September 2017 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for September 2017

September 1: Intentions are clear, minds are resolute and hearts sing as the new month and long holiday weekend begin. All the same, pay careful attention to odd feelings, premonitions and less defined, confusing situations. Mercury is still retrograde. Situations and priorities can change. The fastest route to your destination may not be the most direct. Be ready to improvise and explore off the beaten path. This afternoon the Capricorn Moon is close by Pluto, empowering partnerships and assisting seekers. There’s no telling what secrets and treasures may be discovered in both obvious and unlikely places. Heart to heart conversations can transform relationships, awareness a key first step towards resolution or healing. Tonight feels celebratory.
Moon in Capricorn.

September 2: We’re off to the races early today as Mars forms an energizing trine with Uranus. The aspect also facilitates travel, perhaps to a familiar, much-loved locale or a place where there is an uncanny past-life connection. In fact, one of the weekend’s recurring themes is the sense that the past and future are inextricably linked. As the old saying goes, if you don’t know history, you’re bound to repeat the lessons of the past. Frustration with present circumstances builds to a peak during the noon hour, when the staid Capricorn Moon is at odd with visionary Uranus. A few quiet hours follow as the Moon travels void of course. By late afternoon the waxing Moon is in Aquarius and a rather lively, highly enjoyable evening caps off the day.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:30PM-4:06PM Moon enters Aquarius, Mars trine Uranus.

September 3: Retrograde, Mercury backs into a predawn conjunction with Mars. The heated combination may generate a restless night. Night owls and other nocturnal types can spend hours rehashing the past or on the other hand, excitedly planning for new adventures. In either case, there’s something to be said for addressing long time hopes and goals. The waxing Aquarius Moon provides ample energy for socializing. A midday lunar opposition to Venus is a fine omen for brunching and other playdates with pals. The mellow hours after noon are well-suited for holiday rest and relaxation.
Moon in Aquarius, Mercury conjunct Mars.

September 4: Let’s not forget that Labor Day commemorates 19th century workers who died in the struggle for rights we often take for granted and see disappearing in today’s world. Appropriately, the dream of a level playing field for workers continues under a visionary and egalitarian Aquarius Moon. Lunar activity promotes well-being, optimism and faith. Morning aspects with Saturn and Jupiter aid travelers and enhance thinking and planning. Intuitive senses sharpen later in the day. Hunches prove correct. Wishing can be surprisingly fruitful under tonight’s friendly lunar sextile to Uranus but watch out for over-sized egos. As midnight nears self-important, authoritarian types may demand credit even if it is undeserved. Drive carefully if you’re out late.
Moon in Aquarius.

September 5: Keep your senses alert and open. An hour and a half after midnight the Virgo Sun opposes mystical Neptune just as the waxing Moon splashes down in Pisces. Dreams are likely to be splendid, Technicolor affairs. Emotional sensitivity is extreme. Before sunrise, Mars arrives in Virgo. Detail-oriented perfectionists now have plenty to work with but soon there’s another wrinkle to the day. Mental Mercury resumes forward motion during the early morning. With the Full Moon imminent, logic is not everyone’s strong suit. Give yourself and your partners permission to have a change of heart or mind. Be patient. Some issues will not be sorted out for several days. Others may not be resolved until the New Moon of the 20th.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 1:15AM-1:28AM Moon enters Pisces, Sun opposite Neptune, Mars enters Virgo, Mercury Direct.

September 6: During the wee hours of the morning the Pisces Moon is full while also closely conjunct Neptune. Spirit messages and creative ideas may arrive in dreams. Wide-eyed night owls are likely to feel inspired, although some folks could wallow in doubt or self-pity. Rest the temptation to judge. Feelings run deep today but moods can vacillate wildly. A morning lunar sextile to Pluto strengthens backbones and fosters resourcefulness. Peruse and pursue a clever idea or suggestion. By late afternoon the Moon is testing Saturn and a “time out” is advisable. The Moon then goes void of course for the last third of the the day. Use this quieter chapter to rest and reflect on recent developments.
Moon in Pisces, Full Moon in Pisces 3:03AM, Moon in Pisces v/c 4:29PM-12:00AM.

September 7: The early morning moves slowly and quietly as the Moon lingers void of course in dreamy Pisces. By the start of the work day Luna is in fiery Aires, giving the day an energizing jolt. However, a daylong lack of planetary aspects presents challenges. Residual fallout from yesterday’s Full Moon can confuse some minds. A lack of enthusiasm may also be noted. If uncertainties make taking action difficult, relax and wait for more opportune trends. Be content for now mulling over your options. Clarity and purpose return, polished and intensified, within the next two days.
Moon in Pisces v/c 12:00AM-8:01AM Moon enters Aries.

September 8: A heartwarming lunar trine to Venus casts a joyful hue on morning events. Ties are affectionate, admiration is mutual. It’s a good time to upgrade your wardrobe. Practical considerations command attention during the midday hours. However, there’s no need to compromise principles or issue ultimatums to succeed. The Aries Moon slides into a righteous trine with Saturn as the day progresses. The aspect urges one and all to travel a straight and narrow path. Build up your karmic bank account. Do right, speak truthfully, honor commitments, and respect elders and traditions. Spend time with your best and brightest friends tonight.
Moon in Aries.

September 9: If you get an early morning urge to check out yard sales and flea markets, follow it. The Virgo Sun is in a trine with resourceful Pluto and there are treasures to be found. Others may pursue a new workout regimen or diet. The Moon is also conjunct Uranus. The two stars are in harmony with Mercury and Mars. We have an opportunity to reshape our lives in some way. Use your imagination. With an open mind there are endless possibilities. Intuitive gifts are shining. Original thoughts and irreverent tendencies can be provocative. Keep your mind open. Gentle humor is a more effective communication tool than a cutting barb. It is kinder to laugh with someone than at them.
Moon in Aries v/c 11:52AM-12:23PM Moon enters Taurus, Sun trine Pluto, Mercury enters Virgo.

September 10: Sylvan retreats, lakes, ponds and other peaceful hideaways are highly enjoyable this morning. Imaginations are fertile. Those who aren’t busy finding delight in nature or a creative hobby may find daydreams and spiritual reveries illuminating. Take care of practical concerns after lunch. The Moon, Pluto and the Sun form an earthy Grand Trine configuration, perfect for organizing and handling demanding chores and responsibilities. An evening get together can be super, but watch the tendency to overindulge. A lunar square to Venus ends the day’s celestial activity as night deepens and stars come out to shine. After, wth the Moon void of course, it’s time to rest up and make ready for the coming week.
Moon in Taurus v/c 8:54PM-12:00AM.

September 11: To some, the lackluster early hours may feel like an incurable case of the dreaded Monday blues. The Taurus Moon is orbiting void of course. After overcoming the initial inertia, content yourself with steady, incremental progress. Cling to proven methods and well worn pathways. During the mid-afternoon moods change. More energized chords sound as the Moon enters Gemini but testing angles to Mercury and Mars present new challenges. Communications can be difficult. Words and actions may be misinterpreted, timing can be off. Don’t jump to conclusions or pronounce judgments. Carefully choose your thoughts and words before speaking. If it isn’t constructive, consciously direct your mind to more positive end results.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-3:29PM Moon enters Gemini.

September 12: The Gemini Moon’s midday square with Neptune is a source of both inspiration and confusion. Empathy, humanitarian idealism and artistic impulses can be strong but talkative tendencies are best controlled. Before speaking or posting, consider the timing, place and audience at hand. Fortunately, Venus is in a perfect trine to Saturn this evening. The alignment engenders deep and abiding love, as well as a knack for showing good taste and manners. It’s a fine time to repay a debt or acknowledge long time friends and supporters. Cheerful social skills and tact are very helpful as the Moon moves into a testing square with the Virgo Sun as midnight nears.
Moon in Gemini, Venus trine Saturn.

September 13: Nighttime restlessness is the result of the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini. After tossing and turning and searching for peace of mind, calming trends take hold as dawn nears. Lunar aspects with Venus, Jupiter and Uranus soothe jangled nerves and launch the new day with shiny optimism. The future looks promising. A mid-afternoon lull coincides with a void of course Moon period. When evening arrives, there are new concerns. The Moon enters Cancer as the Sun sets. Memories and emotional sensitivities increase in frequency and intensity. A square between the Sun and Saturn insists that it’s time to review recent accomplishments and reassess game plans for what lies ahead.
Last Quarter Moon in Gemini 2:25AM, Moon in Gemini v/c 2:35PM-6:12PM Moon enters Cancer, Sun square Saturn.

September 14: The morning rolls magically along. The emotionally-centered Cancer Moon is uplifted while in harmony with Mercury, Mars and in the mid-afternoon, Neptune. Moods remain buoyantly hopeful and insulated from life’s vagaries. As day becomes evening new sensibilities arise. A lunar opposition with Pluto makes some folks edgy. Others become aggressive. As Lord of the Underworld Pluto aspects often unveil parts of ourselves we’d rather not know. The key to rising above base emotions, grudges and controlling or antagonistic behavior is to concentrate exclusively on cooperating with partners. Put your heads and hearts together and map out common ground. Very good things can then happen.
Moon in Cancer.

September 15: After a smooth morning sextile to the Virgo Sun the Cancer Moon plays protagonist today, testing Jupiter and Uranus. The result is an emotional roller coaster ride that can careen through exhilarating highs and unexpected but short-lived valleys. Luckily, Venus and Jupiter are working magic via an uplifting mid-afternoon sextile. These more agreeable counterbalancing aspects feel good and may foster quiet inner confidence as well as generosity towards others. Direct attention towards fruitful activities. After a productive workday expect late afternoon surprises followed by an early evening letdown as the waning Moon goes void of course for several hours.
Moon in Cancer v/c 5:23PM-9:09PM Moon enters Leo, Venus sextile Jupiter.

September 16: The weekend begins with the waning Balsamic Moon visiting the playful sign of Leo. Self-expression is one key to enjoying today’s full potential. Say it loud, say it proud while winged Mercury conjuncts fiery Mars. The two stars align this afternoon in Virgo. Make sure your words are encouraging and helpful rather than critical. Perfectionism can deflate ballooning enthusiasm. Be nice. Self-respect comes from within, not at the expense of others. Friends benefit from encouragement and may return the favor with inventive plans and ideas as well as timely assistance with high tech gear. Tonight’s social scene is celebratory but a little subdued.
Moon in Leo, Mercury conjunct Mars.

September 17: A potent fire sign Grand Trine energizes bodies, lifts spirits and brings warm smiles. It’s a stellar day for making social plans, cavorting with pals, wooing loved ones and playing the game of life with reckless abandon. The ardent Leo Moon is close by her own North Node and Venus. Passions are elevated. Companions increase the fun. Futurists as well as traditionalists find plenty to cheer about. Tonight sees the Moon conjunct Venus while both stars trine Uranus, pure magic for art and music fans. Some starstruck souls find love in the most unlikely places. Whether yours is an old or new love, a rebirth is under way. Open your heart and fall in love with sweet life all over again.
Moon in Leo v/c 8:55PM-12:00AM.

September 18: The waning but diligent Virgo Moon sounds an insistent call to action. This morning quickly get back into work and school mode. Even though it’s late in the Moon’s cycle, lunar conjunctions with Mars and Mercury enliven and motivate hesitant souls. The impressive earth sign stellium is opposed by Neptune, so detours, reveries and diversions may lead to interesting discoveries. Some folks feel divinely inspired but get your facts straight before making important decisions. There are risks. Don’t act in haste this afternoon. Weather may impact travel and communications. Plan to take it easy tonight. Enjoy movies, Mother Nature, music and other transcendental pleasures.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-12:52AM Moon enters Virgo, Venus trine Uranus.

September 19: Here we are at the end of another lunar cycle, the time for completing things rather than beginning them. Don’t be surprised if you feel unusually tired this afternoon when the Virgo Moon is square Saturn. The testing angle can magnify fears and make it seem that all is drudgery. Once that hurdle is cleared, the embryonic energy of the New Moon begins to manifest. Along the way there are shifts in focus. When Venus enters Virgo tonight, love is demonstrated through caregiving in heartfelt but tangible ways. Imaginations may wander and mental faculties can falter as Mercury forms an opposition to mysterious Neptune just before midnight. Dream big but pay close attention to important items and details.
Moon in Virgo, Venus enters Virgo, Mercury opposite Neptune.

September 20: Shortly after midnight the Moon is new in Virgo, initiating the busy autumn season and the run up to the Full “Harvest” Moon in two weeks time. If you’ve been procrastinating, renew your efforts to get things done. Set your sights on clearly defined goals. Make ready for colder weather. By daylight the Moon settles into Libra. Devote time today to creating more peace and harmony in your life. Like most everything else, relationships can also benefit from a periodic makeover. Look for ways to improve a partnership and beautify your home or workspace.
New Moon in Virgo 1:30AM, Moon in Virgo v/c 1:30AM-6:06AM Moon enters Libra.

September 21: The Moon makes her way through the Sign of Balance, Libra. Finding the perfect equilibrium point may be a worthy objective for some partners today. A midday lunar square to Pluto promises to test the balance of power in many relationships. If a partnership is strained, it may be time to re-evaluate intentions. Consider individual needs as well as mutual goals. Later in the day, those who feel committed willingly make the necessary adjustments, meeting somewhere in the middle. At times, negotiations may feel tricky but thanks to a lunar sextile with Saturn experience and maturity factor into deliberations.
Moon in Libra.

September 22: It’s a busy day, beginning with a hopeful early morning lunar conjunction with Jupiter. Mid-morning could see a complete about face and/or change of plans. A quiet midday period follows as the Libra Moon travels void of course. Early afternoon sees the Moon enter Scorpio and Mercury in trine with Pluto. Minds and senses sharpen. Discoveries and revelations can be profound. Like a hound on a scent, follow compelling feelings and hunches. Late afternoon marks the official start of fall. The Sun enters Libra and the Autumnal Equinox is upon us. The hours of daylight and darkness are equal. Harmony is reinforced by a lunar sextile to Venus this evening. For a short while, let Peace and Love prevail.
Moon in Libra v/c 9:04AM-1:40PM Moon enters Scorpio, Mercury trine Pluto, Sun enters Libra, Autumnal Equinox.

September 23: The Scorpio Moon magnifies our internal dramas. Thoughts and feelings gain added intensity. As a result, many folks enjoy their solitude, readily exploring “inner space.” All the same, the Moon spends today forming supportive angles with Mars, Neptune and Pluto. There are definite rewards to be had from reaching out and helping others. Home improvement projects, chores and errands are best tackled this morning. Support for humanitarian causes is facilitated after noon. So is personal growth work. Whatever you do, dig deep. This is not a time for superficiality. Make it as real as you can. Invest your heart and soul.
Moon in Scorpio.

September 24: From the wee hours of the morning until midnight the Scorpio Moon orbits void of course. The lackadaisical atmosphere is curiously fortified by Mars’ opposition to Neptune. If you have the opportunity to see a dream come true, go for it. On the other hand, be wary of false claims, empty promises and murky circumstances. If a situation is confusing, keep your distance. With Mars flanked by Venus and Mercury, there is a strong impulse to act but the risk of mistakes is elevated. A miscalculation could cost dearly. Keep up to date on weather reports, travel schedules, important data and details. Take steps to minimize errors and confusion.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 3:33AM-12:00AM, Mars opposite Neptune.

September 25: One minute after midnight the Moon enters Sagittarius. The placement is a breath of fresh mountain air as a lunar sextile to the Libra Sun follows. The predawn angle sets the day on an adventurous track. A spunky mood persists well into the morning but Mercury’s square to Saturn occasions a sober reality check. The car may need attention or it could be time to adjust schedules, with an eye on worldly needs and responsibilities. More time than is expected will likely be needed. A post-lunch lunar square with Venus ignites a new round of social calls. Nailing down agreements may be difficult as the Moon’s next aspect is a square with nebulous Neptune. It could be another week before a deal is finalized.
Moon in Scorpio v/c 12:00AM-12:01AM Moon enters Sagittarius, Mercury square Saturn.

September 26: Attribute your restless sleep to the Sagittarius Moon. Post-midnight lunar squares to Neptune and Mars can lead to indigestion and more than one bad dream. By dawn the roiled waters calm and sailing is smoother. Set your course and steam steadily ahead through the day’s challenges. Dedication and persistence lead to afternoon rewards. There could be acknowledgment of past efforts and loyalty or a deep sense of personal satisfaction as the Moon overtakes Saturn this evening. It’s perfectly appropriate to offer a tip of the hat for a job well done, or a word of thanks to a cherished hero, mentor or guide.
Moon in Sagittarius.

September 27: Early birds thrill to the sight of the new day. The Sagittarius Moon makes fabulous alignments with Jupiter and Uranus but then, well before work and school hours begin, goes void of course. The lack of momentum is palpable until just after noon when the waxing Moon enters Capricorn. Ambitions are recharged but the Moon and Sun are at odds. Pragmatism competes with social decorum and just plain being “nice.” Jupiter is about to oppose Uranus. Political instability and infighting can be severe. If you find yourself in the crossfire, stay true to your beliefs. The world needs steadying hearts, minds and hands today.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 7:08AM-12:24PM Moon enters Capricorn, First Quarter Moon in Capricorn 10:53PM.

September 28: The post-midnight opposition between Jupiter and Uranus reverberates throughout the day. The political status quo is in jeopardy. Pluto, retrograde since last April in Capricorn, the sign of big business and big government, resumes forward motion today. The cycle of endings and rebirth is again under way. Out with the old. Fortunately, the Capricorn Moon has support from Venus, Neptune and Mars during the daylight hours. Personal relationships are agreeably supportive and affectionate. Cultivate important ties. Make needed adjustments tonight as the Moon passes by Pluto. Listen well to first impressions and gut hunches.
Moon in Capricorn, Jupiter opposite Uranus, Pluto Direct.

September 29: Changes continue. The Capricorn Moon gamely strives to be an even-handed, steadying force. Concentrate on responsibilities during the quieter first half of the day. Get as much accomplished as you can. The complex evening omens portend disruptive energies. Lunar squares to Uranus and Jupiter make some situations extremely volatile. Realities may be abruptly altered. Adapt as necessary. Fly by the seat of your pants if you have to. Venus’ heart-awakening opposition with Neptune raises the emotional pitch. Lovers love fully but a broken heart may be inconsolable. Creative ingenuity is on display at clubs, galleries, theaters and museums. Be prepared for tonight’s arrival of Mercury into Libra. The change can cause momentary confusion.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 8:14PM-12:00AM, Venus opposite Neptune, Mercury enters Libra.

September 30: Shortly after midnight the waxing Moon reaches the cool realms of Aquarius. For night owls, friendly, tolerant attitudes are enhanced by a lunar trine to Mercury. Conversations are wide-ranging during these early morning hours. Envisioning future desires is supported by today’s stars. Be sure to make a wish or two. The notion that we are all connected is supported by a lunar trine to the Libra Sun. The comforting alignment fosters good moods, most noticeably during the afternoon. A gathering of friends or like-minded people sharing similar goals can be fabulous. The favorable social trends continue long into the night. Don’t be shy. Go out and circulate or be the one to host a party.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 12:00AM-12:40AM Moon enters Aquarius.