Think About It

You live in a universe of law and order. Everyday in every way, you create the reality of your life through your conscious thoughts and feelings, desires and wishes, attitudes and beliefs. Your conscious mind is like a garden, while your thoughts, desires, and beliefs are like seeds that you plant into the soil of your consciousness.

 Positive thoughts, desires and beliefs produce fruit trees of prosperity, flowers of beauty and wheat fields of abundance, for the nature of your consciousness is to create and manifest in your outer world what you have in your inner world.

Everything begins with a thought. Before you say or do anything, you first think about it. Thoughts initially come in the form of an impulse, an idea in your mind, but thoughts are real and have an existence prior to their physical expression. They have substance and objective reality. They have an effect and influence over your physiology, attitudes, actions, and your experiences in life. Thoughts have the power to create the circumstances in your life because thoughts are made of energy.

Thoughts interact with the energies of the universe. Modern physics has proven that atoms and molecules can be affected by a person’s thoughts. When scientists conduct subatomic experiments, their beliefs and thoughts can actually affect the outcome of their experiments. The power of the mind can literally magnetize, mold and shape atoms and molecules according to a person’s state of consciousness. Since thoughts are products of the mind, they are made of mental energy, and are sometimes called thought-forms.

Thought-forms are created when we focus our mental energy on one area of concentration until an energy field is formed, which becomes an idea, a desire, or a thought. Thought-forms can acquire a life of their own. They have the power to attract and magnetize other thought-forms of similar quality and polarity.

When you think positive thoughts like love and beauty, you feel uplifted and inspired, and you make others feel the same way. As you keep focusing on thoughts of love and beauty, memories of the time you were in love, images of rose gardens and sunsets, as well as other inspiring ideas come to you in an endless chain of associations. This occurs because the subtle magnetic force of thought-forms attracts similar energy fields and gives rise to new realizations and perceptions. The more you concentrate on a particular thought-form or idea, the more you make it grow strong. Just like exercising a muscle in your body, the more you put the right amount of concentration or pressure on it, the more the muscle expands and grows and strengthens.

When thought-forms grow in size and strength they start to aggregate. They combine and form into larger groups of mental energy fields called core beliefs or belief systems. Belief systems are an interconnected network of thought-forms. They are the most powerful, important, and critical mental energy framework that we create and use in our daily lives, even if we are not aware of it.

You experience the world through your belief system. Your outer circumstances are a mirror of your inner world. You attract and create the people, situations, and conditions in your life according to your belief system. The level of your happiness and prosperity depends on your belief system.

What do you believe in? Do you believe in prosperity and happiness? Or poverty and hardship? Do you optimistically believe the glass is half-full? Or do you pessimistically believe it is half-empty? Whatever your beliefs are, there is one very important principle you must know concerning the nature of reality and the power of your beliefs: Your beliefs are self-fulfilling.

The Power to Change

Everything you do results from the core beliefs in your mind. The way you think, speak, act, and react to events and people is determined and influenced by your beliefs. Your experiences are the result of your beliefs. It is not the other way around. Some may say they believe the way they do because they have seen evidence to support those beliefs. Their experiences of failure, poverty and bad luck are the reason why their beliefs about life are negative, and they use their negative experiences to prove they cannot help but think and feel the way they do. They feel victimized. They feel powerless to change their negative beliefs. But in truth the process works in reverse order. First come the beliefs, then the experience of reality according to those beliefs. Reality merely confirms your beliefs.

The cause of your experiences in life are your beliefs about life. Your belief system creates and determines your life experiences. This should fill you with hope and happiness because it proves that you are not a victim of fortune’s whims. You are not powerless. Your consciousness is the cause and source of everything that happens to you, even circumstances that seem beyond your control. Once you accept that you have the power and wisdom to create and change your world the way you want it to be — all things become possible.

You can make all your beautiful dreams and positive wishes come true by changing your negative belief systems. For many years, these negative beliefs have been deeply ingrained in your conscious and subconscious minds. They have become mental habits. They are the self-created mental, emotional, and psychological blocks that prevent you from experiencing and receiving all the prosperity and happiness your GodSelf desires to bestow upon you. Although your birthright is to be happy, prosperous, healthy, and beautiful, you have created your own limitations and blocks.

A block is a place where energy is constricted. It is created by your ignorance, guilt, fears, selfishness, and hate. This causes you to close off your connection with your GodSelf spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even physically. You can change. No matter how deeply ingrained your negative conditioning has been — you have the power to change. You may be blocking your incoming prosperity by unconsciously fearing change. Change can be swift or it can be gradual. The power to change is within you.

If you are afraid that change may take too long, remember: the power of a positive thought is a hundred times greater than the power of a negative thought. One positive thought can cancel out hundreds of negative ones. You must think, feel and act in a positive manner at all times, twenty-four hours a day. You must be determined to change yourself. To transform yourself into a person who is new, free and whole in body, mind, and soul. Believe in your power to change and become the ideal person you’ve always wanted to be. You have the inner power to change all your negative beliefs into new positive beliefs.

Your new positive beliefs must be affirmed constantly in thought, word and deed. Eventually the new belief will reinforce itself, take on a life of its own, and become self-fulfilling. Your subconscious mind will manifest your new beliefs and create positive experiences for you. You are in the process of becoming the master of your life. To be the master of your life, you must be the master of your mind because everything begins in the mind. You create your circumstances by the thoughts you repeatedly think. Yours is the power of the GodSelf, the power of self-mastery that will bring you all the happiness and prosperity, wealth and health, love and success you desire.

There are three highly effective and powerful methods you can use to change your negative beliefs into positive beliefs, increase your self-mastery, and utilize the infinite power and wisdom of your GodSelf to create a happy and prosperous life.

Alex Roces is a freelance writer in the Philippines. His first novel, The Moon Child, was published by Twilight Times Books. Alex can be contacted at