October 2016 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for October 2016

October 1: Maintaining peaceful, pleasing relations has rewards as well as frustrations under today’s mixed stars. The Libra Moon is at odds with Pluto during the mid-morning. No amount of effort or compromise is enough for some folks. An early afternoon trine between Venus and Neptune appeals to higher sensibilities. The delightful aspect puts the world aright with sweet and unconditional love. Artistic impulses are stimulated, spiritual passions stirred. The blissful mood slowly fades as the afternoon hours pass. Late tonight the Moon is again generating stress via a pending opposition to Uranus. Revelers need to be on guard for an unexpected surprise. Reduce your speed if you’re driving or working with machinery.
Moon in Libra, Venus trine Neptune.

October 2: Edgy feelings plague the very early morning hours but both night owls and sleeping souls alike settle into a quieter mood when the Libra Moon begins a lengthy void of course period. In fact, much of the day is well-suited for catching up on rest and just plain chilling out. This laid back, low energy period lasts until late afternoon when the Moon enters Scorpio. If you have shopping or other errands to do, this is the time to spring into action. The evening is also good for decision making and planning. Buy, invest and make commitments with confidence.
Moon in Libra v/c 1:43AM-3:43PM Moon enters Scorpio.

October 3: Emotions flow deep and true this morning. The Scorpio Moon and Venus harmoniously engage mystical Neptune shortly before noon. Minds may be distracted by details and trivialities but open hearts experience unity with receptive mates and pals. Whatever the issue or question is today, love is the answer! Great art is made and appreciated. Humanitarian causes are served. As the sun sets rejuvenating and transformational currents begin to flow in ernest. Attend to both your physical and emotional needs. Include partners and make progress towards healing, better understanding and mutual empowerment.
Moon in Scorpio.

October 4: Today’s midday sextile between the Libra Sun and Saturn underscores the desirability of staying on track and under control. This is a fabulous aspect for taking care of business, keeping promises and respecting the ways of the past. Another sextile, this one between the Moon and Mercury, facilitates clear communications. Much seems to be going right, but be careful. There are other energies in play this week. Some mistakes will not be easily forgiven or forgotten. The best course is to stay true to your word and honor heartfelt commitments. A quiet spell descends late tonight. Plan to be home, relaxing, reflecting on recent developments and preparing for another day.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 9:04pm-12:00AM, Sun sextile Saturn.

October 5: Mixed trends make this day volatile. The outspoken Sagittarius Moon is in harmony with Jupiter. Most everyone is feeling loquacious. Some folks speak to the point, others to the point of distraction. Venus’ sextile to Pluto enables the skillful handling of different personalities, resources and funds. A loving demeanor is most effective. Keep “handle with care” in mind while Mars squares Jupiter this afternoon. This aspect breeds excitement, as well as impatience, and in some cases, even arrogance. Be kind and respect different opinions. Late tonight the Moon is at odds with Neptune, adding to the possibility of oversights and miscues. Make sure messages are simple and brief.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-4:26AM Moon enters Sagittarius, Venus sextile Pluto, Mars square Jupiter.

October 6: Sleep states may be revelatory, karmically compelling, informative or a tapestry-like combination of meaningful themes. As day breaks the Sagittarius Moon and Aquarius Sun strike a refreshing pose. Spirits are upbeat and lighthearted when workday hours begin but much of the day is quiet. Mental Mercury is making ready to transition from Virgo to Libra. This is a good time to tie up loose ends and set business affairs, schedules and priorities in order. Tonight, impromptu gatherings and other spontaneous activities get a cosmic green light. Follow your intuition and don’t be afraid to act on a friendly impulse, especially if it is dear to your heart.
Moon in Sagittarius.

October 7: Mental Mercury’s pre-dawn entry into diplomatic Libra may require some getting used to. Don’t mistake the shift of signs for another retrograde. It can take time for a planet to get established in its new home. A lackadaisical void of course Sagittarius Moon doesn’t add much in the way of enthusiasm or clarity. In addition, the Libra Sun is in a testing angle with Pluto. A no holds barred grudge match could erupt. Mind your manners and do your best to tactfully evade troublesome folks. During the late afternoon the Moon reaches earthy Capricorn where she promptly forms a testing square to Mercury. Travel as well as communications require extra care and attention. After nightfall the atmosphere clears and more relaxed, playful trends are in play. TGIF, at last.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 2:26AM-4:40PM Moon enters Capricorn, Mercury enters Libra, Sun square Pluto.

October 8: Silver linings and rays of hope accompany the most ominous morning storm clouds. The industrious Capricorn Moon is traveling with two powerhouses today, fiery Mars and compulsive Pluto. The Moon and both stars are nicely aligned with Neptune, enabling ambitious dreamers and pragmatists to make things the way they think things should be. This productive spell includes mundane household chores as well as more unselfish, philanthropic deeds. Pressures build tonight as the Moon overtakes Pluto and nears the tense First Quarter phase, always a delicate proposition. Cooperation is essential to harmonious relations. If it’s lacking or night life gets too raucous, walk away. A time out may be the only sensible option for sensitive souls.
Moon in Capricorn.

October 9: The midnight hour features a First Quarter Capricorn Moon, not the best time for counting sheep or blissful sleeping. As dawn breaks a lunar sextile to Venus is calming and restorative, though the quiet spell is short-lived. During the early afternoon the Moon tests Uranus, scuttling many plans and raising stress levels. Relationships and commitments may suddenly waver. Be ready to adapt of make alternative arrangements. A calm soon follows as the Moon goes void of course until midnight. The latter part of the day is best for meeting obligations and if at all possible, relaxing.
First Quarter Moon in Capricorn 12:33AM, Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:51PM-12:00AM.

October 10: As is often the case the Aquarius Moon directs attention to the future, a welcome change following yesterday’s stresses. This time anticipation is reinforced by a broad-minded supporting cast, Mercury and Jupiter. The perky winged messenger and jovial giant are a happy pair, nearly conjunct in sociable Libra. Their afternoon trines to the visionary Moon nourish inventive spirits and foster optimism. Friendly get togethers are rich with lively conversations about upcoming events and progressive causes. Travel is also facilitated. Duty calls tonight so be sure to devote some time towards preparing for re-entry into the working week.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-2:33AM Moon enters Aquarius.

October 11: For those of us already back at work or school, the auspices could not be better. Mental Mercury is conjunct optimistic Jupiter as this new day begins. The Aquarius Moon is in a most agreeable trine with the Libra Sun. It feels good to see familiar faces as well as make new friends. Another helpful alignment, an early afternoon sextile between spark plug Mars and mysterious Neptune lights the fires of kindness and creativity. Mundane matters as well as spiritual needs are well served. A favor or helping hand can transform another person’s life. Moods remain gregarious into the early evening. Breaking bread with friends and lovers is sure to bring smiles and laughs. Take it easy tonight as the void of course Moon is the cue to unwind after an active day.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 7:49PM-12:00AM, Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Mars sextile Neptune.

October 12: Defy gravity and dance like a butterfly through this slow-moving but serendipitous day. The friendly but laid back Aquarius Moon is void of course until early morning. For early risers getting started could take a special extra effort. Once the Moon enters Pisces many people settle into a more feelings oriented state of being. Daydreams can mirror the longings of the soul or represent a desire to leave behind mundane routines. Because mental Mercury is paired with Jupiter and the Moon is nearing a conjunction with Neptune, big magic is afoot. Make note of offbeat imaginings and creative concepts. One brilliant idea or several brainstorms could have the potential to open the curtains on an exciting new life chapter.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-8:43AM Moon enters Pisces.

October 13: Today offers advantages but it also brings risks. An early morning square between the Pisces Moon and Saturn is a reminder that fear can be a motivating force. But before apprehensions can rise to alarming levels a way to sustain progress is made clear. Cooperation is key. Lunar sextiles to Mars and Pluto emphasize the need to involve partners in decision-making and sharing responsibilities. Utilize each person’s unique talents and strengths. A late afternoon square between Mercury and Mars serves notice, haste makes waste. Headstrong behavior, impatience and hurrying will only add to stress levels, not efficiency. Tonight brings more serene energies. Enjoy the tender late night hours with a loved one under Venus’ pleasing vibrations.
Moon in Pisces, Mercury square Mars.

October 14: Today begins slowly, under a void of course Pisces Moon. Minds easily wander so pay attention during the commute and at work. An hour before noon the waxing Moon enters Aries and energy levels begin to recharge. Lunchtime discussions and afternoon meetings can be surprisingly robust and productive. Mental Mercury’s sextile with Pluto sustains focus and aids decision-making. However, a looming opposition between the Libra Sun and Uranus can trigger game-changing surprises and other disruptions. Be ready to think outside of convention and fly by the seat of your pants. Tonight sees a celebratory mood. Mix and mingle with free thinkers and charming story-tellers.
Moon in Pisces v/c 3:13AM-11:08AM Moon enters Aries, Mercury sextile Saturn.

October 15: The Libra Sun is in an opposition with unpredictable Uranus this morning. Rules are broken, the abnormal is normal and anything is possible. Friends may be waylaid or back out of a commitment due to unforeseen circumstances. Tech gear could falter. The Earth may shake. Adding to the morning’s volatility, the nearly full Aries Moon is also very active. Some busy hours seem to race by or one minute can feel like an eternity. Do your best to sustain a poised and positive focus. After a spectacular moonrise mental Mercury is at odds with Pluto tonight, magnifying concentration and intensifying thought power. The breath is key to mind mastery. Stay calm by breathing slowly and deeply.
Moon in Aries, Sun opposite Uranus, Mercury square Pluto.

October 16: Minutes after midnight the Aries Moon is full. The surging energy is sure to keep many folks wide-eyed and awake into the wee hours of the morning. After becoming full the Moon is void of course until an hour before noon. This sets the stage for a relaxing Sunday morning, ideal for pursuing pleasures and hobbies and generally pleasing one’s self. By noon the Moon is in Taurus. The pleasure principle continues to have great appeal. Shopping is enjoyable. A visit to an art gallery or museum can be fun. Try your hand at sprucing up your home with some autumnal decorations. As you head off to sleep tonight make a mental note to remember your dreams. There could be some good ones, inspired, yet with practical implications.
Full “Hunter’s” Moon in Aries 12:23AM, Moon in Aries v/c 12:23AM-11:04AM Moon enters Taurus.

October 17: Dawn breaks and the day feels ripe with potential. The Taurus Moon is forming stellar angles to the combined forces of Mars and Pluto. The powerful energies are useful if “heavy lifting” is required. Use the morning time to advantage. Discuss thorny issues. Strategize with partners, taking into account changing circumstances. Delegate resources and give assignments. By late morning the Moon is traveling void of course. Intensity fades. Personal decisions and agreements come less easily. Slow down, relax and go with the flow during the mellower, more reflective but less productive second half of the day. Savor the contributions of loved ones and enjoy creature comforts tonight.
Moon in Taurus v/c 10:46AM-12:00AM.

October 18: During the quiet wee hours of the morning Venus is refreshed by her arrival in Sagittarius. For the next few weeks she shines brightly for free and adventurous spirits. The Taurus Moon is void of course until late morning when entry into Gemini places her in an exact opposition with Venus. The day takes a positive turn. Conversations grow more animated and moods become more sociable. Friendships shine, a life-supporting affirmation. Enthusiastic thoughts and entertaining encounters continue until midnight. If you feel like mingling tonight, or learning something new, do so. It’s a fine time to broaden horizons whether one is out and about or from the comfort of an easy chair.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-10:30AM Moon enters Gemini, Venus enters Sagittarius.

October 19: The morning trends are mixed. A powerful conjunction of Mars and Pluto offers an endless supply of energy. Directing it into constructive channels is the tricky part. The Gemini Moon is setting off the continuing square between Neptune and Saturn. Motives may be questioned, goals can be unclear. Self-interests served at the expense of others is unhealthy, if not karmically incorrect. With the Moon in the fickle sign of the twins it’s easy to see multiple sides of issues that remain undecided. Clarity gradually enters into deliberations. Tonight brings good news and savvy hunches but if you face uncertainties, put off decisions as more details will soon emerge.
Moon in Gemini, Mars conjunct Pluto.

October 20: Mercury’s early morning opposition to Uranus, occurring while the Gemini Moon is trine the Sun, raises interesting possibilities. The restless night may include a mental “wake up” call or a wild, “out of this world” brilliant bright idea. Just after daybreak the Moon goes void of course for several hours, creating a comparatively less colorful atmosphere. Use the quieter late morning period to review papers, tabulate figures and catch up on messages. Shortly before noon the Moon enters her own sign of Cancer. There could be a surprisingly strong urge to expand normally closed circles and invite new members. With open senses and minds, much can be learned, experienced and appreciated this evening.
Moon in Gemini v/c 7:16AM-11:28AM Moon enters Cancer, Mercury opposite Uranus.

October 21: The Cancer Moon is known to arouse intense loyalties and strongly protective feelings. In today’s horoscope the Moon is part of a larger configuration, a stressful Grand Cross. Central to today’s activities are high energy lunar oppositions with Pluto and Mars. Life will not be dull. Ties may easily feel strained. Respect the right of partners to make choices and have priorities that differ from your own. Temper angry impulses and impatience, as well as competitive urges. Unless the will to cooperate and serve others is very strong, expect friction. Where teamwork prevails, efforts are efficient and effective. Stress levels remain elevated tonight. Stay cool.
Moon in Cancer.

October 22: Feelings remain volatile. The Cancer Moon is at odds with Uranus and Mercury during the morning hours, making decisions a challenge. Second guesses undermine commitments and mental calm. The Last Quarter Moon dominates the afternoon. Feeling comfortable in one’s own skin can be challenging. Partners may seem overly demanding and unreasonable. Things simmer down during the late afternoon. As the Moon arrives in Leo the promise of a playful evening becomes a distinct possibility. The Sun slips into Scorpio after sunset and we settle into the deepest part of the fall season. It is “a wonderful night for a moondance,” perfect for a rendezvous to enjoy good company, food and music. Reflective souls may grow more pensive as Scorpio ties us into the cycles of life, death and rebirth.
Last Quarter Moon in Cancer 3:14PM, Moon in Cancer v/c 3:14PM-3:34PM Moon enters Leo, Sun enters Scorpio.

October 23: This is a Sunday morning to bask in and savor. The Leo Moon is sextile to Jupiter, a lovely omen for the complete enjoyment of loved ones and conspicuous consumption of all good things. Revel in your blessings! The celebration oriented Moon assumes a more practical bent after noon. This latter part of the day is the time to take care of chores and errands. Touch base with senior family members. Under Saturn’s good auspices it’s also a fine time to shop for items you hope will last. The evening hours are quiet. Listen for the promptings of your inner child. Be entertained pursuing hobbies, playing games and watching favorite TV shows.
Moon in Leo.

October 24: The waning Leo Moon provides a little early morning excitement with a rousing trine to Uranus. Senses grow sharp with anticipation and some hunches may in fact be prophetic. Don’t jump the starter’s gun. Before the work day begins the Moon goes void of course. Mondays under any void of course Moon present special challenges. Focus and determination tend to waver. The day may seem to sluggishly meander along. Use work time for routine procedures. Creative projects that depend on random stream of consciousness associating and heartfelt inspiration from within can be satisfying. With Mercury entering Scorpio, it’s best to delay major decisions and purchases until later in the week, when the stars are more supportive.
Moon in Leo v/c 8:21AM-11:16PM Moon enters Virgo, Mercury enters Scorpio.

October 25: You’ll naturally want to pay close attention. Today’s atmosphere is fruitful, conducive to working efficiently and effectively. The Moon is in discriminating Virgo and no detail is too small, no matter inconsequential. Demanding projects do take a toll. By late afternoon most folks are ready to take a break. Lunar aspects to Venus and Neptune invite some folks to play. Those who push on face an increased risk of making mistakes. Keep an eye on valuables during this latter part off the day. Things have a way of disappearing when Neptune is active. Tonight’s square between Venus and Neptune is heart stirring. Tender feelings and, as midnight nears, fatigue, may outweigh sensible judgment. Again, protect important items and love wisely.
Moon in Virgo, Venus square Uranus.

October 26: Venus’ sumptuous sextile to Jupiter sheds luminous light on this morning’s proceedings. Hearts open to giving and receiving, and many faces glow with happiness. It’s a fabulous time to make a good first impression, swap stories and gifts or declare one’s affection. While the two stars of good fortune promote passionate enthusiasm, the Virgo Moon supports practical affairs. Lunar alignments with Pluto and Mars offer excellent dynamics for conducting business. Plan on concluding important work, meetings and negotiations by mid-afternoon, when the Moon goes void of course. Things take on a more mellow tone as evening nears. Be sure to get some rest and relaxation time in tonight.
Moon in Virgo v/c 2:33PM-12:00AM, Venus sextile Jupiter.

October 27: Busy yourself with dutiful adherence to healthful practices and routine tasks this morning. The waning Virgo Moon is void of course. The atmospherics are not conducive to beginning new projects but are just fine for staying up to date with previous commitments. By late morning the Moon reaches Libra, pushing the Cosmic “reset” button. The second half of the day feels more energized, beginning with the noon hour conjunction of the Scorpio Sun and Mercury. Conversations at lunchtime meetups may turn surprisingly deep and intimate. With the Sign of the Scorpio accentuated, superficial answers will not do. Team up with partners to cut deals and attempt the impossible. Two heads are better than one.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-9:51AM Moon enters Libra, Sun conjunct Mercury.

October 28: It’s a bright and shiny morning. Conjunct in Libra, the Moon and Jupiter infuse the early going with spirited enthusiasm and high hopes. It’s easy to see the best qualities others bring to the table. Potential can seem unlimited. Midday lunar angles with Venus and Saturn continue the enchanting spell. This is a solidly productive period. Hold meetings, make offers of assistance, or have a chat with higher ups. Moods swing during the late afternoon as the Moon begins to test Pluto. Control issues and hidden resentments may surface. Be tactful and tread softly as a pending square between Mars and Uranus incites dangerous volatility. Drive and use machinery with due respect and caution.
Moon in Libra.

October 29: The early morning hours contain extremely challenging alignments, most notably a square between fiery Mars and unpredictable Uranus. The chances are, if you find yourself tossing and turning, you’re not alone. If you are out late, drive carefully. Things calm down shortly before sunrise, when the Libra Moon goes void of course. A low key atmosphere dominates the day. I suggest having a play date with a good pal. Go with the flow and take turns leading the way. Avoid making major decisions and purchases. If staying home is your cup of tea take a relaxed approach to seasonal chores and family commitments. Let loved ones know you care tonight. A thoughtful gesture is appreciated more than you know.
Moon in Libra v/c 6:09AM-10:01PM Moon enters Scorpio, Mars square Uranus, Venus conjunct Saturn.

October 30: Nighttime dreams may be especially meaningful, poignant or revelatory due to a morning trine between Mercury and Neptune. The depth, intensity and richness of feelings continues throughout the day. Listen to instincts, inner guidance and the yearnings of your heart. Early afternoon sees the Scorpio Moon conjoin the Sun, otherwise known as the New Moon. Because the two celestial “lights” and nearby Mercury are in harmony with Neptune, charitable, humanitarian and visionary inclinations are powerful. This is “seed” planting time, the beginning of a lunar cycle. Set goals and intentions and be sure to include helping others in meaningful ways on your wish list.
New Moon in Scorpio 1:38PM, Mercury trine Neptune.

October 31: Partnerships are fruitful under a recently new and still dark Scorpio Moon empowered by Pluto and Mars. Those who dedicate themselves to self-improvement or creating win-win results with partners, shine brightly. The Sun’s approaching trine to mystical Neptune introduces extraordinary spiritual and artistic elements. Apply your inspiration, wherever your path in life leads you. This evening, sweet-toothed candy gatherers and Halloween revelers feel motivated. A nighttime lunar sextile to fiery Mars keeps everyone active and motivated. However, well before midnight the Moon goes void of course. Excitement fades, fatigue sets in and thoughts turn to getting some sleep. Don’t fight it. Rest up and recharge your batteries. Dreams too promise to be sweet.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 10:44PM-12:00AM.