Pleiadian Message: Your Star-Seeded History

Discover your starseed family and how to activate your cosmic DNA
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The original journey to Earth began with us, the Pleiadians. You may call us ancient aliens. We hold a frequency of unconditional love within. Eventually, we also opened the opportunity for various star nations to join us. Slowly, as time went on in Earth’s realm, by natural occurrences the frequency of love was lowered to a frequency of fear, and many ancient aliens became stuck in the three-dimensional world of Earth. Over thousands of years, they gradually fell into a reincarnation cycle together with deep levels of spiritual coma, and began to believe that being human was their natural life.

Does this remind you of something? Could the ancient aliens be your ancestors? Are you one of them just having a human experience over and over again?

Many of you who are drawn to this message have lived with us before. You are us and we are you. Your soul remembers the times when you were an apprentice, healer, priestess, architect, or inventor. Your soul remembers the days you spent with your Atlantean tribe.

Your soul also remembers the struggles and failures, the sadness and disappointment and the heartache — all of which manifest as blockages in current time. Your human energy wants to protect you from all those feelings, so it is trying hard to prevent you from rekindling the knowledge and ancient truths about yourself. The unconscious human mind just remembers the failure and feels ashamed and guilty, which induces infinite suffering if you allow it. The human is a scared animal, who is programed to survive and reproduce.

A starseed human is who you really are. You are a being of light living in a human body. You have a choice to find out more about yourself — about who you truly are.

Embracing the starseed within you begins with opening the door to the ancient knowledge hidden within your history. Knowledge is power. The power is hidden within the soul. The soul is infinite and the body is just a vessel, good for one lifetime.

Remember the rule of the Earth body and physical creation. We can physically create only while in a physical body. We come to you and send you energy, love and information. We witness your soul transformation and assist you every step of the way. Then it is up to you as to what you will do with your physical body. We cannot interfere in your life, but when you consciously invite us in, we can assist you on your journey.

Imagine if your soul was capable of remembering the extraterrestrial being that you truly are, the galactic lives you led prior to your first incarnation on Earth, and all the abilities that transcend beyond the five basic human senses. Now imagine releasing all this information into your physical body. Will you embrace it or will you be afraid of it?

Acceptance, Forgiveness And Love

It all starts with acceptance and forgiveness. Can you accept that you are an extraterrestrial being having a human experience? This could be the greatest shock of your life. Do not worry; you will not shapeshift into an odd-looking alien with bulging eyes. You will still be you on the outside, but you will allow for great changes within.

The body is just a vessel that gets you from one hypnotic, crazy lifetime into another. It is the soul within you that will wake from the long coma, and the second shock wave will arrive right on schedule with all the questions: What has happened to me? You may question: How could I have forgotten? How could I have agreed to so many lifetimes that brought so much terrible suffering? Where were my guides? These are all great questions.

We know that forgiveness does not come easy in your realm, yet we encourage you to embark on a journey of forgiveness. When the answers start coming to you, when you learn who your star family is and where you belong, what your extraterrestrial skills are, what your other lifetimes were, who harmed you and who did you harm — always allow yourself to forgive others and forgive yourself. Holding grudges, being angry, or planning revenge does not serve you in any way. It lowers your vibration and holds you a prisoner. Practice a trinity of acceptance, forgiveness, and love that frees you from where you are right now.

The next step is love. Can you love yourself the way you are? Can you embrace yourself as perfect just the way you are? Can you love without judgment and need? Love heals. Love is stronger than death. Unconditional love for all creation will illuminate your path back home.

Working With Conscious Energy

Conscious energy is the energy of now, of the present time, of right now at this moment. It is not what happened in the past and it is not what will happen in the future. To experience this, you will need to slow down and stabilize yourself in the present moment.

The key to this ancient teaching is to awaken your consciousness in your physical body and stabilize yourself in that energy. The best way to do this is to keep your emotions neutral as much as possible. Your mind and body will challenge you as emotions flood your awareness, but if you manage to hold yourself in a neutral energy as much as possible, you will master this stability.

When you start to make conscious changes in your life, for example, shifting from a poor, sad, frustrating life pattern into an abundant, happy life pattern, your soul might experience a temporary shock from such a change. It can cause temporary chaos and resistance because a change is intimidating to the human body. Change is like walking over a shaky, old bridge; it can be frightening.

Stabilize yourself by staying in the neutral energy of your emotions. Feel neither excitement of changing nor fear of possible failure. Review what you have achieved so far. Are your goals still the same or do they need some re-adjustment? Believe in yourself and your will succeed.

Resistance is just a form a fear. Layers of resistance exist in the upper layers of your aura. They are like a rubbery, bouncy material that literally keeps bouncing you back from achieving your goals. The way to break through that resistance is with fire in the soul. Turn your fears into fire and walk over that shaky bridge with fire in your soul.


The most common question we hear is, “When will we land our spaceships on Earth?” The best answer we can give you is that we are already here. All starseeds on Earth are ambassadors of their star nation. You are the extraterrestrial beings living on Earth in human form, which is how we lived there eons ago. Some of you are our children, some of you are children of other star nations, and some of you are us.

There have been twelve seeding races and each of them possesses special traits that are reflected in your own body as your unique skills. Some star nations mentioned below also served as portal door openers for others who might not be mentioned here.

Sirius ✴ wisdom
Andromeda ✴ healing
Pleiades ✴ soul healing
Centaurus ✴ the science of DNA
Epsilon Eridani ✴ mediators and peacemakers
Lyra ✴ watchers and ancestors
Arcturus ✴ knowledge and healing
Pegasus ✴ peacemakers and negotiators
Virgo ✴ doctors, healers, and the medicine of the future
Orion, Bellatrix ✴ knowledge, guardians, and protectors
Rigel, Mintaka ✴ guardians and protectors
Alpha Aries ✴ living art energy

The blockage you have is that you do not believe that you have full consciousness to access the ancient wisdom, inventions, technologies, and knowledge we had. You think you need some special upgrade of your human body to be like we were when we roamed Earth. You already are like us. The special light codes you are seeking to activate are hidden within you and are activated by the frequency of love. Once you learn to hold the frequency of love within, you will have access to all you seek. Could it be that easy? Yes, it is.

Love is the essence of everything. Love is the universal energy that your soul has never forgotten; it connects you to your star home. Through all the incarnations when the alien within you became more human and you eventually experienced soul trauma, accepted programs of fear and control, fell into a deep spiritual coma, and were trapped in the incarnation cycle, there remained one energy that you have never been able to completely forget. It is the energy that may present the most blockages and fears for you. It is the energy of love, which creates a better tomorrow.

Many of you have seen spaceships in the sky and perhaps you’ve had a personal UFO encounter. There are many of us surrounding Earth and holding the higher available frequency for the best outcome of future events. We cannot interfere with your physical life, for example your governments, as you would like us to do. It would be against the universal law, which we all must obey.

Free Will Law on Earth is part of Universal Law. Unless there is 100 percent agreement among Earth beings that we should interfere with your chain of events, we cannot come and give our assistance as regards physical changes of your world and its events, whether they are positive or negative. We love you and it emotionally hurts us to witness you suffer, yet we respect your collective decisions and keep our distance.

The most precious gift we can give you is to awaken you from your hypnotic sleep. When you accept that there is more to life than what you are living, we will empower you in your transformation and shower you with clues to hidden knowledge so you will ultimately become the creator of your own future.

Metaphorically speaking, we are shining a light on your path, but according to Free Will Law it is you who must walk that path. You have a choice. You always have. You have the ultimate choice to do good or evil.

We, the Pleiadians, are connecting with you from the past and also from the future. The past is solidified, but the future is variable, and it is up to you what future we all will have. Everything depends on your current actions. We have a great interest in assisting you. The human body is a gift, for the human body can make physical changes in Earth’s realm. We would like you to embrace your star origins and ask yourself questions like, What changes does the Earth need? What does humanity need? How can I be of service?

If you would ask us, we think that humanity needs to embrace love, compassion, and kindness for one another. We hear you, that you would like to move to another planet, that you are done with life on Earth and that you suffer so much. But what did you learn? You are still separating yourself by race, color, language, and social status. You feel betrayed by us and by God.

But will you believe us when we tell you that since the days of Atlantis we have been offering assistance to you, trying to help you find your way out of the incarnational cycle? The only way you can leave Earth for good is to end your incarnational cycle by liberating yourself and finding your way back home. You can do this as an individual or with your soul family. When you do this, you leave a trail of energy for others to follow.

It is your birthright to make choices in your life! Use the knowledge to make the right choices and use love to heal all of your soul wounds.

You are a powerful being of light, a member of the vast stellar family, having a human experience.

Excerpted from Activate Your Cosmic DNA by Eva Marquez ©2022 Bear & Company. Reprinted with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International.

Eva Marquez is a spiritual consultant, healer, teacher and writer with Pleiadian starseed ancestry. She works with her guides, Lights of the Universe, who are a collective group of light beings from various star nations. Eva teaches online workshops on starseed DNA activation and Atlantean soul healing.

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