September 2018 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for September 2018

September 1: Dreamers sleep soundly. The enveloping night is well-suited for journeys into the subconscious. Daybreak sees the Taurus Moon in a nifty trine with Pluto. Practical early birds get right to work and are likely to catch lots of worms. Pursue gardening, a hobby or favorite recreational activity with gusto. Bodies and spirits are quickly rejuvenated. Morning bargain hunters bring home prizes. The afternoon period may present several tough decisions. Hearts and minds labor under seemingly irreconcilable differences. Don’t overthink, just follow the motivating life force. If you feel excited, inspired or joyful, that’s the path to take. There’s good energy tonight.
Moon in Taurus.

September 2: During the predawn hours the waning Moon settles into inquisitive Gemini. The Moon’s sign placement inclines many folks to be on the move, searching out the familiar as well as exploring places for the first time. Consult your bucket list. Collecting various things and experiences is also appealing. Holiday wanderlust is not without its challenges. Evening sees the Moon moving into a testing last quarter square with the Virgo Sun. Minds and nerves may feel over-stimulated. If inner peace is lacking and stresses are uncomfortable, put yourself on a slower, more easy-going track. In today’s world we often face too many choices. Relax, take control of your thoughts. Focus on positives and simplify your life.
Moon in Taurus v/c 1:56AM-4:02AM Moon enters Gemini, Last Quarter Moon in Gemini 10:37PM.

September 3: Astrologically, the early morning hours are the busiest part of the day. For starters, the Gemini Moon is at odds with Neptune. The siren call of seascapes, forests, lakes and ponds is great. However, the Moon/Neptune square can make some people lazy. There’s nothing wrong with idly whiling away a few hours, as long as the time is enjoyed. Mental Mercury is also in a happy sextile with Venus later this morning. Mind sets are upbeat and socializing is effervescent. Mid-morning is great for making fun plans with friends or sharing quality time with a special someone. The balance of the day unfolds with the Moon edging into a trine to loving Venus. The charming alignment helps assure that late afternoon outings, parties and other nighttime gatherings are social successes.
Moon in Gemini, Mercury sextile Venus.

September 4: There’s a void of course Gemini Moon to contend with early this morning. For those folks heading back to work or school, a lack of focus can lead to unwanted complications. Forgotten lunch boxes, phones, documents or other items could require extra scurrying to set things right. By mid-morning the Moon is in her own sign of Cancer and the going is easier and more consistent. Listen to gut feelings as well as intuitive urgings. A midday lunar opposition with Saturn is the time for a reality check. Either you’re on the right track or a change of strategy is recommended. Work with partners to clarify mutual goals and increase efficiency. In some instances be prepared to either abandon a project or on the other hand, redouble your efforts.
Moon in Gemini v/c 2:37AM-8:04AM Moon enters Cancer.

September 5: The early part of the day has an exceptionally good feeling. A water sign grand trine consisting of the Cancer Moon, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces instills deep emotional knowing and certainty. Dreams inspire. Empathy and compassion as well as psychic impressions are powerful. Healers, creative types and humanitarians find fulfillment in their work. A late afternoon lunar opposition to Pluto raises resistance to changes. Try a different approach if you encounter opposition from an associate. With mental Mercury poised at the last degree of Leo, it’s high time for new ways of thinking. For starters, search for points of agreement.
Moon in Cancer, Mercury enters Virgo.

September 6: Ringed Saturn’s return to forward motion suggests that more than one languishing project is destined to be revisited. A new lease on life could include upgraded plans as well as a greater sense of commitment. On the other hand, some projects may be set aside for the foreseeable future. Because the Leo Moon is at odds with Mars and Uranus during the midday period, expect progress to be an uneven series of starts and stops. Drive and handle tools carefully. Mercury’s pending trine with Uranus has minds focused on the future but the Moon’s aspects require full attention in the here and now. Tonight is a perfect time for networking and envisioning the world as you’d like it to be.
Moon in Cancer v/c 8:43AM-9:54AM Moon enters Leo, Saturn Direct.

September 7: Mental Mercury in his own sign of Virgo forms a potent triangle in the sky with Uranus and Saturn. This earthy grand trine energy peaks during the early morning hours. The relative risks and benefits of different scenarios are abundantly clear. Realism combined with razor sharp intuition makes this a nearly ideal decision-making time. Possibilities are less certain by midday as the Virgo Sun makes its annual opposition with fantastical Neptune. Wishful thinking and faulty logic are also boosted by the Leo Moon’s mid-afternoon square to Jupiter. It’s fine to be an optimist but don’t fall into blind escapism. Avoid the dual traps of believing unprovable assumptions or deliberately misleading statements. Rely on common sense. Make personal enjoyment the first order of business tonight.
Moon in Leo, Mercury trine Uranus, Mercury trine Saturn, Sun opposite Neptune.

September 8: We’re at the end of another lunar cycle. While it’s not yet time for launching new projects, this is a fabulous day for tackling routine chores and diving into neighborhood games and get togethers. Even waning, the Leo Moon keeps us busy this morning. The cheerful early hours feature a lunar sextile to Venus. Happiness and affection reign. After a brief void of course period the Moon reaches Virgo, conjuncts mental Mercury and after noon invigorates the earthy grand trine with Saturn and Uranus. Most folks get along famously but Venus, at the final degree of Libra, is testing retrograde Mars in Capricorn. A previous slight or disagreement could come back to haunt some hearts. There’s more to be gained from looking forward, and finding ways to make peace
Moon in Leo v/c 9:31AM-10:29AM Moon enters Virgo, Venus square Mars.

September 9: Early this morning Venus enters Scorpio. Here she stirs deep passions and may ignite an unexpected attraction. The Virgo Moon is closing in on her new phase, joining the Sun to initiate a fresh activity cycle during the early afternoon. This is the day to launch ambitious plans. Both “lights” stand opposite Neptune and are simultaneously supported by Jupiter and Pluto. The impulse to serve others is strong. Improving skills is another likely passion. Practice makes perfect. Alliances are likely to succeed, but only after complicated negotiations are out of the way. Be sure to make the best use of available talents and resources. Also, have contingency plans ready as unforeseen complications are probable.
New Moon in Virgo 2:01PM, Venus enters Scorpio.

September 10: Industrious souls are ready and willing to get right to work. The Virgo Moon is handily aligned with powerhouse Mars. The morning hours belong to the swift and ambitious. However, the Moon’s late-morning change of signs ushers in a decidedly different mood. Entering Libra before noon, a lunar square with Saturn brings a serious slowdown. Delays may be due to an associate’s lack of confidence or worries about unintended consequences. Take time to give a pep talk, or offer a detailed review of everyone’s responsibilities and potential rewards. Teamwork is the way to go this week and with Mars entering Aquarius tonight, the time is right for building a consensus. 
Moon in Virgo v/c 11:12AM-11:20AM Moon enters Libra, Mars enters Aquarius.

September 11: The gritty Virgo Sun is powerfully connected to Jupiter and Pluto. Where there is vision and willpower, there are multiple pathways to success. The morning hours are especially fertile for meetings and planning sessions. Set goals, sign contracts and make agreements while the stars are favorable. By late afternoon the Libra Moon is at odds with Pluto. There could be a case of buyer’s remorse, or friction between partners over tactics and costs. Try to remain cooperative. Even though the evening sees the Moon go void of course and attention spans waver, a looming sextile between Jupiter and Pluto offers hope of a better idea. Even the most complicated and puzzling details can be worked out to everyone’s satisfaction.
Moon in Libra v/c 6:57PM-12:00AM, Sun sextile Jupiter, Sun trine Pluto.

September 12: The cosmos packs many changes into twenty-four hours. The Libra Moon is void of course until early afternoon, making the first half of today feel tentative. Uncertainties can be vexing due to Venus’ early morning opposition with fickle Uranus. When the Moon reaches Scorpio during the early afternoon the day refocuses but lunar aspects with Mars and Uranus usher in a new wave of crises. Partners may be unreliable. Computer failures, communication breakdowns and irritability add to stress levels. It isn’t until evening that moods take a turn for the better. The Moon’s conjunction with Venus, an omen of affection and enjoyment, is a pretty sight in the evening sky. The two stars are also favorably aligned with steadfast Saturn. Savor tonight’s happy and contented moments.
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-2:15PM Moon enters Scorpio, Jupiter sextile Pluto, Venus opposite Uranus, Venus sextile Saturn.

September 13: With a lack of planetary aspects the going can feel slow this morning. Moods may be intensely reflective. Mental Mercury’s opposition with Neptune nurtures imaginations but may lead some folks to despair over a disappointment. Mistakes and oversights are also more likely, so pay attention. The waxing Scorpio Moon gets busy after noon, helping to dispel confusion, improve communications and move things along. Creative ideas find freer expression later in the day. Evening and nighttime brainstorming sessions turn up ingenious ideas. For those enjoying a night on the town, the atmosphere is buoyant. Artists put on inspired performances and life is lived fully.
Moon in Scorpio, Mercury opposite Neptune.

September 14: After a peaceful night the Scorpio Moon goes void of course before the first light of dawn. The absence of planetary activity creates a listless ambience for most of the day. Fittingly for the end of the work week, it’s best to focus attention on wrapping up projects rather than starting new ones. Introspection and other forays into the subconscious can be revealing, and perhaps a first step towards transformation. It’s wise to hold off on making major decisions and purchases. Tonight the Moon enters expansive Sagittarius where she promptly engages energizing Mars. Even though it’s late, an impromptu get together with friends can be spirited, instant fun. 
Moon in Scorpio v/c 4:54AM-8:45PM Moon enters Sagittarius.

September 15: The freedom-loving Sagittarius Moon entices some folks into taking off on high flying adventures. Travel is facilitated and so too are learning experiences. Minds are astute. Mental Mercury is in a perfect trine with perceptive Pluto, great for research and detective work. The combination of wanderlust and curiosity can lead to stunning discoveries. Insights into other people are likely to be spot on. Because the Sagittarius Moon inclines many people to speak their thoughts more openly, it’s wise to think twice before saying anything controversial. Make sure your words fall on receptive ears. This is also a plus day for long range planning.
Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury trine Pluto.

September 16:  A fine sextile between Mercury and Jupiter is a heaven sent early morning gift to intrepid travelers and vivid optimists. A positive mindset comes naturally, making it a pleasure to give and receive support from partners. By late morning the Sagittarius Moon is testing Mercury and the Sun, both in meticulous Virgo. Communications may stumble. Practical details and responsibilities can feel burdensome. Destinations may change. Find ways to balance the things that must be done with things that excite and free your spirit. With this evening’s First Quarter Moon, maintaining inner peace and commitments requires self-discipline and true awareness. Tonight is mellow as the Moon orbits void of course.
First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius 7:15PM, Moon in Sagittarius v/c 7:15PM-12:00AM, Mercury sextile Jupiter.

September 17: Conveniently, just in time for the start of the work week, the Moon slips into industrious Capricorn. The stars are aligned for a productive day. A late morning lunar trine with visionary Uranus supports teamwork and planning. Take good notes. Some of the more “far out” ideas being tossed around have considerable merit. A sobering midday lunar conjunction with Saturn reinforces the need to give one’s very best effort. It may trigger numerous “what if?” scenarios or other obstacles could appear. It may be time to end an unsatisfying situation. Saturn delays but it doesn’t deny. Persistence leads to afternoon gains. Evening meet-ups are under Venus’ charming influence. Enjoy the companionship of special loved ones.
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-7:07AM Moon enters Capricorn.

September 18: As is often the case, today the cosmos offers markedly different options. Mars is in a testing square with Uranus. The alignment has potential dangers. Watch your temper and be patient. Slow down and watch your step. The risk of an accident while driving, biking or flying is elevated. Be careful if you’re using machinery, sharp implements or just routinely taking a flight of stairs. Expect delays during the evening commute, when the square is exact. On the other hand, the Capricorn Moon supports creative ingenuity, teamwork, and expanded horizons. Intentions matter. For enlightened souls, combining mundane work with humanitarian principles is a very real and meaningful possibility.
Moon in Capricorn, Mars square Uranus.

September 19: The morning hours are eminently fertile. The Moon, in ambitious Capricorn, forms fine aspects to Mercury and the Sun, both ensconced in late Virgo. Roll up your shirtsleeves and dive fully into whatever project is currently on your plate. Discipline, focus and the will to succeed are intensified. Productivity reaches a peak during the early afternoon, before the Moon goes void of course. Expect momentum to gradually slow during the more laid back second half of the work day. Things change once again tonight. The Moon arrives in Aquarius where she sets off sparks via a square with Uranus. If you happen to be out late, and especially if you’re driving, be extra careful. Tread softly with friends and partners. It won’t take much to set off a disagreement.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 1:10PM-7:52PM Moon enters Aquarius.

September 20: If you can’t contribute this morning, at least don’t get in the way. The Aquarius Moon, fueled by a conjunction with Mars and her own karmic south node, is eager to make things happen. A lunar square to Venus suggests a partner could be resistant, jealous or fearful of someone else’s newfound independence. Sparks may fly. Welcome support from more cooperative associates. The Virgo Sun is also conjunct mental Mercury. Powers of discrimination are good. However, watch out for the tendency to focus so intensely on details that broader perspectives and opportunities are missed. For those options to exist, one’s heart must remain open.
Moon in Aquarius, Sun conjunct Mercury.

September 21: The waxing Aquarius Moon tests Jupiter in Scorpio today. Their midday square boosts excitement levels. However, one person’s trusting, open-minded approach could meet with stubborn skepticism from another. Emotionally charged responses tend to be outsized and possibly inappropriate. To avoid a conflict, it’s best to be aware of your companions’ mindset and political persuasions. Keep more controversial opinions to yourself. Mental Mercury is on the move, transitioning from discriminating Virgo into Libra late tonight. Minds may drift and brief periods of confusion are also likely. Some criticism may have little or nothing to do with current situations but in fact reflect long ago events. Kinder second thoughts are probable just before midnight.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 1:13PM-12:00AM, Mercury enters Libra.

September 22: A lazy void of course Moon period impacts early risers. By mid-morning the Moon enters sensitive Pisces. Midday lunar alignments with Uranus and Saturn gracefully boost ambitions. A sense of possibility can be entrancing. Creative individuals find their muses close at hand. If a get together with pals is among the options, by all means, make it happen. The more the merrier, especially if a shared purpose is served. For partygoers and romantics, the evening is enchanting. The Sun enters Libra tonight, marking the autumnal equinox and the beginning of the new season. Once again the forces of darkness and light are balanced. To welcome fall, a late night trine between the Moon and Venus fosters loving vibes and gives many folks reasons to laugh, love,  and be thankful.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-8:27AM Moon enters Pisces, Sun enters Libra.

September 23: In the run up to tomorrow’s Full Moon the stars deliver conflicting messages. Mercury’s noon hour square with Saturn is reason to use caution and care in what is said and done. Partners are likely to disagree over principles and priorities. Thoughtful responses are effective. Flip remarks deepen divisions. The Pisces Moon offers useful guidance via idealistic and charitable impulses. Listen to refreshing, creative ideas as well as worries and complaints. Possibly inspired by the past, a kindly solution could be hit upon. It’s quickly time to put plans into action. After nightfall Mercury aligns with Mars, a green light for pursuing ambitions as well as sharp-eyed nocturnal rovers. Considering the lunar phase, it’s wise to watch your speed.
Moon in Pisces, Mercury square Saturn, Mercury trine Mars.

September 24: Full Moon madness is going strong. Not long after midnight the Moon goes void of course in Pisces, staying in the disengaged state until her evening arrival in Aries. As a result of the hyped up lunar energy, moods may fluctuate wildly. Expect procrastination, curious delays, detours and numerous distractions throughout the day. A crescendo is building, reaching an emotional peak late tonight with the majestic “harvest” Moon. Free thinkers, progressives and reformers are ready to move ahead. More cautious souls resist making moves of any sort. With the Sun and Moon both testing dour Saturn, it may be necessary to remind others of boundaries and guiding principles. Obligations must be met and the rule of law followed.
Moon in Pisces v/c 1:26AM-7:04PM Moon enters Aries, Full “Harvest” Moon in Aries 10:52PM.

September 25: Following last night’s dramatic full Moon, today’s emotional tenor is less conspicuous. The Aires Moon makes an early morning opposition to Mercury, which may present lingering communication challenges at the start of the workday. Double-check messages. Make sure everyone is in agreement and privy to the same schedules and information. The Libra Sun is also forming a square to Saturn. This ”reality check” alignment is another good reason to slow down, take inventory and review goals. Ambitions may be personal or shared with partners or groups of people. If an idea, thing or relationship is no longer viable, it could be time to part ways. On the other hand, it may be high time to deepen commitments and redouble efforts.
Moon in Aries, Sun square Saturn.

September 26: The early morning square between the Aries Moon and Pluto presents challenges for some folks and motivates others. Self-imposed standards, for example to be perfect or always on time, may lead to expecting the same of partners. For early birds, patience can wear thin. Minutes before sunrise the Moon begins a void of course period that lasts until midnight. Prepare yourself for an emotionally nebulous, intellectually inconclusive, meandering day. Commitments may be hard to keep. As with every void of course Moon period, it’s best to put off important decisions, meetings, contract signings and expensive purchases. Relax. Concentrate on works in progress and stick to routines. It is a good day for stream of consciousness ramblings and inspired creative projects.
Moon in Aries v/c 6:28AM-12:00AM.

September 27: The Taurus Moon conjuncts Uranus, jumpstarting the day before dawn breaks. The pairing may trigger epiphanies as well as awareness of things to come. With a helping trine from Saturn it’s an auspicious morning to organize and advance enterprising plans. Be prepared to face late morning obstacles. Some folks are quick to get angry. Cooperation can be iffy. Jealousy could be a factor. After lunchtime the Libra Sun’s trine to Mars helps restore easier, more productive rhythms. Friends and partners again feel an affinity and are willing to help out. If a disagreement earlier in the day led to hard feelings, tonight is a good time to work things out.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-3:16AM Moon enters Taurus, Sun trine Mars.

September 28: The overnight period supports sound sleep, good dreaming and for insomniacs and night owls, artistic endeavors and communing with Mother Nature. During the predawn hours the mellow Taurus Moon is nicely aligned with mystical Neptune. It’s a great time to wish upon a shooting star. By daybreak a more grounded and practical bent is noticeable. A midday lunar trine to Pluto brings clarity of purpose. Partners are drawn closer together. Use the energy to analyze and solve problems or help a pal achieve something of worth. Progress during the afternoon can be impressive. An after work get together fosters good will. The Moon goes void of course this evening. Plan to relax after the busy week.
Moon in Taurus v/c 6:36PM-12:00AM.

September 29: Today gets off to a mellow start. During the early morning hours the Moon travels void of course in sensual Taurus. Relax. Linger a little longer than usual in bed or over breakfast. By mid-morning the Moon enters Gemini and we’re off to the races. An air sign grand trine configuration keeps senses alert, minds sharp and conversations sparkling as the effervescent Moon, Mars in Aquarius and the Libra Sun compliment each other. Celestial harmony is reflected in upbeat moods. An urge to be on the move and gathering information can lead to gadding around town, attending stimulating social events or partaking in mind-expanding discussions. Everyone has something to say but attentive listeners may be in short supply. The stimulating atmosphere continues into tonight.
Moon in Taurus v/c 12:00AM-9:26AM Moon enters Gemini.

September 30: In almost call and response fashion, inspired thoughts vie with doubts this morning. The Gemini Moon is at odds with fanciful Neptune and brilliantly aligned with mental Mercury. The first aspect leads some folks into feelings of confusion and helplessness. Keep an eagle eye on valuable items. Intuitively gifted types tune in to the subtle forces of nature, messages from etheric and spiritual realms. The more decisive lunar trine to Mercury gives mental clarity as well as excellent powers of persuasion. Some talkers are absolutely charming. You may see both possibilities play out before the Moon goes void of course just before noon. Shift gears and take it easy the second half of the day. Don’t push the pace. Wandering can be fun but energy levels are low. Late tonight Pluto resumes forward motion, a harbinger of scandals in the worlds of politics, finance and organized religion.
Moon in Gemini v/c 11:38AM-12:00AM, Pluto Direct.