November 2018 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for November 2018

November 1: Known for dramatic flair, today’s Leo Moon is part of a powerful T-square alignment with Mars and Jupiter. There is a constant temptation to overstate the obvious and engage in theatrics. A morning confrontation can quickly turn from friendly sparring to harsh disagreement. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Be kind. There is no advantage in damaging an alliance. Friends are likely to have differing opinions about a great many things. Civil discussions are essential and can be informative. Put past experiences and hard won wisdom to good use. We’ve all enjoyed successes when faced with difficulties and most of us have made mistakes or said things we regret. Lessons learned can save the day, especially if tactful diplomacy and respect are employed.
Moon in Leo.

November 2: The waning Moon enters detail-oriented Virgo during the wee hours of the morning. By dawn most folks have thought out a game plan for the day. A late morning lunar trine to Saturn promotes focus, diligence and hard work. As a result the morning hours are fruitful. This is a favorable period for a chat with the boss or long term planning and decision-making. The no-nonsense atmosphere continues into the afternoon. Harmony between the Moon and Scorpio Sun set the stage for a physically comfortable and emotionally satisfying evening. If you happen to be out late pay attention to your intake of alcohol and medications. Inclement weather could impact midnight travelers.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:31AM-1:48AM Moon enters Virgo.

November 3: Dreams may be memorable as the Virgo Moon opposes mystical Neptune during the overnight period. Keep a pen handy. You may want to jot down those dream sequences upon waking. As morning breaks the Moon nears a trine to Pluto, the planet of transformative experiences. An insight or remembrance could be healing. Putting your living or working space in top order is recommended throughout the day. Roll up your shirtsleeves and put a little elbow grease into household chores, cleaning, polishing and organizing. Recycle, repurpose or donate unwanted items. More sociable trends arrive tonight. Knowledgable, opinionated pals make fine company.
Moon in Virgo.

November 4: The waning Moon enters Libra during the early morning hours. In most instances this would signal a greater inclination to socialize. However, a midday lunar square with dutiful Saturn raises other possibilities. A commitment to a parent or elder in need could preempt an outing with friends. Career responsibilities may require a compromise, or an arduous task, heavy lifting. Saturn always teaches by imposing limits in some way. Time could be a constraint. Or energy. If you hit a wall, and feel fatigued, take a rest. Respect your own physical and emotional needs and limitations. If you explain your circumstances and concerns clearly, most folks will be understanding. Be sure to turn your clock back an hour before going to bed tonight. We’re back on standard time here on the East Coast.
Moon in Virgo v/c 2:26AM-4:01AM Moon enters Libra.

November 5: Even late in the lunar cycle, today’s Libra Moon provides spunk. A noon hour square to Pluto may raise eyebrows as well as stiffen backbones. Diplomatic skills come in handy as vested interests are sharply felt. Stepping on another’s toes or engaging in heated debates will likely deepen divisions. If you truly want to achieve unity, zero in on shared values and common goals and show a willingness to be flexible. Kindness, thoughtful consideration and respect go a long way towards bridging divides. A pending trine between the Scorpio Sun and Neptune gives some folks overly inflated or idealistic hopes. Whatever the intentions may be, there is no substitute for a well thought out and carefully executed game plan. Share your satisfaction with like-minded teammates.
Moon in Libra.

November 6: We’re at the end on another lunar cycle this election day. During the morning the Moon moves from Libra to Scorpio where she conjuncts retrograde Venus and opposes Uranus. The power and potential of women is very much in evidence! Discontent with the status quo will be measured at the polls. Uranus, also retrograde, backs into Aries during the early afternoon. The planet of surprises, evolution and revolution supports pioneering spirits while proving many polls and expert pundits wrong. Some results will be controversial. Moods may be quite introspective during the second half of the day. For those who consistently maintain their balance and work ethic, a sense of satisfaction is palpable.
Moon in Libra v/c 3:19AM-8:02AM Moon enters Scorpio, Sun trine Neptune, Uranus Retrograde enters Aries.

November 7: With the nascent energy of this morning’s new Moon in Scorpio we begin a fresh activity cycle. It’s time to plant seeds and start ambitious projects! Partnering with purpose is favored. Fertile aspects from the Moon to Neptune and Pluto see dreamers, artists and reformers enthused. True leaders and humanitarian spirits are admired. Phonies, not so much. Jupiter’s presence at the last degree of Scorpio heralds another release of withheld information. Back room deals and secret motives are exposed. Keep your passions under control. Misguided emotions can cause conflict, especially late tonight. It may be best to keep more controversial opinions to yourself.
Moon in Scorpio, New Moon in Scorpio 11:02AM.

November 8: During an early morning square between the Scorpio Moon and Mars it may seem there is no way to break free from a frustrating situation. By sunrise the Moon is void of course. Energy levels are low and moods continue to be pensive but Jupiter’s arrival into his own sign of Sagittarius offers hope. The new placement is a fabulous omen for those born under the sign of the archer as well as the other fire signs. Jupiter’s mood elevating impact soon grows stronger. During the early afternoon the Moon also arrives in Sagittarius where she forms an exuberant conjunction with our solar system’s largest planet. Anything seems possible. It’s a fabulous time to think big and share inspired ideas.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 5:42AM-1:59PM Moon enters Sagittarius, Jupiter enters Sagittarius.

November 9: The morning is upbeat. Ideas, information and traffic all flow freely. The Sagittarius Moon kindles enthusiasm via a conjunction with winged Mercury. Many souls are happily off to meet the challenges of the new day. Retrograde Venus is also in a trine with fiery Mars this morning. Friendships are harmonious and affectionate. Word may arrive from a former partner or long time friend. The news is likely to be good. The afternoon brings challenges. A lunar square with Neptune increases the likelihood of mistakes, misunderstandings and lost items. Pay attention. At the first inkling of confusion, address it. Keep an eye on purses, phones and other valuables. Tonight is mellow.
Moon in Sagittarius, Venus trine Mars.

November 10: Friends are a blessing today. The high-spirited, friendly and unshrinking Sagittarius Moon occupies a favorable position between Venus and Mars. Gadding about town or countryside with pals is a thrill for some. Discussions are lively and more than one teachable moment is likely. Take time to listen attentively. Cupid is also inclined to let fly with a few well-aimed arrows. A flirtation could mark the start of a long term friendship. Celebrations are also favored. The spirit of friendship remains vibrant well past nightfall. A lunar trine to Uranus sparks spontaneous gatherings, progressive thinking and an inclination to try something new and different. Tune in to your intuition and gut feelings for unerring guidance.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 10:35PM-10:55PM Moon enters Capricorn.

November 11: Today’s sextile between the Scorpio Sun and Pluto in Capricorn is good reason to consider improved and more satisfying uses of one’s talents, time and wealth. The Capricorn Moon is also conjunct Saturn this morning, a wonderful aspect for a clear-headed reality check. Physical and emotional needs as well as priorities can be accurately assessed, resources reviewed and allocated. Indeed, how can we manifest a saner, more peaceful world where death, war and famine are erased? It begins with our daily lives. While here in the States we stop to remember and respect those Veterans who have sacrificed in service to our country, tonight’s lunar sextile to Neptune fosters visions of a kinder, gentler, more compassionate civilization.
Moon in Capricorn, Sun sextile Pluto.

November 12: Magnificent obsessions can lead to magnificent achievements. The powerful union of the Capricorn Moon and Pluto fuels big ambitions as well as single-minded, determined efforts. Those who are on a mission tolerate no interference. If you cannot assist, get out of the way. Fortunately, the Moon is also favorably aligned with the Scorpio Sun, encouraging teamwork. Wise souls welcome input. Two heads are better than one during the midday period. Industrious souls inclined to put in overtime tonight may discover that a partner feels neglected. Do your best to strike a healthy balance between career ambitions and familial responsibilities.
Moon in Capricorn.

November 13: A late-morning lunar square with unpredictable Uranus could throw a monkey wrench into today’s plans. Unexpected complications can arise at almost any time. Accidents, traffic jams, computer glitches, even acts of mother nature may impact activities and schedules. Watch your step. Bouts of nervousness are also likely. Try to stay calm this morning as the second half of the day is an entirely different story. Changes turn out for the better. By noon the Moon is in visionary Aquarius. Feelings are less stressed and more resolved by lunchtime. The Moon’s early afternoon sextile to Jupiter puts obstacles and worries in the rear view mirror. Expectations are bright once again. Give thought to the future you’d like to see.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 10:13AM-10:45AM Moon enters Aquarius.

November 14: The visionary Aquarius Moon favors a low key and relaxed approach to living. It tends to make people naturally more tolerant. Kinship and open-mindedness are also supported by the Moon’s midday sextile to Mercury. The communications planet is winging his way across Sagittarius, so there is likely to be plenty to talk about. In fact, some folks are inclined to drone on and on about their hopes and dreams. Take what you hear seriously. An imminent sextile between Mars and Uranus empowers genius and daring. Both stars occupy fateful degrees in the heavens. An enterprising project that has seemed an impossibility could now see the light of day. Someone’s far out proposal or clever idea could be the game-changer you’ve waited for.
Moon in Aquarius.

November 15: Mars’ early morning sextile to Uranus sparks evolutionary leaps of consciousness. The challenge is acting on an inspired idea. With a testing first quarter Aquarius Moon also in progress, following through may be a difficult proposition. Don’t give up. Persist and continue to seek support. The afternoon stars are far more conducive to making progress. Networking is one critical component of success. Patience is another. Plans come into sharper focus during brainstorming sessions. Allies emerge. Tenaciously work at building consensus and lining up financial support. The necessary help is available. Technology makes chores easier. The friendly atmosphere during the second half of the day is favorable for all social gatherings.
Moon in Aquarius, First Quarter Moon in Aquarius 9:54AM, Moon in Aquarius v/c 10:58PM-11:41PM Moon enters Pisces, Mars sextile Uranus, Mars enters Pisces.

November 16: This is a busy day, filled with notable planetary changes. Newly arrived in Pisces, the Moon and Mars join up a mere two minutes after midnight. Creative juices are stimulated. Some emotions may overheat. Shortly before dawn Venus resumes forward motion in late Libra. The change of direction helps stabilize some struggling partnerships. The Moon’s noon hour sextile to Saturn also has a steadying impact. Inventive and artistic ideas smoothly translate into practical applications. Tonight sees mental Mercury begin a nearly three week long retrograde period. Now in Sagittarius, the winged messenger will revisit Scorpio before turning direct next month. Expect minds to change and tongues to be tied. Some confusion is also likely. People are apt to take things the wrong way. If you’re wrestling with an important decision, give it a few more days.
Moon in Pisces, Venus Direct, Mercury retrograde.

November 17: The waxing Pisces Moon passes by mysterious Neptune during the wee hours of the morning. Dreams may be enlightening and meditations notably deep. By sunrise the Moon is edging into a sextile with Pluto. Answers to questions and solutions to problems are likely to appear. Midday meetings have a good chance of resolving thorny issues. There may also be some lingering indecision in the wake of yesterday’s planetary direction changes. If confusion persists, allow more time for the dust to settle. Absolute certainty is unlikely, but clarity grows as the day progresses. Many folks enjoy their privacy tonight, and/or the company of close confidantes.
Moon in Pisces.

November 18: It’s a delightfully lazy Sunday morning. The Moon is void of course in Pisces. Sleep late. Relax. Indulge in sentimental favorites, comfort foods, familiar songs, faces and places. Enjoy mother nature. By late morning the Moon enters “get up and go” Aries, bringing a far more motivated mood. The late start doesn’t deter many folks from taking to the highways. Some enjoy a shopping jaunt or social call. Others begin their holiday travels, successfully avoiding the Thanksgiving crush. After dark the Moon heads into a square with dour Saturn. Fatigue may cause a slowdown. In any case, avoid haste. It’s best to turn in early and get a good night’s sleep.
Moon in Pisces v/c 3:04AM-10:56AM Moon enters Aries.

November 19: During the late morning the waxing Aries Moon forms an uptempo trine to retrograde Mercury. Life seems to fly by. Thoughts come faster than words can express. Mars is also in a square with Jupiter, inflating expectations, fueling ambitions, sharpening opinions and making some folks very impatient. Curtail sarcastic remarks and other barbs. Take a breath. Give yourself time to consider the consequences of remarks. One may win an argument today but fail to see the damage done. A lunar square to Pluto late tonight suggests that insults and injured pride will not soon be forgotten. 
Moon in Aries, Mars square Jupiter.

November 20: As the Aries Moon forms a late-morning opposition to Venus many folks overcome shyness and reach out for love, approval and affection. Due to testing angles from Pluto, motives may be suspect, so be sure to observe social norms. The Moon is also moving into an evening conjunction with unpredictable Uranus, putting both stars at odds with Venus. Flirtations, infatuations and love at first sight scenarios are likely today. Some overtures may be uncharacteristically impulsive. Whether an invitation is warmly received or rejected, tread softly. A separation or divorce are also among the possibilities. Newfound courage can be its own reward during the quieter evening hours.
Moon in Aries v/c 5:46PM-6:43PM Moon enters Taurus.

November 21: Far from restful, the midnight hour puts imaginations into overdrive. The nearly full Taurus Moon is in an energizing sextile with Mars. While night deepens tranquil trends slowly develop. At sunrise a lunar trine to Saturn sounds an insistent call to duty. All the same, there may be subtle resistance to getting in line and meeting obligations. An attitude adjustment could be in the offing. Fortunately, the Moon in Taurus favors a calm, slow and steadfast approach to life. This evening, an enchanting lunar sextile to Neptune increases expectations and hopes for a magical Thanksgiving holiday. Creativity is unleashed in kitchens across the land. Kindness and generosity help put shoppers and travelers in good spirits.
Moon in Taurus.

November 22: The holiday spirit burns brightly when, shortly before sunrise, the Sun enters Sagittarius. It happens every year around this date. Sagittarius is the sign of  religion and philosophy, the mind’s explorations of knowledge and higher truths. As fate would have it, the waxing Taurus Moon is void of course from before dawn until almost midnight. The slightly relaxed atmosphere is perfect for digesting untold calories as well as rambling stories, tall tales and political discourses. The emotional tenor of the day peaks as midnight nears. The nearly full Moon enters Gemini, triggering toasts, cheers and oodles of gratitude.
Moon in Taurus v/c 4:58AM-11:10PM Moon enters Gemini, Sun enters Sagittarius.

November 23: Just minutes after midnight the full “cold” Moon in Gemini is exact. The Moon opposes the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury, all in early Sagittarius. With the signs of knowledge and communication spotlighted, it is perilous to ignore facts. See through distortions, exaggerations, omissions and outright lies. Those who pontificate the loudest have the most to hide. The Moon continues through a daylong series of testing alignments. Pay attention when you go driving. Because Mercury is still retrograde, mind bending new information is likely to surface. Check sources. Look for corroborating reports. A campaign of disinformation could be exposed. Some issues will likely remain up in the air. If so, be patient. The truth will be out in a few days time.
Moon in Gemini, Full Moon in Gemini 12:39AM.

November 24: Following yesterday’s dramatic full Moon, today’s skies are less stressful. The effervescent Gemini Moon supports get togethers with family, friends and like-minded spirits. Shopping expeditions are fruitful and fun. Thanks to this evening’s lunar trine with Venus, ties are amicable. The close proximity of the Sagittarius Sun, Jupiter and Mercury keeps spirits high. Catching up on the latest news and rehashing old stories is highly entertaining. Neptune’s return to forward motion requires some precautions be taken. Stay aware of local weather conditions and dress accordingly. Make sure any food or drink taken in is fresh and palatable. Double-check travel directions, addresses and schedules. With safety in mind, it’s a fine night for socializing.
Moon in Gemini, Neptune Direct.

November 25: A stroke of genius may hit just after midnight. Sleep on it then greet the new day with a burst of energy. The Cancer Moon’s late morning trine to Mars is wonderful for home bodies, family loyalists, dreamers and performing artists. The energizing aspect encourages some folks to cook up a storm and others to spruce up the nest. Holiday shoppers stay close to home. A lunar opposition to Saturn emphasizes discipline, good sense, and practicality. Afternoon visits with parents, elders and mentors feel rewarding. Moods grow more celebratory this evening. The urge to splurge and live large is great, fueled by the Sun’s buoyant conjunction with optimistic Jupiter. Happy times!
Moon in Moon in Gemini v/c 12:31AM-1:38AM Moon enters Cancer.

November 26: Mixed trends present blessings as well as challenges. The early morning conjunction of the Sagittarius Sun and Jupiter is one of the year’s brightest, most hopeful alignments. However, retrograding Mercury is at odds with Mars. A recent acquisition could suddenly seem like an albatross. Make sure that whatever you ask for today is something you really want. The Cancer Moon opposes Pluto during the late morning. Achieving harmony with partners and maintaining it requires focus and a firm commitment to cooperate. If partners are pushy or unwilling to collaborate, a new strategy will be necessary. Don’t burn bridges. Retreat and regroup tonight. There will be new opportunities as soon as tomorrow.
Moon in Cancer, Sun conjunct Jupiter, Mercury square Mars.

November 27: Review plans and options this morning. The Sun is conjunct retrograde Mercury. You may not be the only one to rethink a position and change course. For many folks, new adventures are just getting started. The Sun and Mercury are joined by optimistic Jupiter. Hopes are kindled and revised plans can be grand. The Leo Moon fosters self-confidence. Positivity is infectious. Mars’ sextile to Saturn injects timely wisdom and realism, just enough to keep the day on a constructive rather than frivolous path. Afternoon meetings find gamblers and no-nonsense pragmatists seeing eye to eye. Happy news ends the working day on an affirmative note, good reason for a celebration.
Moon in Cancer v/c 2:22AM-3:35AM Moon enters Leo, Sun Conjunct Mercury, Mars sextile Saturn, Mercury conjunct Jupiter.

November 28: Because there are no exact planetary aspects, this relatively quiet Leo Moon day is wonderful for connecting with your inner child. Being close to youngsters and the truly young-at-heart is inspiring. Playful and creative impulses spontaneously arise. For no apparent reason, hearts are more likely to fill with joy. Lost innocence may be regained at any moment. Connections with friends and co-workers occur on a heart to heart level. Five major planets in fire signs help keep spirits up, bodies energized and minds alert. Evening social gatherings are full to the brim with good vibes.
Moon in Leo.

November 29: The day begins with hints of things to come. Pay attention to impressions and hunches during the early morning hours. By dawn the Moon is in Virgo where she embarks on a series of testing aspects with Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun. As a result, a great deal of energy is expended on collecting and sifting through information. Not all facts are relevant. Not all rumors and stories are true. Keep things in perspective or you can easily get overwhelmed by a classic case of “TMI.” Fortunately, this evening’s challenging last quarter Moon occurs as the Moon forms a balancing trine to common sense Saturn. The trine helps offset impatience and nervousness. Have priorities and long term goals in mind before saying or doing anything rash.
Moon in Leo v/c 4:46AM-6:08AM Moon enters Virgo, Last Quarter Moon in Virgo 7:19PM.

November 30: A lunar opposition to Neptune shortly before sunrise makes dreams accessible but may leave some folks feeling strangely out of sorts. Whether struck by divine inspiration or beset with doubts, take time to sit with your feelings. Because the waning Moon is in healing Virgo and nearing a late afternoon trine to Pluto, introspection is likely to yield perceptive insights. A realization could well be empowering. Tonight’s plans are apt to change as Venus opposes unpredictable Uranus. Both stars are at the last degree of signs, Venus in Libra and Uranus in Aries. Long ago events can feel haunting. Memories of a former friend or lover can overspill into current situations. Stay present and love the ones you’re with.
Moon in Virgo, Venus opposite Uranus.