October 2014 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for October 2014

October 1: Today's stars present significant tests. Five of the ten planets, including the Sun and Moon, are tied up in a series of motivating, stressful and possibly disruptive cardinal sign squares and oppositions. The Capricorn Moon reaches the First Quarter phase this afternoon. As a result, nerves are on edge as many folks feel pressured to make things happen. Use the approach taken by numerous great athletes; see the entire field and let the game come to you. If you can, stay calm, composed, considerate of others and welcome life's opportunities as well and as quickly as its ironies.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-12:41AM Moon enters Capricorn, First Quarter Moon in Capricorn 3:32PM.

October 2: Focus, get organized and dispense with important responsibilities this morning. Firm up what you can. The Capricorn Moon, ably supported by disciplined Saturn, fosters productivity, shrewd resource management and effective strategic planning. The noon hour sees the Moon go void of course, ushering in a more relaxed but also less promising period for taking care of business. Because the Libra Sun is moving into a sensitive angle with Pluto and Uranus, and mental Mercury is slowing in advance of turning retrograde this coming Saturday, upcoming events are likely to necessitate on the fly adjustments and making new plans. Don't rest on your laurels, carry on.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:18PM-12:00AM.

October 3: Well before the Sun peeks over the eastern horizon, the Moon arrives in Aquarius. The Moon's presence in the visionary sign of science and friendship underscores the important role technology plays in business and social networking. Sweet lunar trines to Venus and the Sun, both in Libra, make this a nearly ideal day for fun and rewarding social encounters as well as peace-making overtures. However, there are other concerns. The Sun is also nearly square Pluto and mental Mercury has stationed as he prepares to retrograde. Accentuate positives but don't make assumptions or take anyone's participation for granted. Motives may be suspect and minds can easily change over the next few days.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-4:00AM Moon enters Aquarius.

October 4: An early morning solar square with Pluto can stir up a hornet's nest of troubles. Pragmatism and lust for power come before peoples' feelings. Things don't get much easier as the day progresses. Mental Mercury, now in the early degrees of stubborn Scorpio, begins a three week long retrograde. Inflexible opinions may prove to be a big liability. The waxing Aquarius Moon also faces challenges from Jupiter and Saturn. Hopes rise and fall with each passing hour. As the Fates would have it, fiery Mars is nearing an inspiring trine to Uranus as midnight nears. The alignment rekindles hopes and empowers visionaries as well as champions of human rights. Situations may change in an instant.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 2:32PM-12:00AM, Sun square Pluto, Mercury retrograde.

October 5: Even though this week's planetary trends can be wildly unpredictable and chaotic, the stars also support personal epiphanies and social progress. With Mars in trine to Uranus early today there's no time to waste. Creative ideas may be quite brilliant. By dawn the Moon is in lyrical Pisces, where she can induce moodiness and lethargy. Her early afternoon conjunction with Neptune may trigger boundless flights of imagination while fortunate lunar aspects to Mercury and Pluto help direct fancies into physical activities and tangible constructions.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-5:24AM Moon enters Pisces, Mars trine Uranus.

October 6: Early morning has its awkward moments and possible aggravations. The waxing and extremely emotional Pisces Moon is at odds with Mars. One may feel klutzy or be victimized by bad timing or a short-fused temper. To better remain cool and calm, and avoid singing the Monday blues, take things one at a time and slowly. Balance and control soon return. The more harmonious midday period is especially well suited for attending to serious work and decisions. This is likely to be the most fertile part of the day. By late afternoon the Moon is void of course. Be ready to adapt to changing circumstances.
Moon in Pisces v/c 3:38PM-12:00AM.

October 7: The annual opposition between the Sun and Uranus is a precursor to upheavals and moments of enlightenment. The world is in flux. Seemingly out of the blue, partnerships, agreements, and even governments can come crashing down. Vested interests may change in an instant. With the Aries Moon almost full, and taking up position with Uranus, Jupiter and Mars in a fire sign Grand Trine, many folks will bravely welcome the opportunity to start over. If you think you can improve your life in some way, this is a good time to make your move. Moon watchers will enjoy a dramatic Moonrise.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-6:07AM Moon enters Aries, Sun opposite Uranus.

October 8: This morning's Full "Hunter's" Moon in Aries points the way to a more fulfilling life. Spiritual, intellectual, emotional and economic growth are not possible without giving up obsolete notions, so be prepared to let go of worn out ideas and empty dreams. Line up support from trusted friends and partners, both obvious and unlikely choices. Seek inspiration from across the globe. Wisdom traditions exist on every continent. All have relevance to mankind's continuing quest for happiness, prosperity and survival. As Bob Dylan put it, "He who is not busy being born is busy dying." Live your passions! Quieter evening hours are expected.
Moon in Aries, Full "Hunter's" Moon in Aries 6:51AM, Moon in Aries v/c 10:20AM-12:00AM, Venus square Pluto, Mars trine Jupiter.

October 9: Night owls and early birds may feel as though they have time on their hands. Shortly after sunrise the Moon arrives in Taurus, where it opposes retrograde Mercury. The alignment can make a look back at recent developments quite useful. After all, hindsight is notoriously clear. On the other hand, mental Mercury's backwards trend may reveal overlooked facts, leading to some confusion or an unexpected change of mind. The morning commute could get bogged down due to someone's bad decision. A kindly, playful and inventive spirit takes hold after noon. As you tackle the day's chores be sure to use your imagination.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-7:44AM Moon enters Taurus.

October 10: Mental Mercury's retrograde takes the Winged Messenger back into Libra. For some couples the communication planet's return to the sign of partnering could precipitate a frank discussion. Truth telling is greatly encouraged by the Sun's sextile to outspoken Jupiter. This alignment also stimulates wanderlust and sets many folks happily off on weekend getaways. All the same, it's best to treat loved ones and other essential partners with care and respect. The Taurus Moon is testing Jupiter and Saturn while Venus is fast approaching a tough opposition to unpredictable Uranus. Even rock solid alliances may be tested by unexpected events.
Moon in Taurus v/c 8:49PM-12:00AM, Mercury enters Libra, Sun sextile Jupiter.

October 11: Homebodies enjoy a relaxed, void of course Taurus Moon morning. The laid back but sensorially pleasing atmosphere favors sleeping a little later than usual, catching up on reading, touching base with friends or taking extra time to stretch and meditate. Savor that morning cup of tea or joe. As noon nears the Moon slips into restless mercurial Gemini and motivation increases. Head out on foot or by car and take in the sights. Mother Nature puts on a show as the Moon moves into a square with Neptune. If autumn leaves and starry skies aren't stimulating enough, movie theaters, music halls and art galleries hold numerous delights.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-11:51AM Moon enters Gemini.

October 12: Following a comparatively quiet and peaceful morning, the Gemini Moon forms enlivening aspects with Uranus, Venus, Jupiter and the Sun. Thus today's operative keyword is fun! One only has to possess an open mind and a willing heart. There are superb social options, uplifting learning opportunities and other eccentric adventures waiting. Let curiosity guide you. I have a pal whose palms tingle, directing her to talk to strangers who in turn often impart surprisingly useful pearls of wisdom and sometimes become fast friends. So go ahead and follow your hunches. Welcome new faces and participate in untried activities.
Moon in Gemini.

October 13: Upbeat trends dominate the day. The Gemini Moon is in a fine trine aspect with Mercury this afternoon. Minds are alert and people enjoy stimulating conversations. The midday period can be a good time to rework agreements or catch up with neighbors and relatives. Because the God of Communication is retrograde, nostalgic visits to former haunts are also more likely. A lazy mood takes hold for a few late afternoon and early evening hours. As darkness falls the Moon reaches Cancer, directing attention towards home and family concerns. Relish the familiar and yet unique pleasures found only in one's feathered nest tonight. There really is no other place like it.
Moon in Gemini v/c 1:58PM-7:30PM Moon enters Cancer.

October 14: A sextile between Venus and Jupiter showers early birds with love, contentment and healthy optimism. During the pre-dawn hours anything seems possible. The Moon, in loyal Cancer then gradually moves into the steely grip of a Pluto opposition and the blissful mood fades. Feelings grow more volatile. Responses can veer from one extreme to another. Self-control is further tested by a late night lunar square to always unpredictable Uranus. Do your best to stay calm. A pending alignment between the Sun and Mars provides the strength and courage to get beyond temporary difficulties and engage in helpful activities. Look for silver linings and unexpected opportunities.
Moon in Cancer, Venus sextile Jupiter.

October 15: Do what you can to put insecure associates at ease this morning. Emphasize cooperation. Remind partners that their contributions are both helpful and needed. Teamwork is especially fruitful during the productive middle of the day. The mid-afternoon's Last Quarter Cancer Moon can coincide with a new round of friction between co-workers. Overly protective "mama bear" instincts may rub others the wrong way. It could be an opportune time to revisit old grievances and create new rules. However, some things will probably not be resolved. Leave unsettled business behind and relax at home under tonight's void of course Moon.
Moon in Cancer, Last Quarter Moon in Cancer 3:12PM, Moon in Cancer v/c 7:27PM-12:00AM, Sun sextile Mars.

October 16: The Moon's early morning arrival in Leo builds confidence and raises expectations. The game of life again seems winnable. Luckily, the Sun in Libra is overtaking retrograde Mercury while both stars harmonize with fiery Mars. The energizing configuration sharpens perceptions, assists decision-makers, aids travelers and enhances communications. Because Mercury is in backwards motion lingering issues may be clarified and at last resolved. Expect old friends to reappear and long ago memories to be triggered. With the lunar nodes activated, another one of today's potential prizes is the chance to make peace with the past.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-6:29AM Moon in Leo, Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury sextile Mars.

October 17: There's much more to be grateful for today than just TGIF. A thoroughly ebullient Leo Moon urges us to embrace and enjoy each moment. Lunar alignments with Uranus and Jupiter give rise to feelings of childlike wonder and invention, satisfying prosperity and open-hearted generosity. Mental Mercury's early afternoon conjunction with loving Venus increases goodwill and enhances all relationships. Lunches and other midday meetings are particularly warm and chummy. Tonight, make a commitment to learning something new. Be sure to celebrate every stroke of good luck.
Moon in Leo, Mercury conjunct Venus.

October 18: Early risers benefit from luminous lunar aspects. The Leo Moon's embrace of Venus, Mars and the Sun enlivens hearts and boosts competitive spirits. Those who awaken with chores, workouts or sports on their mind will no doubt enjoy the morning vibes. But then the Moon goes void of course and the tone of the day shifts. A less driven, far more relaxed mood takes hold. Invite your inner child out to play. Hobbies, creative projects and fun diversions bring much pleasure. After sunset the Moon reaches Virgo and the restful period ends. The usual perfectionistic motives, typical of Virgo, are mellowed by a lunar opposition with mystical Neptune. Honor the sacred feminine. Candlelit dinners, romantic strolls, chick flicks and Mother Nature herself all provide nighttime magic.
Moon in Leo v/c 9:10AM-7:08PM Moon enters Virgo.

October 19: The hours before dawn are replete with intoxicating dreams and reveries. Don't let your mind wander too much if you're making an early excursion. Pay attention while traveling on foot or at the wheel of your car. The Virgo Moon's trine to Pluto in earthy Capricorn is a positive omen for those looking to reduce clutter, run errands or start a new waist-slimming health regimen. Bargain hunters and thrift shop denizens are likely to pick up fabulous bargains. Loving Venus and feisty Mars are also in an agreeable sextile so relationships between the sexes flow smoothly. Take your loved one by the hand and explore new horizons this evening.
Moon in Virgo.

October 20: Astrologically, this is one of the better Mondays for heading back to work or school. The Moon is in practical Virgo and forming a late afternoon sextile to responsible Saturn. In addition, there are two harmonious planetary sextile alignments of note, between Venus and Mars and Mercury and Jupiter. These stars invite positive thinking, a primary ingredient in all success stories. A visit with a respected elder or mentor is timely. Everything proceeds smoothly and productively until late tonight, when the Moon tests Mars. Those who burn the midnight oil are likely to find the late going increasingly precarious and much less fruitful. Hopefully, by then work is done and you have time to relax.
Moon in Virgo v/c 11:30PM-12:00AM, Venus sextile Mars, Mercury sextile Jupiter.

October 21: As we venture later into the monthly lunar cycle the stars just happen to take a break. There are no exact planetary aspects today. As a result, moods may be pleasantly contented but somewhat listless. This is a good day for weighing and assessing recent developments, as well as the status of various agreements and partnerships. The waning Moon is in Libra, the sign of peace, harmony and fair play. If associates aren't meeting your expectations, gently begin to discuss areas of concern. Because both a New Moon and Mercury's return to forward motion are coming later in the week, negotiations can be expected to take at least a few days.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-7:12AM Moon enters Libra.

October 22: Harmony can be elusive this morning. The Libra Moon faces difficult aspects with both Pluto and Uranus. Unforeseen and disheartening complications can catch even the most seasoned and well-prepared people off guard. Because this is also the final day of the lunar cycle energy is in limited supply. On a more positive note, this lunar phase often bestows a helpful measure of emotional detachment. Don't take uncontrollable circumstance personally. Adapt. Quietly and patiently get on with your business. Silver linings appear tonight.
Moon in Libra.

October 23: Here's another day of changes. The Sun enters Scorpio during the early morning and joins with the New Moon this evening. In between Venus also arrives in Scorpio. Scorpio represents the fixed or most entrenched part of the fall season. The sign is connected with procreation, as well as the death and rebirth cycles, in short, the deepest mysteries of life. Join with close associates and partners to plan a better future. There's plenty of inspiration available. Entertain far out, visionary and humanitarian appeals. Ironing out all the details will take a bit longer but don't be afraid to set wheels in motion. This is a time of important new beginnings.
Moon in Libra v/c 1:22PM-5:10PM Moon enters Scorpio, New Moon in Scorpio 5:57PM, Sun enters Scorpio, Venus enters Scorpio.

October 24: The Scorpio Sun and Venus continue to travel in tandem. The charming pair may provoke and tease a bit, but in charming fashion. The Moon is also in Scorpio and constructively engaged with Neptune and Pluto. Cast a wide social net and welcome input and support from assorted visionaries and free thinkers. Appealing causes may be global in scale, others more limited in scope. Altruistic aims are best furthered by two or more people working in concert. There is power in numbers so devote time and energy to educating partners and keeping folks on the same page. Evening gatherings and events shine under Venus' delightful spell.
Moon in Scorpio.

October 25: Many relationships are in flux. Some feel strained. The Scorpio Moon pairs with Saturn, the heavens' ultimate arbiter of what is just. Current obstacles and delays highlight who and what needs improving or removing. Mental Mercury, now in Libra, resumes forward motion this afternoon. Indecision may be born out of co-dependent tendencies. Newly available information can also lead to confusing changes of opinion and stated positions. Don't get in a huff, point fingers or rush to judgment. It could be a few days or weeks before differences are finally settled and alliances realigned.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:11PM-12:00AM, Sun conjunct Venus, Mercury Direct.

October 26: The Moon visits the freedom-loving sign of Sagittarius today while firebrand Mars enters the stable environs of earthy Capricorn. The two celestial influences bolster decision makers, executives and political leaders, the Moon stirring rousing ideas and speechmaking and Mars adding a practical bent. Some folks want to be on the move. Others content themselves with reading and study. Sports figures and their fans find the competition thrilling. Social networking is buoyant tonight. Spend time with folks who share your interests and passions. A good time is had by all.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-12:40AM Moon enters Sagittarius, Mars enters Capricorn.

October 27: The day gets off to a brisk start. Conversations are interesting and informative. Optimism infuses the first half of the day as the Sagittarius Moon moves into a noon hour trine with effusive Jupiter. A lunchtime get together is boisterous good fun. By early afternoon the Moon is traveling void of course. The pace slows but trines from the Scorpio Sun and Venus to Neptune in Pisces instill large amounts of empathy and compassion throughout the day. Humanitarian interests are well served by the alignments. Share your dreams. Help those who are less fortunate. Artists and creative souls are encouraged to put their talents to good use.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:18PM-12:00AM, Venus trine Neptune.

October 28: Roll up your shirtsleeves and get to work. The Moon is in Capricorn, the most industrious of signs. Indeed, today the Moon is part of an indefatigable stellium, along with Mars and Pluto. We are blessed with an infusion of energy as well as staying power. The eminently practical trio is in solid agreement with the Scorpio Sun and Venus. Cosmically, everything is in place to make good things happen. Take a breather late this afternoon and celebrate your achievements with friends and co-workers. Don't underestimate mankind's capacity to make the world a better place.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-6:03AM Moon enters Capricorn, Sun trine Neptune.

October 29: The demands of work can conflict with the needs of partners. The Capricorn Moon is at odds with both Mercury and the lunar North Node. Look for ways to balance your career ambitions with your social commitments. Confessing one's insecurities may help allay a significant other's anxieties. Reducing one's workload may seem to be a necessity. The late afternoon and evening hours provide a chance to regroup and come up with mutually agreeable arrangements. It may be best to wait and go over the options tonight, when calmer heads prevail.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 11:01PM-12:00AM.

October 30: After a slow, less than enthusiastic beginning time passes more quickly with the Moon's late-morning arrival in Aquarius. Thoughts turn to the future. Friends come to mind. A little networking is called for. Pick up the phone or make use of social media forums. This is a good day for planning. Tonight's First Quarter Moon challenge may confirm plans or put a damper on them. The stressful square alignment between the Sun and Moon is exact late enough in the day that its impact is mostly felt in private. How committed are you to the future you envision? Can you rely on support from partners? Is adequate funding available? If the answer to any of these questions is no, additional work and planning is required.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-9:52AM Moon enters Aquarius, First Quarter Moon in Aquarius 10:48PM.

October 31: Morning hunches come in bunches and are mostly on target. A novel idea or realization may be quite brilliant. Use the world wide web and telecommunications to do research, collaborate with associates and firm up and detail plans. Thinking and socializing remain strengths throughout the day. As night falls a festive enthusiasm arrives. The Aquarius Moon moves into an opposition with Jupiter, the jovial planet of prosperity and excess. Halloween partygoers revel in full regalia but take care not to eat too much candy. Uplifting influences keep some parties going into the wee hours of the morning. However, a pending lunar square with Saturn is a timely reminder; know when you've had enough.
Moon in Aquarius.