5 Juice Recipes For Depression

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Depression is defined a mood disorder that is characterized by frequent, and sometimes persistent, feelings of sadness and loss of interest. It has the power to negatively affect individual’s everyday life, how they work, behave, or even eat and sleep. Another consequence of depression is low energy level. It is usually treated through therapy or with the usage of medications. However, you can ease the severity and elevate your mood and energy levels with delicious juices. Consumption of vitamin-rich foods, especially fruits and vegetables, have the ability to boost energy, and with the increased energy, your mood improves as well. Keep reading and find out which juices can beat depression.

Green Juice

In order to make this juice, you need:

Medium apple
Lemon (peeled)

The process is the same like with all other juices, combine all ingredients together in a juicer and you’re done. Lemon is well-known for its abilities to help people suffering from cardiovascular problems. Moreover, it reduces mental stress and depression. On the other hand, spinach is a great source of manganese and magnesium which are important for depression-healing process. Additionally, manganese helps our body to absorb fatty acids needed for the adequate function of the nervous system. Also, it is involved in synthesis of B vitamins, amino acid formation and the prevention of mood swings due to low blood sugar. Magnesium is essential for manufacturing the enzymes that support healthy brain metabolism. According to the National Institute of Health deficiency of magnesium reduces serotonin levels.

Turmeric Juice

Ingredients for this lovely juice are:

Medium apple
Medium carrot
Ginger root (1 thumb)
Lemon (peeled)
Medium pear
Turmeric root (6 thumb)

By processing all ingredients together you will get a healthy juice that is able to warm you up during winter, can be used as medicine for fever, and even help with high blood pressure and arthritis. That’s not all; this juice is great for depression too. For example, apples are loaded with Vitamin B (as well as many other vitamins) and potassium which is known as depression fighter. You can’t buy supplements or pills that contain potassium and expect same results and consumption of apples, including apples in fruit juices, is an excellent way to fight depression.

Red Cabbage Juice

This juice has the same color as red wine and in order to make it you need:

Medium apple
Red cabbage (1/4 head)
Medium carrot
Ginger root (1 thumb)

You have already read all about benefits of spinach, apples and lemon in relieving depression, but cabbage is equally powerful as well. Cabbage contains folic acid and according to researchers, depression sufferers who eat high amounts of folic acid experience a significant improvement in depression symptoms. Cabbage is rich in vitamins C and K which are known for alleviating depression, it also prevents stress, infection, and heart disease.

Apple and Spinach Juice

This juice looks and tastes great and it only requires:

Medium apple
Ginger root (1/4 thumb)
Lemon (with rind) – 1/2 fruit
Orange (peeled)

Oranges are rich in Vitamin C and many other vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that our body needs. Moreover, it also contains flavonoids which are able to reduce symptoms of mild depression. Oranges, ant other citrus fruits, help your body produce dopamine due to high levels of already mentioned Vitamin C. Dopamine can be defined as a “feel good” hormone that is needed for relieving depression.

Beets and Pineapple

In order to make this super delicious juice that will also ease depression symptoms, you need:

Red cabbage (leaf – 2)
Medium carrot
Lemon – 1/2 fruit
Pineapple – 1/4 fruit

Beets contain betaine which is the substance that is used in depression treatments. Moreover, beetroot contains trytophan which relaxes your mind and provides the sense of well-being. Together with other beneficial ingredients like pineapple (mood-lifter), red cabbage, citrus fruits, and spinach, this juice is the perfect way to elevate energy level, prevent mood swings, and relive symptoms of depression.

Tips for beating depression successfully

  • See a health practitioner
  • Exercise
  • Eat healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Avoid unhealthy foods as they affect your mood as well
  • Avoid or reduce stress
  • Establish healthy sleeping pattern etc.

Just by eating healthy foods you can significantly improve your emotional state and relieve symptoms of depression. Fruits and vegetables are great for boosting energy and elevating mood which makes juices a very tasty tool in fight against depression.

Annie Lizstan works as a health and beauty consultant for online websites and an independent researcher by profession. She had completed her studies from the University of Arizona and lives in Wasilla, Alaska.

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