October 2019 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for October 2019

October 1: With the waxing Moon in pensive Scorpio, happy or sad, emotional states tend to be engrossing. Lady Venus’ post-midnight square to Pluto may trigger jealousy or a desire to control others. Keep in mind, we see everyone as a reflection of ourselves. A broad perspective is helpful today. Take things lightly. As dawn approaches early birds feel both determined and inspired. An unexpected blessing or delight brightens the morning. By late morning last night’s worries are simply afterthoughts. Over the course of the fruitful afternoon hours perseverance brings tangible gains. Be sure to cooperate and put teammates’ skills to good use. The evening hours remain productive for those inclined to work. 
Moon in Scorpio, Venus square Pluto.

October 2: Significant celestial changes are under way. As the dawn’s light breaks the Moon exits Scorpio to begin a two and a half day stay in Sagittarius. Speak plainly today. Make your intentions clear. Mental Mercury is poised at the last degree of Libra. A delayed message, lost mail or former partner could resurface. There may also be some critical contractual details that need to be worked out as Pluto is just hours away from resuming forward motion. Be sure to pay attention and if seized by a generous impulse, don’t give or risk more than you can afford to lose. Tonight’s emotional atmosphere is upbeat and supports harmony between talkative partners as well as friendly social gatherings. 
Moon in Scorpio v/c 5:46AM-7:44AM Moon enters Sagittarius.

October 3: The overnight period sees Pluto resuming forward motion. The tiny dynamo is perched in Capricorn, the sign of big business, governments and other power brokers. A major change in the global economy or political power grab could soon become apparent. Personal relationships may also be impacted. Mental Mercury is another star on the move, arriving in moody Scorpio before dawn. Thoughts and perceptions may be colored by well worn emotional patterns. Complicating matters, the Sagittarius Moon’s midday square to Neptune boosts imaginations, idealism and escapist tendencies. It also makes some folks gullible. A little skepticism is warranted but don’t be held back by the past. Do your best to contribute. Cooperate with co-workers and loved ones. A late afternoon lunar conjunction with Jupiter could bring very good news. 
Moon in Sagittarius, Pluto Direct, Mercury enters Scorpio.

October 4: Fiery Mars enters Libra minutes after midnight. This is a challenging sign for the Red Planet. Libra is about awareness of others and Mars likes to be an independent operator. Healing relationships may seem a fine idea during the next six weeks but sensitivity, self-control, patience and tact will be essential ingredients. At the start of the day the waxing Moon is void of course in Sagittarius. As a result the morning hours feel lethargic. For many folks, chores and responsibilities arouse more resistance than the drive needed to succeed. Frustrating situations are likely to continue as come early afternoon, the Moon enters Capricorn where she promptly tests Mars. The late afternoon at last brings lighter, brighter, more free flowing energies. An evening get together with pals hits all the right notes.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 3:34AM-1:43PM Moon enters Capricorn, Mars enters Libra.

October 5: Exact during the noon hour, the waxing First Quarter Capricorn Moon is a resolute, motivating force this Saturday. Close by Saturn and her own South Node, the Moon inspires ambitious souls to finish demanding tasks, repay karmic debts in full and in the process, make room for new, bigger and better things. This is also an opportune day to connect with elders, mentors and more experienced guides. Quarter Moons can be stressful. Close partners may find they have to negotiate the day’s game plan. With Saturn in the mix, responsibilities come first. There’s time tonight for more pleasant diversions. A relaxing lunar sextile with Neptune is fabulous for enjoying the arts. Mystical experiences are also favored.
Moon in Capricorn, First Quarter Moon in Capricorn 12:47PM EDT.

October 6: The early morning conjunction of the Capricorn Moon with Pluto, the solar system’s most distant planet, is a plus for study, research and other activities requiring intense concentration. Pluto can help focus attention to the point of tunnel vision. However productive, it’s good to balance periods of demanding work with breaks for rest. While the midday period is fairly quiet, a pending opposition between Mercury and Uranus raises the possibility of unexpected meetings, coincidences and other serendipitous surprises. Intuitive abilities can be amazingly accurate or conversely, way off base. To be safe, slow down and stick with what you do know. Love and good conversation warm the evening hours. A quiet period follows under a void of course Moon.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 7:25PM-11:42PM Moon enters Aquarius.

October 7: Today offers a series of mostly challenging aspects. The early morning opposition of Mercury and Uranus can contribute to insomnia and restlessness. A mid-afternoon square between the Sun and Saturn tests patience and resolve. Be realistic, and ready to opt out of unfulfilling activities and partnerships. During the late morning the waxing Aquarius Moon is at odds with Uranus and Mercury. Minds race. Nerves tend to be on edge. It’s a fabulous chance to consciously slow down and put spiritual practices and TLC into action. Positive thinking, meditation and breath control help defuse stressful situations. Respect for less fortunate souls and our common humanity enables us all to rise and meet the challenges, no matter how daunting. 
Moon in Aquarius, Mercury opposite Uranus, Sun square Saturn.

October 8: The day gets off to an exceptionally upbeat start. The Aquarius Moon illuminates hearts and imaginations via an early morning trine to the Libra Sun. Optimism is also buoyed by an early afternoon lunar sextile to Jupiter. Camaraderie is strong. Talks are hopeful. Travel is smooth and enjoyable. An outstanding debt may be collected before noon, or a long ago acquaintance could make an appearance. Loving Venus also enters Scorpio during the early afternoon. Loss and loneliness will be felt more sharply during the coming days. So too, will the bonds of affection. Love wisely, without keeping  a scorecard. By late afternoon the Moon is void of course. Plan to take it easy and bend with the prevailing winds for the remainder of the day. 
Moon in Aquarius v/c 2:27PM-12:00AM, Venus enters Scorpio.

October 9: Expect a slow start this morning. It can be tough to build continuity or a sustained consensus. The Aquarius Moon is void of course until just a few minutes after noon. Things then refocus. Midday meetings and lunchtime dealings can be highly constructive. Under the Pisces Moon creative and artistic souls thrive. A brief “renaissance” period brightens the afternoon hours. A lunar trine to Venus fires up inventive as well as romantic hearts. Professional relationships also warm. The good vibes spill over into the night. A fine lunar sextile to Uranus promotes friendship, teamwork and community spirit. Progressive causes, planning sessions, spiritual practices and other visionary endeavors are favored.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-12:05PM Moon enters Pisces.

October 10: Full Moon fever is on the rise. The energized, emotionally sensitive Pisces Moon is now three days away from her Full phase. Lunar aspects to Mercury, Saturn and Neptune keep the day spinning merrily along. Minds and senses are sharp to start the morning. Listen to first impressions. Make plans and decisions and stick to them. A late afternoon lunar sextile with no-nonsense Saturn sustains a disciplined, productive track. The well-timed aspect neatly caps off the workday hours. Leave the job behind and commit to enjoying the evening. The Moon’s conjunction with Neptune is a fine omen for enjoying hobbies and other escapes. Mother Nature’s handiwork, taking in a film or concert, or watching TV can each be captivating in a special way. 
Moon in Pisces.

October 11: After a busy week, fueled by the building crescendo of the waxing Moon, today brings less active skies. First impressions of the day may be deceptive. Early birds arise feeling determined. Goals seem clear. However, before dawn the Pisces Moon is void of course. Tricky emotional undercurrents are potent. Empathy and compassion are stirred. Memories and unresolved feelings can influence current moods and mindsets. The energies are well-suited for creative work. Soulful self-examination and reflection help to penetrate everyday illusions. The potential for an “aha” discovery moment is excellent. If possible, avoid beginning major initiatives and making new commitments. Focus instead on work already in progress. A calm, relaxed, go with the flow approach is recommended.
Moon in Pisces v/c 5:55AM-12:00AM.

October 12: Exuberant Full Moon Fever sweeps the globe. The waxing Moon is in action-oriented Aries but a midday lunar opposition to Mars cautions against impatience and reckless behavior. Go about your business with an eye on your speedometer and your temper. There’s plenty of energy, perhaps too much. The trick is controlling it. Use enthusiasm to advantage, without offending partners. Another testing opposition comes during the early evening. Venus opposes Uranus, putting some relationships on precarious ground. A temporary separation or permanent parting of ways are among the possibilities. Unforeseen complications could delay or derail nighttime social plans. Do your best to stay centered, magnanimous and caring. Be gracious, steady and ready to adapt. 
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-12:46AM Moon enters Aries, Venus opposite Uranus.

October 13: The dramatic crescendo of this afternoon’s Full Moon in Aries dominates the day. The opposing Sun and Moon are also testing the Lunar Nodes, Saturn and Pluto. At the same time the Moon/Sun duo is favorably augmented by expansive Jupiter. In the face of daunting delays and other potential challenges, faith, humor, knowledge and positive thinking offer a pathway through, around or over adversity. This is the time to flex your philosophical and spiritual muscles. If you find yourself in an unsustainable position, take a different approach. Consult a trusted partner or friend. A fresh perspective can be key to reaching a desired goal. By evening the rising Moon is orbiting void of course. Breathe deeply. Inhale the cleansing moonlight. Exhale stress. Relax with the knowledge that given the day’s trials, profound changes are indeed under way. 
Moon in Aries, Full “Hunter’s” Moon in Aries 5:08PM EDT, Moon in Aries v/c 5:59PM-12:00AM, Sun sextile Jupiter.

October 14: In the aftermath of yesterday’s Full Moon, Mercury aligns with Saturn in a sextile while the Libra Sun continues to test Pluto. A quest for understanding and right action is under way. Strategies for successful living include periodic revisions as needs and expectations evolve. After a morning best suited for reflection, the void of course Aries Moon period ends shortly after noon. Tackle matters of importance during the second half of the day, when the Moon is in Taurus. Desires for comfort and security naturally become more compelling. Enjoy material plane tasks and pleasures. The Moon is also nearing a conjunction with “don’t fence me in or label me” Uranus. As much as one may relish familiar favorites, be tempted by new flavors and experiences. Drive with caution late tonight.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-12:24PM Moon enters Taurus, Mercury sextile Saturn, Sun square Pluto.

October 15: This is a fabulous day for important matters of both the heart and business. The Taurus Moon spotlights the rewards that come from a productive existence. Earning a living seems to be an integral part of creating and enjoying warm friendships, tasty foods, fine arts and other pleasures. A late afternoon lunar trine to Saturn underscores the old adage that we reap what we sow. Nothing of value comes without an investment of time, heart and effort. Mental Mercury is also in trine to mysterious Neptune, inspiring acts of kindness, self-sacrifice and genius. Mercury’s nearly simultaneous opposition with the Moon reminds us to share the love, resources and blessings we have acquired. The right words draw loved ones closer tonight.
Moon in Taurus, Mercury trine Neptune.

October 16: Before dawn the Taurus Moon is void of course. The mellower, introspective mood supports inner awareness. Meditations of the heart and creative output reflect a deeper connection with normally subconscious thoughts and feelings. It’s probably best to delay major decisions, purchases and initiatives until tomorrow. For now enjoy the relative quiet and stick to familiar routines and responsibilities. As much as possible, stay relaxed and go with the flow. Late tonight the waning Moon enters Gemini. Minds become more alert and focused. Nourish your intellect with informative conversations, stimulating TV or reading.
Moon in Taurus v/c 4:37AM-10:30PM Moon enters Gemini.

October 17: The mid-October stars are comparatively quiet. The waning Moon makes her way through inquisitive Gemini. Myriad questions and an abundance of answers arise. Everyone has something on their mind and an opinion at the ready. A mid-afternoon lunar trine to Mars is the day’s only exact aspect. The energizing power of the Red Planet is seen in lively exchanges with partners and overactive minds. Actors, athletes, sales people and extroverts feel animated. Timid and shy types may feel left out of the lively conversations or proceedings. Be an attentive listener and include your mates in today’s activities. 
Moon in Gemini.

October 18: Early birds may awaken feeling strangely unrested. The Gemini Moon is at odds with Neptune. A dream may linger, unresolved. Use your imagination to revisit the dreamscape and conjure up a happier, more satisfying ending. The day swings into high gear by mid-morning. Moods become upbeat as a lunar opposition to optimistic Jupiter encourages fully partaking of life. Some folks want to be on the move and with this opposition making fast tracks is possible. Enjoy yourself, but control any impulse to over do it. The positive atmospherics continue as the Moon aligns harmoniously with the Libra Sun tonight. The stars support inner peace as well as satisfying relationships. This is a topnotch night for a romantic dinner or a party but don’t expect the festivities to go late into the night. The Moon is void of course well before midnight so plan to turn in early.
Moon in Gemini v/c 10:14PM-12:00AM.

October 19: Daybreak sees the Moon slip into her home sign of Cancer. This placement always evokes nostalgic feelings and deep longings. Familiar places and faces hold special appeal. Loyalties are keenly felt. However, a lunar alignment with mold-breaking Uranus encourages stepping outside of familiar boundaries. A community gathering could lead to new friendships. Visiting new places is encouraged. Mental Mercury’s evening sextile to Pluto assists researchers, bargain hunters, detectives and truth seekers. Night owls need to be careful as a post midnight lunar square to Mars increases the odds of a mishap or accident. If you’re out late, it’s best to slow down.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-6:43AM Moon enters Cancer, Mercury sextile Pluto.

October 20: The busy feel of the weekend is reflected in the skies overhead. The Cancer Moon passes by her North Node, the symbolic pathway into the future. Trust in your instincts and heartfelt passions. Time-honored values and loyalties persist! The Moon is also part of an emotionally rich water sign Grand Trine. Venus and Mercury in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces are the other components of the satisfying planetary love fest. This is a wonderful time to tell a special someone how much they are cherished. Be swept away by Love! Partners can now address sticky relationship issues and make peace. Venus’ sextile to Saturn is notably supportive of lasting commitments and doing right by others. 
Moon in Cancer, Venus sextile Saturn.

October 21: On Mondays many folks routinely struggle to get back in work mode. Due to this morning’s edgy Last Quarter Cancer Moon, the commute may feel especially jarring. Take things one gentle step at a time. The Moon then goes void of course until midday. Fortunately, Venus is in a perfect trine to Neptune this afternoon. The magical pairing has been known to summon up our better angels and inject light, love and smiles into intimidating situations. Another plus is the Moon’s noon hour arrival into Leo. Confidence builds and hearts beat faster in response to every new challenge. Complications are likely throughout the second half of the day as a lunar square with Uranus tightens. Improvise as needed but err on the side of caution.
Moon in Cancer v/c 8:39AM-12:29PM Moon enters Leo, Venus trine Neptune. 

October 22: The morning gets a glorious sendoff from the Leo Moon’s sextile to Mars. The invigorating aspect has a heartening effect and sets the tone for a fruitful and enjoyable day. Excitement and anticipation are shared with partners and co-workers. Folks tend to feed off each other’s enthusiasm. This is the last full day of the Sun in Libra. There may be opportunities to mend fences or repay a favor. Generosity contributes to the evening’s celebratory atmosphere. As with most festive occasions, the fun increases with the number of participants. It’s a fine night for a party or a mind-expanding theatrical performance.
Moon in Leo.

October 23: Early risers may experience bouts of void of course Moon limbo. The Sun’s position at the final degree of Libra adds to the sense that change is imminent. Little will be resolved before the afternoon when there is a celestial reshuffling. First, the Sun enters Scorpio followed two hours later by the Moon’s arrival in Virgo. By late afternoon the day feels more grounded. The sharpened focus facilitates an intensely productive few hours. Late night harmony between the Moon and Uranus boosts social possibilities. Spontaneous gatherings can be great fun. Meet ups that serve social causes and environmental justice are also favored. This is a fine night for visionaries who enjoy thinking outside the box of conventionality. 
Moon in Leo v/c 5:14AM-3:30PM Moon enters Virgo, Sun enters Scorpio. 

October 24: The waning Virgo Moon increases diligence and perfectionism. Earthy Virgo is the sign of discriminating tastes and standards, as well as health and nutrition. A lunar trine to dutiful Saturn facilitates putting the world in better working order. Roll up your shirtsleeves and dive into chores and projects. Small gains feel satisfying but those that come as a result of persistent dedication are especially rewarding. After the fruitful daylight hours the evening stars provide marvelous energy for kicking back, relaxing and enjoying various pleasures. Find your comfy place and lose yourself in a movie or the adoring eyes of a loved one. Even as we enter the darkest phase of the Moon, Van Morrison’s lyrics ring true. “It’s a wonderful night for a moondance, beneath the magic of October skies.” 
Moon in Virgo.

October 25: Venus’ early morning sextile to Pluto can have a sensationally good impact on lovers as well as other partnership prospects. Greater intimacy and trust are written in the alignment. Partnering is favored. The sense of closeness and shared potential may lose some luster by mid-morning as the Virgo Moon begins a lengthy void of course period. As a result, the work day hours can feel tentative. At this late stage of the lunar cycle it’s best to hold off on launching new projects until after the weekend. Use today for advancing ongoing ventures and completing others. Late afternoon sees the Moon enter Libra where she spotlights the importance of continued cooperation, good faith negotiating and a pleasant manner. 
Moon in Virgo v/c 9:00AM-4:20PM Moon enters Libra, Venus sextile Pluto. 

October 26: The Cosmic tide is out. This is the last day of the lunar cycle. The waning Libra Moon is conjunct spark plug Mars, providing a timely boost of energy. However, it’s best to direct your efforts towards unfinished business rather than new beginnings. Because the Moon and Mars are at odds with Saturn and Pluto, a good deal of time and energy may be taken up in delicate, at times difficult negotiations with partners. Less evolved souls may resort to intimidating tactics. Abide by the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That is the best way to keep frustrations and hurt feelings to an absolute minimum.
Moon in Libra.

October 27: This day may seem to move at a crawl. The waning Libra Moon is void of course well before sunrise and Mars is testing Saturn. An obstacle or delay could be an excellent reason to relax and take it easy this morning. Whatever you choose to do, don’t rush. Patience and good timing are of premium value. Energy remains low. During the late afternoon the Moon enters Scorpio where she’ll be New shortly before midnight. The conjunct Moon and Sun stand opposite unpredictable Uranus. The alignment has a destabilizing effect. It could be a harbinger of shocking surprise events. Under Uranus’ “Great Awakener” potential, some folks may feel liberated. Whether welcome changes or unintended consequences arise, today’s plans are unlikely to pan out as conceived. 
Moon in Libra v/c 4:22AM-4:29PM Moon enters Scorpio, New Moon in Scorpio 11:38PM.

October 28: The early morning opposition of the Scorpio Sun  and Uranus may coincide with Earth changes as well as political and financial unrest. As difficult as Uranus-induced changes may feel, they almost always turn out for the better. When morning turns into afternoon the day settles into a comfortable, productive rhythm. The Scorpio Moon is harmonizing with Saturn and Neptune. Hard work and inspiration smoothly blend. Collaborate with others to maximize progress and bolster creative input. The evening hours see a continuing flow of insights and clever ideas. A solution may be found for a previously unsolvable problem. Persist.
Moon in Scorpio, Sun opposite Uranus.

October 29: This multifaceted day begins with the Scorpio Moon forming a potent stellium along with Venus and Mercury. Feelings are upbeat and social charms are in play during the morning and early afternoon. There could be more to a casual flirtation than meets the eye. Good financial news is another possibility. Lunchtime meetings feature a friendly give and take of ideas and information. It’s an opportune time to explain or grasp complicated matters. The Moon then goes void of course for several hours. As a result the late afternoon may drag a bit. By evening the Moon is in outgoing Sagittarius. Hopes are kindled and hearts feel more open. A friendlier vibe takes hold. Don’t be shy about touching base with friends or relatives tonight. 
Moon in Scorpio v/c 1:34PM-5:58PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

October 30: Upbeat moods propel adventurous souls into, up and over the midweek hump. A waxing Sagittarius Moon promotes faith and optimism. Mental Mercy and loving Venus are conjunct in late Scorpio, a fine omen for communications and teamwork. Be sure to invite input and/or assistance from co-workers and other pals. Two heads are better than one under the alignment. Evening sees the Moon moving into a testing angle with Neptune. Altruistic impulses are triggered. Be aware of those around you. Even with the best intentions, another’s feelings may be overlooked or misunderstood. Outspoken types can easily overstep the boundaries of less confident souls. A late night chat renews strained ties.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury conjunct Venus.

October 31: Fans of Halloween and other adventure-seekers are buoyed by a late morning conjunction of the waxing Sagittarius Moon and jolly Jupiter. The protective and uplifting pairing boosts confidence and generosity of Spirit. Students happily attend to their studies and business people also shine. From late-morning until late tonight the Moon then journeys void of course. As is typically the case, expect energy levels to flatten and attention spans to grow shorter. Delay making commitments, signing contracts and purchasing big ticket items. Another good reason to hold off on key decisions is mental Mercury’s retrograde turn. Shortly before midnight the Winged Messenger starts a three week long backwards trek in late Scorpio. 
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 10:29AM-10:38PM Moon enters Capricorn, Mercury Retrograde.