All January 2012 Events

1/4 – CRYSTAL BOWL LAW OF ATTRACTION SERIES Setting New Year’s Resolutions that will happen! Time: 7-9pm. Location: Solstice Healing Arts, 163 Main St., Suite 6, Medway MA, 02053.


1/7 – BOSTON BRAIN WORKS ANNIVERSARY OPEN HOUSE Fitness for your brain. Boston Brain Works is a certified affiliate of Brain State Technologies. We specialize in assisting clients with improved mental and emotional well-being. (978) 854-5214.


1/7-8 – GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT TWO-DAY WORKSHOP Offered by C. Sue Mautz, LICSW, BCD, MSW and Bill Mautz, PhD. Restore your connection. Turn struggles into opportunities. Safe, comfortable and relaxed environment. Portsmouth, NH. Register today at (603) 431-1769.


1/8 – THE ECLECTIC INSTITUTE OF AROMATHERAPY AND HERBAL STUDIES offers teachings with Linda Patterson. 1/8: Introduction to Aromatherapy in Hamilton, MA. 1/14: Level II Aromatherapy in Somerset, MA. 3/25: Herbal Certification Program in Somerset, MA. See details


1/9 – BOUNDARY-JITSU WITH A RESOLUTIONARY TWIST TELE-CLASS Trouble saying no, feel under appreciated, trapped in a job or relationship, give away time or money you don’t have? Learn to set boundaries without hurting feelings with Trish Whynot, 8-10pm. Details at


1/9 – DEVELOP YOUR INTUITION Get a deeper understanding about how you are intuitive through an experiential approach. Learn exercises to help translate your insights to your life. 3 sessions. 6:30-8:30 PM, end date 1/23. To register contact Martha Angelini at (508) 308-2560 or


1/14 – SIXTH ANNUAL DAY OF HEALING AND INSIGHT at the Theosophical Society in Arlington. Sign up with top practitioners and intuitives. Sessions are $20 each. Call Janet at (617) 926-4155 to schedule. Info at


1/14 – SHAMANIC JOURNEYING FOR SELF, OTHERS AND MORE Know basic journeying? This day strengthens your practice and teaches journeying on behalf of others and the earth. Start the new year with experiential, fun and enlivening support of spiritual guidance. 10am-4:30pm. Natick, MA. $70-85. Call Starr Potts, MSW (508) 655-8331.


1/14 – JOY OF OVERCOMING INSOMNIA NATURALLY Small groups. Includes logs, references and resources. 10am-5pm. Details and to register: Catherine DeLorey at Women’s Health Institute (617) 739-2923.


1/18 – PSYCHIC AND MEDIUMSHIP PRACTICE GROUP Develop and expand psychic mediumship abilities. Fun, relaxed, safe, supportive. 6 Wednesdays: 1/18 through 4/4. 7pm-9pm. Belmont, MA. Pre-register by 1/10. (617) 489-7717


1/18 – DIDGERIDOO CHAKRA CLEARING Clear out energetic/emotional stagnation from each of the major seven energy centers of the body through a meditative journey with a collection of concert quality didgeridoos. 7pm. $25. Unity of the Seacoast, Rollinsford, NH. (603) 742-0282.


1/21 – I.D.E.A.L. PROCESS MODULE 4 Create Life Ideals and Develop Tools for Manifestation and Protection. Prerequisites: Modules 1-3. Learn the street-smart tools you need to reach your full spiritual, mental and physical potential! (978) 834-0341.


1/21 – THE CONSTELLATION APPROACH provides the Family Constellation Method to experience healing with one’s family of origin, current family and present relationships. Seminar participants may have an opportunity to “set up” a constellation, to “stand in” as representatives for members in others’ constellations, and to observe the constellations of others. Saturday: 9:30-6, $140. To register:


1/21 – SECRET GONG ORCHESTRA Mitch Nur performs gong concerts at 7pm and 9pm. The gongs can open frequency domains seldom experienced and lead the listener to reorganize their entire being. Private sessions available 1/20, 21 and 23. Andover, MA. (978) 474-8010.


1/21 – PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT, PAST LIVES AND ANGEL COMMUNICATION WORKSHOP with Ross J. Miller, psychic healer, medium, regression therapist. In this unique, experiential workshop you’ll learn how to identify your guardian angels and spirit guides by name and receive their guidance, healing and inspiration; discover your soul’s life purpose; experience two of your past lives and heal the residual karma from them; give psychic readings to others in class and more. Saturday, 10am-5pm, Newton, MA. To register for the workshop or to schedule a psychic or past-life reading or healing session in person or over the phone, visit our website or call Ross J. Miller (617) 527-3583.


1/21 – CELEBRATE YOU! HOLISTIC HEALTH AND WELLNESS FAIR 9-5pm. $3 admission. Leap into healthy living! Come experience the joys and wonders of the world of natural healing. Location: The Regatta Banquet and Conference Center; Eliot, ME. Vendor application and event details at


1/21-22 – REIKI 1 CERTIFICATION at the John Harvey Gray Center for Reiki Healing in Jaffrey, NH. Awaken your healing skills! Two days of learning, hands-on practice and no cut corners certifies you immediately to work on yourself, others and pets. Notebook and certificate awarded. 12.0 CEUs Visa/MC. Call or go online to sign up now and receive a 15% tuition discount. (603) 899-3288


1/24 – SPA TECH OPEN HOUSE Ipswich School of Massage, Polarity and Aesthetics. 7:00PM (978) 356-0980.


1/24 & 1/31 – GETTING UNSTUCK with Kathryn Deputat, Clarityworker and Reiki Master. 6-9 p.m. in Jamaica Plain. Get to the source of non-beneficial patterns and release them. Info (617) 522-2737 or


1/25 – EMOTIONS AND THE IMMUNE SYSTEM Have you ever noticed how when you’re overstressed, you’re more susceptible to catching a cold? Or how when you’re physically sick, you also feel miserable, sad, or irritable? This is all due to the link between emotions and the immune system. In this ground-breaking seminar, Dr. Judith Swack, will explore ways in which emotions affect our immune system and how we can work with our emotions and bodies to improve our health. 7-9pm. Newton Community Education, (617) 559-6999. Learn more


1/28 – ECOLOGY AND HEALTH: TIMEPEACE FOR 2012, YEAR OF THE DRAGON The full and new moon phases reflect the human energy field through the meridians. Learn practical strategies for re-integrating natural law into daily life. See “How Do You Measure A Year” on page 36. 9:30am-6:00pm at Earthlands Institute, Petersham, MA,


1/28 – FREE TO HEAL CHRONIC PAIN, INFLAMATION AND TENSION PATTERNS! Radical hands-on healing training with medical intuitive and master healer-teachers Sue and Aaron Singleton. Unique energy and integrative therapies improve range of motion, lymph/blood circulation, posture. Protocols for energetic tractioning/stretching, strain-counterstrain, bolster/wedge techniques specific for body regions. Incredible results “wow” experienced practitioners, empower laypeople. 9.6 contact hours. (978) 834-0341.


1/28 – JOY OF OVERCOMING INSOMNIA NATURALLY Small groups. Includes logs, references and resources. 10am-5pm. Details and to register: Catherine DeLorey at Women’s Health Institute (617) 739-2923.


1/29 – ADVANCED HERBAL TRAINING PROGRAM BEGINS January 29 and meets for seven weekends. This intensive program has three components: diagnostic classes, weekend seminars, and the herbal clinic. We teach facial, tongue, pulse, and nail diagnosis and advanced formulation. Boston School of Herbal Studies, Arlington, MA. (781) 646-6319.


1/29 – RINGS OF ODEN MODULE 3 OF 3 The ultimate journey in connecting to source! Most extensive supplement/collection of sacred geometry configurations, over 190 new formations. Better to facilitate physical healing; assist light-body transformation; enhance meditation; optimize release of illness; sacred sites/temples, ancient technologies from Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria, etc. Powerful configurations for groups, meditation circles, and more! 7.2 contact hours, prerequisite Modules 1-2. (978) 834-0341.


1/31 – SPA TECH OPEN HOUSE Plymouth School of Massage, Polarity and Aesthetics. 7:00PM. (508) 747-4333.