October 2017 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for October 2017

October 1: The month is off to a fast start. A waxing Aquarius Moon sets eyes on the future and increases awareness of the friends and steps needed to make goals a reality. Lunar harmony with Saturn charts a steady course while a robust trine between Mars and Pluto provides the drive and resources to reach finish lines. The earthy trine also helps us analyze and resolve complicated issues. This is a good day for negotiating, researching and investing. Evening meetings are fruitful. A stroke of genius could occur at any moment. Be open to unconventional viewpoints as well as unfamiliar concepts and technology.
Moon in Aquarius, Mars trine Pluto.

October 2: Early risers are treated to upbeat energies. However, daybreak brings a few lazy, quiet hours as the Moon orbits void of course. By mid-morning the waxing Moon sets up shop in Pisces, taking moods to different places. Feelings run deep, and tend to vacillate between hot and cold, high and low. Imagination is also stimulated. The planetary scene is complicated this week. It’s best to pause and thoroughly review risks and possible consequences before making a major move or decision.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 7:13AM-10:26AM Moon enters Pisces.

October 3: The Pisces Moon joins with mystical Neptune this morning. Flights of fancy can be delectable and with the paired stars opposing Venus and Mars, highly seductive. The powers of imagination and manifestation are sharp. Be careful about what you wish for! A timely trine between Venus and Pluto clears rose-colored lenses. Don’t overlook the advantages of cooperation. Love can be a powerful agent of change and healing. Dinnertime gatherings are lively, sparkling affairs. Moonlight, candlelight, good food and music make for a memorable evening.
Moon in Pisces, Venus trine Pluto.

October 4: The waxing Pisces Moon travels void of course most of the day. The resulting atmosphere is oddly disjointed. With the full Moon a scant day away, energy levels and passions are high but indecision may also plague many hearts and minds. Resist making a major move or course change until late afternoon, when the Moon reaches Aries. Even then, in the heat of the celestially charged moment, judgment may be clouded by overheated emotions. Stay calm, control mood swings and consider the feelings and needs of partners in all deliberations.
Moon in Pisces v/c 3:19AM-4:40PM Moon enters Aries.

October 5: The “harvest” full Moon, the Full Moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox, is exact in Aries this afternoon. The Libra Sun and Mercury are closely aligned. Communications are critically important today, not just what is said but how and when. The lunar induced crescendo follows a steamy conjunction of Venus and Mars in Virgo. Enthusiasm is sky high, passions are intensely felt. A desire to serve others engulfs some hearts. Imaginations may also soar to new heights. Evening brings a more restrained mood as a lunar square to Pluto arouses compulsions and responses that may be hard to understand. Look within for answers.
Moon in Aries, Full “Harvest” Moon in Aries 2:40PM, Venus conjunct Mars.

October 6: Following yesterday’s full Moon, staunch individualists are prepared to make their move. An early morning trine between the Aries Moon and Saturn builds resolve and eschews a first things first approach. As the day progresses impatience increases. A mid-afternoon lunar conjunction with Uranus demands instant gratification. However, a change in plans due to unexpected events is just as likely. Any disappointment is short-lived. Alternate plans and other playmates beckon. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy favorite pleasures as the Moon slides into sensual Taurus tonight.
Moon in Aries v/c 6:38PM-7:56PM Moon enters Taurus.

October 7: Certain partnerships feel strained this weekend as loving Venus tests Saturn. Financial realities may also be troubling. Honor your commitments in spirit, words and deeds. Today’s Taurus Moon forms a late afternoon sextile to Neptune, leading some folks to indulge in expensive diversions. A visit to a museum or gallery can be inspirational fun but remember to keep the health of your budget in mind, too. The cost of creature comforts, gourmet items and other souvenirs can quickly add up. Self-control improves as the hour grows late. Relationships thrive where input from partners and significant others is welcomed.
Moon in Taurus.

October 8: The stars are busy. A morning square between Venus and Saturn directs attention to bonds with family members, friends and other partners. Simultaneously, the Taurus Moon is harmonizing with Mars and Venus. A little TLC works wonders. It should be fairly easy to restore affectionate feelings. Mend fences before the mid-morning start of a lengthy void of course Moon period. Much of the day is pleasantly relaxing. With the Libra Sun and Mercury conjunct, many folks are chatty but have little inclination to walk their talk. Exploring uncharted territory with pals can be satisfying. Intellects and senses quicken late tonight as the Moon enters inquisitive Gemini.
Moon in Taurus v/c 9:45AM-9:44PM Moon enters Gemini, Venus square Saturn, Sun conjunct Mercury.

October 9: Probing questions make those under investigation feel ill at ease. The spotlight exposes inconsistencies and irregularities as the Libra Sun and Mercury, traveling in tandem, test Pluto. Abuses of money and power, as well as personal motives may be debated. Scrutiny can be relentless and intense. Despite revelations, expect debate. Complete certainty remains unlikely as the Gemini Moon is at odds with confusing Neptune late this afternoon. Philosophical Jupiter is readying to leave Libra after a year long stay. The position underscores the desirability of justice, fair play and the need to make amends. Nighttime communications and travel are facilitated by lunar trines to the Sun and Mercury.
Moon in Gemini, Mercury square Pluto, Sun square Pluto.

October 10: Jupiter arrives in Scorpio this morning, boosting intuitive faculties. Detectives, healers, psychics and researchers will enjoy the beneficial effect over the coming year. The Gemini Moon is also an active player, setting off a mutable T-square with Saturn in Sagittarius and Venus and Mars in Virgo. The alignment may raise trust issues with partners. Institutional policies may also disappoint. The late morning is particularly challenging. Evening brings more hopeful trends. A lunar sextile to Uranus restores faith in friends and the future. A few quiet hours follow as the Moon travels void of course. Relax and recharge your mind and senses. Just before midnight the Moon enters Cancer where she harmonizes with Jupiter, a good omen for bedtime prayers and following the promptings of your heart.
Moon in Gemini v/c 6:24PM-11:38 PM Moon enters Cancer, Jupiter enters Scorpio.

October 11: Mars makes an exact square with Saturn this morning. Traffic can easily bog down. Easy does it. This is not the time to push ahead willy nilly. A complete pause may be in perfect order. Consider the bigger picture. Which objectives are essential? What future needs can you anticipate? With the Moon firmly ensconced in her own sign of Cancer, security is important. Use your imagination to envision the kind of life story you’d like to live. Creativity receives an excellent boost from this evening’s lunar trine to Neptune. Cook up an exotic, cross-cultural meal. Conversations sizzle, seasoned with extraordinary ideas and delicious impressions.
Moon in Cancer, Mars square Saturn.

October 12: The morning rush and commute can be stressful. The last quarter Moon in Cancer is at odds with the Libra Sun and mental Mercury. Heads may be committed but hearts may lie elsewhere. Try to stay fully present in the moment. Be attentive to others and whatever task is at hand. Inner discord persists into the early afternoon hours. The cosmic gearwheels then shift and the late afternoon brings good progress. Commitments are tested again this evening when the Moon squares rebellious Uranus. Fortunately, Mercury and Saturn align as a supportive team, encouraging common sense and discipline and strengthening resolve. With Saturn’s approval, loyalty is acknowledged and rewarded as midnight nears.
Moon in Cancer v/c 11:59PM-12:00AM, Last Quarter Moon in Cancer.

October 13: During the wee early morning hours the Moon arrives in Leo. Passions of the heart become more captivating. Look for ways to express your natural creativity today. Be spontaneous. Keep in mind, just as the more love we give the more we receive, respect must also be given to be enjoyed. Give both generously. Venus is poised at the last degree of Virgo. There could be a personal health-related or partnership matter that needs attending to. A caregiving mission in support of another is another likelihood. Don’t hesitate to offer a helping hand. Nightlife may also bring pleasant surprises, as well as invitations to go on unexpected adventures.
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-2:41AM Moon enters Leo.

October 14: Remember the endless hours of a childhood summer day and reclaim lost innocence. Play with partners and significant others. Don’t compete. Instead, make the creative process a shared experience. The Leo Moon is reason to make joy a priority. Peaceful coexistence is supported by Venus’ morning arrival in her own sign of Libra. Together, make the world a more beautiful and love-filled place. A festive mood permeates the evening hours. Appreciation is deeply felt. Nightlife scintillates. There could be unexpected visitors, accidental playmates and spiritual evolution as Mercury nears an opposition with the master of surprises, Uranus.
Moon in Leo, Venus enters Libra.

October 15: Mercury’s early morning opposition with Uranus encourages outside the box thinking, revolutionary impulses and for some folks, jittery nerves. Sleep may be uneasy. Deep breathing and extra B vitamins can help. Shortly after sunrise a sea change occurs. The Moon enters Virgo and promptly makes a soothing sextile with Jupiter. Anxieties give way to quiet inner confidence. Even with increasing faith and optimism, it’s best to remain on guard against negativity. Feelings are susceptible to criticism. Inspiring artworks and mother nature’s creations help ward off any blues. Emotional sensitivity increases as the hours pass and a lunar opposition with Neptune tightens. Before going to bed, make it your intention to remember your dreams.
Moon in Leo v/c 1:27AM-7:19AM Moon enters Virgo, Mercury opposite Uranus.

October 16: A well-timed morning sextile between the Libra Sun and Saturn launches the new work week. Duty calls, whether it’s going back to work or school or tackling other responsibilities. Progress may be slow today but it is steady. The Virgo Moon forms an early afternoon trine with Pluto. The alignment favors brainstorming sessions, research and the naturally curious. Don’t settle for superficial answers. Dig deep. If you’re unsure, it may be best to delay a decision until tomorrow afternoon as Mercury is about to change signs. Fatigue can be a factor tonight. Be sure to get your body’s needed amount of rest.
Moon in Virgo, Sun sextile Saturn.

October 17: Before dawn mental Mercury arrives in Scorpio. Thoughts and perceptions sharpen. With the Virgo Moon void of course during the morning and early afternoon, personal reflection can turn up incisive gems. Insights into others may be equally astute. By mid-afternoon the Moon is in Libra, enhancing social awareness, ending lethargy and ushering in a more upbeat and playful mood. Lying in wait for the faster-orbiting Moon is charming Venus. As the two stars conjoin tonight, lovers have many reasons to coo, laugh and share their happiness liberally. Smiles are contagious. An imminent Mercury/Jupiter conjunction helps to sustain a positive, forward-looking frame of mind.
Moon in Virgo v/c 7:27AM-1:35PM Moon enters Libra, Mercury enters Scorpio.

October 18: The day begins under the hopeful spell of a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction. The optimistic aspect culminates during the pre-dawn hours but the positive effect lingers well into the morning. A Libra Moon has many folks invested in fair play but half-hearted efforts are a source of frustration. Co-dependent tendencies may also be strong as a lunar square to Pluto intensifies throughout the post-noon period. Negotiations prove challenging but persist if you want to achieve a healthy, sustainable agreement with partners. Energy levels are ebbing with the waning Moon. Alert souls may feel as though tonight is the calm before a storm. Rest and make ready for tomorrow’s adventurous new Moon.
Moon in Libra, Mercury conjunct Jupiter.

October 19: This month’s celestial “restart” moment is the mid afternoon new Moon in Libra. Because the Moon and conjoined Sun oppose Uranus, the alignment signifies awakenings and surprises. If you long to fly by the seat of your pants into unknown territory, here’s the chance to do so. Some folks feel exhilarated by the prospect of change, others feel threatened. Progressive new alliances and unexpected political events provide stunning news. Reversals of fortune are also likely. By late afternoon the Moon is void of course. Catch your breath. Calmly digest the latest developments along with dinner. Later tonight the Moon enters Scorpio and new plans are hatched. These will prove more reliable than much of what was considered during the wild fluctuations of daytime.
New Moon in Libra, Moon in Libra v/c 3:12PM-9:41PM Moon enters Scorpio, Sun opposite Uranus.

October 20: A trio of planets in early Scorpio, comprised of Jupiter, Mercury and the Moon, fans flames of hope today. The intrepid threesome is nicely aligned with mystical Neptune. Spiritual, as well as altruistic and artistic leanings are brilliantly served. Minds are resolute and resilient, and able to tap into otherworldly realms for inspiration. This is a day when tenacity has its advantages. Discussions easily address intimate emotional issues and equally well, matters of great profundity. This evening’s lunar trine with Neptune is the cosmic cue to find a way to relax and enjoy a preferred diversion. Put your feet up. Take in a movie or show. Candle light, incense, music, poetry and other creative excursions delight and renew bodies and souls.
Moon in Scorpio.

October 21: A waxing sliver of a Moon forms an early morning sextile with Pluto. If you’re a seeker use the quiet hours of the new day for meditation or contemplation. Financial planning is also favored. Pass along, recycle and repurpose under-utilized or underperforming assets. The balance of the day is subdued as the Moon makes her way across perceptive Scorpio. Appropriately to the fall season, attention turns inward. Private time is enjoyable. Deep feelings and secrets can easily ensnare and engross. Be aware of the quality of your thoughts and the emotions those thoughts create. Your relationship with yourself colors your dealings with others. Paint from a cheerful palette.
Moon in Scorpio.

October 22: An early morning lunar sextile to Mars wakens sleepy heads into instant awareness. An improvement project could be calling out for attention. Mars is poised to make a shift, jumping into diplomatic Libra by mid-afternoon. Mars is always a two-edged sword. Peace-making efforts may quickly degenerate into saber rattling, or a new charm offensive could be launched. More changes are imminent as the Sun is at the last degree of Libra. Strive for balance and harmony but where diplomacy fails, a power play could be made. The Moon’s entry into Sagittarius makes truth-telling an imperative. Have your say, hopefully without fanning the flames of discord. Make peace, not war.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 7:35AM-7:57AM Moon enters Sagittarius, Mars enters Libra.

October 23: An hour after midnight the Sun enters Scorpio, the sign of transformation, death, rebirth and other secrets of life. If we look carefully at nature during autumn we can find seeds already formed, waiting patiently for next year’s growing season. With our psyches we gaze inward and in doing so, hold the potential to transform our consciousness. With the Moon traversing the talkative, upbeat sign of Sagittarius, these weighty issues as well as other matters of the heart are open for discussion. Be attentive during the early morning hours. A lunar square with Neptune could coincide with a lost item or oversight. The rest of the day is comparatively mellow.
Moon in Sagittarius, Sun enters Scorpio.

October 24: An agreeable blend of pragmatism and idealism leads to a fantastic morning. The Moon’s conjunction with Saturn serves up a solid work ethic. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention and with an ensuing lunar trine to Uranus at midday, innovative genius is afoot. Imaginative thinking is further facilitated by Mercury’s trine to Neptune. Follow whims and fancies and watch pieces of puzzles magically fall into place. A quiet period takes hold after lunch as the Sagittarius Moon goes void of course. Relax while you can. New tensions surface tonight when the Moon, newly arrived in Capricorn, is at odds with Mars. There’s more to showing you care than doing your duty. Be nice.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:44PM-8:12PM Moon enters Capricorn, Mercury trine Neptune.

October 25: Denizens of the night thoroughly enjoy the wee hours as the gritty Capricorn Moon harmonizes with the Sun and Jupiter. Words flow effortlessly. Reading and communications delight. Mental faculties remain sharp throughout the day. Professional challenges and practical matters are met with with imaginative solutions. Diligent efforts produce good results, reason enough to celebrate hard won victories tonight. Share success with associates and significant others. The more people who join in the party the greater the fun.
Moon in Capricorn.

October 26: While the Capricorn Moon has a reputation for being reserved and stodgy, it’s not necessarily deserved. Despite outer appearances feelings remain sensitive. This morning, when the Moon is at odds with Venus and also conjunct Pluto, needs are intensely felt. Fortunately, the Sun is conjunct buoyant Jupiter today. The confidence-building union gives grace, as well as the emotional strength to turn the other cheek, focusing on the best in life. Composure is sorely needed this evening and tonight when the Moon moves into a testing angle with Uranus. This is a good period to see how well you handle unforeseen difficulties. Be ready to adapt to changing circumstances.
Moon in Capricorn, Sun conjunct Jupiter.

October 27: Today follows a varied course. Early morning restlessness causes some folks to lose sleep. Next, an unhurried void of course Moon period ends as the Moon enters visionary Aquarius, just in time for the workday. The pace picks up dramatically but testing angles dominate much of the afternoon. Juggling multiple tasks has both rewards and frustrations. Know your limits and respect them as the stressful first quarter lunar phase holds sway during the evening. Venus’s testing square to Pluto sets some couples to squabbling tonight but a nearly simultaneous Mercury sextile to Pluto holds the promise of reaching a new understanding. Keep the channels of communication open. Be a good listener first and foremost.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 1:22AM-8:59AM Moon enters Aquarius, First Quarter Moon in Aquarius, Venus square Pluto, Mercury sextile Pluto.

October 28: The waxing Aquarius Moon advocates good relations with family, friends, neighbors and other associates. Team meetings, tribal councils, and group endeavors are beneficial, particularly if an altruistic, higher purpose is served. Bonds of affection grow as day turns to evening. A nighttime lunar trine to Venus assures that glittering parties and other social gatherings are triumphant successes. Be careful not to overlook or omit a friend. The more the merrier! With the Moon approaching her own south node, reunions and karmic reconnections are likely.
Moon in Aquarius.

October 29: Don’t be surprised to get a wake-up call from someone you haven’t heard from in a long time. The Aquarius Moon is in a sextile with Saturn. The angle may stimulate a desire to be in touch to catch up, make amends or express thanks. An impromptu get together could also be in the works. Other folks may be inclined to go it alone during the midday period. In any event, the afternoon sees a noticeable slowdown as the Moon begins a mellower void of course period. After sunset fluctuating feelings are more apparent. The Moon establishes a new home in changeable Pisces. At first, emotional ups and downs can be unsettling but a general up turn is under way. Accentuate positives as the hour grows late. Gratitude works wonders.
Moon in Aquarius12:22PM-7:46PM Moon enters Pisces.

October 30: Splendid energy, initiated by the Pisces Moon and Neptune forming trines to the Scorpio Sun and Jupiter, launches the day smoothly. Carried by downstream currents, there will be moments when life seems to be a dream. Cut your lines, set sail and trust your higher instincts. Listen to gut hunches. Eddies could slow progress during the late afternoon. Be alert to confusion or the possible loss of an item. Make an extra effort to re-establish clarity and protect valuables. Inclement weather could impact the evening commute. Retreat to the safety of your mind’s imaginings tonight or for the spiritually adventurous, get friendlier with your higher self. Creative and metaphysical activities can be deeply satisfying.
Moon in Pisces.

October 31: Hearts and minds share the same rarified space this morning. Eloquently express your deepest feelings and longings. The opportunity to touch another life is real. Timing is important. The best period for sharing closely guarded secrets and other intimacies ends shortly after the lunch break. By late afternoon the Pisces Moon is weighed down by a sobering square with Saturn. Responsibilities, delays and perceived shortcomings may quickly put an end to fluid self-expression. Writer’s block, shyness or an overly analytical mind can rob the day of its earlier fluency, joy and spontaneity. Work at sustaining a positive attitude. Tonight’s Halloween festivities unfold under a quietly introspective void of course Moon.
Moon in Pisces v/c 5:08PM-12:00AM.