2012 Spirit of Change Magazine Themes

While we have no idea what to expect from a new year — especially 2012 — we're excited to share the 2012 issue themes for Spirit of Change Magazine. We are now accepting editorial submissions (see details here) and advertising insertions (see details here) for 2012. Contact Michella today with advertising questions (508) 278-9640 or michella@spiritofchange.org. 

Upcoming Editorial Themes

Spring 2012: Protecting Our Food Supply
Advertising Deadline: February 1 • Issue Available: March 1

Summer 2012: Healing & Bodywork
Advertising Deadline: May 1 • Issue Available: June 1

Fall 2012: What Animals Know
Advertising Deadline: August 1 • Issue Available: September 1

Winter 2012: Healthcare For All
Advertising Deadline: November 1 • Issue Available: December 1

Michella Bedrosian is the advertising director of Spirit of Change holistic magazine.