Power To See Things In A New Way

Some research studies show that it takes about 21 days to form a new habit. However, it could just take one second, if we have a deep realization and a strong determination to change. In the business of life, many of us have become “auto-pilots” in our habitual routes, that is, we just keep doing things without putting much thought into them or without having the ability to control them.

Every action we perform creates an impression in our consciousness. That impression can then influence the mind to repeat the action, hence forming a habit. Even what we see and what we perceive form habits. If an impression has been formed about the behavior of a person or the state of the world or our own likes and dislikes, that impression traps us in a loop, making us perceive in the same way again and again. Some of the expressions we commonly use when this happens are, “I can’t stand this,” “He/She is always late” or “I don't think this will ever change.”

It takes a conscious choice and concerted effort to see things in a new way rather than based on past experience. The effort is to create a new awareness with positive thoughts. Positive thoughts have the power to change the way we see and perceive everything in life.

The ability to create positive thoughts come from having the awareness that:

  1. I am a being of pure and positive energy, and not just the way I behave today;
  2. The Divine Source is an ocean of positive energy and even a drop from that ocean can plant positive thoughts within me;
  3. Whatever happened in the past is good, whatever is happening now is better and what is to happen in the future will be the best.

Every day presents opportunities to see things in new ways. Practicing this can fill our days with peace and happiness. Our new perspectives can inspire others and enable them to become more positive!

Some Thoughts For Contemplation

I take a few deep, easy breaths, watching the breath enter and leave the lungs…Every breath brings the gift of life. Yet, most of the time we don’t even notice it. It works perfectly and automatically…Now I shift my attention to the inner place of stillness…The inner self, just like the body, contains everything that is needed for it to be well…For example, the inner self knows how to create positive thoughts. It is natural to have positive thoughts – I do this every day without even noticing.

But there are some topics that pull me into negative thinking…Now, I imagine myself to be a bird, soaring over the earth. I look down and see those troublesome topics of my life. From up above, they look like toys. I keep flying, so high that I enter an entirely different zone. I feel waves of gentle, loving energy coming from the Divine Source. Now all my attention is on the waves of energy. Like sunlight, the energy warms my entire being. It makes me smile. I am free! I can think whatever I want.

I slowly bring my attention back to my life, but inside, I still see the flying bird filled with gentle, loving energy. Now, I will play with this energy and see what kinds of thoughts emerge.

Om shanti.

Kala Iyengar is the director of Peace Village Retreat Center, a spiritual learning and contemplation center run by the Brahma Kumaris in the Catskill Mountains of New York.

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