September 2019 Astrology Forecast

The day-by-day astrology forecast for September 2019

September 1: The stars are busy! Each of the first ten days of September has at least one major planetary alignment. The month begins with a late morning trine between mental Mercury and Uranus. We are off to the races. Visionary thinking is stimulated, from science labs to psychic hotlines. Some folks awaken to their own clairvoyance. An afternoon trine between Venus and Saturn follows. Love is ironclad, deep and devoted. Vows shared today have staying power. The waxing Libra Moon tests Saturn during the late afternoon, evoking feelings related to a recent loss or setback. Soon after the Moon forms a comforting sextile to Jupiter, giving new hope that better times are coming.
Moon in Libra, Mercury trine Uranus, Venus trine Saturn.

September 2: As we honor the sacrifices made by 19th century workers, their struggles to organize and form unions while risking physical harm and even death at the hands of thugs, Pinkerton agents and Federal troops employed by their bosses, the heavens deliver a curious mix of omens. The Libra Moon goes void of course well before sunrise but the usually laid back atmospherics are countered by a rousing early morning conjunction of the Virgo Sun and fiery Mars. Early bird workout enthusiasts and other competitive types welcome the burst of energy but don’t expect to maintain more than a leisurely pace throughout the day. Venus and Jupiter form a noon hour square, reinforcing the inclination to savor pleasures large and small. Evening sees the Moon arrive in Scorpio where her pending opposition to Uranus is a reminder to be alert, drive safely and minimize risks.
Moon in Libra v/c 4:33AM-7:35PM Moon enters Scorpio, Sun conjunct Mars, Venus square Jupiter.

September 3: Early morning skittishness gives way to focused intensity. Mental Mercury joins forces with fiery Mars, the Sun and Venus. This Virgo stellium is part of a stabilizing earth sign Grand Trine configuration, along with Saturn, Pluto and Uranus. Seven of the ten major planets are in practical earth signs, a fabulous omen for going back to school or work. From late morning until evening the waxing Scorpio Moon lends timely support via a nifty series of complimentary aspects. Partners and associates deftly work together. Minds are perceptive, decisive, and aided by gut feelings. For the most part group strategy sessions are fruitful but be respectful if a sharp difference of opinion arises.
Moon in Scorpio, Mercury conjunct Mars, Sun conjunct Mercury.

September 4: The early hours of the morning unfold with moods that are quietly composed and self-aware. The Scorpio Moon is aligned with Pluto, strengthening resolve and a keen sense of “knowing.” However, before most folks’ workday gets under way the Moon begins a lengthy void of course period. For a short while sluggishness is at least partially offset by Venus’ opposition to Neptune. Sensitized hearts go out to those who suffer. Dreams and charitable impulses can be beguiling. By mid-morning it’s clear that the day lacks vitality. Moodiness may put a damper on all kinds of activities. It isn’t until midnight nears that the Moon changes signs, introducing a breath of levity and welcome relief from internalized worries. 
Moon in Scorpio v/c 6:58AM-11:08PM Moon enters Sagittarius, Venus opposite Neptune.

September 5: The waxing Sagittarius Moon and Mercury’s trine to Saturn set the day off with a spirited mix of vitality and determination. A world of possibility waits to be explored and conquered. The going remains productive until late afternoon. As evening falls the Moon is at odds with Mars and the Sun in Virgo, as well as Jupiter in Pisces. This First Quarter lunar phase often demands a reassessment of ambitions and game plans. As always, step number one is clarifying goals. Some plans need to be scaled back. Don’t rush things. Impulsive moves will more than likely prove fruitless. The overall planetary picture is complicated, suggesting that opportunities will come but with them there will also be ongoing challenges. Proceed with caution in all matters of importance.
Moon in Sagittarius, First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius 11:10PM, Mercury trine Saturn.

September 6: From the wee hours of the morning until midnight’s toll, the planets keep us busy. Sleeplessness may be due to sheer excitement as the Sagittarius Moon passes by Jupiter while the two stars test mental Mercury. Minds race and big ideas come in bunches. During the late morning imaginations continue to percolate under a mutable sign T-square. While some mental wanderings are the stuff of genius, others result from being misinformed. Know the difference. The Virgo Sun is also in a stabilizing trine to Saturn this evening, making the afternoon hours good for long term planning. Concentration and commitment prove rock solid. Tonight brings Venus’ trine to Pluto, proving once again that love alone heals and makes the world go ‘round.  
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:03PM-12:00AM, Mercury square Jupiter, Sun trine Saturn, Venus trine Pluto. 

September 7: Mercury’s early morning opposition with mysterious Neptune could trigger interesting dreams and useful premonitions. By daybreak the waxing Moon is in dutiful Capricorn. The placement is helpful for doing weekend chores and handling other responsibilities. This evening’s lunar trine to Uranus favors spontaneous gatherings as well as planned social events that support progressive causes and community well-being. Where people hold a common commitment or purpose, swift progress can be made. The sum total of everyone pulling together proves far greater than the individual parts. Psychic powers are also sharp. 
Moon in Sagittarius v/c 12:00AM-6:37AM Moon enters Capricorn, Mercury opposite Neptune.

September 8: A potent, stabilizing earth sign Grand Trine alignment supports activity that has practical benefits. The Capricorn Moon acts as a catalyst, inspiring people to address gnarly issues of power and control, longstanding family matters as well as current health concerns. However, others resonate with the Sun’s late morning square to indulgent Jupiter. Leisurely brunching and other extravagances may prove tempting. The square can also make honing in on and sticking to only one subject difficult but the afternoon hours roll pleasantly by under favorable trends. Tonight’s trine from mental Mercury to Pluto provides laser-like focus. Conversations are engaging. Enhanced powers of perception provide helpful insights into subconscious motives and hidden meanings. A money-making opportunity may also surface.
Moon in Capricorn, Sun square Jupiter, Mercury trine Pluto.

September 9: Insomnia could offer unexpected advantages. A post-midnight trine from Mars to Saturn marks a critical point in decision-making processes. Socially active night owls will also enjoy the Capricorn Moon’s trine to loving Venus. The aspect is exact a couple of hours before dawn. The angle also bodes well for sound sleep and sweet dreams, as well as artistic endeavors. By daybreak the Moon is void of course, signifying a lethargic beginning to the working week. The Virgo Sun is also nearing its annual opposition to Neptune, magnifying uncertainties and in some cases, adding to the lack of vital energy. It’s best to put off critical decisions and purchases to another day. Stick to routine responsibilities and be cautious, especially if you’re faced with a risky proposition.
Moon in Capricorn v/c 4:30AM-5:24PM Moon enters Aquarius, Mars trine Saturn.

September 10: Today’s waxing Aquarius Moon is nearing the full phase. A touch of Full Moon Fever may be noted by empaths and other precocious souls. An early morning lunar square to Uranus is a reminder, change is the only true constant. The day then feels more settled. This is an opportune time for learning, networking and travel. The naturally sociable Moon helps promote teamwork and a late night sextile aspect with expansive Jupiter provides added enjoyment. Camaraderie, optimism and faith are boosted. Rubbing elbows with people from all walks of life is favored. For open-minded and receptive souls, everyone they meet has a story of interest to share or a meaningful contribution to make.
Moon in Aquarius, Sun opposite Neptune.

September 11: We’re immersed in a celestial conundrum. The nearly full Aquarius Moon is void of course from the wee hours of the early morning until midnight. Building momentum could seem to be diverted or lost. Decisions and commitments may become ambiguous as determination wavers. If you’re not entirely sure how best to proceed, wait. Fiery Mars is also nearing a sensitive degree, square to Jupiter while also opposing Neptune. This is a classic T-square pattern raising the specter of “fake news,” disinformation and impenetrable confusion. The motivating but tricky configuration remains powerful right up until Saturday’s Full Moon. Get facts. Minimize risks. Double-check travel schedules, personal references and news sources, and take special care to protect sensitive information. 
Moon in Aquarius v/c 1:22AM-12:00AM.

September 12: Fiery Mars is in a pre-dawn square with Jupiter. Might doesn’t always make right. Those who judge and condemn are probably looking to distract from their own bad behavior. By sunrise the Moon is in Pisces. Full Moon Fever is upon us! Celestially energized, big things are possible today provided steps are taken to keep oversights and mistakes to a minimum. Careful planning is advised. The Moon’s evening sextile to inventive Uranus holds the promise of progress on many levels. Use technology and various social connections to advantage. Progressive types naturally gravitate together. Like-minded groups of people feel special bonds. Futurists dream true. After work meet ups sparkle. A spontaneous “hello” could lead to the start of a fine new friendship.
Moon in Aquarius v/c 12:00AM-5:52AM Moon enters Pisces, Mars square Jupiter.

September 13: Nearly full, the Pisces Moon is busy throughout the day. We’re in for a fully engaging Friday. A late morning lunar sextile to pragmatic Saturn has a steadying impact. The morning hours are fine for business and creative work. Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Virgo, a wonderful omen for artful thinking and intellectual activities. Nerves could become frazzled under dizzying afternoon aspects. Prepare to be deeply involved in whatever you do, but don’t take on more than you can handle. The Virgo Sun’s trine to Pluto increases productivity, and helps many folks keep things under control. Weather permitting, watch the spectacular “Harvest” Moonrise. Intimacy and mysticism are promoted by lunar aspects to Neptune and Pluto late tonight.
Moon in Pisces, Mercury conjunct Venus, Sun trine Pluto.

September 14: The Full “Harvest” Moon in Pisces is exact just minutes after midnight. The Moon is conjunct mysterious Neptune while the opposing Virgo Sun is joined by Mars, Venus and Mercury. Several of these planets are tested by Jupiter. Overwrought emotions can easily drown out reason. A persistent sense of deja vu may feel haunting. Mars’ opposition to Neptune is also exact during the early morning hours. Be on the lookout for wishful thinking, overblown expectations, exaggerations and outright falsehoods. The overnight period also sees mental Mercury arrive in Libra, followed by Venus later in the morning. After being full, the Moon travels void of course until evening. Plan to spend at least some time relaxing. Unwind with loved ones. Much of the day sees increased awareness and unifying sensitivity to the needs of partners.
Full “Harvest” Moon in Pisces 12:33AM, Moon in Pisces v/c 12:33AM-6:32PM Moon enters Aries, Mars opposite Neptune, Mercury enters Libra, Venus enters Libra.

September 15: After the madcap “busy-ness” of the past few days, the now waning Aries Moon uncharacteristically gives us a chance to grow quiet, rest, regroup and reflect. The impetus to take a breather is sparked by the Moon’s sole aspect of the day, an evening square to sober Saturn. The Ringed Planet is astrology’s Lord of Karma and traffic cop, in this case serving a reminder to slow down and be self-aware. Saturn is also the planet of delays and obstacles. Use any “down” time wisely. Now stationing in preparation for a return to forward motion on  this coming Wednesday, September 18th, Saturn asks that goals, principles, priorities and plans be clarified. 
Moon in Aries.

September 16: The Aries Moon goes void of course at midday but the morning hours can be very fruitful. A lunar trine to Jupiter launches the day with high hopes. Be prepared to double down your efforts by late morning. Negotiations may be strenuous but meaningful and rewarding progress can be made. The best bet is to include benefits for everyone involved in plans and assignments. If a partner is uncompromising, break off talks. Don’t argue, second-guess or overthink. Take people at their word. The Moon goes void of course two minutes after noon. Firm commitments are much harder to come by. Be patient. Trends are more supportive of cooperation later in the week. Turn your attention to routine responsibilities during the second half of the day. Rest easy and do as you please tonight.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:02PM-12:00AM.

September 17: Early risers contend with the lackadaisical atmospherics of a void of course Aries Moon. Vitality may be lacking. The Moon reaches grounding Taurus an hour after sunrise, energizing and refocusing the new day. Any number of surprises could be in the works. Awaiting the waning Moon in the Sign of the Bull is Uranus, the always unpredictable planet of Fate and other forces mere mortals cannot control. Adaptability is a key ingredient of success on this day when anything goes. Be ready to recognize and seize a sudden opportunity and just as quick to do an about face if things don’t go as planned. Tune inwards. Psychic messages and gut hunches tend to be on the mark. New opportunities and commitments will soon emerge.
Moon in Aries v/c 12:00AM-6:31AM Moon enters Taurus.

September 18: Ringed Saturn resumes forward motion early this morning. Camped out in Capricorn, the astrological Lord of Karma has been backpedaling since April 29th. It could be time to make a decision about a situation or commitment that has lingered unresolved since then. A stalled project might also take on new life around this time. As if to reaffirm the rightness of today’s choices, the Taurus Moon makes a late-morning trine to Saturn. Wisdom is served. Decisions have staying power. Additional lunar aspects to Neptune, Mars and Pluto provide fertile ground for ambitious souls. With newfound clarity of purpose, this promises to be a productive and emotionally satisfying day. Give it your very best effort. 
Moon in Taurus, Saturn Direct.

September 19: Fertile trends dominate the morning hours. The Taurus Moon is beautifully aligned with the Virgo Sun. Enjoy life’s sensory pleasures. Business and other practical matters benefit from hard work and rapt attention. Mars’ midday trine to Pluto is an energy powerhouse. Used for constructive purposes, especially serving the greater good, all things are possible. Cooperation is facilitated. By late morning the Moon is void of course. Try to complete the most complex and demanding tasks before the lunch break. Take time after noon to assess progress. Look for ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness. The waning Moon reaches Gemini in time for the evening commute. Minds and senses sharpen. Loved ones are in the mood for a heart to heart talk tonight.
Moon in Taurus v/c 9:57AM-4:58PM Moon enters Gemini, Mars trine Pluto.

September 20: The Gemini Moon has a knack for spurring minds and tongues into action. Harmonious lunar alignments with Venus and Mercury increase the need to share thoughts and feelings. Whether making small talk, considering weighty business decisions or offering points of view on the affairs of the day, expect this morning’s flow of ideas and information to be both healthy and refreshing. Conversations taper off after lunch, which may be an opportune time to slip away and get on with weekend plans. While some are inclined to tap dance around controversial subjects, an approaching lunar opposition to Jupiter calls for nighttime truth telling. Don’t be shy. Right or wrong, everyone is entitled to their opinion. 
Moon in Gemini.

September 21: While the calendar says this is the International Day of Peace, the stars are less than tranquil. Tonight’s Last Quarter Moon in Gemini is part of a high tension mutable Grand Square configuration. Other parties to the energetic standoff are the Virgo Sun and Mars, Jupiter in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces. Stay aware of your surroundings as well as companions. A slip of the tongue could prove to be an embarrassment or attract unwanted negative attention. At midday Jupiter makes the final of three squares to Neptune. The series started last January and is connected with idealism, broken trust and numerous scandals. In this era of fake news, it is hard to know who and what to trust. This is not the time to rush to judgment. Healthy skepticism is helpful. An attitude adjustment might also prove useful. 
Moon in Gemini, Last Quarter Moon in Gemini 10:41PM, Moon in Gemini v/c 10:41PM-12:00AM, Jupiter square Neptune.

September 22: Shortly after midnight the Moon settles into her home base, Cancer. The quiet pleasures of familiar places is accented, although a late morning lunar sextile to Uranus may bring unexpected messages or surprise visitors. An informal gathering of close friends is another possibility. Mental Mercury is at odds with dour Saturn today. Sobering news could arrive. Some folks feel pressured to tackle seasonal chores. We reap what we sow and that truth is rarely more evident than at harvest time. Weather permitting, tending gardens, visiting farm stands and orchards can be splendid fun as the Sun sits at the last degree of earthy Virgo. Sociable types enjoy the evening square between the Moon and Venus but others may experience a sense of wanting something more. The Moon’s post-midnight opposition to Saturn sounds a call to make ready for the coming wrk week.
Moon in Gemini v/c 12:00AM-12:50AM Moon enters Cancer, Mercury square Saturn.

September 23: During the predawn hours the Sun slips into Libra and Autumn begins. The Fall Equinox is a short-lived time of year when the hours of daylight and darkness are balanced. If you’ve been putting off preparations for the coming winter, set to it. The waning Cancer Moon evokes warm memories as well as rich fantasies during the early morning. Kind and thoughtful gestures naturally arise from the lunar trine to mystical Neptune. Early birds feel deeply connected to their surroundings. Being out in nature fosters healing. Motivation increases around midday. If everyone is on the same page partnering can increase productivity. Cooperation may be immensely satisfying while a difficult companion could be a source of frustration. Put tact and charm to work. Energy levels remain high into evening when a more laid back period begins. 
Moon in Cancer v/c 6:05PM-12:00AM, Sun enters Libra, Autumnal Equinox.

September 24: Before sunrise the Moon enters Leo where she harmonizes with the Libra Sun and puts the day on comfortable footing. Everyone is a star in some way. Mental Mercury is also in a fine sextile with optimistic Jupiter today. Mental faculties are sharp and outlooks are favorable. Smiles come more easily. Both travel and communications flow smoothly. Curiosity is piqued and questions asked as well as the answers given lead to many stimulating, informative discussions. A mid-afternoon lunar square with Uranus could generate tensions and distractions. Don’t be impatient with yourself or others. Pay careful attention if you are driving. Insecure egos may need careful handling but upbeat trends outweigh problematic ones and most everyone is ready to forge ahead with cheerful enthusiasm.   
Moon in Cancer v/c 12:00AM-5:19AM Moon enters Leo, Mercury sextile Jupiter.

September 25: If you’re facing mid-week hurdles, jump over them this morning while the Leo Moon is busily engaged. The astrological omens are good for business, school and creative work. Fortuitous lunar alignments with Venus, Jupiter and Mercury help assure happy outcomes. Life feels invigorated and enjoyable. The noon hour sees a seismic shift. The Moon begins a long void of course period, ushering in less vibrant energies. Self-assurance may slip. Venus makes an exact square with dour Saturn during the mid-afternoon. A financial setback could occur. Partners may struggle. Some feel the need to take a break from each other. A permanent separation could also occur. Bear in mind, all successful long term relationships periodically go through these celestial challenges. If necessary, redouble your efforts and choose love.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:14PM-12:00AM, Venus square Saturn.

September 26: Early birds contend with a lazy, void of course Leo Moon. Just after sunrise the Moon’s entry into Virgo ushers in a fresh activity cycle. It is late in the lunar cycle so concentrate on works already in progress. Wait to launch new projects until Saturday’s New Moon energy gives the appropriate celestial sendoff. Group efforts prove fruitful under a unifying lunar trine to Uranus. The key is keeping in touch with co-workers and other allies. Networking can lead to a groundswell of agreement during the afternoon. Progressive causes and consciousness raising are especially favored. However, Mercury is testing Pluto this evening. Beware of manipulators and habitual naysayers. Don’t accept the limiting argument that playing it safe is being “realistic.” Expect miracles.
Moon in Leo v/c 12:00AM-6:37AM Moon enters Virgo, Mercury square Pluto.

September 27: At the close of a lunar cycle it is wise to take it easy. This is the time of the month for reflection, consolidation and completion. The waning Virgo Moon is part of a morning T-square, at odds with Neptune and Jupiter. It may be difficult to assess progress, or obtain vital information. Patient detective work pays dividends after noon when the Moon is favorably aligned with Pluto. Personal insights and revelations about the worlds of finance and business can dramatically alter the landscape. Tonight’s Moon/Mars conjunction in Virgo impels some folks to make things perfect as fast as they possibly can. However, with the darkened Moon almost but not yet new, avoid rushing. Concentrate on polishing rough edges, organizing and creating a healthful, life-affirming environment. 
Moon in Virgo v/c 1158PM-12:00AM.

September 28: The overnight period sees the waning Virgo Moon traveling quietly void of course. The laid back atmosphere is good for sleeping. Near dawn the Moon enters Libra where she conjuncts the Sun and is New during the early afternoon. This is a good omen for partnering, especially if the commitment requires ongoing sensitivity and awareness of each other. As fate would have it, loving Venus is in a sextile with Jupiter this evening, an extremely supportive omen for all relationships, both new and old. The New Moon also signals the green light for another activity cycle. Make your intentions known. Share your vision with loved ones. Enlist the support of partners and make ready to embark on grand adventures. Travel, learning and fun are all written in these stars.
Moon in Virgo v/c 12:00AM-6:03AM Moon enters Libra, New Moon in Libra 2:26PM, Venus sextile Jupiter.

September 29: Four planets in Libra loudly proclaim the importance of caring and sharing, and making compromises in the interest of preserving harmonious relations. The Libra Moon is active and an enlivening force most of the day. The wee hours may feel somber as the Moon tests Saturn but by early morning spirits soar. A lunar sextile to Jupiter and conjunction with Venus boosts confidence as well as personal happiness levels. Moods are joyful, celebratory and extravagant. Many souls feel divine guidance is in play. Others feel beguiled by love. The early afternoon brings challenges. A lunar square with Pluto requires sensitivity to others, compassion and patience. Moods may be pensive and withdrawn. Be a good listener. Talk over private concerns later in the day. A heart to heart talk lightens world weary hearts. Turn in early and sleep well under the void of course sliver of a now waxing Moon.  
Moon in Libra v/c 10:06PM-12:00AM.

September 30: Before sunrise the waxing Moon arrives in Scorpio where she is a catalyst for deep emotional awareness. Today’s sole aspect is a lunar opposition to Uranus. The chances are good that plans will change. Be ready to improvise. That includes adopting new strategies when dealing with partners and associates. Uranus can be inventive but also triggers impulsive acts. Responses may be equally swift. In the rush, reasoning may become an afterthought. There are risks, of accidents and estrangements. An imminent square between Venus and Pluto puts some partnerships in a precarious place. Take pains to avoid alienating key allies and loved ones. Count to ten before speaking or acting. Think things through. Practice self-control. Breaking the rules of good behavior often carries a steep price and making amends for a reckless mistake will no doubt take considerable effort. 
Moon in Libra v/c 12:00AM-5:42AM Moon enters Scorpio.