November 2016 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for November 2016

November 1: The capacity of dreams and creative ideas to comfort, inspire and transform life is unlimited during the wee hours of the morning. A spiritual window is open as the Sun makes a trine to Neptune. Make note of the best and brightest impressions and save them for future reference. With the Scorpio Moon void of course the early going is physically and emotionally sluggish but let your imagination run free. A sea change occurs during the late morning, when the Moon enters Sagittarius. The effect is subtle, at first barely perceptible, but moods gradually lighten and become gregarious during the more energized second half of the day. Give some thought to upcoming travel plans and make provisions for possible complications.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00am-10:43am Moon enters Sagittarius, Sun trine Neptune.

November 2: Spirits are high and infused with big ideas this morning. Optimism is irrepressible. Friendly gestures are appreciated. With Mercury moving into a favorable sextile angle with Pluto there are practical advantages in cultivating good ties. Hearts and minds are receptive, open to negotiating and finding mutually beneficial solutions. Even if agreements cannot be reached immediately, don’t give up. A late afternoon conjunction of the Sagittarius Moon and Saturn may delay a plan but it won’t necessarily deny it. Victory goes to those who persist. Where there is a clearly defined goal, there is a way to reach it.
Moon in Sagittarius.

November 3: Early birds are treated to fresh, original ideas. However, as brilliant and innovative a thought might be, some things will have to wait. Today’s planetary activity ceases before sunrise, when the Sagittarius Moon begins a lengthy void of course period. During this less focused part of the day it is best to hold off on new projects, decisions and purchases. Pay close attention to and stay on top of routine chores and responsibilities. Introspective work is favored for those who are able to go with the meandering flow. Creative output can be memorable, especially if stream of consciousness thinking taps into the uncharted depths of the psyche. The laid back mood extends until late tonight when the Moon enters industrious Capricorn. Insomniacs may lie awake wrestling with practical matters.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 6:35am-11:05pm Moon enters Capricorn, Mercury sextile Pluto.

November 4: Today’s “business as usual” Capricorn Moon is a plus for anyone who is willing to put in a solid, daylong effort. Progress may be surprisingly easy during the afternoon. Draw on your powers of imagination along with the use of unconventional methods. A lunar nod to Neptune brings magical, spiritual and compassionate elements to the productive hours. The transition to tonight’s rich social atmosphere is smooth. Check out an exciting place that you’ve never been to before. It’s a great time to enjoy both longtime as well as new friendships. The festive party atmosphere carries over in to the wee hours of the morning. Lovebirds warble and sleep eventually comes to contented hearts.
Moon in Capricorn.

November 5: Lucky night owls may either be dazzled by a love at first sight experience or enriched via an enlightening epiphany of self-love. The rest of day, although less exhilarating, offers more chances for personal growth. A predawn lunar conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn arouses sleepers with a sense of being on a mission. Shrewd observers of life may also wonder how we come to define goals and measure success. Answers soon come. The Capricorn Moon engages mental Mercury during the early afternoon. Many folks are moved to have “deep” conversations with partners. Soulful longings are clarified, practical questions are answered. Evening sees the day take an unexpected turn when the Moon forms a square to unpredictable Uranus. Plans may be dashed and a night of improvising follows.
Moon in Capricorn, Venus trine Uranus.

November 6: Well before sunrise impatient roosters may crow in the dawn under a frisky Moon/Mars conjunction. However, the morning’s first light brings quiet as the Capricorn Moon finishes up a low key void of course period. Staying close to the nest, lazing in bed or just enjoying one’s hard won comforts feels natural. By late morning the Moon has moved into Aquarius and the urge to be sociable crystallizes. A pending sextile between the Scorpio Sun and Pluto points to gaining something of value from partners and friends. Pick a buddy’s mind. Learn something new. A pal could have relevant experience that makes a task easier, or insights into a difficult situation that lead to a satisfying resolution. Afternoon shoppers find numerous good deals.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 4:56am-8:55am Moon enters Aquarius.

November 7: An early morning sextile between the Scorpio Sun and Pluto sets the day off on a constructive track. Goals and priorities as well as the strategies needed to reach them are plain to see. A lunar trine to Jupiter helps launch the very fruitful first half of the day. Travelers make good time, communications are upbeat and higher-ups are available for consultation. Another helpful early afternoon alignment between the Aquarius Moon and Saturn facilitates business. Networking and decision-making are favored. Lunchtime discussions and meetings are productive. By mid-afternoon the First Quarter phase of the Moon changes the mood, raising stress levels. Money and power can be bones of contention. Don’t make matters worse by being stubborn. Tonight brings refreshingly different perspectives.
Moon in Aquarius, First Quarter Moon in Aquarius 2:51pm, Sun sextile Pluto.

November 8: At last, Election Day is here! The Aquarius Moon forms a pleasing morning sextile to Venus. Moods are cheerful and friendly as the day gets under way but the atmosphere soon changes. The Moon starts a lengthy void of course period that lasts until late afternoon. The lackadaisical atmosphere may reflect an unenthusiastic electorate or make workplace routines feel tedious. It also robs the day of initiative but fiery Mars comes to the rescue. The spark plug of the heavens stands at the last degree of Capricorn, an indication of a karmic lesson nearing completion. Some feminists see this election as proof of the end of patriarchy and, with the first major party woman candidate in the race, who can deny that a profound shift has occurred? Because the Moon is in the feminine mystery sign Pisces as the election results come in, expect controversies, and many women to win their races.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 8:55am-4:45pm Moon enters Pisces.

November 9: Mars’ post midnight arrival in Aquarius boosts community spirit and encourages clear, visionary thinking. However the Pisces Moon activates the lingering but still confusing square between idealistic Neptune and sober Saturn, generating fanciful thoughts as well as some discontent. The morning is when idealism is strongest. Pragmatists have their say later in the day. It’s always okay to have dreams. Implementing them is the next crucial step and while this evening’s lunar square to Saturn dampens enthusiasm for some, it can inspire others to double their efforts. After all, without Saturn’s commitment and discipline, little can be accomplished. Those who burn the midnight oil are handsomely rewarded.
Moon in Pisces, Mars enters Aquarius.

November 10: The super sensitive and somewhat private Pisces Moon arouses deep empathy in many people. Caring for those who shoulder great burdens is a sustaining motive. A late afternoon lunar trine to mental Mercury is a wellspring of healing intentions, love and compassion. Curiously, minds are both unusually impressionable as well as razor sharp most of the day. Relax after work with pals and loved ones under a rather lazy void of course Moon. Energy perks up after nightfall with the Moon’s arrival in Aries. Friendly late night get togethers may grow rowdy, thanks to input from feisty Mars. Respect differences of opinion, especially when it comes to politics.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 6:16pm-8:45pm Moon enters Aries.

November 11: The Moon, now in Aries, is waxing full. The rising tide carries everyone through the day with great energy while moving forward at a rapid pace. Complications arise during the evening hours. Lunar tests to Jupiter and Pluto can spark passions but also debates. Bright-eyed cheerleader types are inspired by the Moon’s opposition to Jupiter. Ideas and feelings are delivered with gusto and may be exaggerated. A lunar square with Pluto intensifies convictions but also fills some folks with raw emotions. Jealousy, unrequited love and the like can be overpowering. Luckily, Saturn is at hand to calm roiled waters. A wiser, steadier approach, perhaps a self-help book, Youtube instructional or spiritual teaching can help ease personal discomfort.
Moon in Aries, Venus enters Capricorn.

November 12: Some folks awaken feeling startled into consciousness. The waxing Aries Moon is conjunct Uranus, the planet of sudden and surprising events. However, the sometimes overstimulating conjunction also marks the beginning of a void of course Moon period that dominates the daylight hours and lasts until well after sundown. After an initial rush of enthusiastic ideas, life settles into a rather ho hum atmosphere. Mercury’s late-morning arrival in Sagittarius sparks flights of fancy and the occasional soliloquy, but words may be more of a wishful nature than of substance. Tonight brings a different, more playful mood. The Moon enters sensual Taurus and immediately forms a trine to Venus, newly arrived in earthy Capricorn. Once again, love springs eternal. Creature comforts are soothing but night owls do well to mind their words.
Moon in Aries v/c 7:45am-9:24pm Moon enters Taurus, Mercury enters Sagittarius.

November 13: Nearly full, today’s energizing Taurus Moon encourages hedonistic leanings. A midday lunar sextile to Neptune sets many folks off on pleasure seeking drives and journeys. Adventurous, back to nature spirits find inspiration in the sacred spaces of Mother Earth. Art lovers feel intoxicated at museums and galleries. Consumers enjoy shopping expeditions to quaint shops, gleaming malls, flea markets and yard sales. Bargains are everywhere. Stay at home types gather with loved ones to savor lazy breakfasting, brunching and games. Curiosity increases as night falls. Ask questions, do research and make plans for the week ahead while a lunar trine to Pluto increases efficiency and cooperation.
Moon in Taurus.

November 14: This morning’s Full “Beaver” Moon in Taurus underscores the importance of wise wealth management. Partners benefit from planning together and learning to negotiate and compromise on nettlesome details. As working hours begin the Moon goes on vacation, starting a void of course period that lasts until evening. As a result Full Moon fallout may seem to swirl over the day’s activities. Inertia may be hard to overcome. Final decisions can be elusive. Play for time if you feel an issue is unresolved. Don’t make big commitments or purchases. Tonight sees the Moon enter Gemini. Minds and senses grow more alert but irrational feelings compete with logical thinking. Don’t rush into a commitment. A late week angle between mental Mercury and Neptune raises false hopes and suggests further fact finding will be necessary.
Full “Beaver” Moon in Taurus 8:52am, Moon in Taurus v/c 8:52am-8:23pm Moon enters Gemini.

November 15: Here comes some good energy. Mental Mercury is nicely aligned with fiery Mars. The lively midday sextile between the two stars fosters decisive, visionary thinking. It also helps bring friends together and facilitates travel. The day does have its challenges. The Gemini Moon is at odds with both Neptune and Saturn, which gives plenty of opportunities for either a mistake or an oversight. Before heading off to the races be sure to double-check routes, facts, schedules and meeting times. However, challenges pale in comparison to the day’s potential. This evening the Moon is also in a trine with optimistic Jupiter. A hunch could pay off big time. Just be careful not to overextend yourself, and when fatigue hits tonight, honor your physical limitations.
Moon in Gemini, Mercury sextile Mars.

November 16: We face another long void of course Moon period today, persisting from early morning until evening. With the disengaged Moon in fickle Gemini, expect a lot of noncommittal answers and bouts of indecision. Writers and thinkers who can abandon themselves in stream of consciousness explorations may find their essential creative voice. When it comes to business and practical matters, resist any temptation to force a solution, enter into a long term commitment or buy a big ticket item. A pending square aspect between Mercury and Neptune increases the risk of making a costly mistake. Tonight’s entry of the Moon into Cancer sounds a call for a return to the nest. Enjoy the simple pleasures and familiar comforts of home and family.
Moon in Gemini v/c 5:57am-7:57pm Moon enters Cancer.

November 17: Maternal instincts are strong this morning. Apply kindness and TLC liberally. Thoughtful support and/or simple concern are greatly appreciated. You don’t have to do much. Stay present and be a good listener. The afternoon hours may quickly become a whirlwind of activity. The Cancer Moon is part of a stressful but motivating cardinal sign Grand Cross. If you’re not ready to jump in and make things happen, at least don’t get in the way. Pro-active personalities are unstoppable, although some will run themselves ragged trying to do too many things at once. Others may succumb to overbearing, “my way or the highway” histrionics. One key to defusing tensions and being productive is welcoming input from partners. Emphasize cooperation tonight.
Moon in Cancer.

November 18: Morning glitches, missed connections, overlooked details, snarled traffic and other delays can be vexing. If possible, make up for lost time by getting an earlier than usual start. Overcome communication breakdowns by checking and rechecking all schedules and agreements. Don’t assume or take anyone for granted. The afternoon hours see easier going as the Cancer Moon forms a perfect trine aspect with the Scorpio Sun. Getting on the same wavelength with partners and staying there is far more do-able. Emotional intelligence spikes. Listen to gut feelings and intuitive hunches. By evening the Moon is languishing void of course, ushering in a mellow mood. A quiet evening at home is called for.
Moon in Cancer v/c 5:02pm-10:14pm Moon enters Leo, Mercury square Neptune.

November 19: A dynamic opposition between the Leo Moon and Mars invigorates the morning. Hikers, bikers and other sports enthusiasts feel ready to make fast work of miles and mountains and set new personal bests. Household chores may also be dispensed with in record time. Volatile personalities are advised to use self-control and good judgment. Some impulses may be off the mark. The after lunch period sees the growing influence of a mellower sextile between Venus and Neptune. Hearts grow sentimental. Artistic souls are inspired by their Muses as creative juices flow. A festive mood permeates evening events and when, shortly before midnight, Neptune resumes forward motion, a most cherished dream could be tantalizingly close to coming true.
Moon in Leo, Venus sextile Neptune, Neptune Direct.

November 20: Night owls and other insomniacs are privy to topnotch ideas. Among the possibilities are wise decisions and excellent online travel deals. Common sense and fair play won’t let anyone down. Breakthrough realizations and spontaneous celebrations continue to inspire after sunrise and into the middle of the day. During the noon hour the Leo Moon forms a sensational trine with Uranus. Trust your gut hunches. It’s an auspicious time to invent, be spontaneous, try new things and mingle with friends. The pace slows during the late afternoon. The Sun is preparing to exit Scorpio so there could be some loose ends that require tying up. Get ready for the busy week ahead. Check travel plans, shopping lists and other arrangements.
Moon in Leo.

November 21: Nighttime restlessness could be due to the Last Quarter Leo Moon jousting with the Scorpio Sun. If you stay up late be tactful as feelings are easily bruised. By sunrise the Moon is in practical Virgo and offering sound support for taking care of business and other practical affairs. Try mastering a new skill or improving one you already have. The Sun slides into Sagittarius this afternoon and the traditional holiday party season is on! Both the Sun and Moon are testing Neptune so avoid getting carried away by unrealistic expectations, especially tonight when the Moon opposes Neptune. Kindly impulses and good intentions may require more time, money and energy than imagined. Poor planning can be expensive. Double-check facts and keep a close eye on key items. Loving vibes sweep in in time for midnight. An “unrealistic” plan may turn out to be not so far fetched after all.
Last Quarter Moon in Leo 3:33am, Moon in Leo v/c 3:33am-4:34am Moon enters Virgo, Sun enters Sagittarius.

November 22: Take advantage of the morning’s dynamic energy. Not every overture or plan will meet with instant success. The Virgo Moon is at odds with Mercury and Saturn so delays are to be expected. Progress is facilitated by concentrating on one or two projects and doggedly sticking with them. Fortunately, mental Mercury is also harmonizing with Jupiter, so a way around obstacles can be found. An experienced negotiator comes in handy and agreements are beneficial to all concerned parties. After lunch the Moon begins a lengthy void of course period. That’s why it is best to tackle thorny issues and demanding tasks before midday. Some personal TLC is a good choice during the second half of the day.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:41pm-12:00am, Mercury sextile Jupiter.

November 23: During the morning and into early afternoon a void of course Virgo Moon creates a listless atmosphere. Mercury’s midday conjunction with Saturn is a stern reminder, even if you face travel delays or other obstacles be practical and don’t worry about the things you cannot control. Stick to the matter at hand. Rather than just complaining or criticizing, translate ideas and principles into concrete plans and deeds. Study the rules. Rely on experienced advisors when facing challenging problems. We all can learn a lot from history and our elders. The Moon’s mid-afternoon arrival in Libra brings a singular elegance to life. Partners see eye to eye as evening nears. Dinnertime conversations are frank, instructive and enjoyable.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00am-2:42pm Moon enters Libra.

November 24: Happy Thanksgiving. Gratitude never goes out of fashion. There are legends of wise men and women attaining high states of consciousness simply by saying “Thank you” with every step. Attitude is a key factor on this day when philosophical Jupiter is in an exact square with Pluto. Open-mindedness is recommended, especially if a disagreement surfaces. Everyone has a right to their opinion. The Libra Moon works to preserve harmony as she overtakes gracious Jupiter. An afternoon lunar trine with Mars fosters friendship but other testing angles during the evening arouse sensitivities. A patronizing tone can be offensive to some. Don’t step on anyone’s toes tonight. Gratitude and cheerful demeanors win in the end.
Moon in Libra, Jupiter square Pluto.

November 25: In a world beset by endless changes and uncertainties, love has been known to cure illnesses, overcome fear and break down artificial and arbitrary boundaries. The early morning hours can see the power of love boggle minds thanks to Venus’ annual conjunction with Pluto. However, be wary of emphatic affection that comes with strings attached. The deepest and truest love is unconditional. A lunar opposition with Uranus requires patience and good improvisational skills. It may take a detour and extra time to get to work. The Libra Moon goes void of course by mid-morning, giving way to a mellower and far less stressful afternoon. Dream of the future but stick to basic chores and responsibilities. Plan on a low key evening.
Moon in Libra v/c 8:52am-12:00am, Venus conjunct Pluto, Venus square Jupiter.

November 26: During the wee hours of the morning the waning Moon enters Scorpio. Subconscious motives and powerful memories may permeate dreams as well as the waking hours today. In a curious contrast Mercury is trine Uranus. This aspect provides great foresight as intuitive hunches more easily intrude on thought processes. If your morning includes a wild hunch or great inspiration, by all means, follow it through. Uranus’ reputation as “the great awakener” is well deserved. Calming forces are in play tonight. A lunar trine to Neptune encourages lovers, artists and empaths. The night’s entertainment may easily include movies and other performance arts. More memories are likely to be triggered so keep a hanky handy.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00am-3:01am Moon enters Scorpio, Mercury trine Uranus.

November 27: Don’t allow a morning frustration to spoil your day. A friendship may be feeling strained but there are other mates to play with. The waning Scorpio Moon is making nice with Pluto and Venus, still conjunct in Capricorn. This alignment could heal some wounded feelings or open the door to deeper ties with any number of new or longtime associates. On more practical levels, household chores, errands and shopping jaunts are likely to include supportive family members and helpful friends. There are good times afoot and bargains to be found. The Moon goes void of course during the late afternoon so plan on finishing you wheeling and dealing before then. Tonight is blissfully laid back, perfect for rest and relaxation.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 4:48pm-12:00am.

November 28: We’re at the last day of the lunar cycle and the Scorpio Moon begins the day sailing void of course. It can be tough to get psyched up to face the new week. This current lunar phase is about completing things. Focus on projects already in progress and strictly avoid beginning anything new before tomorrow morning’s New Moon. During the mid-afternoon the Moon enters Sagittarius, kindling flickering flames of hope and anticipation. However, a lack of planetary aspects and the Balsamic Moon provide little get up and go. Don’t fight the Cosmic tide. Make sure you get good rest tonight.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00am-3:46pm Moon enters Sagittarius.

November 29: Bingo! The day begins with a freshening New Moon in Sagittarius but the celestial scene is complicated as we set intentions and begin another lunar cycle. The conjoined Sun and Moon are near Saturn and testing Neptune. Holiday spirits are raised high, and respect for traditions and mystical leanings are included in planning. Applying time-honored wisdom teachings to day-to-day affairs as well as seasonal festivities is a recurring theme in the coming weeks. The squares to Neptune may mean that some plans remain unfinished for now. Venus’ mid-afternoon square to Uranus is another wild card. Love can blow hot and cold. Progressive thinkers can make a definite impact on less open-minded colleagues. The strengths of good friendship are celebrated tonight.
New Moon in Sagittarius 7:18am, Venus square Uranus.

November 30: Eclectic tastes are served by today’s stars. The Sagittarius Moon is nicely aligned with iconoclastic Uranus during the morning hours. New flavors, ideas and adventures are magnetically attractive. Be brave and take a leap of faith. Follow up on a hunch. Social networking sites and physical mingling can also lead to exciting new connections. The Sun’s square to Neptune makes its presence felt later in the day. If you’re traveling check weather reports. Scrupulously try to anticipate and clear up any misunderstandings. Don’t assume others are doing well because they are absent. A timely message or phone call can quickly comfort worried hearts and set things right. Wits and senses are sharp tonight but the Moon is void of course before midnight. Be sure to get your beauty rest.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 11:08pm-12:00am, Sun square Neptune.