November 2015 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for November 2015

November 1: The morning's contrasting celestial influences find some folks steadfastly optimistic while others gamely struggle to have things go their way. Seeing the good, whether stuck in a stressful impasse or faced with an unnerving situation, leads to positive developments, but don't force the pace. Sudden moves carry risks. Adapt your plans as needed. Calmer, more loving vibes increase later in the day. After nightfall the Cancer Moon is in sextile with both loving Venus and sexy Mars. Share and savor the warm coziness of a familiar haunt or stay home. Head into the kitchen and whip up a healthy seasonal treat. There's nothing like whiling away a few hours curled up on the sofa with your special someone or four-legged buddy.
Moon in Cancer v/c 10:35PM-12:00AM, Standard Time begins 2:00AM.

November 2: Mercury and the Moon begin the day at odds. During the wee hours of the morning the winged messenger quietly slips into Scorpio and the Moon enters Leo as midday nears. Their testing square may find some folks faced with a communications breakdown. Finding the right words could be tough but don't stop trying. The afternoon brings vastly improved moods. Momentum returns and productivity increases. It's a good time to meet with bosses, elders and other authority figures and to make important decisions. The day is capped off by a delightfully passionate conjunction of Venus and Mars. Happiness, gratitude and celebrations make the world turn tonight.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-10:48AM Moon enters Leo, Mercury enters Scorpio, Venus conjunct Mars.

November 3: There's a powerful Last Quarter Leo Moon to contend with early this morning. For some, the aspect is motivating. Others find it difficult to cooperate. Stubborn pride can be burdensome. It may be necessary to temporarily forego individual preferences in the interest of keeping the peace with partners. Any friction soon dissipates and the day proceeds with more easy-going and confident grace. A lunar trine to Uranus during the evening helps foster teamwork as well as giddy anticipation of better days ahead. The trine also increases intuitive awareness. Pay attention to psychic impressions, esoteric symbols, spirit messengers and gut hunches. Spur of the moment action is encouraged. The Moon goes void of course tonight, slowing life to a more relaxed and restful pace.
Moon in Leo, Last Quarter Moon in Leo 7:24AM, Moon in Leo v/c 8:46PM-12:00AM.

November 4: A void of course Leo Moon period extends throughout nearly the entire day, from midnight until well after dark. Lunar inactivity, coupled with a lack of planetary aspects produces a low key yet creative atmosphere. Because Leo is also a sign connected with leadership, this is a good time to note inner longings and follow your heart. If you do, self-respect is likely to grow. As with any void of course Moon, it's best to take some precautions. Avoid starting new projects, making expensive purchases and investments, or critical decisions. There are better opportunities for moving ahead later in the week.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-9:22PM Moon enters Virgo.

November 5: Early risers must contend with a lunar square to Saturn. The sobering aspect can sap vitality and bring worries. Fortunately, the Virgo Moon soon brightens outlooks and expedites travel and communications via a constructive sextile with Mercury. Make your good intentions known today. A late morning lunar opposition to Neptune awakens charitable impulses but the alignment can also lead some folks into a quagmire of daydreams, excuse making and what ifs. The Sun and Pluto are also forming a potent sextile which is exact late tonight. This "two heads are better than one" alignment enables partners, friends and co-workers to share key information and give one another valuable feedback. Coordinated efforts, talents and resources are formidable.
Moon in Virgo, Sun sextile Pluto.

November 6: On this bright, cheerful morning the fires of idealism are burning, fueled by mental Mercury's sextile with Neptune and a lunar conjunction with Jupiter. Think big. Dare to dream. Make ambitious plans. The Virgo Moon supports meticulous attention to detail in all matters, big and small. The wrap up of the working week is thus very fruitful. Follow your social inclinations this evening. New friendships are likely to form and old ones blossom as the Moon, Mars and Venus are all approaching the lunar north node at the first degree of Libra, the balancing sign of marriage, peace, love, and beauty. Be at your charming best!
Moon in Virgo, Mercury trine Neptune.

November 7: The early morning hours sizzle with love's sweetness. Overhead there's an especially fine celestial show. Look to the southeast before dawn. Jupiter, Mars, Venus and the Moon are the morning stars. The curve of a loved one's cheek, the promise of sunrise, a trilling bird or squawking jay, mist on a meadow and other examples of Mother Nature's artistry inspire and soothe. The Virgo Moon passes by Mars and loving Venus, then goes void of course for a few hours respite, making the mid-morning period a good time to catch up on sleep. By late morning the Moon is in Libra and the day takes a different tack. It may become clear that a certain partnership is paramount among all others. Good form, civility and decorum are called for tonight.
Moon in Virgo v/c 7:47AM-10:14AM Moon enters Libra.

November 8: Gracious Venus enters her own sign of Libra this morning and as she does, passes over the lunar north node, the cosmos' version of a direction sign on life's highway. With Libra's balancing qualities emphasized, the way forward requires care and consideration of others as well as a willingness to make compromises. Diplomatic skills are sorely needed during the second half of the day as the Libra Moon is at odds with Pluto and Uranus. Threats and ultimatums may be intimidating but they won't lead to meaningful progress. Today, love is the entry pass to any worthwhile destination or lasting solution. Expect an inconvenient change of plans tonight. Being ready to stop, take a breath and suggest alternative options reduces stress levels. The late night atmosphere is very quiet as the Moon travels void of course.
Moon in Libra v/c 9:42PM-12:00AM, Venus enters Libra.

November 9: We're very late in the monthly lunar cycle and the waning Libra Moon is void of course almost the entire day. Many folks feel as though they are sleepwalking as the new week gets under way. Life may appear to play out in slow motion. Indecision can plague minds. It is a good time for pursuing creative outlets. Through self-expression, including brainstorming sessions with partners and associates, important realizations may be made. Strategies leading to future successes are another possibility. The time isn't yet quite right to implement plans, but don't overlook today's discoveries. Keep them under your hat until later in the week.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-11:02PM Moon enters Scorpio.

November 10: A treasure trove of solidly sensible ideas are available today. A pair of planetary sextile alignments, Mercury's to Pluto and the Scorpio Sun's with Jupiter, inspire broad minded and at times, revolutionary thinking. Welcome alternative viewpoints. Broaden your mind. It turns out there are workable solutions to multiple challenges. Talents and resources can be put to excellent use. Dare to dream. The Scorpio Moon forms a midday trine to Neptune, the planet of fantasy and imagination. Creativity has a place in deliberations, too. No matter how brilliant and well-conceived your plans, it's best to be patient. Energy may be lacking. Hold off on launching new projects until tomorrow's New Moon.
Moon in Scorpio, Mercury sextile Pluto, Sun sextile Jupiter.

November 11: With a New Moon in Scorpio, the sign of death and transformation, there are sure to be some thoughtful as well as poignant moments of reflection today. The morning hours roll by quickly. The Moon passes by Mercury, quickening minds and the senses. A late morning lunar sextile to Jupiter arouses patriotic sentiments but also triggers discussions of current events, political and spiritual beliefs, as well as emotional patterns. It takes awareness for attitudes and hearts to change. Don't hold back. Say your piece. The New Moon itself moves many people to think about their place in the cosmos, and their connections with kindred spirits. Look for common ground and work in tandem with others during the coming weeks.
Moon in Scorpio, New Moon in Scorpio 12:47PM.

November 12: There are lapses, lulls and missing pieces to account for over the circuitous course of this long and eventful day. After beginning with a mighty push forward, by late-morning the Moon sets up shop in outspoken Sagittarius. However, she has little noticeable effect until late afternoon. By then feisty Mars has arrived in Libra. The God of War's visits to the Sign of Marriage can spell trouble for some partnerships. However, other relationships may thrive with the infusion of new energy. Be sure to deliver advice respectfully and with tact. Be patient with loved ones. It's possible to deftly combine business with pleasurable interests during the evening dinnertime hours. Fatigue may set in early though. Take extra care of valuable personal items as midnight nears.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 9:54AM-10:14AM Moon enters Sagittarius, Mars enters Libra.

November 13: While I question the Universe's awareness of TGIF sentiments, the stars are certainly serving up a healthy dose of it today. A midday sextile between Venus and Saturn highlights the many joys of doing good work but shortly afterwards, during the early afternoon, Mercury's sextile to Jupiter ushers in a different mood. Those folks still focused on tending to business will address responsibilities with confidence and zeal but those eyeing the weekend will easily find their attention drawn elsewhere. The "grass is greener" is one of Jupiter's unending temptations, and with a lunar sextile to freedom-loving Uranus under way, it may be hard to contain wanderlust. The evening hours are great for mingling but watch out for a tendency to over-indulge.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 10:18PM-12:00AM, Venus sextile Saturn, Mercury sextile Jupiter.

November 14: We're in for a low-key fall morning as the Sagittarius Moon travels void of course. Actually, the lazy, void of course period extends all the way into evening, when the Moon at last enters industrious Capricorn. As loyal readers know, the void of course Moon lends itself to tackling creative projects, personal introspection and other inner growth work. It is less suited for making expensive purchases and important decisions. Keep your options open today, and go with the flow. Even after the Moon reaches the Sign of the Goat the energetic flow is uneven. A lunar square with Mars in Libra can set couples to squabbling. Don't rush into anything today, including passing judgment. Proceed with a mind ready for learning and stay arm in arm with partners.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-7:21PM Moon enters Capricorn.

November 15: Waking up to the Capricorn Moon's sextile with Neptune can make the world seem a wondrous place, worthy of deep gratitude as much as amazement. The impulse to share is also strong this morning. Those who sleep late may miss this magical interlude yet enjoy fabulous dreams. After noon the Moon is headed into a conjunction with Pluto, the tiny planet of great extremes. Whether pleasant or uncomfortable, happy or sad, feelings are more intense later in the day. Emotional responses and obsessive thoughts are unlikely to be lukewarm. Fight the good fight. Take the high road. Maintain your inner poise and equilibrium tonight, a fine time to put spiritual practices and psychological understanding to good use.
Moon in Capricorn.

November 16: A lunar square with Uranus gives some folks a restless night but as dawn breaks calming trends arrive. The ambitious Capricorn Moon finds harmony with auspicious Jupiter. Spirits feel renewed and eager to meet the new day. Positives are emphasized. Additional planetary influences foster an excellent climate for tackling projects and negotiating with demanding partners. These productive trends last into the late afternoon when a void of course Moon period begins. Concentrate on completing the bulk of your work before the Cosmos shifts gears. The latter part of the day moves more slowly and feels less motivated, which can be good for taking time to regroup, rest and relax. The now waxing Moon guarantees that there'll be chances to make up for any lost time during the next ten days.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 3:53PM-12:00AM.

November 17: We're off on a brisk adventure. The Aquarius Moon forms an enlivening early morning trine to Mars and closes out the day with another trine, this one to loving Venus. In between, Mercury and the Sun join forces in Scorpio to stimulate mental and intuitive faculties. Powers of observation, memory and intuition are acute. Put them to good use making the world function more efficiently. Because Aquarius is connected with the future, and the Moon is also favorably disposed towards Saturn, the lessons of the past can easily be applied to current and as well as anticipated challenges. After a notably productive day, celebrate your good fortune with favorite companions tonight when, courtesy of Venus, moods are warm and cheerful.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-2:24AM Moon enters Aquarius, Sun conjunct Mercury.

November 18: In the far off outer reaches of our solar system, Neptune resumes forward motion today after having been retrograde since last June. The planet of mystery, magic, confusion and unconditional love is in a precarious position, tested by stern Saturn. Stay alert. Gossip, rumors, distortions and outright lies can easily mislead. Luckily, the Aquarius Moon's morning sextile with Uranus conveys a different kind of knowing, born out of pure intuition. It may be time to gather friends and move together to manifest a shared dream. As night deepens the approaching First Quarter Moon can raise tensions. Freedom loving eccentrics, inventors and rebels will have to confront financial and social realities.
Moon in Aquarius, Neptune Direct.

November 19: Sleep could be fitful as overhead the Aquarius Moon clashes with the Scorpio Sun and Mercury. Shortly after sunrise the Moon quietly slips into sensitive Pisces. Here she activates the challenging square between Neptune and Saturn. Confidence may be shaken. Instructions can seem confusing, preparation inadequate and goals unreachable. Fine tune your strategies. Wholesale revisions are probably not necessary. Strive for simplicity and clear communications. Avoid distractions. Keep essential needs and desired results clear in your mind. The evening hours see the Moon conjunct Neptune. Magic returns. Let your hair down, put your feet up and enjoy a convenient escape from pressing reality.
Moon in Aquarius, First Quarter Moon in Aquarius 1:27AM, Moon in Aquarius v/c 3:19AM-7:21AM Moon enters Pisces.

November 20: Intentions are clear early this morning. However, the midday period requires paying extra close attention. Mental Mercury changes signs during the afternoon, leaving Scorpio and arriving in Sagittarius. For some, the Winged Messenger's sign change can be disorienting, feeling for a few hours similar to a retrograde. Be sure to hold your course. The Pisces Moon's opposition with Jupiter helps out, bestowing cheerful attitudes as well as big expectations at the close of working hours. Tonight finds Venus testing Pluto. Their square aspect can trigger bouts of jealousy and other controlling behaviors. Be nice or you could soon be saying goodbye to a love.
Moon in Pisces, Mercury enters Sagittarius, Venus square Pluto.

November 21: There's an easy-going vibe going this morning. A couple of hours before midday the void of course Moon smoothly makes the jump from Pisces into Aries, while harmonizing with the Sun and Mercury. The late morning and noon hour are a perfect juncture for wide-ranging discussions as well as gadding about the neighborhood. An agreeable, "life is good" atmosphere carries both sensitive souls and brave, pioneering spirits deftly into the mid-afternoon hours. As evening nears the Moon is at odds with Mars. Nerves are on edge and some tongues are likely to grow sharp. Tact and patience are called for. Later, a lunar trine to Saturn helps to keep disagreements from becoming full blown arguments. Let cooler, more experienced heads prevail tonight.
Moon in Pisces v/c 8:23AM-10:12AM Moon enters Aries.

November 22: This morning the Aries Moon takes a dizzying course reminiscent of a bouncing polished steel pin ball, testing Pluto and Venus and then finally finding herself in the pocket, cozied up with Uranus. The early afternoon's lunar conjunction with the quirky planet of surprises also marks the start of a lengthy void of course Moon period. There is a pressing need to know more about others and share secret passions. Some discoveries feel quite revelatory and gratifying, bringing partners closer together. Truth can indeed set people free today. This theme is reinforced by the Sun's arrival in Sagittarius, the cheerfully outspoken sign of knowledge and honesty.
Moon in Aries v/c 2:16PM-12:00AM, Sun enters Sagittarius.

November 23: The waxing Moon is void of course until just before midday. As a result, the morning hours can seem to drag. Noon brings a resurgence. The Moon settles into Taurus and true to the sign's symbol, the Bull, things seem to once again be pulled or pushed along. Some folks may require extra prodding. Progress may not immediately appear to be remarkable, but it will be steady. Venus is also active, making a late afternoon opposition to Uranus. Impulse shoppers are on the loose. Love can be an unpredictable game. Plans may change. Some partnerships face serious crises, others seem to be reborn. A pending angle between Mars and Saturn helps stabilize many alliances. Carefully consider long range goals and security needs before making any rash decisions.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-11:26AM Moon enters Taurus, Venus opposite Uranus.

November 24: With Full Moon fever quickly rising, today's Taurus Moon serves as a calming influence. In fact, the earthy Moon is one corner of a fabulously grounding grand trine configuration, along with Jupiter and Pluto. This alignment is a positive omen for all material plane dealings as well as psychological healing and spiritual evolution. Mental Mercury makes a conjunction with dour Saturn tonight, a stern reminder that hard work, longtime traditions and enduring loyalties command an honored place of respect. However, Mercury is also in a testing angle with Neptune so play it safe if you are en route to a holiday destination. Keep a watchful eye on weather reports, travel delays and valuable personal items.
Moon in Taurus v/c 8:26PM-12:00AM, Mars sextile Saturn, Mercury conjunct Saturn.

November 25: This year's pre-Thanksgiving travel crush is likely to be epic. The astrological indicators are go, go, go, with some reservations. During the morning mental Mercury, one of the key travel planets, is in an enlivening sextile with fiery Mars. Excitement is in the air. Minds work swiftly and decisively. Hearts feel energized. However, be careful not to forget anything or leave anyone behind as the Moon is flying void of course. Minutes after noon Luna reaches Gemini where she is full at 5:44PM Eastern Time. If you are on the road expect delays. The Full Moon is part of a tricky configuration. Extra care and attention to road signs and messages, as all as common sense safety precautions are recommended. Rain, fog and cold weather and careless mistakes can cause slowdowns tonight.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-12:15PM Moon enters Gemini, Full Moon in Gemini 5:44PM, Mercury square Neptune, Mercury sextile Mars.

November 26: Happy Thanksgiving! There's much to appreciate on this day of gatherings and gratitude. Saturn is forming an exact square with Neptune early this morning. The aspect can be a source of illogical confusion, discontent and/or an agent of spiritual realization. If you're busy in the kitchen make sure you don't forget a key ingredient or accidentally use the wrong one. If the loss of a loved one is troubling your heart, take comfort in the memories you shared. The spirits of protective ancestors may draw close as the planets of karma and mystery tangle. A string of uplifting lunar aspects enriches the late afternoon and evening atmosphere. With the Moon in Gemini, moods are gregarious, conversations scintillate and appetites are hearty. The Moon begins a void of course period late tonight, in time to digest and relax before sleeping.
Moon in Gemini v/c 10:35PM-12:00AM, Saturn square Neptune.

November 27: The astrological indicators are eerily quiet. The Gemini Moon starts the day void of course. Many folks feel physically sluggish after over-indulging yesterday. Minds vacillate. Black Friday shoppers take note, even sale items can disappoint. The auspices for making successful purchases take a positive turn when the Moon enters Cancer during the mid-afternoon. Allow your imagination to guide you. Take time to visit a cherished sentimental spot or pursue a favorite passion. Family members and close friends are sources of inspiration. Tender moments are shared. Movies and other art forms are hugely satisfying tonight.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-2:27PM Moon enters Cancer.

November 28: Today's Cancer Moon activates nesting instincts and protective territorial urges. Loyalty to family, friends and allies is notable. However, ties could be severely strained at times as the Moon is part of a highly challenging Grand Square, opposite Pluto and at odds with Uranus and Mars. Lingering flashpoint issues may surface. Whenever possible, avoid confrontations. Competitions are pointless. No matter how discordant, the powerful energies can be put to good use. Dedicate your time and energy to healing relationships, growing new ties and cooperating with others. Evening plans are likely to change or fall through but alternate choices turn out to be thoroughly enjoyable.
Moon in Cancer.

November 29: The Sagittarius Sun aligns with Saturn while both stars test Neptune. The truth, always subjective, is vulnerable to gross distortion. Stories and even visual records like photos and videos can easily misrepresent the facts. Be wary of false propaganda. Don't make assumptions. The Cancer Moon is journeying void of course from early morning until after nightfall. The lazy atmosphere is perfect for chilling out at home but do your homework when it comes to making important commitments. Hold on to your money. Use the internet and your network of friends to make inquiries, acquire information and evaluate reviews. This evening the Moon reaches Leo, re-energizing spirits and fostering playful moods. Check in with your inner child before going to sleep.
Moon in Cancer v/c 7:46AM-7:47PM Moon enters Leo, Sun square Neptune, Sun conjunct Saturn.

November 30: Smooth sailing, at last! The Leo Moon aligns with Saturn and the Sun this morning, promoting "take charge" confidence and restoring faith in wise, respected leaders. The trio of stars, along with Mercury and Uranus, are all part of an encouraging grand trine in fire signs. It feels natural to do the "right" thing. Mars also plays a supportive role. Cutting edge technology and progressive ideas add to today's potential. Teamwork is empowered. Take advantage of these fruitful trends. Put smartphones and computers to good use and vigorously pursue goals with like-minded friends and allies. Take note of tonight's many bright ideas for future reference.
Moon in Leo.