Still Searching for the Fountain of Youth?

The fountain of youth isn’t out there. It’s inside each one of us, just waiting for us to finally find it. Of this I am absolutely certain. I’ll tell you how I found it.

After many years of creatively avoiding meditation (you can call me a recovering reluctant meditator), it has finally become a very powerful tool I use to consciously create my day with guidance. Meditating every day with my angels has dramatically increased my psychic sensitivity and expanded my soul consciousness in ways that were unimaginable to me just a few years ago. I can now easily predict my future and magnetize the day’s circumstances to create opportune moments to achieve my objectives. Sometimes the synchronicity of people and events coming together in my life now, in perfect timing, almost blows my mind.

But this is not just another article on the benefits of meditation. Many times my greatest inspirations come from my angels while I’m going about my daily life. Yesterday I experienced one of those great “a-ha!” moments, an epiphany, a tremendous insight from the other side, while I was driving down the freeway. It was a vision and feeling of complete clarity and understanding about the nature of staying young and healthy. I got it.

True Love — At Last!

Over the past 35 years, I’ve taken many spiritual growth courses, experienced a tremendous healing of karmic patterns, and read lots of wonderful, spiritually insightful books by some of the big “wu-wu’s” out there. Much of my spiritual focus recently has expanded my awareness of the difference between my emotions and my true feelings. Emotions are the stirred up feelings of the intellect — in a way, what we think we should feel, what we have learned and adapted to in our lives over many years. Our true feelings, on the other hand, are the honest, sharing, understanding, childlike part in each and every one of us.

So, as I was driving down the road, I started to think about finding and feeling true love in my life — finally! — and reflected on all the emotions which got stirred up in the process. I realized that without allowing myself to experience the full intensity of those emotions, I would never be able to transform the counterproductive thought and behavior patterns underlying them, or shed certain belief systems keeping me from realizing the power of fully experiencing the love I am. It is only when we choose to embrace our true feelings underneath the emotions that we can transform the emotions and create the opportunity for love to take root and expand in our lives.

Transformation of emotional thought and behavior patterns doesn’t occur by thinking about it or by analyzing and dissecting our situation. That is merely a rehashing process and keeps us stuck in the maze of our existing belief systems. Emotion is actually e-motion, or energy-in-motion. Transformation occurs in the heat of the emotion at the moment it comes up, so emotional pain is felt when we resist or deny our true feelings.

Energy-in-stasis is unnatural, or downright impossible, when you break it down to the sub-atomic particle level. Stasis is defined as “an abnormal state in which the normal flow of a liquid is slowed or stopped.” I discovered that whenever we try to keep the powerful feeling of love in stasis, as an ideal, we tend to resist the emotions which get stirred up around that love in the natural process of daily living. And that’s when we stifle any potential for the expansion of love in ourselves and with our loved ones. Instead, the reverse frequently happens, and we end up creating a vacuum effect on the love in our relationships with our expectations. Emotions must be allowed to move through us and fully felt through our bodies to allow our souls to expand into the deep sea of love.

So back to my “a-ha!” moment on the freeway! Think of your emotions as if they are the protons and electrons surrounding your conscious nuclei. The love you are fills all the vast space between these sub-atomic particles, commanding them. I saw a powerful vision and felt a direct correlation to the build-up of energy inside the individual cell just before it expands and multiplies itself. I realized that it is love that creates expansion, and emotion is the catalyst. This is as true in our spiritual growth as it is in our physical growth and healthy cell renewal. If emotions are resisted or suppressed, the pressure builds up in unhealthy ways inside our cells, creating radical behavior and vulnerability to physical disease, much like cancer. Suppressed emotions also create an opening for confusion and spiritual disease to enter into every other aspect of our lives.

Lifetimes of Learning

The human experience is one in which the soul chooses to immerse itself into a world of structure and physical illusion. The whole purpose of this immersion is to stimulate emotions which generate the soul’s capacity to experience love. This capacity for expansion of love is unlimited. This is why the soul may choose to return lifetime after lifetime — for the emotional experience and resulting expansion of love that can only be gained by being human. We are here to feel first, then think of how our true feelings can be clearly expressed, and then act on it from a place of love and kindness. Feel, think, act…this is the natural order of conscious, balanced living in an emotional world of experiences.

At each level of soul consciousness, we magnetize exactly the right people and events into our lives that we need in order to stimulate specific emotional experiences. These allow for the expansion of our consciousness and love to the next level. There are no accidents or coincidences in this spiritual process. If we choose to suppress or resist the emotions that come up, we are denying our true feelings and we end up working against ourselves and the natural flow and rhythm of expanding love. Any attempt at maintaining an ideal of love through resistance of emotions puts that love in stasis, and directly affects the cellular structure.

This pattern of resistance and suppression creates disease within our bodies, our minds, and our spirits. In addition, people who resist their emotions and deny their true feelings act out in emotionally unhealthy ways in their relationships with themselves and others, because what they resist persists. I have discovered that when I notice and acknowledge my emotions as they arise, and then give myself permission to really feel the feeling without judging myself, the emotion disappears! By doing this, I often discover that a particular emotion is actually based on or influenced by a belief that I learned in my early years from my parents, my environment, or from another lifetime, and that the belief no longer serves me.

Of course, I always keep my angels close by when I go through this, and they provide great love, healing and inspiration to help me see things from a bigger perspective. It is through this process of really feeling the feeling that I am able to transform my emotion into an expansion of love, rather than a painful holding of suppressed emotions. This creates youthful health in my body, mind and spirit and allows me to heal and release negative emotion (energy-in-motion) which blocks the expansion of love in my life.

This fountain of youth is eternally flowing, unlimited and accessible to every one of us. It is not a state of mind; it is a way of being. You are a glorious fountain of love with the capacity to generate loving acts of kindness for yourself and others every moment of the day. Have faith that speaking your truth will expand the love within you and create miracles, youth and health in your life and consciousness. Feel, think, act…in that order. It’s really that simple.

How to Tap Your Own Fountain of Youth

  1. Embrace your emotions as they arise by giving yourself permission to really feel the truth of your feelings underneath the emotion. Resisting your emotions causes unhealthy pressure in your body, mind and spirit, and creates a pattern of vulnerability to disease and confusion in your life.
  2. When you feel emotional pain, ask yourself what you're afraid of and acknowledge the truth of your feelings to yourself. Ask your inner guidance or angels to help you tune in to your truth and see things from a different perspective.
  3. Feel, think, act. In the heat and passion of emotion, feel your truth first, then think of how you can best express your feelings, and finally, act on it from a place of love and kindness.
  4. Bless every person and situation in your life that stimulates your emotions. You have created the opportunity to know and expand the love you are through your experience with them.
  5. Just like people, love is constantly changing, growing and evolving. If you try to keep love as a static ideal in your mind, your expectations will suck the flow of love from your life and relationships like a vacuum. Let love flow in its natural course with all the emotions it brings up for you.
  6. Be true to yourself and your emotions, and you will heal your body, your life and your consciousness. Letting love flow is your own personal fountain of youth!

Anne Kellogg is a certified spiritual consultant with the Americana Leadership College. She presents in-depth Angel Encounter Workshops to the public, and offers spiritual consultations, courses and study groups throughout New England. Anne can be reached at (207) 384-5070 or Visit for a current lecture and workshop schedule.