Are Your Past Lives Living In Your Present?

When you find yourself in a trying situation, look beyond the immediate circumstances and ask yourself what else you can learn from this situation.
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Each of us have gifts to heighten, lessons to learn, and patterns to break when we are born into this life. Reincarnation is the belief that you have been born into other lifetimes before this current one, and that your past lives are active within your present one.

Many believe that prior to your birth for each lifetime you meet with your spiritual guides, ascended masters and angels, and study your past lives so you can choose the gifts and weaknesses with which you will incarnate in this life. That’s where you come to understand that you did not finish certain lessons in a previous incarnation. Perhaps you were jealous or angry, or simply chose not to work on an issue you had selected for that lifetime in the development of your highest energetic vibration.

Sometimes it might be easier to revert to old patterns rather than learning the lessons you chose. You can decide that you don’t want to tackle those challenges or obstacles even though they present you with the best chance to grow and evolve, since you always have free will on Earth.

In this pre-life meeting, you can also make choices about your parents, spouses, children, work, and health. All these details are chosen to help you master your lessons for that incarnation. When you are born into each new life, a veil is cast over your awareness so you see yourself as a blank slate, as do your family and friends. You may have moments of deja vu that will give you hints of a larger reality, but you cannot understand the entire picture of how this life is crucial to the growth of your soul.

People tend to evaluate their lives as good or bad based upon the emotions or circumstances they have experienced. However, the value of a life is not sadness or success, but rather the impact upon the soul. What did you learn, how much did you progress, and how much good and kindness did you do for those who you encountered? The answer to those questions will decide the quality of that life.

In each life you have lessons to learn about virtues such as patience, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, and self-worth. Take, for example, that you were unable to claim your power in a former life. Perhaps in seventeenth century Ireland you married a man, whom you thought would love, befriend, and provide for you, but in fact, he fell rather short. He worked hard but he came home drunk, demanding food on the table. He was emotionally unavailable to you and your children.

Fast forward to the twentieth century, and you agree to marry that same man again because he has asked you to allow him to clean up those previous patterns. It all starts well but after a few years he falls back into those same habits because they are easy; he is familiar with them. This is where you can change that energy. You file for divorce, get a job, and raise your children without him. Although he didn’t follow through with his commitment to you, you were able to complete the lessons without him.

Past lifetimes also give you gifts and opportunities. You might be born with a fabulous singing voice, and over time develop that into a career because you have been an entertainer in many lives before and naturally shine in the spotlight. Perhaps you create a profession from a hobby, such as pottery because it just seems to come naturally to you.

Or maybe you are born with a driving passion for a mission you feel you need to complete, such as working in the medical field. Your family does not have the funds to send you to medical school, but nothing can stop you. Your grades are good, you take out loans and graduate from medical school. You are intrigued by the new procedures and keep studying and learning. You were a physician in another life, but medical treatments were limited, and you had to watch many of your patients die. That was not going to happen in this life.

Perhaps in this lifetime you work hard, but you’re always poor. That may simply be the universe helping you to complete a previous lifetime’s challenge, because in that life you were wealthy and belittled those whom you saw as beneath you. Now it’s your turn to understand how they felt.

You might come into this life with a mental or physical disability or an addiction. If in another life you abused your mind and body, you must now take the steps necessary to allow yourself to flourish. Perhaps this is your entryway into some field of healing or medicine in your current lifetime.

In your lifetimes, you get to experience the full spectrum of religions, genders, cultures, wealth, wisdom and health options to understand the depth of life. You have been the soldier killed on the battlefield who came to understand the futility of war, and you have been the bloodthirsty invader. You have been the widowed pioneer woman who discovered how to be a survivor to get herself and her children to the West Coast, and you have been a helpless victim of abuse. You have been an overseer on a Georgia plantation ruling by the whip, and you have lived as a minority under the oppression of prejudice and discrimination. Sometimes it can take many lives to gain awareness of a particular lesson or develop a certain quality. Daily meditation greatly speeds up this process by providing access to the intuitive information stored in your past lives.

When you find yourself in a trying situation, look beyond the immediate circumstances and ask yourself what else you can learn from this situation. Life becomes easier when you learn your lessons and do not pass judgment. Instead, have patience with the situation and act with kindness. This will raise your energetic vibration. Know that no matter where you are, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Donna Hartley is an international inspirational speaker and renowned past life reader for over three decades. She has shared her compelling story on NBC, ABC, PBS, and in The New York Times, and is the author of the Fire Up book series. Visit

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