgo Moon goes void of course and as is often the case, the day then moves at a snail's pace. Indecision and a lack of perspective can be obstacles to progress. It isn't until mid-afternoon, when the Moon enters Libra, that focus returns and the pace picks up. Lunar harmony with Venus in Sagittarius helps us happily make up for any time lost earlier in the day. The Scorpio Sun is fast approaching an exact conjunction with Saturn. The "necessity is the mother of invention" pairing is enough to warrant putting in extra hours tonight. Moon in Virgo v/c 6:11AM-2:30PM Moon enters Libra.

November 18: The Scorpio Sun's annual conjunction with Saturn occurs during the early morning hours. If you've been wrestling with a decision, struggling to meet obligations or wondering whether a relationship is right for you, that "make it or break it" time is here. At best, Saturn is a masterful teacher, revealing priorities and clarifying game plans. Things that end now are meant to end. Following every ending comes a new beginning. If you've done your best and must now choose to walk away, do so content with what you've learned and accomplished. Today's challenging lunar aspects provide little comfort. Clarity can only come from within. Moon in Libra, Sun conjunct Saturn.

November 19: The day dawns bright with promise. Minds get caught up with bold ideas and daring plans. A new relationship may seem a match made in heaven. By mid-morning however, the Libra Moon is orbiting void of course and that early glow could lose some of its luster. Partners may fail to show up or make good on a promise. It could become necessary to delay a plan. If so, be patient and return your attention to taking care of more routine matters. Consider your options but hold off on making major strategic shifts or expensive purchases and investments for now. Creative and design work may be quite inspired, and soul-searching, especially if shared with others, a fruitful exercise. Moon in Libra v/c 9:25AM-12:00AM.

November 20: Loving Venus is at odds with Neptune this morning and certain precautions are advised. Don't be too trusting. Keep a watchful eye on valuable financial assets and items of value, sentimental or otherwise. In business and spiritual matters deal only with those whose reputations are impeccable. In love it is also wise to protect one's heart. Again, choose your companions wisely. Luckily, the Scorpio Moon is in fine harmony with Neptune and Pluto. Put street smarts and intuitive faculties to good use, and spot trouble coming. It's late in the lunar cycle. Lowered energy is another good reason to steer clear of untenable, no-win situations, no matter how tempting. Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-12:31AM Moon enters Scorpio, Venus square Neptune.

November 21: The waning Scorpio Moon, now barely a sliver, overtakes mental Mercury early this afternoon. The pairing of these two stars provides laser like precision when it comes to mental activity. Manual dexterity is also notable. As both planets are also in favorable angles with fiery Mars, the first half of the day holds exceptional potential for endeavors that require a quick mind and sure-handedness. Auto mechanics, mathematicians, surgeons, business people and athletes are at the top of their game. With the Moon now at the final day of its cycle, it's best to attend to unfinished tasks rather than begin new projects. Be sure to rest and relax tonight. Moon in Scorpio, Mercury sextile Mars.

November 22: The Sun enters philosophical Sagittarius early this morning and joins forces with the Moon and Venus. Close by, in late Scorpio, are Saturn and Mercury. The New Moon in Sagittarius occurs amidst this powerful grouping, featuring five of the ten planets. What a dramatic launch for the holiday season! If you are making plans for an upcoming gathering, be sure to leave extra time for travel delays and other complications. Weather may be a factor. Take precautions against a misunderstanding or missed connection. Double-check schedules and all other arrangements. A party tonight is quite festive. Conversations are informative, funny and amusing. Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:53AM-7:19AM Moon enters Sagittarius, New Moon in Sagittarius 7:32AM, Sun enters Sagittarius, Mercury square Jupiter.

November 23: Be ready for adventure, to fly by the seat of your pants, to make new friends and push back the walls of ignorance and unfounded fears. The Cosmos signals "all systems go" via a vibrant fire sign Grand Trine. The Sagittarius Moon is positively aligned this morning with Uranus and Jupiter tonight. Spontaneous learning opportunities are abundant and all around us. All it takes is an open mind and a willing heart. This is a great day to be on the move, physically, mentally and spiritually but be sure to recharge your low batteries late tonight. Moon in Sagittarius v/c 10:16PM-12:00AM.

November 24: Re-entry into the work week proceeds slowly this morning. The void of course Sagittarius Moon can feel relaxing but inattention may lead to bigger problems. As the Fates have it, mental Mercury is overtaking serious Saturn, so certain responsibilities are never far from our imaginings. Whether it's a professional matter or the shopping list for the upcoming holiday dinner table, staying up to speed with current responsibilities is desirable. Managing obligations is easier the second half of today. By noon the Moon finds her place in dutiful Capricorn. Roll up your shirtsleeves and put in a solid effort. Evening recreation is supported by an entrancing lunar sextile to Neptune. Creative and romantic activities are favored. Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-11:31AM Moon enters Capricorn.

November 25: The morning hours can feel like a pressure cooker. The Capricorn Moon is conjunct obsessive Pluto and square to eccentric Uranus. Even those folks who feel like working will most likely be beset by unexpected distractions and crises. Stay calm. Storm clouds will pass. Tonight's Mercury conjunction with Saturn is not a particularly good omen for travel. If you have to be on the move, expect delays. The same pair of stars does intensify mental concentration; just be sure to accentuate positives and not fall prey to negative thinking. Even with delays, the Moon's proximity to spark plug Mars gives everyone who stays up late a second wind. Moon in Capricorn, Mercury conjunct Saturn.

November 26: For millions of people traveling to Thanksgiving destinations, and those busy running last minute shopping errands, serendipitous trends facilitate smooth traveling and friendly vibes. If you can, get an early start. The Capricorn Moon is conjunct Mars and sextile both winged Mercury and Saturn. Efficient use of time and resources is on everyone's mind. A trine between Venus and Uranus accounts for openness and acceptance towards our companions on this fair Earth. The happy pair preside over evening get togethers. Affections are evident. Those folks who are still traveling towards midnight need to be careful. The Sun's square with Neptune merits extra caution on the roadways and especially near bodies of water. If you encounter fog or mist, slow down. Moon in Capricorn v/c 10:30AM-2:23PM Moon enters Aquarius, Venus trine Uranus, Sun square Neptune.

November 27: Happy Thanksgiving! More than 2,000 years ago in ancient Rome, long before President Lincoln declared a national day of Thanksgiving, the statesman Cicero noted, "Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others." With today's egalitarian Aquarius Moon favorably aligned to Uranus and Venus, there is truly a cornucopia of gratitude and good will to share with family and friends. The festive atmosphere grows stronger tonight, when mental Mercury slips into optimistic Sagittarius. See the best in people, share good times and dream big! Moon in Aquarius, Mercury enters Sagittarius.

November 28: The Aquarius Moon is part of a tense T-square configuration, opposite Jupiter and in square to Saturn. Regrets, doubts and disappointments are keenly felt. Don't be too hard on yourself. Even if a perceived lack or failure haunts you, resolve to do better the next time around. Life is, in the end, a learning experience. A void of course Moon period dominates after noon. By evening the Moon has reached Pisces. Feelings remain ultra sensitive. Finding the right words to say precisely what you mean is daunting as the Moon is also testing mental Mercury. Do your best. Making the effort to communicate and in many instances, just being there, is a gift to share quietly with loved ones and those on need. Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:14PM-5:03PM Moon enters Pisces.

November 29: Dreams are fascinating and possibly illuminating spiritual sideshows, even though sleep may be fitful. As dawn breaks the celestial energies grow calmer. The Pisces Moon has passed the more stressed out First Quarter phase and is approaching a soothing sextile with Pluto. The midday aspect is a Cosmic gift to value seeking shoppers as well as those looking for more meaning in life. Invest in your own health. Begin a diet, workout regimen or have a massage. The effects are powerful. Tonight's social scene is fairly active and entertaining, although with the Moon testing Venus, sensitive souls may feel strangely disconnected. Private time is more suitable for some. Moon in Pisces, First Quarter Moon in Pisces 5:06AM.

November 30: Mixed influences find some folks busily engaged with family obligations and other responsibilities while others are happy to enjoy the day goofing off and relaxing. In either case, instincts and emotions play a guiding role. The Pisces Moon, no stranger to escapist diversions, works in league with Mars and Saturn, two planets mindful of timely performance of chores and duties. Mental Mercury, on the other hand, is at odds with way out Neptune. Minds are impressionable, and apt to drift throughout the day. If you're traveling, use due caution. If your feet are firmly planted, a hike or walk through a park or museum is inspirational. Reading and movies are also tempting pastimes. Moon in Pisces v/c 3:47PM-8:14PM Moon enters Aries, Mercury square Neptune.