Weekly Musings: America’s Greatness Will Never Include Racism

It’s frightening to see the reflection of ourselves as a racist nation in the candidacy of Donald Trump for president. It’s the Mexicans! It’s the Muslims! What KKK? Trump’s ability to awaken the “poorly educated" sleeping giant in our electorate and get them out to vote by inflaming racist sentiments should alarm every thinking person in America. His voting numbers in the primaries are soaring!

The founding of America is often referred to as The Great Experiment. Could democracy work as the foundation of a country seeking to grant liberty and justice to all? While on one hand, freedom and equality among “we the people” was the intention, the other hand was massacring American Indian populations already living here and capturing millions of slaves from around the world to be shipped here so The Great Experiment could take place. The founders envisioned a utopian society of freedom, justice and equality, but were blinded by the profoundly racist and sexist thinking of their time.

We, as 21st century Americans, know better. We are a country of immigrants and the minority of Native Americans who remain. Our strength is in the diversity of the men and women from many countries, religions, and walks of life who are granted the liberty to reach their highest potentials through the protection of equal justice. This is what makes America great. 

But racism is our original sin. It’s something we’re going to come up against again and again and again as we evolve toward our destiny as the magical melting pot of humanity that we are. The Great Experiment embodies the hope of humanity that all races around the globe can live together with liberty and justice for all. If not in the New World, then where? 

America has come a long way from its days of genocide, slavery, civil war, Japanese American internment, and fight for civil rights, but we still have so far to go. Any step instituting racism is a step backwards, not towards greatness. Use your vote if necessary in November to prevent a Trump presidency in the United States.

If winter blahs or the political scene is getting you down, try a few of these tips from Spry Living (February 2016) to boost your mood!

1. Carve our face time for your friends. A study from Oregon Health & Science University in Portland found that face-to-face meetings with loved ones cuts depression. Phoning, texting and emailing don’t have the same effect.

2. Cry. Not only does it offer physical and emotional release, but according to a recent study, crying puts you in a better mood within 90 minutes of a good sob.

3. Go barefoot. Walking around without shoes improves your balance and posture, according to researchers at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY, and standing up straight is an automatic mood booster.

4. Pay it forward. New research from Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Conn., shows even small acts of kindness, like opening a door, reduces stress.

5. Walk in the woods. A Japanese study revealed forest landscapes are therapeutic and reduce stress.

6. Take a social media break. According to recent research, people who unplugged from Facebook for one week felt more satisfied with their lives than those who didn’t. When you’re not focused on the lives of others you don’t feel pressured to match their accomplishments – and you appreciate your own.

7. Practice gratitude. Writing thank you letters to precious people in your life is an instant pick-me-up.

8. Don’t work too hard. German researchers recently studied how working overtime can actually be counterproductive to your mood – the extra cash may not be worth the tension longer hours can cause.

Carol Bedrosian is the publisher of Spirit of Change holistic magazine for New England. Email carol@spiritofchange.org.

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