November 2019 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for November 2019

November 1: Due to Mercury’s retrograde turn yesterday, adjustments in thinking and schedules may be under way. Luckily, today’s stars facilitate progress on many levels. The pragmatic Capricorn Moon is happily aligned with inventive Uranus and the resilient Scorpio Sun. With teamwork and creativity, as well as respect for time-honored principles, it’s possible to make short work of unexpected complications. Venus exits the muddy waters of Scorpio and pops into freedom-loving, philosophical Sagittarius later this afternoon. The new sign placement fosters easy-going social ties. As a result evening gatherings are friendly, light-hearted affairs. Sensitive night owls may feel the leaden weight of an approaching lunar conjunction with Saturn. Hoot all you want but be sure to get your needed rest.
Moon in Capricorn, Venus enters Sagittarius.

November 2: Dreams are colorful and may be filled with portent. If you wake up feeling spirit or angels are guiding you, savor the otherworldly sensation while it lasts. By mid-morning the Capricorn Moon is nearly conjunct Pluto while forming a tense square with Mars in Libra. Some souls grow cranky. Ambitions may be fired up but hidden resistance can also be lurking. Open hostilities could flare as controlling impulses surge. Protective feelings are another likely response to this charged atmosphere. Think twice before making important moves. With cooperation in mind rather than competition, these energies can be transformed from fierce into fruitful. Make partners aware of your plans. Include them in your deliberations. A second point of view and helping hands are most beneficial. 
Moon in Capricorn.

November 3: As the autumn Sun makes its way across passionate Scorpio during the first half of November, it stays busy, aligning with Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. The processes of death and destruction followed by rebirth and renewal are significant and recurring themes. All the same, this morning offers relief from such serious matters. After quietly sojourning void of course much of the night, precisely at sunrise the waxing Moon enters visionary Aquarius. A lunar sextile to Venus is a timely mood elevator. Enjoying life is a primary concern. Brunching with pals, a run or ride can all be fun. The afternoon brings big changes. The Moon is at odds with Uranus, prompting bad behavior in some as well as unexpected events and changes in plans. Drive a little more slowly than usual. Revel in your capacity to adapt on the fly. 
Moon in Capricorn v/c 1:46AM-6:19AM Moon enters Aquarius.

November 4: The pre-dawn First Quarter Moon in Aquarius sees some couples butting heads. Highly motivational, this lunar phase frequently sets folks to feeling stressed. Inner personal discord is usually a product of our own unresolved issues. Try to see what the source of upset is. Stubborn loyalty has its place, but these stars indicate partners may have starkly different opinions of what to do next. “One hand washing the other” partnerships have the best chances of enduring but today, compromises must be made. Fortunately, the Moon is also nearing a trine to Mars. The prospects for successful teamwork grow stronger throughout the day. One key to succeeding is deciding which goals are mutual. Another is bringing capable people on board in order for everyone involved to flourish.
Moon in Aquarius, First Quarter Moon in Aquarius 5:23AM.

November 5: The early morning hours are busy. Mars’ predawn square with Pluto symbolizes the resolute will to battle until success is achieved. Coming on Election Day, the aspect is a grim reminder, some people will go to great lengths to achieve their goals, regardless of costs. A lunar square to Jupiter helps keep things on the up and up but the Aquarius Moon is soon testing mental Mercury. The communications planet is still retrograde in late Scorpio. Mental miscues, lost information and misplaced personal items add to tensions. Slow your pace and try to be extra attentive. The Moon then goes void of course and by late-morning lethargy is noticeable. Fluctuate with the ebbs and flows until evening when the Moon enters Pisces. Poetic and imaginative minds soon latch on to a trove of new ideas and possibilities.   
Moon in Aquarius v/c 9:37AM-6:08PM Moon enters Pisces, Mars square Pluto.

November 6: A predawn lunar square with Venus can both open hearts and leave some people feeling unfulfilled. Be conscious of what you are attracting. Every thought and emotion directs the Cosmos to deliver certain people and experiences. With the Moon in Pisces, creative potential is sky high. Put your imagination to good use. Empty feelings of unrequited love or unmet needs are largely gone by midday. The waxing Moon is maximizing the powers of manifestation via a potent late night trine to the Scorpio Sun. Intentions are strong and clear as conscious and subconscious motives blend smoothly. Tonight’s sense of well-being and emotional composure is noteworthy. Psychological resilience may catch some souls off guard but in the end is quite refreshing. 
Moon in Pisces.

November 7: After a night of technicolor dreams and spirit messages, today’s waxing Pisces Moon is ready for action. A midday lunar sextile with Pluto powers industrious efforts. Hidden talents and resources become available. Confer with partners late this afternoon. A second look at the game plan could lead to an improved strategy. Dreams seem reachable. After a demanding but fruitful day, blow off steam after work. The Moon’s square with Jupiter can dot the evening hours with celebratory moods and great expectations. Debates and distractions may seem tempting but don’t get carried away. The Moon is void of course by late evening, curbing enthusiasm and giving way to a quietly introverted but more relaxing period. Make time to chill out and regroup tonight.
Moon in Pisces v/c 8:13PM-12:00AM.

November 8: Saturn and Neptune are engaged in a perfect sextile. Saturn is the planet of “knock on wood” reality, Neptune the mysterious star of imagination. Their complimentary angle bodes well for idealists, artists and humanitarians. The Scorpio Sun is also happily aligned with the fertile duo, empowering creative processes. All in all, it’s a great day to make dreams come true! The nearly full Aries Moon serves as a spunky, at times pesky catalyst, spurring heroic acts and valiant efforts. Inspiration may be sparked by human need, Mother Nature or one’s own conscience. Tonight brings increasingly warm and affectionate ties, always a plus for socializing. 
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-6:49AM Moon enters Aries, Sun sextile Saturn, Sun trine Neptune, Saturn sextile Neptune.

November 9: Late night revelers make merry under Venus’ lovely spell. Come morning there are scores of after party chores to attend to and not enough time to do them all. The waxing, in a hurry Aries Moon is tested by sober Saturn. Shift to a lower gear and patiently address responsibilities, one at a time. The step by step approach proves productive and by late afternoon other activities beckon. Bathed in ample moonlight, the nighttime features retrograde Mercury nicely aligned with Pluto. Discuss essential relationship needs and dynamics, financial matters, spiritual concerns as well as philosophical issues. History may be instructive and after some meaningful give and take, new strategies for dealing with old problems are likely to be found.
Moon in Aries, Mercury sextile Pluto.

November 10: Mixed morning trends provide multiple options. The Aries Moon, now nearly full, is at odds with fiery Mars while harmonizing with Jupiter. A thoughtless word or act can quickly alienate or anger a partner. Be kind and considerate if you want to avoid a confrontation. Instead channel the plentiful energy into your morning run or workout. A couple of hours later the Moon engages Jupiter in an uplifting trine. Spirits soar. Hopes are renewed. The alignment is perfect for starting out on a day trip or going to a game but the Moon then goes void of course until evening. If you choose to be a Sunday driver, follow your own whimsical itinerary but realize other travelers are also likely to be making it up as they go along. Intrepid spirits consider different routes as well as exciting new ideas even after the Moon’s early evening entry into Taurus. 
Moon in Aries v/c 9:00AM-6:18PM Moon enters Taurus.

November 11: Emotions often reach a fevered pitch right before the Moon is full. We’ll be feeling it today. Adding to the day’s drama is retrograde Mercury’s rare transit across the face of the Sun. The occultation, as it’s also known, appears as a tiny black dot on the Sun. In New England it will be viewable during the morning hours. Be careful not to stare into the Sun without appropriate eye protection. This celestial pairing tests our ability to use logic. The problem is emotions more easily overwhelm reason. We in turn more readily identify with thoughts that may be irrational. If you’re being pressed to make a decision and feel hesitant or experience confusion, it may be better to wait until after tomorrow morning’s Full Moon when cooler heads prevail. Moonrise this evening is sure to spark wonder and amazement, Share the magic with good friends.
Moon in Taurus, Sun conjunct Mercury.

November 12: The excitement of the Full “Beaver” Moon in Taurus dominates the busy morning. These early hours are highly energized and with multiple planets in supportive roles, chock full with important happenings. There are opportunities to renegotiate and renew agreements. Private information may become public knowledge. Never say never as even a previously resolved matter could be revisited. The new outcome better serves the interests of the parties involved. By late morning the frenetic buzz of activity begins to subside. An early afternoon trine between Mars and Jupiter keeps passions alive and stimulates principled discussions of the issues of the day. In the end, it’s the void of course Moon, compounding the inevitable post Full Moon letdown, that has control of the day’s second half. Take a breather. Relax and digest recent developments. 
Full “Beaver” Moon in Taurus 8:34AM, Moon in Taurus v/c 10:48AM-12:00AM, Mars sextile Jupiter. 

November 13: During the wee morning hours the Moon enters Gemini. Curiosity is piqued and tongues are ready to wag. The focus on ideas and information is intense today. Retrograde Mercury slips into a sextile with serious Saturn and a trine to dreamy Neptune. Rather than racing, minds are ready to take slow, deep dives into weighty matters of fairness, principle and heart. The Scorpio Sun is also in an empowering sextile to Pluto, increasing interest in psychological well-being. The Sun/Pluto aspect also encourages healthy, cooperative partnering. In sum, this is a perfect day for important discussions, decisions and commitments. Even with Mercury retrograde, minds are steadfast and imbued with a mix of practical wisdom and idealism. 
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-3:46AM Moon enters Gemini, Mercury sextile Saturn, Sun sextile Pluto, Mercury trine Neptune.

November 14: Relationships are complicated. Emotional matters could come to a head this morning. Some hearts sing while others feel hopelessly broken. The Gemini Moon is in a T-square with the lovestruck duo of Venus and Neptune. The square between Venus and Neptune spotlights the divide between actual needs versus idealized expectations of partners. As the planet of unconditional love, Neptune always asks that we give more and expect less. Don’t be submerged in feelings of disappointment, loss or betrayal. Go deep inside and love. Talk about your feelings, hopes and aspirations. Neither the Gemini Moon or Venus in Sagittarius are given to getting stuck in a lovelorn, no-win situation. If you hurt, forgive, forget and move on. More cheerful influences gradually strengthen during the second half of the day. 
Moon in Gemini, Venus square Neptune.

November 15: We’re off to the races before sunrise. The Gemini Moon is inspired by Jupiter and fired up by Mars. Early birds are eager to embrace the new day. However, the Moon is void of course by dawn. The morning then grows tentative, lacking verve and clear direction. Minds tend to wander. Bide your time until late morning when the Moon reaches Cancer, pressing the Cosmic “restart” button. By noon focus and energy return. Thanks to a lunar sextile to Uranus many folks feel sociable, open-minded and receptive to new technology. Afternoon meetings and networking efforts have good potential. The allure of home and familiar comforts is strong tonight. 
Moon in Gemini v/c 6:40AM-11:15AM Moon enters Cancer.

November 16: With the Moon in Cancer it’s a good day to take care of chores around the house and attend to family matters. Phones are busy this morning. A lunar trine to retrograde Mercury could bring a call from a long lost pal or relative. It’s also a good time to pay bills and dispense with other paperwork and correspondence. Creative sparks fly after noon. A home decorating project goes well but simply relaxing is another attractive option. A late afternoon lunar opposition to Saturn marks the start of several tricky hours. It could be time for a short nap or time out, or a partner could need assistance. Ties are volatile tonight as the Moon moves into an opposition with Pluto. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Treat them the way you want to be treated. 
Moon in Cancer.

November 17: An early morning trine between the Cancer Moon and Scorpio Sun gives the new day the comfortable sensation of a familiar, favorite, well-worn easy chair. Contentment feels wonderful. The blissful harmony between the Sun and Moon slowly gives way to more challenging stars. Mid-afternoon finds the Moon at odds with Mars. Some folks grow impatient and cranky as wants seem to go unmet. A brief void of course Moon period brings quiet, but only for a little while. By nightfall the Moon is in proud Leo where she tangles with impetuous Uranus. Be careful. Give others due respect. Avoid using harsh words or taking thoughtless, impulsive actions, especially if you’re driving late tonight. 
Moon in Cancer v/c 3:14PM-4:57PM Moon enters Leo.

November 18: The new week starts off under a waning Leo Moon. We’re entering a harvesting phase of the lunar cycle. An afternoon lunar square to retrograde Mercury is today’s sole exact alignment. The Winged Messenger is stationary in Scorpio, preparing to resume forward motion in two days time. Conversations can easily veer into complex, emotionally charged issues. A candid analysis may turn out to be just the refreshing thing needed to jump start a stalled project or renew a friendship. A timely discovery might also occur. Mars is poised at the final degree of Libra, the sign of marriage and partnering. This is another good omen for those making peace offerings. Pay attention as you may encounter an acquaintance from your past. 
Moon in Leo.

November 19: Motives may be compelling yet contradictory. Mars’ arrival in steamy Scorpio ratchets up emotional responses, particularly to hot-button issues of power and control. The Leo Moon seeks attention for other reasons. Innocent souls simply bask in the spotlight to be loved and admired. Leaders and actors want validation, approval and praise. Lunar trines to Venus and Jupiter set many people on a happy track during the work day but the late afternoon’s Last Quarter Moon phase underscores the sometimes uncomfortable realities of too much scrutiny. Discontent can feel like a maelstrom. For a few hours, keep inner-most feelings to yourself. Tonight brings the possibility of a breakthrough conversation.
Moon in Leo, Last Quarter Moon in Leo 4:11PM, Moon in Scorpio v/c 4:11PM-8:54PM Moon enters Virgo, Mars enters Scorpio.

November 20: After retrograding since Halloween, mental Mercury turns Direct this afternoon. The Winged Messenger’s changes of direction can befuddle some minds. New ideas and points of view may defy convention. With Mercury ensconced in Scorpio, previously secret information could now see the light of day. As Fate would have it the waning Virgo Moon is happily aligned with Mercury. Mental agility is likely to be up to oncoming challenges. To be safe, double-check messages and pertinent data. Tonight’s lunar opposition with Neptune adds mystical overtones to ordinary activities. Inspirational ideas have spiritual or artistic components. Humanitarian and environmental causes are easily championed. Pay attention to intuitive hunches, reveries and dreams.
Moon in Virgo, Mercury Direct.

November 21: This last full day of the Scorpio Sun has a grounded feel. The Moon is in meticulous Virgo. Morning lunar trines to Saturn and Pluto prompt a dedicated work effort. Productivity is likely to be well above average. However, mid-afternoon sees the Moon test first Venus and then Jupiter. Attention may wander away from the task at hand to more pleasurable pursuits. A flirtation could prompt an invitation which in turn could lead to an evening get together. Although it’s deliciously fun, the lunar square with Jupiter tempts many folks to overindulge. Keep tabs on your consumption and your spending. After a late night lunar sextile to the Sun, a harbinger of contentment, a short-lived void of course Moon period marks the beginning of a quieter, more restful period.
Moon in Virgo v/c 10:31PM-11:20PM Moon enters Libra.

November 22: The waning Libra Moon poses questions of balance and good taste. Fairness is instinctively sought. Proper dress and tactful conduct are noted, as are violations of behavioral norms. Diplomacy plays a central role in today’s activities, which are likely to be far reaching. The Sun’s late morning entry into philosophical Sagittarius holds mind opening impact. Look to spiritual teachings from home as well as the far flung regions of the world. Truth is truth, and many traditions share fruit from the same tree of knowledge. The news of the day can also be food for thought. Creeping fatigue may be a factor late tonight. If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, it’s a good time to catch up on rest.
Moon in Libra, Sun enters Sagittarius.

November 23: Morning worries are fueled by the Libra Moon’s squares with Saturn and Pluto. Some situations may feel toxic, and inescapable. Although the way out may not be apparent, look any anxiety and fears squarely in the eye. Sharing your concerns with a trusted pal can lighten the load immeasurably. If a timely request is made, assistance may be available. Consider delegating chores and responsibilities. Tensions ease by midday. The evening atmosphere is downright celebratory as the Moon engages both Venus and Jupiter. Revel in gratitude for blessings, friendship, good food and other pleasures. Even a simple meal can seem like a feast. Energy fades well before midnight as the Moon goes void of course. Drive with caution late tonight, please.
Moon in Libra v/c 9:49PM-12:00AM.

November 24: This morning explosive energies compete with euphoric ones. Venus is conjunct Jupiter. The happy duo bodes well for a fabulous day of hugs, laughter and adventures. However, the Scorpio Moon is conjunct fiery Mars just as the Red Planet opposes volatile Uranus. Be alert and cautious on the highways and while operating machinery of all types. Slow down. Even an everyday activity, such as walking down a flight of stairs, can become an accident scene. By early afternoon dangers recede. Minds continue to be highly reactive and somewhat fickle. Mental agility can be a good thing, if one resists being bossy or contrary. In fact, thinking may be brilliant and shockingly perceptive. Cooperative types find two heads work better than one.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-12:58AM Moon enters Scorpio, Venus conjunct Jupiter, Mars opposite Uranus. 

November 25: As the lunar cycle comes to a close the Scorpio Moon forms a series of constructive aspects. The morning hours are fertile, quite good for organizing and repurposing items. Overlooked resources may be put to good use. During the noon hour the Moon embarks on a lengthy void of course period. With Venus hovering at the last degree of Sagittarius thoughts may drift to long lost loves and long ago adventures. An old friend may come calling. Attention spans and energy levels are likely to decrease during the second half of the day. Do not begin any new projects until tomorrow’s New Moon gives the Cosmic green light. Instead focus on maintaining momentum and completing work. For some folks, a timeout for rest and relaxation is perfect.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:30PM-12:00AM, Venus enters Capricorn.

November 26: In the deep darkness of the early morning hours the Moon arrives in free-spirited Sagittarius where she soon joins the Sun and is new. This late morning pairing heralds the celestial start of the holiday travel season. Matters of faith, principle, law and truth assume more importance in the coming weeks. Begin new projects during the next fortnight. For now it may be wise to simply contemplate goals. It could be several days before energy levels and impetus fully rebound. Take the time needed to identify your passions and then follow the lead of your heart. 
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-3:11AM Moon enters Sagittarius, New Moon in Sagittarius 10:06AM.

November 27: The Sagittarius Moon is in a testing square with Neptune early today. Inclement weather, laziness and other factors can contribute to a dreamy malaise. If you are traveling, stay sharp. Neptune is also turning Direct after a retrograde that began in late June. Imaginations may be incredibly active but don’t let a fantasy or overly trusting nature distract you from practical matters like physical safety and financial well-being. A pending trine from mental Mercury to Neptune opens the gates to inspired artistry, great empathy and spiritual understanding. Expect miracles.
Moon in Sagittarius, Neptune Direct.

November 28: Happy Thanksgiving! The Moon is in tradition bound Capricorn. This morning the Moon is also happily ensconced between Jupiter and Venus. Under this  triple conjunction we feel good. Honoring the highest ideals of our ancestors is natural. Travel and holiday preparations proceed cheerfully. Cooks are inspired and innovative. We bring to the holiday table warmth and goodwill. Moods are exuberant as Venus is also in a perfect trine to eccentric Uranus. There may be a surprise guest or two and perhaps the start of a meaningful new friendship. Moods remain energized and excitable into the evening hours as the Moon and Mars align in a sextile. Reminiscences are likely to include tales passed on by grandparents, mentors and other inspiring teachers. 
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 5:50AM-7:33AM Moon enters Capricorn, Mercury trine Neptune, Venus trine Uranus.

November 29: The emphasis is on practicality when the Moon visits earthy Capricorn. No nonsense realism could well be the day’s dominant recurring theme. An imminent sextile between mental Mercury and dutiful Saturn steers attention towards matters of consequence. Items of superior craftsmanship, durability and usefulness are eagerly sought by seasoned shoppers. The midday period is best for gadding about town or making social calls. Fatigue catches up with some folks during the late afternoon. An evening resurgence is likely. For brave hearts, talk of deeply personal issues may prove enlightening. 
Moon in Capricorn v/c 10:57PM-12:00AM.

November 30: Amidst the busy holiday week the void of course Capricorn Moon offers a chance to slow down and relax. Enjoy leisure activities. Hold off on shopping for big ticket items, making important commitments or starting new ventures. A renewing second wind arrives during the late afternoon, when the Moon enters Aquarius. Stability however, is likely to be lacking. A lunar square to unpredictable Uranus puts nighttime plans in doubt. Friends could bow out due to unforeseen reasons or unexpected delays may necessitate a schedule change. Take a philosophical approach. Things always work out in the end. 
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-3:13PM Moon enters Aquarius, Mercury sextile Saturn.