Online Musings: A Belief in Spooky Healing

Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance.” Last year quantum scientists were finally able to prove with certainty that subatomic particles — the stuff of which the entire universe, including you and I, are made — can affect each other at a distance. Essentially this means that solid things do not have the absolute physical boundaries we thought they did and non-physical forces can affect physical objects.

If that sounds like magic, the paranormal and things that aren’t supposed to happen in our reality, you’re right. This shift in our perception of the laws of nature opens up all sorts of new possibilities for human evolution. The conscious use of mind over matter will ultimately make us better humans.

For years medical science has already been documenting this “spooky action,” although researching and publicizing it far too little in light of its revolutionary potential for healthcare. The placebo effect describes the cure or symptom relief a patient experiences from undergoing a pseudo treatment that has no medicinal value, yet works anyway. After controlling for all other factors, researchers can only surmise that the patient’s belief in the treatment has effected the cure, the non-physical mind curing the physical body.

What are the limits of belief-based healing? Can we cure cancer? Grow new limbs? Heal with food, water, rest, light and air? All good questions because we honestly don’t know the scope or limits of our self-regenerative abilities. Just as quantum science confirms our existence beyond the limits of physical reality, placebo success stories point to a tantalizingly unknown potential in our self-healing skills. Who is to say no?

Especially in the allopathic medicine-worshipping culture of the United States, we have a long way to go before self-healing skills are blended with quantum healing technologies to create a truly sustainable healthcare system, but it appears that time is on our side. Bring on the spooky medicine!

Carol Bedrosian is the publisher of Spirit of Change holistic magazine. Email

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