The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling!

Steppingin Tonature Trees

What if extraterrestrials show up? What if an earthquake strikes? What if your candidate doesn’t get inaugurated? What will you do when all of heaven breaks loose and everyone around you is losing their minds or their focus or their belief systems? 

Let the universe help you with a breakthrough. 

You don’t need to practice heroics; it’s not expected of you. Only salmons need to swim upstream. The universe has abundant energy to assist you in taking actions that will support your shifting and changing, but if you are holding on, the universe cannot support you in getting you where you need to go.

Consider that you might lose your job, your income, your lover, or your family connections. What would you do about an unexpected loss? All big corporations have a disaster plan; do you? A disaster plan considers the worst case scenarios, who would be in charge, how decisions would be made, and it provides for options. 

It also means you pay attention to your inner guidance, inner voice and inner nudging, since an important part of your disaster plan might be to let go of worrying or a decision to stop struggling. Learning to ground yourself can assist this process. You can do this by connecting to Earth. 

In the middle of panic mode, take a moment and breathe. Put your attention on your tailbone. Extend an imaginary rod from your tailbone to the center of Earth. Anchor yourself like a tree. Plant your roots well. See every little worry or frenzy that disturbs you follow this shaft into the ground and dissipate, like a lightning rod grounds a lightning bolt. Release your fear and worries to Mother Earth, and let her clear your body and mind. Earth will send back to you calming support. This technique will become easier and more familiar with practice.

Next, identify at least two positives related to your situation that will allow you to see the silver lining of this issue. Claim these positive thoughts for yourself; they are the foundation of your new experience. Affirm your resolution and how satisfied you are, as you allow the universe to surprise you with its solutions. 

Final step, get out of the way. For, imagine you are in a cab leaving LaGuardia Airport in New York City, headed for Manhattan. Will you tell the taxi driver how to get you there? Of course not! The universe knows even more than a New York City taxi driver, and — believe it! — the universe is your new best friend. 

Right now, we are all faced with both limitations and choices. We are faced with the confining limits of how to pay our bills, how to move forward, how to create the best new lifestyle for ourselves since the old way most definitely has been left behind.

How will you do this? Announce to yourself and to the universe, “I am learning my lessons through love.” When you find yourself in situations of discomfort or disquiet, remind yourself daily, “I am learning my lessons through love,” and be open to the corrections of those around you who love you and want to protect and advise you. 

Life can be fun and easy. We choose to make it so with our words, beliefs and our intentions. We also make it so with our sincere approach to helping others with the corrections we need to give them through love — without vindictiveness — and by doing it in a loving way. 

Known as The Practical Mystic, Maureen St. Germain’s passion is supporting individuals in their personal expansion and spiritual awakening. A sought-after speaker, transformation teacher and author, she has taught in 24 countries since 1995, and her books have been translated into seven languages. Visit

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