The word “appreciation” has many valuable meanings and hence it is so important to imbibe this virtue. Appreciation for can indicate enjoyment and admiration as well as denoting thanks and gratitude. It can signify awareness and understanding of and can express recognition of the value or significance of something. It also means an increase in value.

As we embark on a spiritual journey, we begin to appreciate — that is, enjoy — life, give thanks to the universe, acquire a full awareness of why things are happening the way they are, and with all this experience the soul appreciates or increases its value. By appreciating all that is happening within us and around us, this joy takes on the form of a living virtue, of pure character and righteous actions. It does not mean idolizing or pretending that things are different from what they really are, but it means taking the time to see another perspective, the other side of the coin, seeing something of benefit and illuminating oneself.

The opposite of appreciation would be disapproval and depreciation of the soul! Who has the right to comment on and change the script that has been written for every soul? When I start to question, doubt, criticize, complain and correct, then I am not in full appreciation of the drama, the director or the actors. If I appreciate my own efforts, the efforts that other people make and the workings of the natural world, then I will continually have respect. Appreciation, acknowledgement and acceptance validate and empower people and allow them to move ahead with confidence.

When I appreciate the Higher Power, the truth, myself, as well as other human beings, then I have made the commitment to transforming my life. Appreciating others, appreciating nature, appreciating my fortune, the blessings of circumstances, the value in the lessons of life (especially those that appear to be painful and of loss) is the result of understanding the secrets of this eternal drama of life.

Appreciate what you see now and that becomes an eternal moment; disapprove of it and you kill it. Appreciate each second in this way, and then your life will be filled with unlimited moments of beauty and love.

Om Shanti (I am a peaceful soul)

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