November 2017 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for November 2017

November 1: Autumn shadows grow deeper and the nights longer as the new month begins. The illuminating Aries Moon, now waxing, is at odds with Mars. Don’t rush things. A hasty move can generate unexpected resistance, leading to unwanted and unnecessarily difficult complications. The same goes for spoken words. Think carefully today. Before butting heads apply the golden rule to your deliberations. It may be helpful to imagine yourself in the other person’s shoes. The Sun and Neptune facilitate genuine empathy and sublime creativity this week. Within every challenging situation there is a needed lesson and an eventual solution. Focus on peaceful resolutions.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-2:43AM Moon enters Aries.

November 2: The waxing Aries Moon leads many folks to rush headlong into the day. Speed has its advantages, as long as one stays in command. Control may be difficult to sustain as lunar aspects with Pluto, Venus and Uranus demand that plans be adjusted during the morning. Later, during the afternoon and evening, cooperation is one key to success. Another is respecting agreements and the principles on which those contracts were made. A final lunar conjunction with the maverick planet Uranus caps off a challenging day. Be receptive to revising agreements. In some instances an entirely new approach is warranted. Changes will eventually prove to be for the better.
Moon in Aries v/c 11:03PM-12:00AM.

November 3: Venus’ early morning sextile with Saturn strengthens social ties. A peace overture or business proposition is well-received but the approaching full Moon, exact tonight, carries a high degree of uncertainty. Emotions and partnerships become volatile. Because the Moon is in security-loving Taurus, money matters are on many peoples’ minds. Expectations of a quick relationship fix or “easy money” are inflated by an early afternoon lunar opposition with Jupiter. Some folks see dreams come to fruition. Others stand at the beginning of life-changing journeys. It could be wise to tone down your expectations. Tonight’s pulsing moonrise sheds light on life’s marvelous qualities as well as the wild child in everyone.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-5:46AM Moon enters Taurus, Venus sextile Saturn, Sun trine Neptune.

November 4: The weekend starts off with celestial fireworks. Night owls and party-goers find sleep elusive. Just an hour after midnight the Taurus Moon is exactly full. The live wire opposition between the Moon and Sun coincides with a prickly opposition between Venus and Uranus. These energizing but stressful alignments test commitments to both loved ones and ideals. Socializing with a variety of eccentric folks can be a refreshing change. As daybreak arrives calmer trends are felt. A mid-morning lunar trine to Pluto helps soothe frazzled nerves and sets the day on a fruitful track. Tend to weekend chores, shopping and cleaning. A massage or self-help activity like yoga or tai chi is rejuvenating. Relaxing trends gather momentum as the day unfolds.
Moon in Taurus, Full “Beaver” Moon in Taurus 1:23AM, Venus opposite Uranus.

November 5: The opposing Moon and Mercury are on the move. Before dawn Luna enters Gemini, giving weary spirits a refreshing lift. The urge to be on the move and sharing one’s thoughts gains urgency. The need to communicate frankly is further strengthened when later this afternoon mental Mercury arrives in Sagittarius. Minds also become more open and hopeful. Evening conversations are pointed and lively. A back and forth rapport between intellectual equals is enjoyable. Embrace a challenging idea or set a new goal. Minds cloud over as midnight nears. Relax, watch a movie or explore a creative pursuit but hold off on decisions. It’s best to be off to dreamland rather than making plans.
Moon in Taurus v/c 4:29AM-5:26AM Moon enters Gemini, Mercury enters Sagittarius.

November 6: With the waning Moon making her way through chatty Gemini prepare yourself for more than the usual amount of gossip. Some off the cuff remarks are spoken out of insecurity. Both defensive and critical comments are best taken with a grain of salt. Loving Venus stands poised at the last degree of Libra. An enduring friendship may benefit from some extra attention, or a long lost pal could make a surprise appearance. Minds are more focused tonight under a lunar opposition with Saturn. Mean what you say or bite your tongue. A decision is likely to be final. Bedtime reveries can be eerily prescient. Pay close attention to the still, small voice within.
Moon in Gemini.

November 7: During the early morning both the Moon and Venus movie into water signs. The Moon arrives in Cancer and Venus visits Scorpio. Harmony between the two feminine archetypes puts most folks in a pleasant mood. The inclination to accentuate positives is further increased after noon with a lunar trine to Jupiter. Everything seems to be coming up roses. There’s a silver lining in every cloud. Things take a different tack after dark. The Moon moves into a testing square with Mars and caution is advised. Feelings are easily bruised. Treat partners with sensitivity and understanding. A quick turnaround follows, the way made smooth by mystical Neptune’s gently guiding rays.
Moon in Gemini v/c 5:39AM-5:44AM Moon enters Cancer, Venus enters Scorpio.

November 8: The Moon is in her own sign of Cancer, stimulating protective primal instincts and ancient tribal loyalties. The early going feels good. A few thorny issues could arise later in the morning as the Moon tests Pluto. Money and power are likely flash points. Remain cooperative and open to compromise. If costs, rewards and decision-making are distributed fairly, a partnership could come away stronger than when the day began. Because Cancer is notoriously averse to change, tonight’s lunar square with rebellious Uranus is likely to raise new alarms. At least be open to considering various possibilities. If emotions get the better of you, be extra careful while driving or using any mechanical devices.
Moon in Cancer.

November 9: The Scorpio Sun’s early morning sextile with Pluto provides a stable platform for planning the day. Hunches are good, insights are keen. The stage is set for success. Lunchtime meet ups are friendly affairs but with the Leo Moon testing Venus, make sure no one feels left out or disrespected. Communications and travelers flow freely during the afternoon. Know when to stop as dinnertime nears. The Moon is in an insatiable square to Jupiter. Moods are celebratory but too much said, eaten or drunk can be detrimental to one’s health or the day’s hard fought gains. Pals are vivacious tonight.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:14AM-7:29AM Moon enters Leo, Sun sextile Pluto.

November 10: The waning Leo Moon reaches the stressful Last Quarter phase this afternoon. How much stress you experience depends on whether emotional needs are being met. Is your heart in your work? The Moon’s proximity to her own North Node is a Siren song; be true to your joyful essence. With the weekend beckoning, professional demands may have to take a back seat in order to pursue more fulfilling creative outlets. Inventively combine work and pleasure if possible. Diligence brings satisfying rewards and approval late in the day.
Moon in Leo, Last Quarter Moon in Leo 3:36PM.

November 11: A pre-dawn trine between Saturn and Uranus narrows the seemingly ever-widening gap between the past and the future. A breakthrough realization or technological advance can be a long-awaited and timely game-changer. However, early morning expectations may outrun reality as the Leo Moon travels void of course until shortly before noon. An energizing second wind blows after lunch. With the Moon firmly ensconced in Virgo chores beckon. Run errands with equally ambitious and like-minded pals. Show off your culinary chops this evening. Favorable lunar alignments with Venus and Jupiter portend delicious food and a highly enjoyable night.
Moon in Leo v/c 3:55AM-11:41AM Moon enters Virgo, Saturn trine Uranus.

November 12: Sometimes rest is mother nature’s best remedy. This morning’s lunar opposition with Neptune can lead some folks to sleep in longer and dream more. The opposition may also be a source of creative inspiration. Finding words that accurately convey nebulous feelings or esoteric realizations is the challenge. With the Moon in Virgo it’s worth taking extra time to achieve perfection. Other forms of personal expression, painting, music, dance and photography may be suitable communication vehicles. Practical concerns are handily dispensed with after noon. Tonight’s atmosphere is somewhat festive and possibly seductive as Venus overtakes Jupiter in sultry Scorpio.
Moon in Virgo.

November 13: Sharp-eyed night owls thrill to Venus’ steamy conjunction with Jupiter. The pursuit of pleasure can be a magnificent obsession. There is a price to pay for overindulging and the bill comes due as the Virgo Moon squares sober Saturn during the late morning. For many folks heading back to school or work this can feel like the proverbial “blue” Monday. By noon the Moon is traveling void of course. Many of the day’s activities fall flat due to either lethargy or lack of interest. Mercury’s late afternoon square with Neptune doesn’t help matters. Confusion is rampant and motivation continues to be lacking. Evening sees improving trends as the Moon reaches Libra. A heart to heart talk with a trusted pal enlivens weary spirits and brings clarity.
Moon in Virgo v/c 10:45AM-6:26PM Moon enters Libra, Venus conjunct Jupiter, Mercury square Neptune.

November 14: The waning Moon makes her way through the socially aware sign of Libra. Shoring up frayed ties is a worthwhile ambition but consummate skill is required. Don’t make assumptions. If you’re not sure or believe you’ve been misunderstood take steps to alleviate the confusion. This evening a clarifying lunar sextile to Mercury supports frank communication. Dinnertime chatter easily becomes passionate. Later, the Moon activates a square between Mars and Pluto. Be careful not to make a tense situation worse. Today’s world needs more peacemakers and better listeners. Emphasize the mutually sustaining advantages of cool heads and peaceful cooperation.
Moon in Libra.

November 15: Libra is renowned as a sign of peace and harmony. However, when harmony is lacking, it can quickly become a zone of contention, hence its associations with open enemies and courts of law. Today’s Libra Moon forms uneasy angles with Pluto and Uranus. Stay alert. Share space with partners. Stand up to unnecessarily pushy or inappropriate behavior. Avoid making sudden moves. A wonderful opportunity could present itself this afternoon. Be sure to tell significant others before taking the plunge into a brave new world. Changes of heart and mind can be disconcerting to some folks. The evening’s calmer skies are well-suited for collecting thoughts and talking over the day’s events with friends.
Moon in Libra v/c 7:50PM-12:00AM.

November 16: Loving Venus makes a perfect trine with mysterious Neptune this morning. For several hours the strings of attachment loosen. Forgiveness is easier to come by. Empathy and compassion soften guarded hearts. The waning Moon, Jupiter and the Sun are also in Scorpio. Life’s emotional tapestry is finely woven. Intricate psychological patterns are more easily discerned. Trust your instincts today. It’s a favorable time for negotiating with partners or doing independent, personal growth work. The evening’s lunar conjunction with Jupiter brings forth cheerful moods as well as pointed observations. Imagination is fertile tonight. Think and dream big.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-3:19AM Moon enters Scorpio, Venus trine Neptune.

November 17: This final day of the Moon’s cycle presents certain advantages. There are two encouraging omens. Mercury is sextile Mars this morning, a celestial invitation to plan, be pro-active and on the move. The waning Scorpio Moon is also in an empowering alignment with Pluto. Take the initiative but keep in mind this phase of the Moon supports completing rather than starting new ventures. Tomorrow is far more auspicious for beginnings. At this stage of the lunar cycle a premature start is likely to fail or require review and dramatic revisions in just a few days time. Be patient. Relax and recharge your batteries this evening and tonight.
Moon in Scorpio, Mercury sextile Mars.

November 18: Minutes before dawn the new Moon in Scorpio marks the beginning of a fresh activity cycle. Plant seeds. Dig deep. Prepare the soil through introspection and self awareness. Meditate. By sunrise the Moon is void of course. The day’s early hours feel quietly low key and even listless. Use the time to be alone with your thoughts and feelings, or if you have errands and other obligations, stick to regular routines. Hold off on making big decisions or purchases until mid-afternoon, when the Moon enters Sagittarius, lifting and rejuvenating spirits. Cares then seem to vanish. Enjoy a mellow evening.
Moon in Scorpio, New Moon in Scorpio 6:42AM, Moon in Scorpio v/c 6:42AM-1:59PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

November 19: A volatile early morning square between Mars and Pluto puts many folks on edge. Turf wars and other struggles can quickly flare. Choose your battles carefully. Be cautious on roadways and around machinery. Options may appear to be limited but there are always multiple paths to success. The available energies are formidable. Use them wisely. Approach partners in the spirit of constructive cooperation. Choose words thoughtfully. A midday square between the Sagittarius Moon and Neptune softens rough edges but also increases the risk of a misunderstanding. Be relentless when pursuing the truth or making agreements. Despite the challenges, the Sagittarius Moon promotes the free exchange of ideas.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mars square Pluto.

November 20: Early risers find their minds racing as the Moon joins up with winged Mercury in Sagittarius. The temptation to hurry persists into late afternoon. Some ideas are truly visionary. There are unifying thoughts shared that bring divergent political camps, age groups and economic classes together as one. Don’t be impatient. Results may not be instantaneous but important ideas are being planted. As with every seed, conditions must be right for it to germinate and grow. Cultivate knowledge and wisdom this evening. As night gathers the Moon goes void of course. Relax, rest and prepare yourself for another day.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 7:26PM-12:00AM.

November 21: Venus makes an early morning sextile to Pluto, rousing affections and for some souls, encouraging the dogged pursuit of worldly success. The Moon, now waxing again in industrious Capricorn, supports ambitious spirits. An evening lunar sextile with Jupiter promotes confidence, goodwill and warm relations between friends, co-workers and other associates. Expand your horizons. Combine business with pleasure. Employ the latest data and research to promote your aims. Tonight the Sun leaves the deep waters of Scorpio and enters breezy Sagittarius, heralding the start of the busy holiday travel season.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-2:14AM Moon enters Capricorn, Venus sextile Pluto, Sun enters Sagittarius.

November 22: The Capricorn Moon steers attention towards achievements on the material plane. While the day is likely to bring hard won victories, a mystical undercurrent is also flowing. In the vast reaches of space Neptune resumes forward motion. The mysterious planet of dreams, imagination, empathy and compassion has been backpedaling since June. The direction shift heralds new understanding and greater sympathy for those who suffer. Perhaps for a few hours the world will actually be a kinder place. Let’s hope so. As the Moon aligns with Pluto and Venus this afternoon, love inspires, transforms and heals. Evening requires greater concentration and patience. Vigilance and safety go hand in hand during the commute.
Moon in Capricorn, Neptune Direct.

November 23: A restless night gives way to an eerily quiet morning. Building and then sustaining momentum is challenging as the Capricorn Moon orbits in void of course mode. Observe the usual precautions. Conserve energy. Hold off on making commitments or major purchases and decisions before mid-afternoon when the Moon enters community-oriented Aquarius. Until then concentrate on works in progress and familiar, time-honored routines. The Moon’s change of signs has an invigorating effect. A brighter future entices minds. Friends may come calling. Gatherings are cheerful. Talk at the dinner table is frank, animated, opinionated and informative. Happy Thanksgiving!
Moon in Capricorn v/c 5:33AM-3:14PM Moon enters Aquarius.

November 24: Any excess from yesterday’s feasting weighs heavily this morning. The Aquarius Moon is testing Jupiter, the planet of indulgence. Some folks may be thinking about a new exercise routine. Others can be off and running, anxious to get the jump on holiday shopping. Travelers itch to be on the go. A pending trine between Mercury and Uranus makes visions of the future enticing. However, change in all matters, large and small, requires consistency and well-defined goals. Narrow your focus. Know your priorities and then proceed according to plan. Be spontaneous tonight. Socializing is entertaining. Make yourself available to meet new people and try new things.
Moon in Aquarius.

November 25: If you awaken with a great idea illuminating your mind, take note. Mental Mercury is in trine to Uranus, the planet of genius and invention. The sociable Aquarius Moon’s late morning trine with Mars has people eager to share news and get pals on board for an adventure. An overly sensitive partner can use a little TLC around midday. Old and new friends make great company after lunchtime. The late afternoon and evening stars provide a rich chorus of irreverent, progressive and pragmatic voices. People of every persuasion have something valuable to say but in the end, history and experience speak loudest of all.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 9:37PM-12:00AM, Mercury trine Uranus.

November 26: The noontime first quarter Moon in Pisces offers an opportunity to pause and reevaluate current situations. Emotional factors can be difficult to quantify as the Moon stands close by nebulous Neptune. Take time to assess psychological health and wellness. If the path you’re on doesn’t support your overall well-being, this could be the day to change course. With Pisces life lessons often relate to choices that either empower or weaken strength and resolve. Take a path that enlivens and excites. This becomes easier to do as afternoon turns to night. Dare to dream. A lunar trine to Jupiter boldly lights the way.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-3:04AM Moon enters Pisces, First Quarter Moon in Pisces 12:03PM.

November 27: Dreams may be profound. Counselors, healers and therapists, take note. Empathic personalities are notably thin-skinned today. Even ordinarily guarded souls are feeling more open and receptive than usual. The waxing Pisces Moon is the reason behind the increased awareness, which includes psychic as well as emotional sensitivities. From her post midnight conjunction with mystery planet Neptune through a midday sextile to transformative Pluto, the way is made clear for imaginative and insightful interpretations of symbols and omens. Personal and professional attainment as well as artistic expressions are also favored. A search for truth may play out tonight as mental Mercury nears a conjunction with Saturn.
Moon in Pisces.

November 28: Early birds have reasons to both smile and feel anxious. The waxing Moon is kissed by Venus but at odds with Mercury and Saturn, thus delivering mixed messages. Life is sweet yet responsibilities may feel burdensome. At sunrise a sluggish mood takes hold and motivation wanes. The Pisces Moon goes void of course until late morning. Indecision and a lack of energy can be maddening. If at all possible, take it easy until lunchtime. The midday break sees renewing energies sweep in. The Moon enters Aries, the vibrant sign of beginnings. The day finds a second wind and it’s possible to make up for any lost morning time. In fact, as the afternoon hours pass moods get better and better.
Moon in Pisces v/c 7:09AM-11:30AM Moon enters Aries, Mercury conjunct Saturn.

November 29: The waxing Aries Moon offers a sample taste of approaching full Moon fever. Life again seems to be speeding up but there is a cosmic conundrum. Mental Mercury remains conjunct with Saturn while slowing down for a retrograde that begins early next month. As a result the two stars are in close proximity during the coming week. The pairing facilitates mental discipline, as well as a mature assessment of life. Certain subjects, politics, law, religion, the state of education or the media, may be of particular interest. If you discuss your beliefs or concerns be discreet. The evening’s lunar square with Pluto can cause some folks to overreact at the slightest provocation.
Moon in Aries.

November 30: Watch your speed early this morning. Keep your head up, eyes off the phone and on the road, or the walkway in front of you. The Aries Moon is exacerbating a potentially explosive opposition between Mars and Uranus. Extra caution and a little common sense help contain fiery impulses and minimize risks. As midday nears calmer energies prevail. Lunar trines to Saturn and Mercury help lessen the urge to hurry. Cool logic is a beautiful thing. Don’t abandon it, or make risky moves, regardless of how volatile events may be. After a short-lived, two hour void of course period the Moon enters Taurus by late afternoon. Take a hint from the sign of the bull, move slowly, steadily and resolutely towards your goals.
Moon in Aries v/c 1:37PM-3:38PM Moon enters Taurus.