October 2015 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for October 2015

October 1: An early morning quest for peace, love and understanding gives way to a rather laid back and quietly introspective mood. The Taurus Moon is void of course before the work day officially begins. The much less focused and motivated atmosphere lingers until a late afternoon lunar sign change occurs. However, the Moon in Gemini does little to speed things up. One reason is the Moon's opposition to Saturn, the planet of delays and obstacles. Another factor is a testing angle between the Moon and Mars later tonight. Don't force your pace. Be methodical and thorough. Usually irrepressible and chatty, this Gemini Moon requires patience, endurance, good timing and the wise choice of words.
Moon in Taurus v/c 6:44AM-4:03PM Moon enters Gemini.

October 2: With the Moon in "both sides now" Gemini, making up one's mind and staying on point can be a tough challenge today. Simplify, and as much as possible this morning, avoid unnecessary complications. A late morning lunar square with generous Jupiter causes many folks to want to help but at the same time, underestimate the amount of time and energy 'helping' requires. Salvation could be in thinking and doing less, or just gently saying "no." Later tonight the stars support spontaneous impulses. As a result, improvisational geniuses and impromptu gatherings are vibrant as midnight nears. Be sure to heed your gut hunches and intuitive promptings.
Moon in Gemini.

October 3: Oh, what a beautiful morning! It feels good to be alive. The effervescent Gemini Moon is on friendly terms with Venus and life can seem wonderful. Enjoy loving ties with people and pets, trees and sky. Whether doing nothing, tackling chores or out shopping, times flies by. Cheerful lunchtime conversations contain liberal servings of good news. Finish your shopping before early afternoon when moods grow quieter and less sociable, and minds become more indecisive due to the void of course Moon. A lack of enthusiasm could lead some folks to stay home tonight. This choice to nest could turn out to be a good one as after sunset the Moon reaches her own sign of Cancer. Under this lunar influence retreating into one's protective shell and enjoying the comforts of familiar places feels quite natural.
Moon in Gemini v/c 1:18PM-8:22PM Moon enters Cancer.

October 4: The day begins with great promise. Workout enthusiasts are off and running as the Cancer Moon aligns with Mars and then Neptune. However, emotions are soon bouncing all over the map. From the usually hidden depths of the subconscious the Cancer Moon brings up poignant memories as well as keenly felt needs and security urges. This morning's "How can I help?" may quickly become "Don't tread on me!" after noon. That's when Last Quarter Moon tensions begin to surface. Give partners space. Mixed trends dominate into late evening. Tact and diplomacy are recommended. Attempts to pin others down only succeed if and when common interests are served. Be open to compromise.
Moon in Cancer, Last Quarter Moon in Cancer 5:06PM.

October 5: The early morning hours find the Cancer Moon in a testing angle with rebellious Uranus. As a result many folks feel nervous, anxious, and resistant to going back to work or school. Tensions can contribute to delays during the morning commute. Computer failures may also add to woes. If you feel stressed or distracted, take a deep breath, then another. Relax your shoulders. The Moon spends the rest of the day traveling void of course. We feel more at ease but words, events and decisions are likely to get lost in a sea of shifting emotional undercurrents. Delay important innovations and major purchases for now. Manage time and energy efficiently. Focus on routine tasks and obligations. Plan to quietly unwind by the home fires tonight.
Moon in Cancer v/c 7:04AM-12:00AM.

October 6: A positive attitude is an essential tool on this astrologically rough and tumble day. The Libra Sun is jousting with Pluto and Mars is at odds with Neptune. A real or imagined betrayal or ill-considered move can lead to a major setback. Luckily, mental Mercury is augmented by the Leo Moon this morning and later in the day, old man wisdom himself, Saturn. Virtue, patience and common sense are building blocks for good relations with allies as well as adversaries. Hold fast to your standards of right and wrong. Trust your instincts. Don't be coerced. Think things through. Experience makes it plain to see who is sincere and who is only pretending. If you have doubts, wait.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-4:31AM Moon enters Leo, Sun square Pluto, Mercury sextile Saturn, Mars opposite Neptune.

October 7: A passionate Leo Moon is harmoniously arrayed with the Libra Sun early this morning. Moods are calm and bright. Relationships are graced with warm camaraderie. If there's something you've been wanting to clear up with a partner this is a good time for a talk. The afternoon hours move swiftly as a lunar trine with intuitive Uranus sharpens minds and tongues, and facilitates networking and planning. Put your tech skills to good use. By late afternoon the Moon is in void of course mode and the pace slows considerably. Take it easy tonight. Venus is poised at the last degree of Leo and about to test Saturn. Show loved ones you care and spread kindness among those you encounter.
Moon in Leo v/c 5:10PM-12:00AM.

October 8: This morning is pleasant. Nevertheless, the quiet stillness of lazy, void of course Leo Moon hours can be deceptive. Change is in the air. Early afternoon sees Venus arrive in Virgo. A couple of hours later it's the Moon's turn to enter the diligent Sign of the Virgin. United, the loving pair foster heartfelt feelings and a strong desire to be helpful. Good intentions could meet with resistance as the Moon tests Saturn this evening. Before lending a hand or offering advice, make sure partners are receptive to help or new ideas. Because mental Mercury is poised and about to resume forward motion, additional changes of outlook and circumstance are imminent. Sometimes, not getting what we want turns out to be a blessing.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-3:50PM Moon enters Virgo, Venus enters Virgo.

October 9: Having been retrograde the past three weeks, mental Mercury returns to forward motion during the late morning. Minds may seem to be playing tricks. Missing or flawed data could be discovered. Slow down and get your facts straight. Take time to clear up miscommunications. The Virgo Moon is conjunct impulsive Mars and lofty Jupiter but also at odds with confusing Neptune. The afternoon hours are far more auspicious for making decisions and plans with partners. Late day travel is also facilitated. As the Sun sets the Moon settles into a lengthy void of course period, lasting all the way into Sunday morning. It's time to rest weary minds and bodies. Have fun tonight but attempt nothing strenuous.
Moon in Virgo v/c 6:12PM-12:00AM, Mercury Direct.

October 10: Seasonal tasks beckon. Put your home in order. Use a little elbow grease and make it shine. Stow away summer clothes, garden tools, and prepare for cooler days and longer nights. Make sure warmer clothes and blankets are clean and ready for use. Visit a local farm, pick apples or take a walk or ride in nature. Activities that connect us to Mother Earth are also favored under the waning void of course Virgo Moon. A testing angle between Venus and Saturn is a reminder to use time and resources efficiently. Some relationships may feel strained. Explore ways of making peace and renewing ties but don't rush into any one-sided commitments. Today's agreements are likely to be revisited and revised in the coming days.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-12:00AM, Venus square Saturn.

October 11: Two powerful but apparently contradictory planetary alignments vie for attention. A fabulous trine between Jupiter and Pluto encourages resilience and the shrewd use of talents and other resources. The Libra Sun's annual opposition to Uranus increases uncertainty. The risk of a relationship split, accident, brouhaha, earthquake or seismic shift in political or religious spheres is heightened. The socially inclined Libra Moon is in the last leg of her cycle, a monthly time of reflection and completion. Planning sessions can be productive but it's best to table brilliant ideas and schemes for now. The Cosmos doesn't offer a true green light for action until later in the week.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-4:46AM Moon enters Libra, Jupiter trine Pluto, Sun opposite Uranus.

October 12: Today's New Moon in Libra sees the Moon testing Pluto and Uranus. Yes, the Cosmos' monthly "go" signal is delivered from on high this evening, but with some conditions. Stay aware of necessities, and include partners in planning processes. Conventional rules don't always work. Every situation is different and there are times when we must do as our conscience dictates. Rules may need to be broken, or rewritten! This is the promise of the coming weeks, forging peaceful and lasting, more fruitful alliances. Mental Mercury, having recently completed a retrograde, is close by the lunar North Node, also in Libra. Among true friends it's time for cooperation and teamwork.
Moon in Libra, New Moon in Libra 8:06PM, Moon in Libra v/c 8:06PM-12:00AM.

October 13: The recently new Moon in Libra is void of course during the workday hours. Mental Mercury forms a "take care of business" early morning sextile to stabilizing Saturn but then the stars go silent. A quietly perceptive mood dominates. Be aware of co-workers and other associates. Catch up with friends. Get the scoop on the latest news. Imagine problems solved and the world as a more elegant, inviting place. Make your corner a bit more beautiful. The Moon slips into Scorpio as the Sun sinks in the west. Share your undivided attention with loved ones tonight when both giving and receiving are good medicine.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-5:38AM Moon enters Scorpio, Mercury sextile Saturn.

October 14: Psychic and emotional sensitivity levels usually rise while the Moon passes through Scorpio. These expanded powers of perception can contribute to overall efficiency and effectiveness, if egos are held in check. From the wee hours of the morning until after nightfall the Moon is fortuitously aligned with five other planets, making it easy to connect with dreams and later in the day share hopes and joys with others. In fact the afternoon hours can be incredibly productive. Dinnertime discussions sparkle. Highlighted are insights into partners, business and real estate deals and general good humor. The start of a void of course Moon period counsels "early to bed," well before midnight.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 8:58PM-12:00AM.

October 15: A daylong void of course Scorpio Moon can produce quietly restless feelings. Everyone may seem to be waiting for something big to happen. If you're blessed with a motivated spirit of inquiry, introspective moments can be revealing. Self-understanding is within reach. On the other hand, the Moon's disengaged status is a no no for making big financial outlays and other important mundane decisions. Many of today's occurrences will prove to be of little consequence. Focus instead on fact finding missions, research and your own personal development. Tonight's trine between Mars and Pluto can help turn up money making opportunities and other underutilized assets.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-12:00AM, Mars trine Pluto.

October 16: The Sagittarius Moon passes by sobering Saturn this morning, emphasizing the need to apply one's self fully at work. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right. Be attentive to instructions from higher ups. Pressures ease, moods brighten and hearts soften by lunchtime. Midday get togethers are cheerful. Talk is honest and opinions are freely shared. Optimism grows. An indulgent, party-like atmosphere gains strength this evening. Love can be lazy though, as the Moon tests Venus and Neptune. Be smart and very selective when it comes to sharing the secrets of your heart or imagination. And use care when eating and imbibing tonight. Absolutely no drinking and driving!
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-5:18AM Moon enters Sagittarius, Venus opposite Neptune.

October 17: Some of us are out the door and off to the races with dawn's first light. Take heed early birds, mixed influences caution against forgetting a needed, essential item, or speaking out of turn. Remember to think before acting or voicing opinions. The outspoken, freedom-loving Sagittarius Moon then ventures into a joyful late afternoon trine with Uranus, the planet of friendship and progressive communities. Join forces on behalf of a favorite cause, or socialize with like-minded thinkers and lively eccentrics. Mars' evening conjunction with Jupiter stirs dinnertime passions and sets off heartfelt discussions, debates, teasing and belly laughs. Stand up for your beliefs while enjoying a spirited and jolly time.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mars conjunct Jupiter.

October 18: This is one of those relaxing autumn Sunday mornings we dream about. The Sagittarius Moon is delightfully void of course, delightful that is if you're prepared to take it easy. Turn over on the other side and sleep in. Turn on the telly, catch up with the news and old friends. The mellow atmosphere continues into the mid-afternoon hours when the Moon sets up shop in Capricorn. Tend to errands and more strenuous chores from this time onwards. Tonight, there's quiet satisfaction that comes from sharing time with close companions, family members and mentors. Focus on your intentions for the coming week as the pragmatic Cappy Moon aligns with Neptune during dreamtime.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 4:48AM-2:52PM Moon enters Capricorn.

October 19: There's a bit of a scramble to get organized and under way early today. Throughout the day the stars provide loads of energy as well as starkly different choices about how to utilize it. The hard working Capricorn Moon is conjunct powerful Pluto and testing mental Mercury. Other lunar alignments with Venus, Jupiter and Mars point to a smoother, easier and more fruitful path. The key to succeeding lies in doing, rather than merely complaining and criticizing. With clear goals and positive attitudes, much can be gained and accomplished. Helping others is especially rewarding. Stay alert if you happen to be out and about late tonight.
Moon in Capricorn.

October 20: The Capricorn Moon is in a testing angle with the Libra Sun. Known as the First Quarter Moon phase, this energizing square relationship between the "lights" also tends to bring up inner emotional discord. Today, prized goals may seem blocked by social formalities and commitments to loved ones. As a result, relationships can be strained. Even if you feel your efforts are being thwarted, it is still wise to show kindness and consideration of others. A late afternoon void of course Moon period ushers in a quiet and more relaxed mood. As focus wavers there's a chance to weigh different goals and pathways, leading to better, more informed choices. Let your imagination roam freely. Clarity and intention become more polished as midnight approaches.
Moon in Capricorn, First Quarter Moon in Capricorn 4:31PM, Moon in Capricorn v/c 4:31PM-9:38PM Moon enters Aquarius.

October 21: At any time today thoughts can drift from the present and begin imagining the future. The Moon is in visionary Aquarius and mental Mercury is testing both Pluto and Uranus. Hearts may be willing but minds and bodies need steadfast resolve. Mercury's pending opposition to Uranus makes even the stodgiest thinkers more adventurous. Unfortunately, Uranus is also famously fickle. One moment's fresh new idea may seem stale the next. The Moon's evening time trine with Mercury opens doors. Gut feelings and psychic impressions can lead to unexpected options and probable successes. Friends make helpful suggestions. Open minds work best with the powerful but mentally challenging energies of the next few days.
Moon in Aquarius.

October 22: Mental Mercury's square with Pluto can cause brows to knit with worry. On the other hand, if obsessive thoughts are directed towards reaching enlightened goals, minds are formidable tools. What we focus on expands so keep looking at the bright side of each situation you encounter. Inner growth, finely detailed work and multiple types of research are favored. The Moon is in Aquarius, the sign of community and friendship and an imminent trine between Venus and Pluto trumpets the healing power of love. Follow the Golden Rule and be sure your actions serve your own as well as others' best interests. Show your appreciation for pals and loved ones tonight.
Moon in Aquarius, Mercury square Pluto.

October 23: The Moon dives into Pisces during the wee hours of the morning and dreams can entail a series of subconscious learning adventures. As a result, some folks wake up feeling tired. Imaginations are in excellent working order during the middle of the day but some people are inclined to get carried away by fantasy and escapism. Be on the lookout for hopeless romantics and "poor me" types. The Sun slips into Scorpio during the afternoon. As the autumn season progresses, introspective moods deepen. A rejuvenating lunar angle to Pluto supports tonight's social atmosphere. Certain relationships are rekindled, seemingly healed and forged anew by changing circumstances and evolving needs.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:22AM-1:18AM Moon enters Pisces, Venus trine Pluto, Sun enters Scorpio.

October 24: This is a strangely quiet day. Under a lengthy void of course Pisces Moon period, lasting from early morning until midnight, it can be tough to get going. Feelings guide the way into and out of lazy and more motivated hours. Trust your instincts as you go with the flow. The Moon is waxing and nearly full, but don't be recklessly impulsive. Take some precautions. Avoid buying expensive items or entering into long term commitments. What you may hear is best received with a dose of healthy skepticism. On the plus side, visits to cultural centers, concert halls, museums, galleries and theaters can be truly inspiring, along with good reading material and engaging films. Chilling out and staying in your comfort zone is recommended.
Moon in Pisces v/c 7:18AM-12:00AM.

October 25: Full Moon fever is beginning to rise. The waxing Aries Moon is just two days away from being full. A splendid late afternoon conjunction of Venus and Jupiter instills confidence and deep appreciation of life's fine blessings. Good will is prevalent and gatherings are blessed but a tense angle between mental Mercury and Uranus presents possible communication challenges. Irreverence tempts some and other folks elect to play devil's advocate. Harsh words cannot support closeness, trust and intimacy. Take full advantage of the bountiful Venus/Jupiter conjunction. Be kind and helpful, especially to those less fortunate than you.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-2:22AM Moon enters Aries, Venus conjunct Jupiter, Mercury opposite Uranus.

October 26: Some people may mistake the prickly morning energy for a Mercury retrograde. But no, the Winged Messenger is not retrograde. The nearly full Aries Moon is conjunct Uranus and opposite Mercury. Minds, mouths and tech gear can easily misbehave under theses trying influences. Luckily, this unpredictable energy tide only lasts into early morning. The Moon is then void of course until midnight tonight. There's plenty of time and space for wild, weird and wonderful things to happen. Tune in to your inner child self and ask for guidance. Observe the usual v/c Moon rules. Be creative but make no big ticket buys. Put off the signing of contracts and other commitments. Today's happenings are subject to review and revision.
Moon in Aries v/c 8:26AM-12:00AM.

October 27: Launching the new day with celestial flair, the energizing Taurus Moon is perfectly full this morning at 8:05AM. Stubbornly grounded practicality and an appreciation of mystical objects and experiences can make this day feel very special. The Moon, Pluto and Jupiter form a captivating Grand Trine in Earth signs. The configuration bodes well for business. People of all different political stripes are motivated to make more efficient use of precious resources. It's a great time to direct your feet on to more solid financial and spiritual ground. Psychic, empathic and imaginative folks receive answers to requests and prayers.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-2:07AM Moon enters Taurus, Full Moon in Taurus 8:05AM.

October 28: Take care of business this morning. The Taurus Moon is as busy as an autumn bee, storing away food and energy for the long winter months. Sunny lunar trines to Venus, Jupiter and Mars set an upbeat, "can-do" tone and set a brisk pace. The cheerfully active period lasts until late morning. By noon the Moon is sailing void of course. Initiative fades and moods grow quiet and more reflective. This mellow second half of the day is a good chance to catch your breath after several hectic days. Attend to regular chores and obligations. Leave new initiatives, conferences and decisions for another time.
Moon in Taurus v/c 11:20AM-12:00AM.

October 29: The Gemini Moon sharpens senses and wits, but also sets off endless discussions about the multiple meanings of words and things, and different possible outcomes. A lunar square to no-nonsense Saturn curtails some chatter and debate this morning but the Moon is part of a bigger configuration, also testing Neptune and Jupiter late tonight. Do what you can to open clear channels of communication. Speak to the point. Choose words that can't be misconstrued. Repeat yourself until you're certain your words are understood. These same aspects may also trigger fascinating flights of imagination as well as inspire creativity. Let your mind wander at will. Not everything has to make perfect sense all the time.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-2:24AM Moon enters Gemini.

October 30: The day begins at a brisk pace with an anticipation of good things to come. By late morning tensions may be noted. Lunar squares to Venus and Mars lead some folks to more actively show their affections. Needs are also more keenly felt. If feelings are not mutually shared, there could be some socially awkward moments. Fortunately, the Scorpio Sun is forming a heart touching trine to dreamy Neptune. Any social missteps are quickly forgiven and forgotten, clearing the way for a fun evening. The lively Gemini Moon is in a fine trine with Mercury tonight. Gatherings are engaging. Stimulating conversations explore complex issues. Attention is sharp, at least until the Moon goes void of course an hour before midnight. Fatigue may quickly set in as the hours grow late.
Moon in Gemini v/c 10:52PM-12:00AM, Sun trine Neptune.

October 31: The Moon is in "there's no place like home" Cancer. Besides getting ready for evening trick or treaters, parties and the like, household chores and family matters are natural concerns today. Loyalties run deep and strong. Providentially, as the Sun sets, the Moon is in Grand Trine harmony with mysterious Neptune and the Scorpio Sun. Under the gathering darkness ghosts, goblins and other spirits feel close at hand. Those kids of all ages putting on costumes are motivated and inspired. Party-goers will enjoy a magical atmosphere. A word of caution is offered to night owls. Treat others with proper respect and keep your distance from disagreeable types. And don't forget to set your clock back one hour before you go to sleep. Happy Halloween!
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-5:09AM Moon enters Cancer.