Weekly Musings: Ageless Medicine

One of the perks of being a magazine publisher is receiving advance review copies from book publishers. Due to the rise of e-book publishing, the volume received is one tenth of what it was ten years, or even five years ago, but occasionally a flurry of books arrives on a single topic that makes me want to know what all the buzz is about.

Such is the case with books channeled from the spirit realm, near death experiences, hypnosis and past lives containing instructions on how to heal ourselves. Well, seriously, where else do you expect to get the facts on something so mysterious and inexplicable taking place in your body? These books all tap into a common theme that the power of our minds is where the real healing happens.

So far, my favorite in the bunch has been Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth by Tommy Rosa and Stephen Sinatra, MD (Rodale, 2015). When Tommy Rosa died and underwent a near death experience in 2000, he returned with vivid revelations about healing and medical intuitive insight. Dr. Stephen Sinatra is a holistic cardiologist with four decades of medical expertise. The book shows the remarkable intersection of Western medicine and vibrational self-healing as Dr. Sinatra corroborates Tommy’s insights with his own research and patient histories.

Not that this information needs medical corroboration, but as our innate powers of self-healing rise into more mainstream awareness, they will also become our mainstream medicine of choice. If Western medical doctors are already reporting these findings, the quicker we can transition to more natural and effective self-care and less invasive disease-care.

According to Tommy:

“Vibration holds a special place in every aspect of our lives, particularly our health. If you want to attract better health, for example you must raise your vibration through your actions and choices. A higher vibration is a magnet for positive results, and a low vibration is a magnet for negative results.

Many medical scientists are beginning to believe that pathogens might be wiped out safely if countered by measures that promote a higher rate of vibration. These pathogens not only affect the way the body operates but also dump harmful toxins into the bloodstream.

Mind-body interventions such as positive thinking can raise your vibration, whereas negative thinking can lower it. When you realize that your thoughts and emotions are vibrating, too, you’ll appreciate the fact that you can begin to alter your health by changing what you think and how you feel. You come to understand your personal vibration, how to elevate it and use it to change your life and health."

The power to heal ourselves is within our reach but we are still like cute, clumsy babies making our first tries at grasping this innate power we possess and learning to manipulate it. We will grow into our self-healing abilities. Give it time. Like 80 years.

I receive many emails sharing old-fashioned wisdom from those over 80, a special generation of people who’ve lived it to tell it. Mostly it’s pure common sense and courtesy. I opened one recently from a trusted source with the subject line Six Best Doctors in the World. Turns out these include:

1. Sunlight
2. Rest
3. Exercise
4. Diet
5. Self Confidence
6. Friends

Maintain these in all stages of life and enjoy healthy life. Sent with smiles, affection and love!!

Sounds like common sense and good vibes, the ageless medicine.

Carol Bedrosian is the publisher of Spirit of Change holistic magazine. Email carol@spiritofchange.org.

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