Palming for Better Vision

© starbooze, courtesy Flickr

Vision educator Rosemary Gaddum Gordon, DBO, MA, reminds us that winter is a natural time to turn inward, reflect and relax. Give your eyes a daily rest and take time for yourself through palming, a surprisingly simple, yet effective healing technique for vision improvement and overall body restoration.

Palming benefits are cumulative, helping to release chronic tension built up over time from poor vision habits, shoulder stress and neck strain. Not only does palming provide instant relaxation and stress reduction, but it can also bring about temporary and permanent vision improvement.

Sit in a comfortable chair with head, neck and shoulders aligned and your feet flat on the floor. Rest your elbows on a table with enough pillows so your palms can cup naturally over your eyes (not touching the eyes), with the heels of your palms on your cheeks, and maintaining correct posture.

Stay calm, loose, relaxed and breathing into your abdomen for as long as you feel comfortable, anywhere from 1 to 30 minutes, while your palms emanate healing energy directly to your eyes. You can increase this energy by rubbing your palms together either touching or not touching directly before your palming session. Experiment to find which way generates more energy for you.

Use this time to relax into a spacious black quiet of stillness and support. Visualize your relaxed self enjoying perfectly clear and sharp vision. Include affirmations, if desired, such as “I see clearly now” and “My health improves every day.”

Carol Bedrosian is the publisher of Spirit of Change holistic magazine. Visit for more information.