September 2014 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for September 2014

September 1: This Labor Day has two parts with very different dispositions. The first features the Moon in Scorpio, the second, the Moon in Sagittarius. A quiet but short-lived midday void of course Moon period divides the two. Expect morning moods to be deeply reflective. A lunar sextile to Mercury provides an opening for ruminating on and learning from the past. A fresh insight into a current situation could also surface. It's good to talk about feelings and be physically on the move. After lunch, attention shifts to the road ahead and what the future may hold. If you're out late tonight be alert to weather conditions. Fog, wind and rain can make for treacherous going. Inattention can also be hazardous.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 11:40AM-1:17PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

September 2: Mental Mercury's arrival in Libra puts an emphasis on good relations and proper etiquette. The early morning First Quarter lunar phase may spark resistance to going back to school or work. That's because the Moon in freedom-loving Sagittarius is vying with the Sun in more dutiful Virgo. However, a timely lunar trine to Jupiter helps the day find a cheerful groove. Once in it, there's no turning back or backing down. A fiery Grand Trine configuration infuses life with unstoppable energy and enthusiasm. Whatever the job or activity, put your heart into it. An after work confab showcases irreverent humor and original thinking.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury enters Libra.

September 3: While the Sagittarius Moon helps elevate morning moods to exhilarating highs, the Virgo Sun's nifty noon hour trine to Pluto empowers organizers, investors, healers and deep thinkers. Stay grounded. Be clever and follow your hunches to locate bargains and underused resources. Partnerships are chummy, warm and resilient. Intelligent advice and generous support are shared. The midday atmosphere is great for meetings and power lunches. Then comes a late afternoon quiet spell, thanks to the void of course Moon. Things pick up this evening as the Moon settles into Capricorn. Communications require extra thought if they are to be concise and effective. A complicated family matter is a likely concern tonight.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 2:06PM-6:15PM Moon enters Capricorn, Sun trine Pluto.

September 4: With game-faced Capricorn hosting the Moon and Pluto, the first half of the day sees immense focus and determination. Minds and hearts are consumed with achieving desired results. Take care that obsessive ambitions don't obscure important facts. Pluto is sometimes myopic, and at his very best when working as an agent of transformation. That often entails having a helping hand ready to assist others on their way. Just looking out for one's self isn't enough. A mid-afternoon trine angle between the Moon and Sun fosters inner assuredness. Expect a productive day at work. Tonight brings disruptions and disturbing news. Stay calm and know that seemingly random events are not random. Everyone and every thing are subject to the laws of karma.
Moon in Capricorn.

September 5: The morning's lunar aspects to Saturn and Mars supply purposeful energy. Use this period to handily dispense with obligations and tackle new challenges. Apply your self fully and this promises to be a very productive day. Try to wrap up important business before the lunch break. By noon the Capricorn Moon is moving void of course. Many folks are merely going through the motions after midday. Venus arrives in Virgo during the early afternoon, a yearly blessing for Sun-sign Virgins and those born under the other earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn. Tonight's informal social scene may develop spontaneously and be surprisingly cheerful.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 11:08AM-7:59PM Moon enters Aquarius, Venus enters Virgo.

September 6: With a rapidly waxing Moon in Aquarius looming over all proceedings, it's going to be a busy weekend. Moods are cheerful early this morning. Excitement levels remain high through much of the day. An early afternoon lunar opposition to Jupiter stiffens spines and helps hold chins high. Besides the welcome self-esteem boost, the aspect promotes happiness. The future looks promising. Just the same, it's wise to remain realistic. Don't fall prey to wishful thinking or meaningless extravagance. Evening social events see gatherings of many "tribes." Group consciousness is strong. Long time friends, some of whom have not seen each other in many years, renew ties.
Moon in Aquarius.

September 7: An odd pressure to "do something" permeates the first half of the day. The Aquarius Moon is jousting with Mars, the planet of passion and action as well as the ancient God of War. There are inherent dangers in such an alignment. Taunts and temperamental outbursts are best avoided. Emotionally charged situations can spiral out of control in seconds. With the Moon nearly full, excessive speed is particularly risky today. Slow down in all areas of life. This will be easier to do during the late afternoon and early evening, while the Moon travels void of course. The evening entry of the Moon into Pisces softens attitudes and hearts. Weather permitting, it is a fine time to admire a glorious Moonrise and whisper sweet words in a loved one's ear.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 1:19PM-7:47PM Moon enters Pisces.

September 8: Full Moon fever with a practical bent; that's the story today. Tonight's high octane "Harvest" Moon in Pisces keeps the emotionally rich day rolling right along. An early afternoon lunar sextile to Pluto fuels deep personal ambitions and notably efficient productivity. Be sure to put the abundant physical energy to good use. Because the Sun and Moon are also in positive relationships with Saturn, feelings are more easily controlled and directed. Today's efforts and thoughtful decisions are likely to have long term impact. After the Moon is exactly full at 9:38PM EDT, the busy pace eases and it's time to gracefully unwind.
Moon in Pisces, Full "Harvest" Moon in Pisces 9:38PM.

September 9: In the wake of yesterday's frothy Full Moon, a change in thinking can be expected. Mental Mercury is at odds with Pluto. Old equations no longer add up. Stale perspectives are revealed as self-limiting untruths. Don't withdraw into a private world. Put your head together with trusted advisors and cohorts. Devising new strategies may take considerable time, as the Winged Messenger continues to partake in volatile alignments until the coming weekend. With certainty lacking, patiently consider multiple options. Take the time needed to fine tune plans and make win-win results your ultimate goal.
Moon in Pisces v/c 3:09PM-7:33PM Moon enters Aries, Mercury square Pluto.

September 10: The stars take us on quite a winding journey. During the wee hours dreams and soulful longings are telling. Many folks awaken feeling that something special is about to happen. But then the headstrong Aries Moon follows a bumpy, circuitous route. Stay calm if you witness or are confronted by a midday grudge match. Luckily, after midday mental Mercury forms a pick-me-up sextile to optimistic Jupiter while the Moon also harmonizes with the giant planet of faith and hope. Just the same, nerves may again be on edge by late afternoon. Easy does it, in words and actions. Commuters must watch their speed. Put your feet up and relax your mind late tonight.
Moon in Aries v/c 8:58PM-12:00AM, Sun oppositie Neptune, Mercury sextile Jupiter.

September 11: Due to various planetary positions, we're dealing with a long void of course Moon period, from midnight until well after dark. In Aries, and close to the lunar South Node, the Moon may elicit endless "should have and could have" second thoughts. Reflecting on the past does have advantages, if one is fortunate enough to see history in a new light. A pending opposition between Mercury and Uranus may just provide an eye-opening epiphany. Before anyone gets too profoundly lost in memory, a late morning sextile between the Sun and Saturn keeps feet on the ground, firmly planted in the here and now. If you feel confused, stick to familiar haunts and procedures, and hold off on major purchases and decisions.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-9:17PM Moon enters Taurus, Sun sextile Saturn.

September 12: The earthy Grand Trine between the Taurus Moon, Virgo Venus and Pluto in Capricorn stirs up sultry passions. Affections and intentions are deeply held, and likely to be rather ambitious. Couples do powerful work, and like paired figure skaters, gracefully compliment each other. Love may come with strings attached, financial offers, too, so stay aware of motives. Afternoon nosiness can shed light on a number of personal or professional questions. Entertaining trends make the evening hours refreshingly enjoyable but be ready for verbal gaffes, awkward moments and other surprises. Plans may change in an instant.
Moon in Taurus.

September 13: A night of tossing and turning can be attributed to Mercury's opposition to high strung Uranus. Indecision can plague even the best thinkers and psychics under this influence. A brilliant breakthrough is also possible. Early risers feel the heavy weight of a lunar opposition to dour Saturn. Like clouds parting, fatigue and worry give way to a brief period of mid-morning sunshine and good cheer but then the Taurus Moon goes into void of course mode until midnight. A mellower mood takes hold. This could be a fun day to head to a local farm to pick fruits and veggies. Avoid making big expenditures or complicated decisions. Firebrand Mars enters outspoken Sagittarius this evening. In coming weeks the Red Planet may spark fierce political and theological debates. Think twice before speaking.
Moon in Taurus v/c 9:31AM-12:00AM, Mercury opposite Uranus, Mars enters Sagittarius.

September 14: Venus is in an enchanting trine to Pluto this morning, good for extra warm hugs and cuddles as well as feeling grateful for the sweet things in life. The Gemini Moon fosters curiosity. Some folks feel restless, anxious to talk and/or be on the move. An early afternoon lunar square with Neptune could prompt laziness and confusion. Relax. Visit a garden, park, museum or art gallery. The experience is likely to be entrancing. Pay attention if you're motoring. Put the phone down. Tonight, the social scene may be fun but a subtle dissatisfaction grips those who give without receiving much in return. Give wisely.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-2:26AM Moon enters Gemini, Venus trine Pluto.

September 15: The day's splendid start is facilitated by the Gemini Moon's lively aspects with Jupiter, Uranus and Mercury. Minds are sharp, communications quickly confirm facts, agreements come easily and the travel indicators are excellent. Until early afternoon everything moves swiftly along. As dusk falls a different dynamic emerges. The Moon is reaching a testing Last Quarter square aspect with the Virgo Sun. Stress levels rise as doubts, frustrations and feelings of inadequacy grow. Stay calm. The testing phase is over by midnight and under more peaceful skies, sleep promises to be restful.
Moon in Gemini, Last Quarter Moon in Gemini 10:05PM, Moon in Gemini v/c 10:05PM-12:00AM.

September 16: The day begins under a void of course Gemini Moon. Concentration is usually out the window under this lunar influence. Talkative folks chatter on and on, but words may be empty idle musings, devoid of heart or intention. Things change shortly before noon when the Moon enters her own sign of Cancer. Emotionally, many folks are moved to "take charge" and confront challenges head on. These are likely to be home or family related issues. A late night lunar trine to Neptune attunes open hearts to spirit. Rustling leaves, lapping waves or clouds racing across the heavens speak to artistic souls. Kindly impulses prompt caring deeds and comforting words. There's magic written in the night sky.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-11:24AM Moon enters Cancer.

September 17: Diplomacy and the art of compromise are essential ingredients in any early morning negotiations. Pay attention to the opinions and insights offered by partners. Each person you encounter is a compelling mirror of your own subconscious so listen carefully and learn. The Cancer Moon is opposing Pluto and then making a square to Uranus late this afternoon. Emotions are poignant today while at the same time the impermanence of things and people held dear is impossible to ignore. A lunar sextile to Venus keeps the love flowing, even while Fate and other universal forces test our patience and fortitude.
Moon in Cancer.

September 18: Early morning distractions can make it hard to stay focused on just one thing. The protective Cancer Moon is testing mental Mercury. Partners may be feeling stressed. Compassionate hearts easily go out to those in need of comfort. Don't let a past disappointment obscure the positive potential of a current circumstance. The mid-morning hours bring greater powers of concentration and the emotionally poised midday period is a fertile one. Tackle projects at home or at work with confident precision. By mid-afternoon the Moon is orbiting void of course. The resulting slower, quieter pace lends itself to chilling out. Retreat to your nest and savor familiar territory tonight.
Moon in Cancer v/c 2:38PM-11:10PM Moon enters Leo.

September 19: Zoom, zoom! A celebratory Leo Moon activates a high energy trine alignment now forming between the spark plug Mars and philosophical Jupiter. Hearts beat a little faster and challenges thrill rather than intimidate. Enthusiasm is infectious. Be generous with praise and appreciation. Lofty ideas permeate many discussions but be judicious, avoid loud boasting and do not buy into far-fetched schemes or unrealistic promises. A risky gamble could prove quite costly. Tonight's exuberant stars are an excellent pick-me-up, great for a festive party or other gathering.
Moon in Leo.

September 20: Today's sunrise is more than symbolically warming and illuminating. The Leo Moon is in fine aspect with eccentric Uranus early this morning. A life-changing event could be in the making. The lure of freedom, whether on the open road or in the realms of imagination is irresistible. Express your true self! Spontaneous expression becomes increasingly difficult after lunch, when the Moon heads into a testing square with serious Saturn. A doubting partner could rain on the parade. Financial realities may require passing on an expenditure, at least for the present. The square is good for a realistic review of responsibilities. Spirits brighten in time to enjoy light-hearted conversations and a lively social scene tonight.
Moon in Leo.

September 21: The lazy morning, with its void of course Leo Moon, is perfect for some serious relaxing and other pleasurable pursuits. Reconnecting with long time friends can be fun. Shortly before noon the Moon enters Virgo and today's second act begins. A mutable T-square is formed by the Moon, Mars and Neptune. The configuration poses both challenges and opportunities. If you have an outdoor activity planned, be sure to check the weather forecast. The risk of dangerous winds and flooding is elevated. Caution is also advised with food, pharmaceuticals and alcoholic beverages. Toss out questionable foods, and do not under any circumstance mix drinking and driving. Visionaries may find the energies to their liking. Serving others is the key.
Moon in Leo v/c v/c 12:33AM-11:54AM Moon enters Virgo, Venus sextile Saturn, Mars square Neptune.

September 22: The Sun's last day in Virgo provides a brief window of time in which to look back and reflect on the now fading season of summer. Count off lessons learned as well as blessings received. The waning Moon is also in Virgo, where she forms a mid-morning sextile to Pluto. Recycle or repurpose used as well as unused items. The aspect also facilitates healing, understanding and potentially fruitful discussions. This is an excellent day for successful negotiating, in part because Pluto, having been retrograde since last April resumes forward motion in Scorpio, the sign of shared resources. However, financial markets may shudder. Unenlightened folks can react with negativity and obstruct progress. Late tonight the Sun arrives in Libra and it's the Autumnal Equinox, the official start of fall. Polish your social skills in the weeks ahead.
Moon in Virgo, Pluto Direct, Sun enters Libra (Autumnal Equinox).

September 23: The early going looks and feels good, thanks to the Virgo Moon's conjunction with Venus. Helping others seems a brilliant idea, and it is. However, before mid-morning the Moon goes void of course, and as this is the very last day of the lunar cycle, fatigue, apathy and boredom may quickly set in. Energetically, the tide is out. Don't be left high and dry trying to launch your boat. Hold back on starting new projects. Make no major purchases or career moves. Concentrate on fulfilling routine responsibilities and meeting pre-existing obligations. If slowing down is not an option during the day, be sure to rest up tonight.
Moon in Virgo v/c 8:15AM-11:59PM Moon enters Libra.

September 24: The merging of the Sun and Moon in Libra, AKA the Libra New Moon, symbolizes the union of the conscious and subconscious selves within the framework of marriage and other partnerships. Seek balance and play fair in the coming weeks. By daybreak the Moon is moving into a perky sextile to Mars. On an otherwise low key day, the aspect provides a measure of hope. If nothing else, it stimulates interesting discussions. A religious teaching or idea borrowed from another culture could have bearing on a present situation. Be measured in your responses tonight. Feelings are extra sensitive and moods can be tough to decipher as the Moon tests Pluto.
New Moon in Libra 2:14AM.

September 25: Trust in a better future plays a large role today. A mind altering trine between Jupiter and Uranus shakes core beliefs and opens minds to evolutionary ideas. There's magic waiting to happen around every city corner or curve in a country road. The Libra Moon makes an early afternoon pass by her own North Node. It's good to share one's quest with like-minded companions. A key relationship may undergo profound, if unexpected changes. As always, some folks are better equipped to forge ahead into uncharted territory. Seek out unflappable eccentrics, visionary geniuses and other stout adventurers.
Moon in Libra, Jupiter trine Uranus.

September 26: Minds and senses are sharp as the Libra Moon forms an early morning conjunction with Mercury before going void of course. The stimulating pairing could arouse memories of a former associate or bring about an actual reunion. Seize the moment. If you think of someone you hold dear, send them a text or email, or make a phone call. A two hour void of course Moon period slows the morning's progress to a crawl. Even after the Moon enters Scorpio during the late morning things move at a leisurely pace. Daydreams can be fertile ground for discoveries and inventive ideas. Creative cuisine, movies and other art forms make the enchanting evening feel special. Be sure to voice your gratitude and approval. Partners will appreciate it.
Moon in Libra v/c 8:39AM-10:29AM Moon enters Scorpio.

September 27: Feelings intensify when the Moon visits Scorpio. Many times, emotions run so hot that folks feel compelled to hold them inside. This added sensitivity can insulate a person from others and explains Scorpio's reputation as a secretive sign. Emotions are in fact energy in motion, and need to be released periodically. This afternoon's lunar square to Jupiter in Leo, the outgoing sign of sunshine and self-expression, encourages truth telling. Watch out for the inclination to embellish or overstate your case. Find creative, non-threatening ways to share private thoughts and emotions. With the Moon approaching Saturn as midnight nears, each sentiment, word and deed holds added meaning and impact. Remain positive and encouraging.
Moon in Scorpio, Mercury enters Scorpio.

September 28: Get cozy, comfy and settle in for a day of enjoyments. Connoisseurs of fine things, luxurious living and passionate loving will find the atmosphere much to their liking. A sextile between the Scorpio Moon and Venus in Virgo stimulates warm appreciation of life's pleasures, big and small. Routine chores may include agreeable encounters. Planned meetings and social events are fabulous, at least until late afternoon when the Moon goes void of course. By nightfall the Moon is in Sagittarius. Be in touch with your Muses tonight. If the spirit moves you, reach out to acknowledge helpful friends and loved ones.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 4:31PM-6:50PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

September 29: Ready, set, go! The Sagittarius Moon is on a smooth and fast track today, harmonizing with the Libra Sun to launch the day and overtaking Mars to lift it into warp speed. The early afternoon lunar conjunction with the Red Planet is high octane stuff. The alliance is part of a fiery Grand Trine, along with Uranus and Jupiter. Words fly fast and furious. An outpouring of brilliant ideas, novel suggestions and historic firsts is likely. Stay alert. Be ready for an adventure. For many folks it will be hard to conceal excitement. Venus' arrival in Libra is a timely reminder to keep partners apprised of your situation. The exhilaration lasts until almost midnight, when the Moon goes void of course and quiet descends on the Earth.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 11:29PM-12:00AM, Venus enters Libra.

September 30: The Sagittarius Moon is sailing void of course all day, and the usual rules apply. One may excel at creative projects and introspective practices but worldly matters are another story. This is not an auspicious time to begin a new job, buy a big ticket item or make a critical decision. Concentration wavers and events lack staying power so stick to familiar routines. While there are no exact aspects to report, there are powerful trends developing. The Libra Sun is edging into a square with Pluto and opposition to Uranus. In recent years we've seen time and again how the start of each season activates the destabilizing powers of the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square. Imagine peace and enjoy today's relative calm.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-12:00AM.