The Heavenly Pentagram in the Sky — Teachings from Universal Kabbalah

At different points in human history, the heaven The Heavenly Pentagram in the Sky — Teachings from Universal Kabbalah By Joseph Michael Levrys have undertaken the task of repositioning themselves in order to awaken human beings from their evolutionary stupor and bring them closer to God. At these times of transition, the universal karmic clock sounds the alarm indicating that all is not right with the world. The last four times this occurred, civilization did not heed the alarm.

Presently, we have arrived at the moment in history when the fifth change is taking place. On October 1st, 2004, a planetary alignment of major significance occurred in the heavens. The Sun, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, and the Moon converged to form the shape of a 5-pointed star, known in esoteric circles as the pentagram. The pentagram is a symbol of immense power referred to in the teachings of the Kabbalah, a spiritual path which explains how the universe works and how to live according to its laws. The great Kabbalist Eliphas Levi called the pentagram the symbol of total power of the mind. Moreover, he stated, the pentagram expresses the mind’s domination over the elements. It is the star of the Magi, the burning star of the Gnostic schools.

All symbols of the gnosis, all figures of spirituality, all Kabbalistic keys of prophecy are linked to the sign of the pentagram. It is the sign of absolute and universal synthesis. If you stand upright with outstretched arms, you will take the classic form of the pentagram as portrayed by Leonardo Da Vinci's painting, "Vitruvian Man." In this instance, the top point signifies the head, the intelligence that governs the rest of the body, expressed as arms and legs by the four lower points. Whether you view the planetary configuration as a star or a human form, the overall symbolism of the pentagram illustrates that a higher consciousness reigns over the world of matter. The pentagram represents a reaching toward the higher self or the beginning of the Great Work. We are now entering the predicted time, which will bring with it the cleansing of all karma and global enlightenment.

In accordance with the global shift in consciousness that is currently taking place, the heavens are drawing a pentagram in such a way that they are rendering themselves neutral. This means that we, as human beings, will not be under their protection again until the year 2012. Normally, the heavens and Earth control karma but when the heavens are neutral, the capacity for tremendous spiritual growth will become available. Therefore, until the year 2012, you have the opportunity to open your heart, so as to re-write your destiny for positive, divine, and spiritual purposes.

Now is the time when the heavens are bestowing the opportunity for personal resurrection. In other words, up until the year 2012 you will be able to cleanse your karma and get rid of all your darkness. This time will create drastic change in everyone's life. And change creates great fear and anxiety. We are fast approaching the time when the veil of illusion that cloaks the world will be lifted. As it is lifted, the realm of light, wisdom, and love will be revealed. Indeed, a new universe is presently birthing, bringing with it a high vibrational energy not only to Earth, but to every particle of existence, every parallel universe, and every life form in this realm and others.

The faculty of animal man is being progressively removed so that man can appear in his original purity. Everywhere we see evidence of the battle between light and darkness, between the head and the heart, as animal man struggles against the coming of the spiritual man. This is causing a separateness and dispersal of consciousness that has never before existed on Earth. As a result, people are experiencing the mental, emotional, and/or physical stress that can affect relationships with friends, loved ones, and oneself.

The Spiritual Significance of the Number Five

The unraveling of various secrets requires a certain amount of divine, spiritual, and physical knowledge. If you have any trouble understanding any aspect of this sacred wisdom, do not dismiss it; simply put it aside for later study, or move to the next paragraph. Eventually it will become clear. The fact is those who search with an honest, open heart need only read but one word, one sentence of this sacred wisdom, in order to feel at home and join in these teachings of the heart, these heavenly teachings.

All of humanity operates upon the basic formula of creation, Yod Heh Vav Heh, meaning, fire, water, air, and earth. Yod Heh Vav Heh refers not simply to the Jehovah of the Old Testament, but also to the basic forces in action of the Ain Soph, the Infinite. This is the pathway, or method of evolution, by which average men slowly progress from human to divine. The elect of light, however, take another path, which is represented by the formula, Yod Heh Shin Vav Heh. The pentagram, symbolic of Ieschoua — the sacred WORD “I Am, I AM” — is formed by the Hebrew letters of the Tetragrammaton, the four letters signifying material creation, interjected by the holy letter, Shin.

The holy letter Shin is a symbol of the Holy Spirit known as Ruach Elohim. This name Yod Heh Shin Vav Heh, or the spelling IHShVH, which is the spiritual spelling of the name, Yeheshuah, or Jesus, gives the formula by which the agent of light performs the great work of spiritual fusion. Fusion, reconciliation, and union are the keys to countering the effects of the Fall of Man so that we may experience reintegration. Yod He Vav He represents Adam Kadmon, man in his integral synthesis, representing a fruitful union of the Universal Spirit and the Universal Soul. To divide that word is to suggest a disintegration of its unity.

The letter Shin, Arcanum 21 or 0 in the Tarot, reunites the two fragments, representing the generative and subtle fire, the vehicle for non-differentiated life. Moreover, it signifies the Universal Plastic Mediator whose charge is to bring about incarnations that allow the spirit to descend into matter. The letter Shin, then, in its role as a sort of hyphen between the other parts of the mutilated tetragram, becomes a symbol of both fragmentation and fixation. In this respect, Shin is the Word, or Logos, the Yod He Vav He that incarnates and becomes the suffering Christ, or corporeal man, until such time when he enters into his glory assuring his regenerated human nature.

In other words, Shin is given the attribution of fire, and by another mathematical process, it becomes the symbol of the holy spirit. Tradition sponsors the insertion of this letter into the middle of the four-letter name, splitting it apart, thus forming Yod He Shin Vav He, the Pentagrammaton, or five-letter name. This combination of letters represents the illumination of the elemental or present man by the descent and impact of the holy spirit.

As thus formed the name represents the God-Man, symbolized in Christianity by the Christ descending on the man Jesus. The Chief of all agents of light, The Christ was the combination of all the specialized perfections of the divine agents, of the ancient alliance, into one. He bestowed the touch of perfect unity that opened a new door and destroyed the number of the slavery of humanity. In the condition of his degradation, he laid the foundation of human redemption. Jesus, in this symbolism, represents the natural man who, by devotion and meditation and the theurgic process, opened his human nature to the brilliant descent of the light. It is the enlightenment that all men are destined to enjoy at some far distant time in human evolution.

It is this that separates animal man from the God-man, the goal of all mysticism. All mystical techniques, including those of the Kabbalah, represent a method of hastening the slow tedious process of human evolution so that the states of consciousness that we are told will ultimately occur routinely in mankind may dawn today.

Facing the Years Ahead

As this is the fifth occurrence of heavenly re-positioning, the number five is significant now. Known as the living principle, the number five indicates the action of the active principle on form. Five symbolizes human suffering and transformation, the turning point in human destiny. This number represents the divine spirit, fundamental to all beings, that is crucified on the cross of matter, which contains the four elements of air, fire, water and earth. Despite our connection to the senses, man must employ free will in order to bolster self-discipline, redirect energies toward the divine, and work toward perfect consciousness.

Again, five is the number of the Fall, as well as the number of the will, our instrument of reintegration. Initiates recognize that the fallen human, by wallowing in the mire of matter, learns how to attain a truly free personality and become more fully aware of higher planes. Therefore, he rises from his fall, again and again, stronger and greater, because evil only replaces good temporarily, and with the explicit purpose of betterment.

Mercury, the planet of communication, governs the number five and represents change, fast living, and tremendous mental and nervous stress. It is associated with physical comfort as well as discomfort. Mercury's influence will be felt in the coming years. As all forms of communication are enhanced, the world will become smaller. Everybody will have access to all knowledge and information. Indeed, the advent of the Internet means that with a push of a button you can get any information you want.

It is this increase in all manner of communication, including writing, editing, journalism, television, radio, telegraph, cable lines, telephone, advertising, public speaking, education, and the Internet, that will make people feel as if they have been both stripped naked and overloaded with information. As people are overloaded with information and that which was hidden becomes known, a new type of nervous system disease will arrive on the human scene. This disease will make people go mad.

Depression rates, especially among children and young adults, will rise and families will be thrust into turmoil as they struggle to raise their children. These circumstances will force people to change their mindset and behavior whether they like it or not. We will come to see that now, more than ever, the human mind needs spiritual help and guidance. As the boundaries that guard information are torn down, the internal structures of societies and the relationships between societies will be affected.

Drastic changes in travel via many forms of transportation will occur, while the importation and exportation of goods and services will increase. The financial world will experience changes as stocks and bonds fluctuate wildly. Corporations, high schools, and universities will undergo internal restructuring. Revolutionary ideas and practices will influence the study and research of disease. In addition, cultural norms will shift. In particular, our current obsession with money and sex will lose its grip. Rather than finding fulfillment through money and sex, people will look for fulfillment of the self through purity, spirituality, and truth.

Protection in Working with the WORD

Negativity behaves like a germ. While those germs are always there, our antibodies protect us. The practice of mantra is a protective source. Working with the WORD is a self-protective device against all animosity, known and unknown. It is a simple science. The use of the WORD is a timeless, simple truth that allows you to gracefully face the challenges of time and space. This, the greatest power of man, is completely at your disposal. As you absorb divine spiritual wisdom, your consciousness expands, and you are filled with so much light that you become unshakeable.

Above all, in this age, the way of the heart will prevail. To begin the day, use your first waking breath each morning to utter the phrase, "I am, I am," for now is the perfect time to learn this divine spiritual wisdom and serve the planet. As the light of love, truth, and justice streams down toward the earth via the pentagram, we must realize how interconnected we all are.

By chanting the sacred sound "I Am, I Am," your heart will be filled with the Christic force, for it is linked to the energy of the pentagram. By chanting this sacred WORD you are vibrating the very name of The Lord, God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and God of Jacob, that the Lord revealed to Moses. After the revelation, God then said, "this is my Name forever, and thus I Am to be remembered throughout all generations." Chanting this mantra, then, connects you with Moses' experience in the burning bush. It links you to The Divine Flame of Fire, which burst forth from the holy ground on the mountain of God.

Moreover, chanting mantras such as "I Am that I Am" while maintaining a simultaneous mental connection with the Sun awakens powers heretofore unknown, and re-awakens those that are dormant by evoking the inner spiritual force, manifested as the Holy Flame of Divine Fire. We chant "I Am that I Am" to pierce to the core of truth and understand the nature of reality. "I Am that I Am" expresses the very origin of God. It will cause that immeasurable force of high spiritual vibration to infuse your being, while moving and shifting your life to the highest moral goal and self perfection.

The time has come for us to align ourselves with a new level of spiritual consciousness. We may only reawaken our awareness of our spirituality and divinity if we become dedicated to our personal growth and development. The jewel of our spirituality may only be uncovered through self-mastery, self-knowledge and self-realization. The successful Kabbalist and Yogi acquires these skills in several stages through positive manifestation, through thought, selfless behavior, and generosity of spirit at all times. Once reserved for the few who were set apart from the rest of humanity and were specially trained with rigorous and demanding discipline, the pursuit of spiritual mastery is now available to all those who seek.

For the past 30 years, Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam) has been teaching, writing and lecturing about the Divine Spiritual Wisdom. From an early age, he has been trained in the esoteric arts and sciences and initiated into many spiritual orders, through which he has created a unique synthesis of the powerful teachings of Kabbalah and Kundalini Yoga. Please visit for more information. This fall Gurunam will be teaching Harmonyum Healing at Healing Through Spirit in Rehoboth, MA.