Are You Buying Organic Milk From These Dairies?

If Stonyfield can do it, so can the other Big Three Organic Dairies.

On December 5 (2014), Stonyfield Farm resigned from the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA), a trade group that is suing Vermont to overturn the state’s GMO labeling law, passed earlier this year.

The resignation came about five months after OCA and a number of our allies sent an open letter to four leading organic dairy companies—Stonyfield, Organic Valley, White Wave/Horizon Organic and Aurora Organic Dairy—demanding they withdraw their membership in the IDFA.

Last week, we sent a second letter, to Marc Peperzak, CEO, Aurora Organic Dairy; Scott McGinty, President, Aurora Organic Dairy; George Siemon, CEO, Organic Valley; and Gregg Engles, Chairman & CEO, White Wave, telling them that all we want for Christmas is for them to do the right thing—resign immediately from the IDFA.

So far as we know, these leading organic dairies are all still dues-paying members of the anti-labeling, anti-consumer IDFA. Maybe that will change if they hear from thousands of loyal customers who won’t be so loyal anymore, unless their favorite organic dairy companies start supporting consumers instead of Monsanto and Big Food?

TAKE ACTION: Tell Organic Valley, White Wave/Horizon Organic, and Aurora Organic Dairy: All we want for Christmas is for them to do the right thing and quit the IDFA today.

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