Power Of Inner Silence

December brings the season of snow! When the snow falls, we tend to stay inside. Outside there are fewer vehicles, less activity and the atmosphere becomes quiet. Looking out at the lovely scene through a window, we sense the purity of nature. The white landscape, the stillness and the silence give a unique reflective experience. This is the beauty of winter.

Just as we can appreciate these special moments of winter’s silence, are we also able to create inner silence? Inner silence is the silence of the mind when it is free from the rush of thoughts, in a state of pure awareness. Often, even if we want inner silence, we are unable to find it because the mind is caught up in the day’s activities, the disappointments of the past or illusions about the future.

How can I get to the state of inner silence? Here are a few steps to explore:

Create a sacred space in your home. Choose objects for the space that can help you be silent such as serene pictures, candles or small lights and soft music. Just as you can choose to stay indoors in winter, make a choice to enter your inner space, reassuring your mind that you will get back to the other thoughts later. Then hold one pure thought such as “I am a being of peace.” Try to feel the thought for as long as you can. Repeat the thought to deepen the feeling. If other thoughts repeatedly draw your attention, acknowledge them and continue to put them aside. Give yourself a specific time each day to experience inner silence.

Even a few minutes of inner silence every day creates an amazing strength within. The power of inner silence heals the heart, brings clarity to the mind, and re-energizes our innate goodness. When we return to the world of action, our deeds are more meaningful. They contribute to inner peace and happiness rather than guilt and regret.

This holiday season, give yourself a gift of “inner silence!”

Some thoughts for contemplation:

I sit in a quiet place, free from distractions. I turn my attention within. I tell my mind that I am now choosing silence. I will still have thoughts, but only thoughts that lead to silence. I start with one simple thought: I am a peaceful being…I see myself as a little light of conscious energy, completely still. My inner world is a place of endless silence. I don’t allow noisy thoughts to disturb it. I am a peaceful being, the one behind the thoughts, the one observing the thoughts. I am a peaceful being…I let the energy of peace flow and circulate…Peace, stillness and silence. This is my inner world. I can still think, but I think peacefully. Actually, it is my nature to be still inside. There is no need for noisy thoughts. Noisy thoughts disturb my peace. I fill myself now with the power of silence.

I, the soul, came here from a dimension of silence. My Home is silent. My Spiritual Parent is silent. I have known and experienced a lot of silence…I remain for a little longer in the inner place of silence, a place filled with sparkly white light, like a snowfall at midnight. Silence clears my mind. Silence relaxes my body. Silence rejuvenates my spirit.

Now I prepare to return to activity, but my mind will continue to savor the silence within.

Om shanti.

Kala Iyengar, MD, is the founding director of the Point of Life Foundation and Director of Peace Village Learning and Retreat Center.

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