Visionary Solutions to Current Earth Changes

Information channeled from ascended master Vywamus, a teacher of higher consciousness.

At this time in your reality, the evolutionary energies are very active. The next evolutionary shift of your species, your transition to numinous (multidimensional) consciousness, will take place in three stages:

1. An early stage where you will experience: a) A greater and greater resonation with the numinous energies; b) An overall speedup of your energy frequencies; c) A breakdown of your current familiar forms, identities and reality structures.

2. An intermediate second stage marked by experimentation with new forms including physical healings, telekinesis, teleportation and conscious travel to alternate realities with all the learnings you can gather from such travel.

3. A third stage of integration, a flowering of a new kind of human, and a new, larger reality where multidimensional consciousness will be a fact experienced by all and the shift in your collective human energy fields will be complete.

Even now, at the earliest stage of this shift, the energy in your bodies, as well as in your emotional and mental fields, is already speeding up and will continue to do so. With the speedup of frequencies that is occurring, more happens and it happens faster. The high stress level many of you feel today comes from many sources: your environment and its physical stresses, the increasing number of other humans around you and their demands for your time and energy, the need to adjust to a faster pace of change in job, relationships, in circumstances around you, the need to coordinate so much information, and your own emotional and physical reactions to this overload.

The speedup of frequencies and the crisis of having so much data to know and experience is causing some interesting changes in you. You're taking the first steps toward multidimensional consciousness. Your individual mental and emotional energy fields are responding to the need to process so much information by beginning to move at a higher average frequency. As your physical frequencies are drawn more into harmony with your higher etheric frequencies and become more responsive to them, it will mean that you can heal faster. Healing done in the etheric body is quicker and more effective for the physical body.

As you look around your world, you easily see that old forms and systems are breaking up. Your economy, for instance, and the economies of many countries have been shaken up, and even, for some, severely disrupted. While you may be deeply disturbed right now by the state of the economy and your own finances, it may help you to know that this situation is temporary, and also to realize it's part of a larger picture: the breakdown of forms that no longer work, and the laying of groundwork for the new forms that you need.

How long your current period of turmoil continues will depend on one thing: how soon you recognize and manage to ally yourselves with the tremendous creative energy, hope, and passion for growth that are also being unleashed at this time. While these positive forces do not make as many headlines, they're crucial in your survival and in your progression to the next phase.

The general acceleration of energies in your reality, and its resulting breakdown of forms and release of wild and chaotic energies, is like winning a fortune. You are much richer. Suddenly you have much more energy at your disposal. You can use it to manifest what you wish. If you enlarge your framework of beliefs to encompass this new richness, you will not feel threatened so much as excited and challenged by the new possibilities and opportunities this freeing up of energies offers to you. Gradually all of humanity will pass through all stages of the transition and begin to enjoy living in the reality of numinous consciousness.

"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." — Albert Einstein


Many of you are very concerned over the warming of your planet now taking place, and over possible earth changes you've heard or read about. So many contradictory and disastrous scenarios for Earth's future have been presented that it can be quite confusing and disturbing.

In actuality, all of the scenarios you hear about are true, and many others as well. In all the possible alternate realities that exist, all possible futures of Earth will occur — somewhere. Many of those who have written about future disaster have tuned in to realities where such disasters are indeed true.

Your concerns can be succinctly expressed in three questions:

  1. Long before other disasters can occur, will humans, with the weapons you have now, destroy each other and the planet?
  2. Will you make Earth uninhabitable for humanity by human-caused global warming, pollution, and depletion of the resources?
  3. And finally, will there be earth changes not caused by humans, and beyond human control, such as collision with an asteroid, a dramatic polar shift, or Earth's own rhythmic warming and cooling, which will put an end to human life here?


In this particular reality in which you're reading this book, there is still a chance that human activity can bring about the kind of confrontation that so many of you fear — a showdown between nations that could destroy your planet and your physical selves. I'd like to emphasize, however, that the probability of that particular outcome occurring in this reality is not nearly as great as it was even a decade ago.

Many beings, of human and other species, many of us at our levels, and Earth itself, have been working with great good will and dedication toward a more constructive outcome, a reality within which evolution, rather than being abruptly ended, continues forward into a blossoming of the potential of all the beings in your universe.

It's now much less likely that a totally disastrous conflict on the physical level will occur, although at the emotional/astral and mental levels you may still be in for much disruption and suffering. Until you fully access the powerful harmonizing and healing influences of your numinous [spiritual] energies, however, you have to depend primarily on your physical, emotional, and mental abilities to solve the problems you've created within your species and on Earth. You've done this up to now, but these abilities can only take you so far.

It will only be after you've consciously integrated the incoming numinous energies that you'll be one hundred per cent free of the fear of that planetary scenario of human-caused physical destruction, war, and chaos. Before that, the probabilities will seesaw back and forth at times, although they're unlikely ever to reach their former levels. You must reach a higher level of functioning to heal the problems at the lower levels. And this is beginning to happen.


Visionary Solutions to Current Earth ChangesUnfortunately, some of your shortsighted actions over the past two hundred years have depleted many of Earth's resources and helped bring about continuing climate change, some of which is impossible to reverse using your current levels of knowledge and technology. I don't say this to frighten you, but because it is a fact.

If you continue on as you are, or even if you stop all unwise environmental practices immediately, Earth may well become a place where only small numbers of humans can survive. Something more is needed to slow and then possibly reverse climate change — your active involvement, and involvement at a level that you've rarely tapped before. Fortunately, that is possible.

For one thing, Earth has its own ability to evolve in positive ways — far more ability than you dream of. Moreover, Earth has many caretakers in addition to humanity. These include other species and biosystems on your planet, and we at our level, who offer our support and our powers to the extent that we may.

You can be of some help to Earth's own evolution and self-healing by simply restraining your potentially harmful activities (carbon emissions, air, water, and soil pollution, destruction of forests and other natural habitats and of other species, and so forth). This will be giving your planet the time and space it needs for healing. You also need to help as much as you can to repair the damage — clean up, replant, preserve endangered species, and so on.

This is within your ability even now and you don't even have to make the shift into numinous consciousness to do it. If you do not help out, or if you do not help out in time, Earth will probably still survive, but may very well evolve in such a different way as to make life here very difficult or impossible for humanity in your present physical form to survive.

As you evolve yourselves, you will be able to establish a deep and clear bond with Earth, to listen to and understand its needs. Rather than making choices for it, you will collaborate with it in its healing and evolution. Moreover, you'll be able to use your multidimensional abilities to take a more direct approach to environmental problems and find less exploitative and more cooperative ways to relate to Earth and the beings on it. In fact, some of these new ways are already coming to your attention and can be put into practice very quickly.

If, as a species, you choose to ignore your own powers, and let whatever evolutionary changes Earth makes occur with no conscious influence from you, then there's certainly some chance of the annihilation of many or most of your species. If you rise to numinous consciousness, however, you'll raise your chances of survival. Access to information from alternate realities and from the energy fields of all beings, for instance, could greatly increase your chances of making the technological advances you would need, if necessary, to evacuate Earth.

Another possibility is that you could create a reality in which you had the help of beings on the higher levels, of guides and guardians of your planet and your species, to mitigate earth changes so that humanity and other species could better survive. The vast powers of your own multidimensional Selves can work directly with Earth. If enough of you have even partially reached the level of numinous consciousness, then you will have the option, if you wish, of entering into a collaboration, at the mass consciousness level, with Earth, with all the beings in and on it, with other parts of the solar system and galaxy if need be, and with us and others at the higher frequency levels who wish to assist you. In this collaboration you would be able to play a very active role and have a great deal of influence on Earth's evolution.

If you use common sense, and employ the new abilities you're developing, the most likely future need not be a devastating nuclear war, a downward spiral of global warming and depletion, a dramatic polar shift, or anything else that would wipe out the beings on Earth's surface. And if you work with each other and with your planet, you'll be assisted by the efforts of your brothers and sisters, the other species on Earth.


It's important to remember one major effect of this period of transition you are undergoing at present. It will bring to the foreground the question of what really matters to you. Shaken out of the security and sometimes ignorance and complacency that you formerly enjoyed, you now will be forced by circumstances to really look at and define what is precious to you, what to save, what to create, what to let go.

Because old forms and structures are breaking down, you won't be able to depend on them as you did in the past, and so you'll have to depend more on yourselves. When crises arise, you won't always be able to wait for the government or someone in an official capacity to act, as this will be a time when all such agencies are somewhat overwhelmed and disabled. In terms of your own values, if, for example, you don't want to see babies dying for lack of food and shelter, or disease rampant, or old people terrorized by crime, or men and women killing each other with bombs and smothering the planet with industrial and auto emissions, then it will be up to you to take action. And your action will depend on what you care about.

In some ways, this transition period will teach you about what you love. As individuals and as a species, your best course, rather than fighting against changes or against each other, is to firmly commit yourselves to preserve or to create what you love, and to change what needs to be changed.

Each of you will need to first find out what it is you love. Then act on it. Don't even stop to think whether you will be successful, or whether someone else could do better. You are needed to do whatever you see around you that needs doing. Craft your action the best way you can, and then go on and do it.

Not everyone will be loving the same things in the same ways, of course. Some of you will be educators or healers, or makers of new forms, or creators or preservers of the arts, or parents, or environmental activists, and so on. Between you and among you, however, you'll be able to cover all that's worth saving in your current cultures and begin to create new forms that fit your species better and bring you into the next stage of the shift.

The vast human energy field is bursting with creative solutions to be used in dealing with your current problems of global warming, pollution, and depletion. The current environmental crises you face are actually helping, in fact spurring, you into your next phase of evolution.

Even with all your creativity and technology, your problems of climate change and the depletion of Earth's resources will not go away unless you approach them in a new way. This means you must begin to think and act in a more global way, set aside the old model of separateness, and take into account your connectedness with Earth, with each other, and with all that exists. In the long run, there is no other way for you to survive.

Humanity's great challenge now, and your own great challenge as a human individual, is to learn to receive into your everyday reality the energy and help you are always getting from your larger Selves and from other beings at higher dimensions of reality. This will help you move easily through the current time of transition. I cannot say it too often — you must go to the numinous level of your larger Selves in order to deal with the changes that are occurring now, in you and in your reality. Go to the I AM level, where you yourself are infinitely large, and there reach out for that gigantic collaboration that is the mass consciousness of all beings. Bring the problem there. You will find there all you need.

Excerpted from The Next Big Bang: The Explosion of Human Consciousness (2011, Heart Light Resources Publishing) and reprinted with permission of the publisher.

Andrea Seiver is a conscious channel for ascended master Vywamus and offers classes in channeling and spiritual development as well as private readings. For information about The Next Big Bang: The Explosion of Human Consciousness or to contact Andrea visit or call 617-332-1541.