Why You Should Allot Time For Meditation Everyday

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Meditation is an ancient practice that has been upheld by traditions across the world for thousands of years. Helping to establish mental stability and serenity, meditation can transform your day to day life and confer a wealth of health benefits on you.

The busy, modern individual may not always have time to practice meditation on a regular basis, with all the pressures of work, family and socializing consuming most hours of the day. However, meditation can produce beneficial effects even if it’s practiced for just a few minutes each day, so it’s undoubtedly worth allocating some time on a daily basis towards this practice.

Continue reading to learn more about meditation and the many incredible benefits it can bring to your body and mind.

What Is Meditation

Meditation is defined as training your mental awareness, although exact definitions can differ according to source. Most meanings of the word emphasize the cultivation of calmness and stability in the mind, freeing the consciousness from temporal fluctuations in mood, emotion and thought.

There are different kinds of meditation practiced across the world, with a variety of names and categories distinguishing the different approaches to the practice: 

Mindfulness meditation refers to the practice of maintaining an unbroken sense of awareness of your thoughts, emotional state and surroundings to establish equanimity of mind. 

Visualization meditation is a more visceral form of the practice which focuses on the ability of the mind to form visual images. This form emphasizes visualizing certain human beings or scenarios and exploring your conscious and emotional state.

Mantra meditation involves either the inner or outer repetition of a single word or phrase, termed the mantra, to help focus and stabilize the mind. Many mantras are ancient Sanskrit words which are believed to possess their own unique form of energy

Cultivate Peacefulness

Everyone has had some kind of heated experience in life where anger got the better of us. This anger may have led to poor decision making, negative emotional energy and actions that we later regretted. In other situations we may feel that our mind is clouded, preventing us from perceiving reality clearly. The practice of meditation helps to clear your mind and allows you to reach calm states of consciousness. You’ll find yourself losing your cool far less frequently, and your peaceful and serene energy will radiate naturally to those in your surroundings.

Increased Awareness Of Thoughts And Intentions

Many of us go through life in a kind of autopilot mode, carrying out our daily duties without necessarily understanding why we do what we do. When you stop to reconsider your motives and thoughts, you might be shocked when you realize that you’re not quite sure why you’re chasing a particular goal, or why you’re constantly thinking about certain things. By introspecting deeply with meditation, you can help uncover the nature of your intentions and thoughts.

Greater Well-Being

It’s easy to experience a sense of boredom and restlessness in life when little is going on in your surroundings. Meditation helps you to cultivate a natural and organic sense of happiness and well-being that isn’t dependent on external conditions. Whether luck is going your way or not in life, meditating each day will ensure you still feel well and happy no matter what.

Experience Gratitude

One of the great wonders of meditation is how it blesses practitioners with a sense of incredible gratitude just for being alive and present. No longer will you focus on the little hindrances and obstacles of life that can occupy our minds far more than they should. Meditation brings with it a deep appreciation of being alive that is simply indispensable.

Free And Accessible

The best thing about meditation is that it’s completely free and can be practiced pretty much anywhere. Beginners may want a quiet room to get to grips with the practice, but more experienced meditators can make any place on earth their meditation temple. There are many guided meditations available online to explore whenever you like, so you don’t have to pay a cent to learn this ancient practice.

Make Time For Meditation

Even if you have a busy lifestyle, there’s always some time to allot towards meditation no matter how hectic your life is. Trim out unnecessary aspects of your life and replace them with the spiritually transformative practice of meditation. While advanced practitioners may meditate for hours on end, even allocating a brief 5 to 10 minute window each day for meditation brings wonderful benefits to your life. With the wealth of advantages provided by meditation, you can not only transform your personal life but also become a more vibrant source of inspiration and positive energy for those around you.

Juliet Chase is a full-time blogger covering topics on health and wellness, spirituality, and relationships. 

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