Shift Happens: Aligning With The Energy of Change

We've all experienced changes and shifts in our lives. Some shifts we readily welcomed into our lives and others provoked more negative reactions and emotions. It's most likely, however, that all of these changes have served our higher good in some way, even if it was not perceived as a positive shift at the time it took place.

Each of us is born with the innate ability to create our lives in the way we choose to and thus we all have the ability to allow shifts to take place in our lives. If we are not making the necessary changes in our lives to support our higher good, the Universe will step in and support us by initiating the change. Again, whether perceived as positive or not, these changes bring us lessons and challenges that help us develop, learn and grow. If we drag our feet long enough in initiating any necessary changes, the Universe will take the driver's seat in our life, often causing us to initially be an impatient and sometimes angry passenger.

The source of the initiating force behind these transformative changes is captured well by author Pamela Eakins, Ph.D., in her book entitled Tarot of the Spirit. Dr. Eakins says the following about the Major Arcana 13, the Death card, which symbolizes transformation:

"Each of us has a task in this life. The thing we call ‘life' itself is a task. When your life is active in its task — when you are living according to your deepest inner convictions and accomplishing your true task — Death is your servant. When your life is passive in its task, Death is your master." 1

My interpretation of Dr. Eakin's description is that if we are active in creating the life we truly want, the Universe will be our servant and support us in implementing the necessary transformations and shifts that we desire. If we are passive in our lives, not helping ourselves to create the lives we want, the lives that serve us, the Universe will step into the master role and "take the driver's seat" for us. The Universe will become the active force in implementing the necessary transformations, shifts and changes in our lives. I've experienced this in my own life.

If you are now wondering if there are things that you can do to work with the energy of change in order to allow a shift to occur in your life, the answer is "yes!" You can take a proactive approach to creating a shift. Be aware, this is not a speedy, effortless process. This process takes time and you will need to work at it with varying degrees of effort depending on where you are in the process.

1. Relinquish your victim mentality.

The first thing to do is to notice whether or not you have a victim mentality, and if so, relinquish it. I know this may sound harsh, but let me clarify what the victim mentality is. The victim says things such as, "This is the way it is and I can't change it." "This is reality, it's not going to change." "I don't have any options, this is the way my life is." The victim does not see change as an option and holds him or herself back. The victim perceives life as happening to him or her (the servant role versus the master role) rather than mastering his or her life and creating a life worth living.

2. Get clear about what you want.

Once you have accepted the idea that you do control your life and that any limitations you perceive are self-imposed, then you are no longer operating with the victim mentality and are ready to move on to the next step. The next step is comprised of getting clear on what you want. Sounds easy doesn't it? The reality is, however, that many of us don't really have a clue as to what it is we really want. This happens for many reasons. Those with a strong victim mentality may never have spent any time thinking about what they want since they were convinced they could never have it. Some of us have been socially conditioned to think we want things that we don't truly want. Do you want what your parents want for you? Do you want what society wants for you? Do you want what you want for you? Spend some time exploring your true desires, values, needs and beliefs. This exploratory process will help to ensure that you understand what you truly want and what will best serve you. In other words, it will ensure that you are coming from integrity.

3. Believe and be open to receive.

In order to allow shift or change to happen, we must believe it can happen and we must be open to receiving it. The victim does not have this mindset, thus often creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Make sure your beliefs support your desire. Do you truly believe you can have and should have what you want? If your beliefs are not in alignment with your desire, you may sabotage your efforts. Additionally, if there is a misalignment between your beliefs and desires (either consciously or subconsciously), it will make it virtually impossible for you to feel the burning desire and have an adequately strong focus, both of which are necessary to create a shift.

4. Set your intention with the heat of burning desire.

Once you are clear on what you want, and your beliefs are supporting you, you must set your intention no matter how impossible it may seem. Be very clear about what your intention is and why you desire it. You must have a burning desire and nothing short of this. You must believe you cannot and will not take "no" for an answer. The Universe will not support your intention if you are lukewarm about your desire. Be passionate and feel the desire!

Clarity and focus are key components to this process. If the desire for this shift is coming from your heart, it is possible to achieve it. Keep an open and positive mind. What seems impossible may be possible. Don't get blocked by your rational, logical thinking. The Universe has so much more to offer than what we logically think can occur. Think creatively and beyond the limits of your logical mind. Maintain focus and attention on your intention. Since our thoughts and emotions create our reality, think about what you DO want and NOT about what you don't want.

5. Exercise your free will and ask for what you want.

Another simple, but often ignored step in this process is to ask for what you want. Ask the Universe, your higher self or whatever force you believe in, for what you want. Don't be shy; ask out loud. Why is this an important step? Due to the concept of free will, which we all have in our lives, we get to choose how we will live this lifetime. The Universe won't override our free will by supporting any desires that we have not asked for. So ask away and don't be shy! Sometimes we forget we can ask for what we want because we have been socialized not to ask and not to expect. In a sense we become complacent about going after what we want.

The process of asking also helps us to gain clarity and it increases our focus on what we desire. Just having to articulate what we want helps us to refine our request. Once you make your request known to the Universe, it will begin to support you in your quest.

6. Create space in your life for change to occur.

The next thing to consider is making space for change. Creating space can be done on several levels. First, create more space by un-crowding your life. If your life is packed to the gills with activities and busyness, there is no space around you to breathe, to think, to be. Therefore, there is no space available for changes to enter your life.

To create space for change you can also physically clean up your space. Clean out drawers, closets, piles, etc. Out with the old and in with the new. Anything you are tolerating in your life is draining your energy. To regain your energy, eliminate the tolerations. Think about how you felt in the past when you have cleaned out a closet or an annoying pile of papers. Chances are you felt lighter, clearer and freer as result of the energy shift.

Another way to create space for change is through the use of movement such as walking, running, yoga and exercise. Any form of movement will create space for you and will also stir creativity. Movement tends to slow us down, release stress, clear our mind and give us energy. These benefits of movement also bring us more in touch with our creativity. Since creativity is playful and open, your creativity will help you to keep your mind and soul open to new ideas. When you creatively express yourself, skills, interests and new ideas will come forth. Allow yourself to play.

Now that you are more relaxed, open, clear and focused from working through the process detailed above, new possibilities and opportunities will enter your mind or come your way. Don't immediately rule out any new idea, possibility or opportunity as too far-fetched. Keep an open mind and listen to your intuition. Pay attention to those hunches that tell you what to do, where to go, who to talk to, what to read, etc. They will lead you to more possibilities and opportunities.

Now you have a proactive process you can use to initiate shifts in your life as you create the life you truly want. Remember, don't limit your thinking — anything is possible. Get clear on what you want, align your beliefs, be open to receiving, ask the Universe for it, feel a burning desire for it, stay focused, and ensure there is space in your life for the shift to occur. Keep in mind that this process takes time and effort. It's not necessarily easy and it helps to have support along the way. Be patient with yourself and the Universe as you work through the process.

And finally, remember it is possible to create the life you want, so get busy creating the shift you desire and enjoy the process!

Rita Skiba is a personal, career and leadership coach offering both private and group coaching. She helps her clients move forward and toward their goals, creating the life they truly desire. Rita can be reached at 978.683.0027 or by email at

1 Eakins, P., (1992). Tarot of the Spirit. York Beach, ME: Samuel Weiser, Inc.