Why The Ocean Is My Greatest Healer



I spent my childhood near the ocean. The love for endless blue water runs deep in my family. I remember my father used to sit on the porch after work and gaze at the ocean every day. Before I learned about any scientific evidence to prove that time spent in a marine environment was good for one’s health, I had a strong feeling that the ocean was my greatest healer.

Even now, my best way to start the day is to enjoy the morning sun and salty breeze while walking on the shore. We can have a holistic healing relationship with the ocean, connecting to its energies and nutrient-rich resources.

History Of Ocean Healing

Billions of years ago, the ocean was the cradle of all life. That explains why seawater is in consonance with the human organism. With over 70% of Earth’s surface, and more than 60% of the human body consisting of water, being in close proximity to endless, blue water creates a peaceful sense of tranquility and harmony within.

The ocean is abundant with vitality and energy to all who are willing to receive. In addition to its enjoyable climate, the gifts of the ocean — salt, algae, mud, and minerals — offer special healing benefits for the body, mind, and soul.

The ancient Greeks were aware of the ocean’s numerous health benefits. The term “thalassotherapy” comes from the Greek words thalassa, which means sea, and therapeia, and it translates as “treatment by the sea.” Hippocrates recommended sea baths for those who suffered from rheumatism and sciatica. In 1865, a French doctor named Jacques de la Bonnardière rediscovered the importance of sea therapy and began to promote it as a cure for mental and physical ailments. Today, thalassotherapy is offered in many wellness centers worldwide, where, in addition to saltwater baths, clients can also experience the properties of algae and mud packs.

Beach Vacation Prescription

While not everyone has the privilege of living close to the ocean, taking a vacation every so often can provide a relaxing and recharging break. With so many benefits from such a simple activity, it’s easy to agree that doctors should prescribe a beach vacation for everyone at least once a year.

Why do we feel such a distinctly magical effect listening to the sound of the waves? Simply sitting on the beach and listening to the sound of the rolling waves can induce a state of peace promoting serenity, balance, and improved health. This activity can make it much easier to slip into the alpha or even theta brainwave states associated with meditation and healing. Even the mere thought of standing on the shore and enjoying a view of the horizon makes us smile.

Combining beach and vacation brings the best of both worlds together. On vacation, we get enough sleep and there’s no more morning rush, we eat well and don’t have to deal with our daily stress factors. Everyone looks and feels better.

In particular, pollen allergies and even asthma can improve after a few days spent near the ocean. The salty ocean breeze takes on a healing role as it cleans up the mucous membranes in the nose and the sinuses, destroys allergens, and soothes inflammation.

The effectiveness of sea baths is due to the high concentration of healing vitamins, minerals, and amino acids found in seawater that are essential to the proper functioning of our body. The mineral salts in ocean water, such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium, have a beneficial effect on various skin problems. Seawater can be particularly effective for those who struggle with eczema or acne, due to its drying effects. If you have dry skin, moisturizing thoroughly after sea bathing is also a good idea.

Walking barefoot in the sand offers many healing advantages, including orthopedic strengthening as well as overall wellness, since the bottoms of our feet house a rich network of nerves and acupuncture points. The natural healing benefits of the rhythmic side-to-side movement of walking are greatly enhanced by the stimulation of these points walking over the contours of a warm sandy beach. Combined with the smell of the salty sea air and the lulling crash of waves on the shore, the feeling of sand beneath our feet may be all that is necessary to send one to nirvana. There are also many healthy beach group activities that have gained recent popularity such as yoga, meditation and exercise classes.

With our growing awareness on the deteriorating state of Earth’s oceans due to plastic pollution, we must do everything we can to ensure that the oceans we owe so much to are not destroyed by our constant disregard of eco-sustainability. Try these prevention strategies, and you can have a significant impact on the preservation of our beaches and oceans.

  • Avoid taking single use-plastic such as straws, water bottles, and grocery bags to the beach.
  • Make sure to collect all of your waste in sealed trash bags and dispose of them in proper recycling receptacles.
  • Use eco-friendly sunscreen with the “Reef Friendly” or “Reef Safe” symbol on it, as many products available on the market contain a mix of chemicals that are harmful to the ecosystem.
  • Do not disturb wildlife. Keep your distance, since human involvement is known to cause an imbalance in the food web, either through habitat destruction, excessive fishing, or hunting.

Please respect the environment of our beaches and oceans, ensuring their integrity for generations to come.

Alison Sanchez lives in Cardiff-by-the-Sea. She and her husband, Julio, are the owners of Cardiff Vacations, offering oceanfront vacation rental houses in the San Diego area, perfect for family vacations or private groups.

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