All June 2011 Events

6/4 — REIKI CERTIFICATION. Newton, MA. Libby Barnett, MSW. 31 years experience. Reiki Energy Medicine co-author. Notebook, pin, certificate awarded. Visa/MC accepted. CEU’s. Call (603) 654-2787. Reiki II: 6/5.


6/4-6/5, 7/23-7/24, 8/27-8/28 — THE JOHN HARVEY GRAY CENTER FOR REIKI HEALING PRESENTS a Reiki I certification in Jaffrey, NH. Awaken your healing skills! Two days of learning, hands-on practice and no cut corners certifies you immediately to work on yourself, others and pets. Notebook and certificate awarded. 13.0 CEUs Visa/MC. To register: (603) 899-3288 or


6/10 — COMMUNITY AS HEALER HALF DAY WORKSHOP. Learn to be part of a safe heartful healing team where we literally lend a helping hand. Newton, MA. Contact Linda (617) 965-7846,,


6/11 — 7-MONTH HERBAL CERTIFICATION COURSE. Starting June 11 in Sandwich, MA and June 12 in Winchendon, MA. For more information on all upcoming courses visit or phone (987) 279-4502.


6/11 — MEDITATION: THE SPIRITUAL SOLUTION TO STRESS, ANGER AND CONFLICT. 10am-1:30pm. Facilitator: Jim Rose, M.Ed. In this interactive program, Jim will engage the audience through exercises designed to reveal the power of meditation in resolving conflict, healing relationships and relieving stress. Free. Complimentary light vegetarian lunch. To register: (781) 444-9013, Scandinavian Living Center, 206 Waltham Street, West Newton. Free on-street parking. Sponsored by Science of Spirituality:


6/11 — REIKI CERTIFICATION. Wilton, NH. Libby Barnett, MSW. 31 years experience. Reiki Energy Medicine co-author. Notebook, pin, certificate awarded. Visa/MC accepted. CEU’s. Call (603) 654-2787. Reiki II: 6/12.


6/11 — REIKI CRYSTAL HEALING WORKSHOP with Lourdes Gray, Ph.D., CCHT, RMT. Learn to use Reiki and crystals as powerful healing tools for balancing the mind, body and spirit. Discover how to balance chakras, clear energy fields, charge crystals with Reiki, select the right crystals for yourself and your client, create crystal healing layouts, program crystals and more. Visa/MC. To register: (603) 899-3288 or


6/11-6/12 — GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT, two-day workshop. Offered by C. Sue Mautz, LICSW, MSW, BCD and Bill Mautz, PhD. Certified Imago presenters. Restore your connection and turn struggles into opportunities. Safe, comfortable, relaxed environment. Register today at


6/11-6/12 — MEDICAL INTUITION WORKSHOP with Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz. Learn how to use medical intuition for healing and spiritual development. Freeport, ME. Details: (703) 651-6493. www.Dr.


6/12 — MIRABAI DEVI FREE PUBLIC PROGRAM. First Church Boston, 66 Marlborough Street, Boston, MA. 5pm. Spiritual teaching, guided meditation and light transmission (darshan). Contact, (617) 875-7561. Full tour details at


6/12 — WALKING THE DEAD with Lourdes Gray, Ph.D., CCHT, RMT. Learn advanced Reiki techniques to assist individuals who are either getting ready to transition out of this life or have already physically died, but have not fully transitioned into spirit. Prerequisite: Reiki II. Visa/MC. To register: (603) 899-3288 or


6/18 or 7/16 — PAST LIFE REGRESSIONS with Lourdes Gray, Ph.D., CCHT, RMT. Lourdes is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and regression specialist. Two regressions are provided. Your subconscious selects the dates and places and protects you from bringing back any uncomfortable emotions. $125.Visa/MC. (603) 899-3288.


6/18-6/19 — THE PRACTICES AND PRINCIPLES OF SOUTHERN APPALACHIAN FOLD MEDICINE WTIH PHYLLIS LIGHT. This intensive addresses the traditional causes of health problems, seasonal patterns and influences, spiritual/magical influences and the influence of the land. There is also a discussion of Southern blood types (sweet, sour, bitter, salty); the blood patterns (high/low, thick/thin, weak/strong, good/bad) as a way of assessing constitutional imbalances. Tongue diagnosis is integrated into this approach. 10-5pm. $250. Boston School of Herbal Studies. Call (781) 646-6319 or e-mail:


6/19 or 7/17 — LEARN TO SEE AURAS with Lourdes Gray, Ph.D., CCHT, RMT. Auras contain information about physical, mental and emotional states. Learn what to look for and how to develop your inner vision to see auras around people, animals and plants. $135 tuition includes Aura Viewing practice CD, Aura manual, your Kirlian photograph and free Aura reading. Visa/MC. (603) 899-3288.


6/20 — HERBAL MEDICINE CHEST with herbalist Phyllis Light, RH, at Harmony Center in Medfield, MA, 7pm–9pm. Phyllis will also teach Herbs for Aches and Pains on Wednesday 6/22, 7pm–9pm. (508) 359-8056.


6/21-10/23 —SKILLS FOR MAINTAINING A PERSONAL MEDITATION PRACTICE with Julie Rost. Presented by YogaLife Institute of NH. 10-week program. Find freedom from stress through longevity of practice., 8 Clifford St., Exeter NH (603) 479-3865.


6/23-6/26 — WANDERLUST FESTIVAL, the one-of-a-kind yoga and music festival heads to Stratton Mountain Ski Resort June 23–26 with yoga, music, meditations and more. Led by the likes of John Friend, Michael Franti and Deepak Chopra! Details visit: or see page 2.


6/25 — REIKI CERTIFICATION. Concord, MA. Libby Barnett, MSW. 31 years experience. Reiki Energy Medicine co-author. Notebook, pin, certificate awarded. Visa/MC accepted. CEU’s. Call (603) 654-2787. Reiki II: 6/26.


6/25-6/26 — INCREASING CREATIVITY THROUGH MOVEMENT WORKSHOP with dancer/choreographer Sallee Slagle. Free your creative body, increase personal space and experience your body as the instrument of expression. For anyone wanting to be more creative and comfortable with their body. www.dlorien/creativity. (781) 599-1476.


6/27-6/28 — INTRODUCTORY BIODYNAMIC CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY at Sacred Stone in Newport, RI. Michael Dunning teaches personal trauma release in the collective psyche and soma through self-healing techniques, stillness, energy work and primary respiration principles. 18 CEs, NCBTMB. or 877-832-1372.


6/24-6/26 — 10TH INTERNATIONAL HERB SYMPOSIUM. Over 90 workshops for beginners to advanced. Keynote address by Paul Stamets. Held at Wheaton College.