September 2015 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for September 2015

September 1: While today's steamiest celestial action occurs during the quiet pre-dawn hours of the morning, a midday conjunction of the hard-charging Aries Moon with Uranus is an eye-opening, revelatory exclamation point. The feisty duo sets some folks hurrying off, probably on the road less traveled. Visions of the future, technological breakthroughs and epiphanies are likely topics of discussion over lunch. The Moon then goes void of course. Urgency and impetus are soon lost. Instead of rushing into action, sit with ideas and gently mull them over. A relaxed mind is the best tool for deciding on the appropriate course of action.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:37PM-12:00AM, Venus conjunct Mars.

September 2: From her perch in Taurus, today's Moon is part of a fabulously productive, earthy grand trine, along with Jupiter and the Sun in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn. The stabilizing configuration offers solid support for all practical endeavors. It's a good time to tackle physically demanding activities or make strategic business decisions. After facing reality and handling an intense workload, an early evening lunar sextile to Neptune brings a more relaxed mood. Let your hair down with friends or commune with Mother Nature. Get creative in the kitchen, then unwind over dinner. Listen to soothing music. Inspiring ideas may strike or affection can find surprisingly tender expression. Later tonight the stars bring inner contentment and harmony between the sexes. Enjoy.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-5:02AM Moon enters Taurus.

September 3: What we resist, persists. The Taurus Moon's morning square with Mars drives this point home. Energy feels blocked, desires frustrated. Travel delays and other minor annoyances grate on nerves. Relax. An attitude adjustment can make a positive difference. The rest of the day is rather quiet. Establish a comfortable pace and stick to it. With the Moon now in the waning phase of her cycle, this is also a good time to tie up loose ends before turning attention to the upcoming holiday weekend.
Moon in Taurus.

September 4: The early hours of the morning may feel gray. The Moon is at odds with somber Saturn. It seems as though the drudgery of work and old behavior patterns goes on forever. Then moods shift. The Moon's entry into breezy Gemini lightens hearts and eases minds well before the start of business hours. A pending angle between the Virgo Sun and Pluto increases the likelihood of this being a fruitful and productive day. Restrain your butterfly spirit, attend to responsibilities and there's no doubt that much can be accomplished. The evening hours are socially engaging as a lyrical, poetic mood comes with the gathering darkness. Immerse your senses in a good meal, film, music or the stars twinkling high above. A relaxed mind is a plus before bedtime.
Moon in Taurus v/c 6:20AM-7:48AM Moon enters Gemini.

September 5: The early morning Last Quarter Moon sets some folks to tossing and turning. Daylight sees harmony sweeping across the land. The effervescent Gemini Moon becomes more loving and adventurous through a series of harmonizing aspects with Venus, Mars and Uranus. An outing with friends, especially those with an outlandish or irreverent sense of humor, is exhilarating fun. Some encounters are truly healing, bringing new understanding and agreement. Because Venus is about to come out of her retrograde, today's meetings may carry a Fated quality. The sense of deja vu, eerie familiarity or nostalgia can be remarkable. Tonight is quiet.
Moon in Gemini, Last Quarter Moon in Gemini 5:54AM, Moon in Gemini v/c 7:04PM-12:00AM, Sun trine Pluto.

September 6: This morning's void of course Gemini Moon is a reminder that on occasion, physical laziness and mental relaxation are necessary sustenance for weary bodies and minds. Take life slow and easy this morning. The quiet, low energy hours come to an end when the Moon reaches Cancer during the early afternoon. As of today Venus has ended a six week long retrograde. Her direction shift reminds us to note the amount of passion, fun and romance we experience. If any of these qualities are lacking in your life, today is a good time to get back on track doing the things you enjoy with people you love. Home is a comfortable base tonight, with forays to restaurants, nighttime hotspots and naturally scenic areas.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-1:40PM Moon enters Cancer.

September 7: After a night of sweet and fantastical dreams, moods become edgy and hypersensitive by mid-morning. The Cancer Moon faces stern midday tests from Mercury and Pluto. Convey your feelings in thoughtful, kind and loving ways. Concentrate on a few essential points. A lack of patience and compassion, or failure to show appreciation may lead to harsh words and greater divisions. Lunchtime and early afternoon discussions are challenging but they can also be informative and helpful, if partners are listening and open to making compromises. Inner as well as outer peace returns by late afternoon when harmony between the Moon and Virgo Sun exerts a calming influence. Tension levels rise again late tonight. Stay alert if you're traveling.
Moon in Cancer.

September 8: Mars' refreshingly energetic trine with Uranus puts almost everyone into an adventurous state. Courageous acts, sensational scientific breakthroughs and sudden leaps in consciousness are the order of the day. Even everyday activities can quickly turn into something special. Don't be shy, go out, get involved and try something new. Somewhat ironically, nostalgic feelings for the past are also supported, courtesy of the Cancer Moon. Her post-sunset trine to Saturn is a reminder that the things we treasure are made precious by the time, effort and commitment we invest in them. In an era when so much in life often seems fleeting and precarious, familiar faces and routines bring great comfort tonight.
Moon in Cancer v/c 9:28PM-10:36PM Moon enters Leo, Mars trine Uranus.

September 9: Mental Mercury's testing square with Pluto underscores the advantages of being positive. With Pluto magnifying thoughts, the uplifting ones are to be closely held, nurtured and shared. For one thing, as the Dalai Lama has noted, being optimistic is easier. A well-timed word of encouragement could have a major, long term impact. Look for silver linings and secret gifts in unexpected places. Remember, negativity can also quickly snowball so don't judge harshly. Keep your mind focused on a constructive track. Loving vibrations filter in tonight, the best part of the day for talking over intimate issues and cozying up with significant others.
Moon in Leo, Mercury square Pluto.

September 10: A steadfast Leo Moon links up with Venus and Mars. The fiery trio fosters exuberant living. Passions simmer this afternoon when a lunar trine to Uranus has many folks feeling sociable and eyeing the future with confidence. Intuitive faculties begin to shine. Ralph Waldo Emerson noted, "A man should learn to detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across his mind from within." This is a fine day to do exactly that, while thoroughly enjoying life on one's own terms. Use smart phones and computer technology to broaden your horizons, and enhance and speed up your performance levels. Social networking with like-minded friends and progressive associates is also helpful.
Moon in Leo.

September 11: With the morning's waning Leo Moon testing Saturn at the fated last degree of Scorpio, a quote from the 20th century master artist Pablo Picasso comes to mind. "I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it." I can think of no better approach to any early morning adversity. From Picasso's perspective obstacles are seen as opportunities for learning. Amen to that. By late morning the Moon is in Virgo and conjunct jolly Jupiter. Moods improve in time for lunch. Doing high quality work and helping others along the way are guiding principles this afternoon. Concentrate your efforts on finishing projects rather than starting new ones.
Moon in Leo v/c 9:03AM-9:56AM Moon enters Virgo.

September 12: Here we are at the tired end of another lunar cycle. A noontime lunar trine to Pluto stirs up deep feelings, occasions perceptive insights and inspires contingency planners with clever ideas. However, this phase of the Moon lends itself to completing things rather than beginning them. Conserve energy, time and other precious resources. Tomorrow's New Moon in Virgo is also a Solar Eclipse. Unexpected complications are likely to arise in coming weeks. Before planting any seeds or launching new projects, prepare the ground thoroughly. Getting a few extra hours of rest and relaxation enhances the prospects of triumphing later in the month.
Moon in Virgo.

September 13: A couple of hours after midnight the Sun is eclipsed by the New Moon in Virgo. Revelations could upset the world's pecking order. New leaders and causes can emerge around this time. On a more personal level, efforts may be redirected, with a greater emphasis on productivity and serving others efficiently. New Moon days are typically low key and subtle. This one is well suited for tidying up and paring down at home and in work spaces. Tonight's lunar sextile with Saturn drives home the point, "less is more." Determine what you want to accomplish over the next two weeks and who supports your ambitions. Then set plans in motion to do just that.
New Moon in Virgo/Solar Eclipse 2:41AM, Moon in Virgo v/c 10:08PM-10:41PM Moon enters Libra.

September 14: Just as the day begins the Libra Moon passes by her own North Node, a symbolic point in the heavens representing the pathway into the future. Some partnerships seem to magically fall into lockstep agreement. Others may soon reach a fork in the road. Which road to travel may be unclear as this week's astrological indicators are a study in wishful thinking. Mental Mercury, also in Libra, is slowing and will turn retrograde on Thursday. Following yesterday's eclipse, it is fair to say that all decisions are reversible, or at least amendable. However, don't rush into commitments or get distracted by a partner's timetable. Play for time and keep your options open.
Moon in Libra.

September 15: Minds tend to race today to the point of being scattered. It's not so much a matter of ADD as it is more a fascination with numerous new and intriguing ideas and possibilities. In the interest of staying on good terms with friends and taking care of business obligations, remind yourself to slow down occasionally. If you feel compelled to follow a creative, fresh and perhaps daring course of action, cover as many bases as you can. Get pre-approval from your boss or make sure a sympathetic ally has your back. Results can be exceptional and a great deal of fun for all involved, if everyone works as a team.
Moon in Libra.

September 16: A lazy morning mood is attributable to the void of course Libra Moon. This is a good juncture for seeing which way the wind is blowing. Check in with associates. Indecision could be rampant, due to the Moon's status and Mercury's imminent retrograde, but at least you'll know what others are thinking. By noon the Moon reaches Scorpio. Mental and emotional focus return. Jupiter is nearing the opposition point with mystical Neptune. This fabulously empathic and creative alignment opens hearts and minds. Humanitarians and artists, as well as naturally visionary people feel greatly inspired. Don't be gullible, though. Sadly, there are predatory types about, eager to exploit the good will of kinder, more generous souls.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:22AM-11:43AM Moon enters Scorpio.

September 17: Today is one of the year's key dates. During the early hours of the morning Jupiter makes the first of three oppositions to Neptune. The configuration ignites imaginations and sends truth seekers and social crusaders into action. Mental Mercury turns retrograde this afternoon and, as is usually the case, second thoughts are to be expected. Don't be surprised if an associate changes his or her mind. Tonight Saturn enters Sagittarius for a two year long stay. The runaway costs of higher education will be reined in during this period. Religious and political persuasions may further crystallize, but truth and wisdom will also make a comeback. Pay close attention to today's many changes but know it will take at least a fortnight for some issues to be sorted out.
Moon in Scorpio, Jupiter opposite Neptune, Mercury retrograde, Saturn enters Sagittarius.

September 18: The stars are sending mixed messages. The Scorpio Moon's sextile with the Virgo Sun hastens on the job progress. However, the Moon is also in a testing angle with Mars. Respect boundaries, titles and customs. Be generous in sharing credit for successes. A disgruntled co-worker won't soon forget a real or imagined transgression. The late afternoon void of course Moon oversees a quietly introspective part of the day. If possible, spend some time alone with your own thoughts and feelings. The Moon enters Sagittarius shortly before midnight and immediately conjuncts Saturn. Weigh decisions and other serious matters then. If you feel mentally stuck, input from a trusted pal can be timely.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 3:49PM-11:32PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

September 19: The Moon, now in Sagittarius, begins the day conjunct Saturn and then later tests Neptune and Jupiter. We astrologers describe the configuration as a T-square, and this one will linger for months. There are several things to keep in mind. Good judgment can be sadly lacking. Opposing Neptune and Jupiter can make folks way too trusting. With Saturn testing the opposing duo, a price will have to be paid. Naiveté carries risks. So does sticking one's head in the sand and ignoring impending danger. Take common sense precautions. As much as possible deal with people you trust. Check facts and references. Review agreements carefully. Follow your higher conscience and be prepared to accept full responsibility for your words and actions.
Moon in Sagittarius.

September 20: The stars have a most agreeable day of fun in store. This morning the outgoing Sagittarius Moon encourages flights of fancy, engaging truth telling sessions, joyful shopping expeditions and outings to scenic places. Life seems to flow smoothly and effortlessly as the Moon, Venus and Uranus join in an exhilarating fire sign Grand Trine. It's also a good time for putting ideas on paper and networking with your tribe. The afternoon flow is a little slow in comparison. Still, the vibe remains relaxing, comfortable, sincere and sociable. Share at least a part of the day with good friends.
Moon in Sagittarius.

September 21: Early birds encounter the stressful energies of the first quarter Moon in Sagittarius. On many occasions this lunar phase serves to clarify short term goals and reinforce commitments. However, we are between two eclipses and Mercury is retrograding. Even the most carefully thought out plans are apt to change. By the start of the work day the Moon reaches industrious Capricorn, increasing productivity levels and aiding concentration. Progress is likely to be steady. Inspirational trends arrive this evening. Lunar aspects to Neptune and Jupiter enable creative people to translate their hopes and dreams into tangible results. Dial up your muses and get creative, or simply get off your feet, stretch out on the sofa, relax and enjoy a movie.
Moon in Sagittarius, First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius, Moon in Sagittarius v/c 4:59AM-8:33AM Moon enters Capricorn.

September 22: Hard working and ambitious souls will savor their diligent lifestyle today. A Capricorn Moon is validation for those who always strive to do their very best. There will be distractions throughout the day. A testing lunar aspect with Mercury requires good communication skills. Partners and co-workers need to be apprised of progress and the game plan may need to be reviewed, especially if there have been revisions. An early afternoon lunar square to Uranus almost guarantees that some adjustments will be required. Fortunately, on this final day of summer, loving Venus is forming an exhilarating trine with Uranus, the planet of invention and serendipity. Affection has a wonderful way of softening rough edges and making it easier to put up with unforeseen changes as well as personal idiosyncrasies.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 7:13PM-12:00AM, Venus trine Uranus.

September 23: A void of course Capricorn Moon lends a world weary air to the first half of the day. Even though moods are subdued, important changes are happening. During the early morning the Sun enters Libra and fall begins. Today is the Autumnal Equinox, one of two moments each year when the hours of daylight and darkness are equal. Fittingly, Libra is the Sign of Balance. By mid-afternoon the Moon has settled into Aquarius where she finds sweet harmony with Saturn and the Sun. These are great alignments for conducting business and making important, far-reaching decisions. Factor in important details and envision pathways to success with confidence.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-1:51PM Moon enters Aquarius, Sun enters Libra (Autumnal Equinox) 4:21AM, Sun sextile Saturn.

September 24: The self-described early 20th century spiritual scientist Rudolf Steiner believed that Thursday was the best day of the week for planning the future. With the Moon traversing visionary Aquarius and forming stellar aspects with mental Mercury and inventive Uranus, the stars brilliantly support his theory. Communications are crisp and clear. Team spirit is evident but don't get bogged down by the limiting expectations and judgments of peers with more conventional views. Think boldly. Schedules, costs and delegating responsibilities can be finalized later. Tonight is a good time for hobnobbing with pals at a favorite haunt. The mood is warm, low key and relaxed.
Moon in Aquarius, Mercury square Pluto, Mars enters Virgo.

September 25: The waxing Moon is nearly full and a natural motivator, but be patient when challenges arise, as they surely will today. Due to the morning's void of course lunar period, there is little traction or staying power, no matter how strenuous the effort. Compounding matters, feisty Mars, newly arrived in Virgo, is at odds with Saturn. The stoic Ringed Planet, associated with life lessons, losses and delays, commands respect. Everything is moving slowly. The Moon enters dreamy Pisces late this afternoon and she too tests Mars and Saturn. Every road can seem to be blocked. Stay calm and make do with whatever progress can be made. More relaxed influences arrive late tonight.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:02AM-3:44PM Moon enters Pisces, Pluto Direct, Mars square Saturn.

September 26: With a lunar eclipse on the way tomorrow night an air of uncertainty hangs over today, especially this afternoon when a lengthy void of course Pisces Moon period begins. The more focused morning is by far the best part of the day to take care of chores and errands and deal with any important decisions. Because of the eclipse there are likely to be a few surprises. Revelations and unexpected plot twists require resolute consistency but changing circumstances could necessitate a more imaginative approach be taken to an emotionally charged issue. As always under a Pisces Moon, music, movies, the sights and sounds found in nature, and meditation soothe frazzled nerves.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:32PM-12:00AM.

September 27: Weather permitting, tonight's total lunar eclipse is visible here in New England. Enjoy the show. The "Harvest Moon" in Aries is exactly full at 10:50PM so the entire day is charged with its dynamic energy. Creating a more peaceful world, built on the principles of cooperation and justice, is one of this Full Moon's messages. With the harmony-loving Libra Sun close by the lunar north node, selfishness and violence have to go. Common sense is championed by a lunar trine with Saturn. Yes, there is still room for critical thinking, logic and debate in this world. If you happen to be riding the fence on a key decision, it is best to wait for a few more days to pass. New, game-changing information may soon become available.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-3:29PM Moon enters Aries, Full "Harvest Moon"/Lunar Eclipse in Aries 10:50PM.

September 28: Expect a series of aftershocks following yesterday's high energy full Moon. The Moon first tests retrograde Mercury, then Pluto and finally passes by volatile Uranus tonight. Morning miscues may be due to a lost or forgotten item, snarled traffic or inattention. Concentration soon improves but the midday lunar square with Pluto is a two-edged sword. Focus can be minutely detailed to the point of being obsessive. Snap out of the macro view and take a look at the bigger picture. People and situations are neither all bad or all good. There are always redeeming graces. Find some. Anything goes tonight as the Moon is conjunct Uranus. A chance meeting or spontaneous gathering can be delightful.
Moon in Aries.

September 29: The day gets off to a very slow start. The Aries Moon goes void of course during the early morning hours and motivation falters. The lackadaisical mood persists into mid-afternoon. That's when the Moon enters earthy Taurus where she forms an energizing trine with Mars. The mini-burst of energy comes too late to make much of the working day but it does stimulate the pursuit of pleasure this evening. An urge to go on a learning adventure may also be noted. Cooking and/or eating foods from different countries and cultures may satisfy some. One of many televised travel documentaries may cure wanderlust, too. Reading might also do the trick.
Moon in Aries v/c 3:45AM-2:57PM Moon enters Taurus.

September 30: This morning the Taurus Moon is part of a steadying Grand Trine in earth signs, along with Jupiter and Pluto. The three stars favor the efforts of farmers, teachers, healers, writers, business people and anyone else searching for material plane security. Against this backdrop the Libra Sun overtakes retrograde Mercury. Reconnect with long time friends and associates. Review recent events, especially those that have affected partnerships. It may be possible to renew acquaintances or revise an existing agreement, to everyone's satisfaction. Don't let pride keep you from making a peace offering.
Moon in Taurus, Sun conjunct Mercury.